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Review #1, by AnimagusPhoenix 

1st June 2011:
That was a really cool and creative idea but was this written b4 HP&DH? Cuz according to JKR she was he daughter of ravenclaw! And her story is tied to the Bloody Baron. He was her lover and killer.

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Review #2, by Kitties_love 

18th August 2007:
Wow, that's a brilliant tale. Great, now my daydreams will be filled with a copper-haired Ravenclaw talking with the Grey Lady. Honestly, that's a good thing. Loved it! 10/10!

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Review #3, by Elf_ears13 

30th July 2007:
This is just brilliant! I don't know why I didn't read it before. I love the friendly tone you take, and I can really just imagine the Grey Lady sitting down to tell this tale to a poor kid who's half-asleep and probably scared out of their mind. I really like that you never identify the student, as it would be easy to do - but this way, I could see myself in the bed listening to her story. The slips into Welsh were great, and I love that you establish that early on, explain it in the middle, and then close with it; it really makes the story feel full-circle. The explanation about her coming to the school is really creative and interesting, and I sort of like the idea of her being tied to the book. It underscores the Ravenclaw part of her just enough to not be too much.

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Review #4, by Ryker 

12th July 2007:
Those darn female hippogriffs! Anyways, it's rather interesting to see a different side of The Grey Lady.

I especially love the part where they talk about her love of books killing her.

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Review #5, by Wicked Vixen 

15th June 2007:
Ah no. I wished you had continued from Salazar Slytherin's story but hey, this is good as well. Now, onto the next chappie!

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Review #6, by Dido 

14th April 2007:
Ummm... brilliant! But, I may be mistaken, I thought the Grey Lady was meant to be Jane Grey, a queen for nine days before the coronation of Mary...

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Review #7, by I_am_ever_so_Sirius 

9th April 2007:
Woah. I didn't exactly get this one. But I'm sure it's perfect. As usual. ;) 10/10

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Review #8, by Shii and Nel 

8th April 2007:
Perfect, just perfect. A wonderful description of a character often overlooked.

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Review #9, by IWannaPlay 

2nd February 2007:
She doesn't seem nearly as creepy as I would imagine her, but I do love this story very much. The idea that her death was the indirect result of a book - brilliant. Well done!

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Review #10, by loony86 

9th January 2007:
Sue, that's such a unique style! I love the way you managed to write this "dialogue" with this first year (who is the reader, really), without ever making it sound stupid or interrupting the flow. I also love the Welsh passages (although I don't understand Welsh, so thanks for the translation too ;) ). Killed by desire... old pattern, brand new plot - since when has a book been the object of a fatal desire?

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Review #11, by Raymond Spruance 

27th November 2006:
hi... a comment for this chapter & for chapter 4 (Ravenclaw)...

do you have any problems / dislike to the Christians?

otherwise i've read ALL of the chapters (1-57) & overall they're VERY GOOD! a wonderful & accurate explanation of what are lost in canon! very interesting & accurate!

but, as i said, do you have any problems with Christians or any religion? do you believe in God? or do you think God is only (as you wrote in Sir Nicholas story) 'Muggle God'?

sorry... i didn't mean to personally attack you... i live in a very religious country and culture so i just want to ask you about your point of view...

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Review #12, by Potterholic 

13th November 2006:
Wow, that was really good! I love the way it was written, like she was really talking to me. Oops -- you are quite right. I’ve gone and floated to the ceiling, haven’t I? That made me grin. =D I love the history of her death, it is quite ironic how she died because of a book. That’s very clever actually, how she became a ghost and came to Hogwarts because of that book. I also like the Welsh in between, it adds some depth to the story. =) Well done!

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Review #13, by U No Who 

2nd November 2006:
pprreettyyy gd i must say. its a different way of writin and at first i got confused but wwen i relised wat was happenin it was all so samart 2 me. its fab.lol

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Review #14, by Fish and Bird 

26th October 2006:
Wow! Original ideas are few and far between in the world of fanfic and by that I don't want to suggest that the authors are lacking in ideas. Rather, the Potterverse is so well mined that there are very few opportunities left to do something really origina. You succeeded!

It was brave to ‘stray’ so far out of contemporary canon (i.e Harry Potter/Marauders) as it is often difficult to take the reader along with you, but the weaving of historical events into this tale gave it a feel beyond the common narrative. It really did feel as if there was a ghostly figure by my side calmly relating her story...shiver!

