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Review #1, by Elf_ears13 

2nd August 2007:
Ooh, creepy! I definitely like the idea of hushing up his death. I love that you don't give the healers' names - it makes it feel more secretive, like a conspiracy theory - but that you do give them personalities and an enjoyment of gossip. That was a really good way of getting across Barty's story without making it seem too repetitive. I thought all of their reactions to his death were well thought-out and seemed to match each of the characters. The witnesses were a good addition; I completely forgot what Barty got into Azkaban for in the first place.

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Review #2, by I_am_ever_so_Sirius 

2nd June 2007:
God... how scary... but he wasn't the chosen in the 4th/5th book. The 6th is the place. 10/10

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Review #3, by andharrywokeup 

22nd November 2006:
The use of present tense was chilling. I am shivering. this story was so creepy and yet, so clinical. You have covered and idea that I would never have thought about. You characterisation was also perfect - the way that ti was just a regular job for the old man, they way the younder men was a bit disturbed, the way Neville had too much of a loving heart. Dead on perfect. 10/10. *shivers again, br* ~ andy x x

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Review #4, by Fi_B. 

22nd October 2006:
I always wondered what happened to his shell. Thanks for providing a possible answer. I liked Neville's compassion, and Barty's final emotions - a very disconcerting possibility

Author's Response: Thank you, that was my goal. I'm glad I was able to get the message across. Also thanks for the review =)

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Review #5, by Noblevyne 

14th October 2006:
David Tennant is hawwwwt. But this is besides the point. Anyway. This is damned creepy and a fascinating point of interest that I'd never thought about before - what would they do with those who had been Kissed? Ugh, it's giving me the shivers that they would just dispose of him so easily. The older Healers disdainful treatment of him, the fact that he doesn't even question the Ministry keeping something secret like this - that he can't realise they're just disposing evidence and covering up a lie far greater than he'll ever know and that the younger one is asking the right questions and getting disturbed by it but is just dismissed because of inexperience is frustrating and it works as a parallel for how the Ministry has been corrutpted: too caught up in tradition and not asking questions that they distrust those that do and would rather be blissfully ignorant than face up to a terrible truth.

I love that you've sent Neville and his Augusta to watch, her description of being 'bathed in vinegar' is excellent. And Neville's sympathy, his refusal to be caught up in mob politics and become the enemy is beautifully done. I think that Neville feels that justice has been done and that anything more would be a crime and that fits so well with his character, I can actually see this happening and see him reacting to other villains in this way because he does have a good heart.

The cold, clinical nature of Barty's death is awful and perfect and the final line is chilling. This was a well executed excercise in creeping me out.

Author's Response: Wow, long review. =D First of all.... *mumble mumble* he just might be... sorta... okay, yes, he is hot. I don't say this often, but I'm glad it creeped you out. I had to reread all the scenes involving Neville and his grandmother (fortunately there weren't many) to try and get it right. Neville's view that anything beyond the required punishment for a crime is a crime itself is sort of my own, so he was somewhat easy to put on paper... er... computer screen. Thanks for the long review.

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Review #6, by PropMaster_staff 

14th October 2006:
Aw gawd, this is soooooo good!! You gave me the tingles! There's nothing I love better than a good macabre tale and you've delivered one and THEN some! I've wondered what happened to those who'd endured the Kiss -- and now we know. In the movie version, I soooo want Vincent Price here! How in the world did you come up with this idea?! I definitely want more dark fics from you, cuz you've got a real knack here. Bravo!!

Author's Response: You're making me blush. No, really, I hope no one walks in my room right now because my face is really flushed. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that you're another fan of dark-storys. I live on angst and dark-nature stories (especially those twisted romance stories where the people are a little twisted). Anyway, I'm glad you liked it so much. I hope my next story will make people just as happy-ful (if that's a word).

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