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Review #1, by hp_rocks 

19th September 2007:
That was so cute! Its a shame Lily and James died. hmmm. 10/10 for a job very well done.

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Review #2, by The Holy Tankard 

2nd March 2007:
Nagi!! You have to go and make a better Lily/Snape (james. eck.) Story than I did, didn't you?! You just can't let me have my little illusion that I can actually write! urk.

Well, despite the fact that you SUCK...:D (jk lovely) I loved this. It was so well written, descriptive (it had a bit of your stupid humor in it too, sillygoose) and it was...just...ugh. so against the grain, you know? i love it. you explain the harry and snape hate/hate thing. you explain why lily went back to james...and suprisingly...YOU MADE ME CRY! Ugh...you disgust me. I disgust myself. Heck- everyone disgusts me at some point, but that's not...the point. >>
Anyway, you better start writting more like this (not like...Snape lily then lily james because snape jfdklsjlskfdjkdfjskljLJFDLKJSFLJASKJDFSajsfkl you know...I mean, you HAVE GOTTA write more ... awesome stories that aren't so...mainstream. YOu know, man? ...WOMAN...:D)


...ahem. sorry. i haven't seen you in like weeksmonthsyears.:P

hope you have a nice trip! (betch...not taking me T.T)


Author's Response: Go easy on the caffine there, Tank. You're scary when you're buzzing, hahaha.

Anyway- I'm actually not leaving. *hides under a rock* DON'T HURT ME! I just found out that the funeral was a hoax...o_O my family is fricken crazy. Especially the old ones. They have nothing better to do...

Anyway, thanks for the compliment, but I think you write pretty well too. (Although, I am pretty happy with this story...haha *gloats*)

No way.....I made YOU cry?? You? In all your coldhearted wonder????? The world's gone nuts...undead aunts, crying tankards, what next?!

Anyway, thanks for the review. I'll call you soon, alright? I'll try to write more, but I like daydreaming better. I don't have to move my hands, lol. I will, I will, sheesh. o_O

This is one long review (and answer) ... hmm... let's stop now.


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Review #3, by Nagini_Strikes_Again 

10th November 2006:
Twisted, twirly
Muddled and swirly!
All I write is the abstract!
The less likely, forgotten fact!
However obsene the scene
you can be sure Nagini will be mean
and exaggerate just a little bit.


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Review #4, by serenity 

9th November 2006:
i hate the whole lily/snape thing. i dont think lily should or would ever like snape (die snape die).

Author's Response: your response was utterly useless. i thought it would be interesting to explore more than one train of thought, but if you feel the need to follow the main flow of mindless acceptance without questioning other less orthodox possibilities, never read my works again. I dont plan on ever ever ever making a fanfiction thats normal, or appeals to the most probably train of thought. Screw this, I say! For how boring the world would be if we never decided to stray from the beaten path of monotonous regularity.

And a good day to you, sir or madam.

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Review #5, by dracoslover1 

21st September 2006:
I liked the story plot and how you worked in the fact that Severus and Lily could have been together. The thing that bothered me the most was the fact that mid-way through your story, it went straight into italics and never left that stage. That is just my opinion though.

Author's Response: thanks for the review, sry it took me for-frickin ever to respond ya'll, my comps been a pain in the ... >> yeah
wow it didnt stop italics though? ah well. too lazy to fix it now XD

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Review #6, by tasia_n_frankie 

19th September 2006:
very angst, not really what i was expecting... it was a good story line, but i'm more James/Lily

Author's Response: well glad it wasnt predictable then. ^.^ thanks for reading, and sorry i took so long to respond.

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Review #7, by A Forgotten Memory 

18th September 2006:
well i strarted to really like it until it got up to the italics...... i think that may only be because i dont like snape and lily being coupled together BUT i think it would of been cool if snape spoke to lily and then she would of liked james and so on.....:D i did like the idea of why snpae hates harry though, very good

Author's Response: yea apparently i made a mistake on the italics. oh well what can ya do? (fix it..but hey its 4 am im not gonna so ha!) well im sorry you didnt enjoy the snape-lily thing, but i dont particularly like the lily james thing for some reason. seems too planned out. or something. i dunno. the ones i've read anyways. thanks, i was writing this and the ending just sorta came to me it was like...o.O of course!

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Review #8, by Kiena 

16th September 2006:
That is so weird and twisted...

Author's Response: thank you

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Review #9, by chocolatefrog [not logged in] 

16th September 2006:
wow that was goooood
you showed Snape in a completely different light
i usually hate lily-snape fics with a passion, but this was hella awesome
3 cheers!

Author's Response: thank you :D you made my day. since its 4 am, its a very early day too. thank you.

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Review #10, by somebodytoldme 

16th September 2006:
well it was a good story, but im not a big fan of snape/lily pairings, i like to imagine that james and lily really were in love and that snape has some other unknown reason for hating harry. great writing though

Author's Response: well im sorry to hear that :D but i hope you enjoyed the story regardless.

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Review #11, by angered reader 

16th September 2006:
uhm maybe snapes mad cause he loved lily but tust me she never loved him.

Author's Response: the world may never know...jk rowling could like, god forbid, decide to stop while she's ahead because she's got writers block and change her name to Gladys Muufinhauser and just hide the knowledge away? yeah. ... anyway we dont know yet, now do we? so let me just go off in my own little world in peace

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Review #12, by holly bergman 

16th September 2006:
I love it! 9/10! Really well written. :-)

Author's Response: thank you! you make me smile :D *bows*

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