The family history fleshed out both the Grey Lady’s character and that of her ilk. Ravenclaws have little time for flattery or non-academic matters and might be seen to border on the obsessive bent of mind. As a Ravenclaw myself I see nothing at all wrong with that. Quite the opposite, in fact, as it helps establish a more textured personality for the Ravenclaws who are arguably the most neglected Hogwarts residents.

The story worked on so many levels! A superior piece of short writing. I'm off to read the other chapters now and see what other gems I can find.

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Review #15, by Pheobs61 

20th October 2006:
Wow, That's really sad...all that just for a little book! I suppose if she loved knowlege that much she IS rightly the Ravenclaw ghost. Though I don't think I've heard of the Grey Lady before reading this story, hmm...
Nice Story!

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Review #16, by jenniiiiii 

16th October 2006:
Oh, this is simply gorgeous. I don't really have words to tell you how much I love this!

The Grey Lady is one of the very few characters I've never thought about in the slightest, but you've just brought her to life in a completely unique way! It's like every time I thought something, she'd answer it. I love the use of the little child, whoever they are, and honestly, I've never seen anyone carry out this conversation type fic as well as you've done here.

The Welsh is just gorgeous as well. It's a beautiful language, I think, and gives your fic a little extra touch. Very effective.

Aw, I don't know how else to praise this. You've created such a wonderful fic here! I love your Grey Lady to pieces, and I think her character was beautifully presented, as was her rendition of her life story.

Amazing work.

Author's Response: Aw, Jenni, I'm glad you like this little story so much. I was always charmed about how the ghosts from the HP books, rather than being really scary, were just another aspect of those grand halls, something to even take comfort in. Plus I liked the idea of a gentle 'spirit' helping the little first-years to adjust being away from home, and this little bedtime story was born. Thanks so much for reading and your lovely comments. They made me blush profusely!!

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Review #17, by Mrs Insane One 

11th October 2006:
Wonderfully written! I loved how it felt like she was actually talking to me, something that I've only experienced in a haldful of books and never in fanfiction before. I thought her background story fabulous! The use of the scattered welsh phrases added to the authenticity of her story as well! Congrats on a great story! - Jenn

Author's Response: How nice the things you've picked up on! I really went into this trying to put myself into the body of a scared little 11 year old, their first time away from home, and what they may have wanted to hear that first spooky night in the castle. Now, a ghost would probably scare ME witless, maybe until she started to talk, but then she distracts one so much with her stories that you forget about all the scary things. I got a great deal of satisfaction writing her and I'm glad you enjoyed it!! Thanks!!

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Review #18, by Jessi_Rose 

10th October 2006:
Have I told you that this is one of my favorite stories that I have ever read? And I swear, it's not just because I'm a Ravenclaw. I love the simplicity of it, and yet, you make her seem so complex at the same time - it's beautiful, Prop! I love it! Oh, and the other language - very nice touch!! 10/10, dear!!!! *HUG*

Author's Response: How kind, Jess, especially since I know you've read gobs of stories, you beta/reviewing fiend, you! I love embodying this spirit with all that is good about my perception of Ravenclaw. And I'm glad you liked the language touch -- it was a bit tricky and I'm still worried that a Welsh speaker is going to read it and laugh! Thanks again!

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Review #19, by andharrywokeup 

10th October 2006:
Second person, eh? Get you! This story was so very endearing, really, really lovely! :) In fact, I was just about to go to bed so it was perfect...sadly curiously has got the better of me and my must find out about the friars endeavours! The Welsh that was integrated amongst the story was a marvellous final touch. People often say that it’s an ugly language, but personally being the oldest European language it has a certain magical quality about it - almost like the language of fairies - which really is perfect for a Hogwart’s story! Absolutely fantastic work - one of my favourites thus far…but then I thought that about every single chapter! 10/10! ~ Andy xxx

Author's Response: Heh heh . . . did you see that I weenie-d out and only did the second person for the summary? And I was amused to read that you'd read it before going to bed, because when I conceived of the idea for it, I wanted to treat it as a bedtime story or perhaps a lullaby. From what I've heard of the Welsh language from my local PBS station, I also thought this was the perfect thing to use to give the Grey Lady a bit of an 'ethnic' flavor. Thanks so much for your wonderful observations!

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