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Review #1, by ginnywealseyfan4ever 

31st August 2012:
I love your story,
I have a question, was this written before HBP?

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Review #2, by ginnyweasleyfan4ever 

31st August 2012:
I love your story,
I have a question, was this written before HBP?

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Review #3, by HartOfARebel 

6th February 2012:
Well that went well...

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Review #4, by sundance 

26th October 2011:
oh my goodness in the last hour i've read all of your story it is beautiful! i love this story! i actually really like the songiness of this last chapter- it's kinda like a poem exept way better. the only thing to improve on is this: snape is potion's master, you say. but potions doesn't need an apostrophe there. i can see why this won one of the dobbys!

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Review #5, by Kira D 

5th September 2011:
I love this fanfic, your writing style is amazing. Tge song really fits with this chapter. Keep up the great work with writing fanfics!!

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Review #6, by Herm_own_ninny 

16th May 2011:

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Review #7, by Brandy Lynn 

24th March 2011:
Ok so...this is definitely one of my favorite chapters...there's not much left to read so I hope there will be a part in the future where Hermione sees Sirius and has flashbacks and stuff when he's older. But obviously he won't remember it so...that'd be really sad...
But I think I can handle it...so I hope that happens. [:

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Review #8, by Siriuslover177 

27th November 2010:
I'm glad she is choosing to leave.
I feel SO bad for them though!
Love it SO much!


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Review #9, by evanesca 

5th September 2010:
This was really funny/ intense/ awesome.

I loved Lily's reaction :)

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Review #10, by TallestTower 

31st July 2009:
SEQUAL?! Did I ever mention that you are completely awsome?

Once again, brilliant. I feel I may be dispensing these tens a bit too often, but you deserve them.


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Review #11, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans 

23rd April 2009:
:( aww., poor sirius, and why does hermonie have to go :( this is depressing.lol

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Review #12, by hogwartsdearest 

12th May 2008:
ok this chapter definately cleared up a bunch of stuff. :]

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Review #13, by SilverEssence 

2nd March 2008:
Okay i need to summarize about a million things into. hmm lets say.. five?

1) she's going back?!?!?!what about sirius?
2)stupid dumbeldore always has to be so insightful and right...
3)wow great song choice!!
4) awww it was so ncie how they wanted to leave her on a happy note...
5) okay... SIRIUS AND HERMIONE!!! yay they're in love..
NOOO JAMES! and and then sirius under the bed and the yelling and everything else...

it's all too much to fit in 5 points!



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Review #14, by You_Know_Who_I_Am 

9th December 2007:
oh wow this chapeter is the reason i keep reading this story i swear to god this is one of the best chapeters i have read .. ever!!! :D

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Review #15, by shadowkitty22 

18th November 2007:
How sad and comical at the same time. Sirius popping up from under the bed in just his undies. I'll bet it was quite a sight.


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Review #16, by rhb_hjp4evr 

2nd August 2007:
oh i love this story so much! its my favorite and reading it a second time brings back sooo many memories from the first time and reminds me of my love for sirius! well sorta but i love all your stories and this chapter definitely deserves the dobby award! and i love how you manage to capture the characters and manage to get their lives so confusing and messed and so intertwined with love that they become knew people when faced with their choices. jessi_rose you are my favorite author and i love everything you write and can't wait to see what the future holds! a total 10+ for this story!

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Review #17, by Blsck Mirror 

23rd July 2007:
Great chapter. The scene under the bed was funny.

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Review #18, by Elf_ears13 

22nd June 2007:
I was watching Leno while reading this and Lifehouse came on. Of course, not the same song, but I thought it was a cool coincidence. I can see how the song fits, but I'm still not a fan of it being in here (songfics really aren't my thing). I liked seeing Peter more active, but mouse-like squeak? Could have been more subtle. That's just a cliche I can't stand. “Surprise.” They mumbled together. should have a comma, quotation mark, space, lower case 'they,' and I think you used a question mark and comma together again (it should be one or the other!). Anyway, such an emotional chapter that I really don't know what else to say. Great writing, as always.

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Review #19, by Lovehpforever 

22nd May 2007:
What a sad chapter. I loved this line: “I’ll remember for the both of us,”
It's just so sad... Btw, LOVE the song! :D

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Review #20, by Brenda16 

14th May 2007:
LOVED THIS CHAPTER!!! like i really loved.. best one yet.

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Review #21, by taylorj828 

25th April 2007:
Wow and she almost made it out without having to have that terrible confrontation.. Poor Sirius. Poor Hermione. What a mess! *miserable sigh*

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Review #22, by Manifesty 

13th April 2007:
The song-fic was brilliant and I really like the song. :)
This is the best story I have read by far. It's even better than many books I have read. The time traveling thing after Hermione stepped into the potion with Lily and Sirius was very complex but made sense in the end. It was bloody brilliant. You are a great author!
Once again tis story is terrific!
On a scale from one to ten it's an easy 100!

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Review #23, by Abbey 

25th March 2007:
i knew it!

i'm crying, because I'm actually moving from England to Switzerland in the summer and having to say goodbye to my friends...I'm gonna read on though!

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Review #24, by Angel Of Darkness 

7th February 2007:
“At least you’re not alone…or dead,” James and Sirius said in unison. They looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

Great moment, just great!

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Review #25, by almost_witch 

10th January 2007:
God I love Lily... lol. Ow... only 2 chapters left.

Author's Response: Eeeek - I know!! =)

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