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Review #1, by iamatree 

2nd December 2013:
I wish she was my teacher at school. This well demonstrates the traits of a hufflepuff, Which isn't a weakness at all but a great quality.

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Review #2, by Elf_ears13 

27th July 2007:
Amazing! I really felt like a true Hufflepuff reading this. I love that her family didn't recognize her greatness until after she founded the school, since it seems like the people who love you most can often underestimate you most. Helga sounds so brilliant and sweet (I love that anger is foreign to her, she likes to believe the best in people, she lets situations cool down before acting, etc.), and I can really see her as a mother - the most dangerous creature of all. =P

The writing style you used to convey her character was very fitting, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Everything sounded just right. Oh, and I thought it was pretty cool how she decided that 'hard-working' would be one of the qualities that she would look for in students.

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Review #3, by Wicked Vixen 

12th June 2007:
Wow. The chapters so far were amazing. I love how you mix history and fiction into a perfect blend. This chapter was the best so far. 10/10! Good job. = )

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Review #4, by guest 

17th May 2007:
This was wonderful. I loved it! The prophecy, the founders personalities, everything!!! Keep it up.

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Review #5, by I_am_ever_so_Sirius 

8th April 2007:
I liked this - a LOT. 10/10

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Review #6, by MoonyIsMyHero 

6th April 2007:
That was a great way of showing what Huffelpuff is. You did a great job. I have never thought of Helga as a mother before, but now that I think about it that suits her very well. Good Job.

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Review #7, by MoonyIsMyHero 

6th April 2007:
That was a great way of showing what Huffelpuff is. You did a great job. I have never thought of Helga as a mother before, but now that I think about it that suits her very well. Good Job.

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Review #8, by Belle_Rose 

17th March 2007:
That's right, a mother is the most dangerous creature...

So, the original prophecy was created long ago?

10/10 To everyone who wrote these stories.

~ Leah

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Review #9, by IWannaPlay 

2nd February 2007:
I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but am I the only one that thinks of Salazar and most of the Slytherin's as the Klan of the wizarding world? Maybe that is just me, but it was immediately what I thought of when first reading about their prejudices. Turns my stomach to think about their ignorance. They say ignorance is bliss... No wonder they walk around so happy and cocky.

Well done. I was getting worried toward the end when she wasn't feeling well. I thought she got poisoned or something. Don't scare me like that! I am going to have to recommend these stories on my site. They are great! I wasn't expecting them to be so well planned. I like the unique views on the different characters.
I LOVED the Old woman in the shoe tie in, that was pure genius! Where in the world did you get that idea from?

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Review #10, by loony86 

9th January 2007:
That's exactly the way I've always imagined Helga! And the prophecy makes for an amazing twist; you could write a heap of prequels to that story if you wanted to... Just a thought since you have such a wonderfully well thought out character here. An amazing chapter, PaMuggles!

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Review #11, by Potterholic 

13th November 2006:
Great chapter! I love how you portrayed Helga, with her motherly traits and all. The description and dialogue flowed really well, making this chapter very easy to read. I also admire how you wrote the dialogue, making it sounds like real eleventh century English. The argument between the founders was believable, and I love how Helga’s power really shone through. "The most dangerous creature of all is the mother protecting her young and you mark my words, I will protect each and every child in these halls even unto the death!" I got goose bumps reading that. This was a brilliant piece. Keep up the good work! 10/10

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Review #12, by Mci2 

4th November 2006:
I thought this was a great piece.I loved the prophecy and how everything fit together.it was wonderfu; great job...

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Review #13, by U No Who 

2nd November 2006:
*spechless* amzing, honestly i must say its by far the best chapter so far by miles. it lik wow even if it is from Hufflepufs point of view its just probably one of the must informative chapter in the whole story but i hvnt read the others so i cant say. well done for such a brilliant chapter in an xcellent story!

