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Review #1, by Elf_ears13 

1st August 2007:
I like the doubt you have playing in Snape's mind; it seems that he's only looking out for his own image now, not really caring about the consequences for anyone but himself. The way he dealt with the good guys - Flitwick, Hermione, Luna and the unidentified Weasley - seemed so very in-character, and I was surprised at how accurate his dialog sounded, not because I doubt your writing but because he seemed in such a vulnerable state after looking at his memories. It was hard to think of him in the same way, but thankfully your dialog brought him back to his usual stiffness. And I loved that he didn't care which Weasley it was. =P

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Review #2, by I_am_ever_so_Sirius 

2nd June 2007:
It was beautiful! Enough to make you feel SORRY for SNAPE!! 10/10

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Review #3, by IWannaPlay 

2nd February 2007:
Absolutely amazing! I was only disappointed that it wasn't longer. You really have to write a sequel to this, even if it isn't kept in this section.
I, of course, am one of the few Snape supporters. I believe Dumbledore asked him to go through with it, so I was not disappointed at all by this fic. I love the marauders, but they were horrible to him, and I believe it was merely #1 because he was in Slytherin, #2 he was either friends with, or in love with Lily, and #3 he was an oddball, and people always pick on oddballs, especially those like James and co, the popular ones. I really hope that once book 7 is done, that during the course of that book some kind of truce is made between Snape and Harry. As much as I understand his hatred for the boy, it is completely wrong, as Harry is obviously NOT James. He never even knew him, so it is horrible for Snape to treat him the way he does.
Oh boy, I went way off on a tangent, didn't I? :::looks sheepish::: sorry :(
Anyway, I really enjoyed this one. 10/10, you did an excellent job with it.

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Review #4, by andharrywokeup 

21st November 2006:
Infairi, you never fail to amaze me. This story is stunning - you words made me shiver. I love how throughout PS, we are made to think Snape is the villain and then it turns out that Quirrel was the man with the two faces, though obviously in a much more literal way. You have shown us, metaphorically, that even the good guys have to lie, they have to face terrible consequences just because they were doing the right thing. You Snape, a slimeball though he is, MUST be admired. Truly excellen. 10/10. :) ~ andy x x

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Review #5, by Noblevyne 

14th October 2006:
Beautiful imagery, all things gloomy and eerie setting the tone so well. A man who always has to deal in deceptions and Dumbledore being the only man he could truly show his true face to - this fic makes you realise just how much he's had to have lost and how much he'll hate himself for murdering him. Having Snape constantly questioning his own cowardice is certainly and interesting and appropriate thread to weave all the memories and decisions together - it makes sense in a way that you don't think about it, but when I read this I thought it fitted perfectly with his character.

There are some beautiful lines in this too: "It was Voldemort’s eternal brand, a permanent reminder of the naïve choices of youth." I like that for its simplicity and the last for its poignancy. Great work, Infairi!

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Review #6, by Wiccan 

11th October 2006:
Oh my Gawd! That was absolutely superb!!! I was really looking forward to reading the 'Snape' entry, hoping that someone understood him enough to write him. You have done a marvelous job and still not 'given' him away. You left us just where JKR left us....waiting and wanting more! Oh, I am so pleased with this! Thank you so much for doing him the credit he deserves...be it good or evil. But, we do know it will be good...*smirk*

Author's Response: Oh yes, good or evil is still good for him. ;) I'm really flattered by your review -- I was afraid that I wasn't doing Severus justice with this piece, and that someone might be disappointed with my portrayal of him. Thank you so much for the uplifting review. :)

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