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Review #1, by iamatree 

3rd December 2013:
This is a character that honestly I've never thought about or particularly cared about and turned it into a lovely tale. I like the Friar, he's a nice bloke (if you know what I mean!)

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Review #2, by Elf_ears13 

30th July 2007:
This is so sweet! I loved the description of the first-years at the beginning being a species of their own - it's funny but, in a way, true. I think it's cute that the Friar didn't want to be in Hufflepuff in the first place, because it just goes to show. It would've felt a little cliched to say that he always knew he wanted to be in Hufflepuff, because I can't honestly say that it would be most people's first choice. His tone throughout the piece was funny and entertaining, and I especially liked the line, Because I died quite young, and am older than any living soul you know, I am allowed to paint a rosy picture of the past. *huggles* Good work!

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Review #3, by I_am_ever_so_Sirius 

9th April 2007:
Awesome!! KEEP IT UP!!! 10/10



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Review #4, by Potterholic 

22nd November 2006:
Excellent! I loved how you explained how a wizard became a friar and how he hated his job. For the other houses, we were the nice losers, so there was literally nothing to be lost for us. We could only gain. Well said. ^_^ I absolutely loved it. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That really means something, coming from a real Hufflepuff... ;) It has also bugged me why a wizard would be a friar, it seems such a Muggle-ish life. Apparently I was wrong, lol.

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Review #5, by Pheobs61 

22nd October 2006:
The fat Friar was muggle born no way!!

Author's Response: Why not? :P Thanks for reading and reviewing, Pheobs!

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Review #6, by jenniiiiii 

16th October 2006:
Oh, this was refreshingly sweet and simple. I think the Friar would have been one of the hardest characters for me to write, but you made him interesting and realistic. Power to the Hufflepuffs!

His reasons for becoming a Friar were great and I loved all the little details in this, especially the ones that led to him slowly finding his peace of mind.

And the picture of crazy wizards running around in robes waving their wands? Priceless.

Great work!

Author's Response: Power to the Hufflepuffs?? *blinks* Joking. ;) Thank you very much for your review! I too had a lot of fun imagining the "crazy wizards"! I'm happy you liked the story. ~Loony

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Review #7, by Mrs Insane One 

11th October 2006:
I love the way you presented the Fat Friar and his explainations for why he because a friar after dealing with the maddening antics of his fellow witches and wizards! Well done! - Jenn

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Jenn! The Fat Friar was interesting to write too, because I never really thought about him (except for wondering how on earth he could be a wizard and a friar). ~Loony

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Review #8, by Jessi_Rose 

10th October 2006:
Oh!!!!!! loony!! I'll tell you what, you did fantastic with the Friar! I LOVE your reasoning behing why he is a Friar. Fancy that, a Wizard Friar! I love how his character evolved over the fic - from a frightened first year to a jolly Friar. (can't get over that the Fat Friar is a Friar.. :P) Beautiful, my lovely!! 10/10!!!!!! ~Jessi

Author's Response: What else could the Fat Friar have been than a friar and a wizard? I've always wondered how that might work, so here's the explanation... :P. Thank you so much for all your kind words, Jessi. The Friar was quite some fun to write, too! =) ~Loony

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Review #9, by andharrywokeup 

10th October 2006:
Loony, this story is lovely! so very, very sweet! It is nice to see such a simple man surviving through such difficult times. This story highlights the idea of unity - but through all people and not just the magical kind. This is what I think the WPSS project has also partly been about and I am so glad that it is shining through the stories as well! :) Great work, very well done! 10/10 :) ~ andy x

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Andy! The Fat Friar just felt like unity, in a way... I know that sounds weird, but it's true! *blinks* Thank you so much for your nice review! =) ~Loony

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