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Review #1, by Your Name Here 

9th March 2016:
Hermione was pretty wishy-washy in this story for a long time in regards to who she wanted to be with.

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Review #2, by PinkRose 

20th November 2015:
Can't wait to read part 2. Very well done. You certainly kept me at the end of my seat

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Review #3, by Caitlin 

19th August 2014:
you've absolutely broken my heart with this fic but i've loved every second of it, i even stayed up to 4:30 am to read it jfc

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Review #4, by kahlanichole 

6th April 2014:
I was definitely in tears at the goodbye between Hermione and Sirius! This story is perfect and it fits the timeline so well that it feels like it could have happened! I loved it! Thank you so much! It's definitely my favorite by far!!!

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Review #5, by hannah 

25th June 2013:
then sirius is supposed to remember hermoine back in third to fifth year

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Review #6, by Siriusly Love Sirius 

6th May 2012:

That is all I can muster up about this fic!

That and that this is the only fic I have ever literally cried at reading! Truly beautiful and I cannot wait to start the sequel! 11/10 :)

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Review #7, by Amalai 

21st March 2012:
How could Hermione come back to a new future when she was attached to James and come the same future as she came from when she was madly in love with sirius? I doesn`t make sense..

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Review #8, by LoonyLisa 

27th November 2011:
GREAT story :-) loved it so much; which is the sequel?? can't wait to start it!!

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Review #9, by sundance 

26th October 2011:
This is officially my fave hpff

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Review #10, by Mary Emma Granger 

9th October 2011:
This story was incredibly complex but I absolutely loved it! Wonderful!

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Review #11, by thecutephoenix 

6th October 2011:
You don't know how long my jaw dropped by your story.
Fantastic story except the 14 chapter. Hermione will never do that.

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Review #12, by Thatkewl;) 

8th July 2011:
Just found this story going though all the dobbys. Idk I'd u even read these reviews anymore, but I thought I'd leave one anyway;) Now, u should be ashamed of yourself! U made me cry so hard! But it's ok, I forgive u, because the story (besides the whole making-me-cry part) was absolutely brilliant. Your plot was well thought out and I could definetly tell you put alot of effort into this. Your love hexagon was interesting and realistic. However, I can't see Hermione doing half of the stuff she did. But it made for a good story. I liked the alternate future as well. Well, not liked, per se, but it was well perceived. I thought you captured the characters' esssence pretty well, especially sirius and Remus. All in all, you definetly deserved those two dobbys:)

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Review #13, by Phantasymmetrical 

12th June 2011:
For the past hour, I have been completely enraptured by your story. It is a stroke of brilliance, I love the characters, and I have found myself completely drawn into their world.
You wove such a deep, wonderful tapestry of brilliance and creativity and love and death and life...I can't even express my admiration and love of this story! There were some moments, when I quite literally screamed. You kept me on the edge of the couch throughout all of it, and it is one of the BEST stories I have ever read. The quote with Peter...'I don't know what I did...but I'm sorry.' That is sticking with me, it keeps running over and over in my head, and 'I'll remember for the both of us' and Sirius...and Severus...and James...and Lily...and Hermione...
I have neglected my dance history project over this, but it was time well spent, and I am definitely recommending and forcing every HP fan I know to read this story. It was an incredible adventure, and I am TOTALLY going to be reading the sequel!
Thank you so so so so so much for this. Keep writing! :)

~Phantasymmetrical (Sarah)

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Review #14, by roonil_waazlib 

30th March 2011:
I absolutely loved this story, so amazingly written. I loved every bit of it and once i started to read i couldnt stop! Great Job, it made me love the era. And i really really loved the little bit of Remus/Lily that was included!

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Review #15, by MissSoapy 

27th March 2011:
Wow,fantastic job. I never liked the Marauders, like at all. But now I want more.

Loved Sirius! I am truly stoked to read the sequel. Good job! :]

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Review #16, by Brandy Lynn 

24th March 2011:
AHHH, that's such a sad ending! But very predictable. If it ended any other way, I wouldn't have liked it nearly as much.

Sirius and Hermione make a lovely couple, nice job on their 'ship. I think you portrayed Dumbledore the best out of anyone, but I think it's only because he was the only one who seemed to stay in character throughout the entire story. (And Peter, but he wasn't such a big part.)

Personally, I would have had her change SOMETHING...not anything huge, but something in the future that wasn't there before. Maybe Sirius won't die in the sequel? That'd be the best...but of course, they wouldn't be together...that'd be really creepy, lol. xD

One other thing: maybe you shouldn't be so quick to let characters make love. They are quite young, and since you describe the love scenes so dramatically, it seems kind of fake, or too soon. Every fic has sex scenes, so find something else that makes your story amazing without the "losing your virginity" part. [:

Of course, this is all just my opinion. I just wanted to leave a last honest review. (If you read these...)

All in all, great fic, it was definitely an interesting one.

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Review #17, by Siriuslover177 

27th November 2010:
He remembers!
I feel SO bad for Hermione!
So going to read the sequel!


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Review #18, by Alexandria Marcel 

9th November 2010:
OMG! I'm so in love with this story, it's so cute!

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Review #19, by MusicLife2288 

20th August 2010:
Wow, what an imagination! I love it!

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Review #20, by ReAnna 

13th June 2010:
LOL that was great!although the possibility of that happening is slim it sure is fun to imagine! Your a great author and i cant wait to read the sequel!

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Review #21, by laurenhermione 

14th May 2010:

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Review #22, by Kirsty Weasley 

3rd May 2010:
I understand that you had to do what you did. Fix it all according to cannon. But it still breaks my heart that Sirius wouldnt know that he fell in love. Did you ever right a sequal? Cause I would most definatly read it -Kirsty xxx

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Review #23, by artemisia 

21st March 2010:
10 out of 10!

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Review #24, by Confuzzled 

13th March 2010:
Where did I miss the reason she couldn't be with Sirius? Remus hooks up with Lily: They aren't affected. Hermione hooks up with Sirius: again, unaffected. It seems Harry is going to be born anyways, and all that matters on is who James marries. So James doesn't get a lover for a few more years, which would mean yes, Harry would be younger in the "present" time, but have two happy and healthy parents. Neville is the boy who lived, Voldemort only has one horcrux left, and the couple that would have gotten tortured into insanity doesn't exist. Peter doesn't actually have a connection to the Longbottoms, and thus isn't able to become their secret-keeper, and rat them out, and so is still a friend of the marauders. As Sirius is going to be the godfather of Harry, but not the Boy-Who-Lived, he doesn't get passed through the veil and doesn't die. Ron turns out to be a git no matter what. And Hermione wasn't able to figure this much out??? Tonks is young, she will easily find someone else. Hmmm, who have I left out? Snape liked Hermione more than Lily in this AU apparently, but still owes James a life-debt. James is maturing, so there is a possibility of the animosity between him and Snape being eased, and little Harry won't have such a hard time in potions. Snape, otherwise, seems extremely unaffected.

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Review #25, by KateRhodes 

3rd February 2010:
Okay, I have to say that although it was confusing, it was very unlikely to happen and a little OoC... I loved it!
I really did love it!
Please, make them come together ! Write that sequel and make Hermione save Sirius, please, please, please!!!
Anxiously waiting,
Lots of love!

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