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Review #1, by Love Heart 

9th August 2006:
I rather like the way you write things, you're very good. Your banners are also very nice.


Author's Response: Thank you! I just actually re-did the banners on my entire author page :)

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Review #2, by PhoenixStorm 

9th August 2006:
Moi? I don't believe I was the one who sat down and typed out another chapter now, was I? :p . And btw, I liked how it was Tonks's birthday soon, I think everyone has birthdays on the brain, I even wrote one into mine too (with someone unable to find a good present no less). I liked Remus in the shop, and the character you created of the shopkeeper in such a short space. You seem to do it so easily, bring a charater to life, and it's something I love about your writing.

There's something about your description that is really wonderful. You describe the place wherever they are and it's very vivid, but more than that, you connect it to the characters like It appeared as though the castle would carry no physical scars from the battle that took place inside of it only months before, but there were the sorts of scars that no amount of magic would be able to mend. You include subtle details, things that are different, and you especially capture the way things outside Remus's world still seem to reflect his inner one - the way the air is in the castle, the atmosphere that's weighted with everyone's thoughts and feelings, yet is inanimate in itself.

I loved what you wrote about McGonagall, small intricacies of her character and the effect she had on Remus still. And I'm glad she and Slughorn persuaded him to take the job like Tonks insisted. That part was great too, when she was arguing why he should take even when he didn't want to go back. She understood better than maybe even he did, and I like that about the relationship you're building for them. This is my favourite chapter so far I reckon, and it was a great surprise to read another so soon! (*whistles innocently* ;) ) Really enjoyed reading it :)

Author's Response: So here I am, sitting here working through the cuts for GG 7.03 and, in between screeners responding to reviews. It was working great until I realized how few new reviews there were, but I was plesently surprised to see one of yours because I knew it gaurenteed me an opportunity to have lots to say. Motivation is the mother of...something?

And here you thought you'd be getting another chapter soon only to find out that I would return it to it's previous state of woefully abandon. If it makes you feel any better, I have been trying at least!

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