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Review #1, by HartOfARebel 

1st January 2012:
Bits are coming back..hehe =]
Starting to get really exciting now!

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Review #2, by Kathy McGovern 

17th November 2011:
Great story very exciting

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Review #3, by Herm_own_ninny 

31st May 2011:
ohmygod i just want this story to have a happy ending

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Review #4, by Grace 

22nd May 2011:
Great chapter. Poor Ginny for being so terrified.

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Review #5, by Mrs HJ Potter 

12th September 2010:
Where has this story been. I have been an avid reader for years and stumbled across it. It is without a doubt one of the best I have ever read. Simply fantastic!

Author's Response: Thank you! It's been here...not getting updated. :) Hopefully that won't be the case again.

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Review #6, by laura lollypop 

27th July 2010:
and ohh, so is her fear of storms important too?? maybe she was attacked during a storm...and that was when her memories were taken.this is so good x

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Review #7, by NotSuchAPrincessAlex 

23rd April 2010:
this just keeps getting better marvolus in fact keep writing i cant say enough good things about this chapter

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Review #8, by kassandra466 

16th January 2010:
OMG!! that was quite the intense in a box chapter! I think that it was gabriella who let Draco in!! I LOVED it!! its the most intense in a box fan fic i have read in a long time!! :D

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Review #9, by alexis 

10th February 2009:
You're a great story teller.. I read your one look previously..

However, i jus think that u have made harry a very irritable character and soemtimes it can get on ur nerves.. i noe that bill makes him like that as well as his obvious fear of losing ginny. but still, harry's apparent bad moods is quite a lot. i suppose it will be important later on in the story. but just my feeling after this chapter..

continue the good work though..ur a talented writer..

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Review #10, by Twinsmom 

29th January 2009:
Bill couldn't talk to Ron about his involvement in whatever he or Dumbledore and her parents did to make Harry and Ginny forget each other. But, the whole family seems in on it. Obviously, they thought Harry was dangerous by not being in control of his magic and were trying to protect Ginny.

Malfoy is just a nasty ferret. Hope Harry doesn't forget his promise to not leave.

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Review #11, by fenaw 

28th December 2008:
good chapter. thanks for writing this story!

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Review #12, by SpringTime 

14th October 2008:
God I am hating Bill right now hard core. I can't wait to see what is really going on here. nice action sequence with Malfoy too.

Author's Response: Oh no! Poor Bill. Everyone hates him. :) I didn't anticipate the level of dislike that would be created when I started this story...but it can't be helped I guess. :P

I'm glad you liked the Malfoy part...it is definitely tricky to make an action sequence read the way I see it in my head, but I think this one worked out ok. I'm afraid to go back and read it now b/c I'm sure I'll find something to edit and then I'll never finish chapter 18, lol.

Thanks for the review and I hope that you got enough sleep! :)

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Review #13, by SilverEssence 

23rd May 2008:
such a good chapter.
yay! harry is her saviour!
woah he's so good the way he founnd the tracer thing.
take a chill pill buddy.

super great as always!

Author's Response: Thanks, leigh! I hope you continue to enjoy as the story unfolds... :)

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Review #14, by Sundevil6 

24th March 2008:
wow, really,really good

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :)

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Review #15, by aimeenorman 

8th March 2008:
I have the fleeting image of Moses parting the red seas... "The weasley's parted down the middle as harry rushed ginny to the toilet" (thats not a direct quote).
Just had to say it :o)

So one question: Did Ginny get sick because she performed that bit of wandless magic? I keep remembering that they said earlier in the story that she we 'very powerful' and all of that, so maybe that was what they meant. And Molly changed what she was saying.. she was saying it was worse that she remembered (meaning with ginny), but she changed it to anyone?

Am I over analyzing, but you seemed to have skimmed over the magic as far as conversation goes (and I'm sure it was intentional for your story!) but I just gotta know!

Great job!