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Review #14, by Seamusfan1 

28th October 2006:
Great chapter, my friend! It is interesting to see what you wrote for Slytherin's leaving, and now that I finally got around to reading your chapter, I can see what some of our reviewers meant by inconsistency. But it doesn't matter, I enjoyed reading your creative outlook all the same! I especially enjoyed the little bit of background on the woman in the shoe nursery rhyme. I think perhaps my favorite part was the prophecy. The bit about Tom Riddle...and the bit about Harry. : 0 ) Great job!

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Review #15, by Aisu Hoshino (not logged in) 

21st October 2006:
First of all, let me say I LOVED the bit about the woman in the shoe. LOL the mingling of HP and a familiar nursery rhyme is a lovely idea I might expect JK herself to come up with.

I loved your characterization of Helga, and it seems to fit the image we have of her. Caring and accepting, kind, and still strong, both in majic and character.

I also liked the struggle in Helga between her unwillingness to dishonor anyone and her feelings of Slytherin and fear of the prophecy. The prophecy itself was an interesting idea and portrayed well, even though the books say that the four founders were friends. I must admit I felt like knocking Henry upside the head at his doubt and had to roll my eyes at her family, and I can sympaathize with Helga to an extent.

Finally, I liked the bit of Salazar both mocking and complimenting Hlga in one statement. It seemed so...Slytherin. Really, it seemed to fit something that some members of the house might do, like Malfoy or even Snape. His characterization overrall was fitting.

Overrall, good work!

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Review #16, by Pheobs61 

19th October 2006:
This story has given me renewed respect for Helga Hufflepuff, She is my new favorite founder! and I also really like how you tied a prophesy about what is to come. It's Brilliant!! Great Job!! :)

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Review #17, by jenniiiiii 

16th October 2006:
Helga the fertility goddess! Goodness, I love it!

Anyway. *cough* I really did thoroughly enjoy your Helga piece. She's such a simple character, but complicated at the same time. I admit I wasn't looking forward to reading this because Helga is usually absolutely mutilated in fanfiction, but I was so wrong! You've got that Helga-ness that's so kind and loving, but underneath that you've got bravery, intelligence and sheer strength of character. In short, I simply love your Helga.

The prophecy is a really great way of tying it all together. I loved the rest of your Founders, although I have to say I would have liked you to attempt to break the Salazar-is-evil stereotype. However, he worked here as an evil Slytherin so I'm not sure what I'm saying.

Basically, I loved it! Awesome job. :D

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Review #18, by Wiccan 

11th October 2006:
Ah, the mother lioness defending her cubs has never been so perfectly protrayed. I loved the prophecy winding itself throughout! This was wonderful. I absolutely love the way the founders have been portrayed here. Real people! Real emotions! You limned a unique and relevent person here. Wonderful job! You gave Helga a depth and multi-faceted personality that I have never seen before. Even with her small faults (to a shallow person), I see her as a beautiful, strong witch who deserves her house's admiration and respect. As you have mine...

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Review #19, by Mrs Insane One 

11th October 2006:
Supurbly done! I loved the way you presented Helga as the mother of many - it was a new way to look at her and I think a more fitting way. Her house accepts everyone that the other 3 houses deems unsuited and helps them all feel that they fit in. At least it seems that way to me. I was pleased to see that you dragged the construction of the castle on for over a year - it seems unrealistic to have it raised in a day, even with magic. Very well done! - Jenn

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Review #20, by Jessi_Rose 

10th October 2006:
I absolutely loved reading this story about Helga!!! The prophecy was very well integrated into the story and I enjoyed the characteristics you put into Helga. Very very well done, my dear!!

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Review #21, by andharrywokeup 

10th October 2006:
It is really refreshing to see slightly older founders with some experience in life! I think the idea of Helga being a mother is perfect for Hogwarts - a genius idea - well done! I particularly liked this line: "The most dangerous creature of all is the mother protecting her young and you mark my words, I will protect each and every child in these halls even unto the death!"

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