Author's Response: lol, hey aimee! I can't say that I was going for a Moses and Red Sea visual, but it works, lol. As for Ginny getting sick, no it wasn't because of the wandless magic, it was because of the Cruciatus...there is a clue about it within the chapter, but it might be something that you don't notice until you reread after knowing everything. ;) And yeah, Molly did alter what she was saying. My story does tend to leave to a bit of over-analyzing for a while b/c the answers come slowly for the readers...but at least faster than they do for the characters, right? lol. You are getting closer to answers though and I hope that you continue to read and enjoy! :)

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Review #16, by Odence1 

5th February 2008:
Hmm interesting. The plot thickens again. Thanks for writing this! 10/10

Author's Response: You're very welcome...thanks for reading! I hope that the story continues to keep your interest as it unfolds and thanks for taking the time to leave a review! :)

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Review #17, by weasley_gang 

2nd January 2008:
this is really good buh im getting a little annoyed hw 'strong' ginny, 'powerful' ginny is so weak!!

j.k. is always describing her as not weak or anything buh u keep sayin stuff like she cant even stand up!!


Author's Response: Hi, weasley_gang. I think the thing to remember here is that Ginny is not the same as she was in canon. She didn't have the same experiences, have the same friends or go to the same school. I'm not saying that her personality is completely different, but she certainly hasn't had the battle experience that she had in the books. I think as the story continues you will see a progression of her character towards one you are perhaps more familiar with. As for her not being able to stand up, I assume you're talking about her after Malfoy's attack. The Cruciatus curse is an unforgivable...performing one on another person will get you sent to Azkaban...which leads me to believe it is rather terrible. With this in mind, as well as other factors that haven't yet come to light in the story, I didn't feel like Ginny's physical response to being subjected to it for a minute or longer was extreme. But enough rambling...lol...I hope that you continue to read and enjoy the story and I hope that when all is said and done, Ginny's reaction to the curse makes more sense to you...b/c unless I just totally screw up along the way it should. :)

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Review #18, by yensay 

6th November 2007:
oy vey. There is sooo much drama it's crazy.. honestly, I don't know how the hell you came up with this fic idea. It's bloody brilliant!!! Well, not the whole thing with Malfoy and all, but I love it.
Harry better stay dammit. If he doesn't... I don't know, but I'll be pissed off. He can't do that to her. He just can't. Damn you Malfoy, go to hell. (but in other fics when you're nice, like you're supposed to be, I LOVE YOU!) hehe

Author's Response: lol, it evolved very slowly and randomly...the poor thing started out as a fluffy short story. :) And I think Ginny will be pissed off too if he decides not to stay...let's hope he's a bit more mature in his old age, lol. And love Malfoy? yeesh...must be quite the AU, lol. ;-)

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Review #19, by Lov3ly_Ginny 

23rd September 2007:
i think that harry and ginny have been together but no one (harry, gin, ron, mione etc..) can remeber it but the parents can and older kids. eveytime she 'remebers' something she gets a headacke. malfoy prob did that to her. omg i love this story! 10/10


Author's Response: lol, hmm... interesting theory, Nikki. ;) I guess you'll just have to keep reading to find out what is truly going on and who, if anyone, is responsible. Thanks so much for the review and rating and I hope you continue to enjoy! :)

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Review #20, by shantalina_marie 

26th June 2007:
Wow. That was terrible. Not the chapter, but what happened in the chapter! lol.

So Harry's the most powerful wizard in the world, eh? No surprise there, to be honest, but the thing with his eyes was just explained...somewhat. And his "centering" a well. But that just leads me to two more questions -- 1: What did he do/has he done to be 'dangerous' as Bill calls it? How was he so 'out of control'? Which leads me straight to my second question, which I haven't thought about for a couple of chapters, but it feels relevent in this one for some reason; 2: What did Harry do to mess up in Kent? DUN DUN DUN!!! lol. Hopefully those are questions that will be answered in the near future, as I know you cannot deny nor confirm my supspicions or answer my plot questions!!!

But there was a shocker in this chapter -- one I didn't see coming AT ALL... Hermione's pregnant!?!? Wow! That's going to be interesting..and Ron's already playing the role of protective father. This is getting really good. I like it a lot. Keep up the great work,

10/10 -- as always, love!


Author's Response: lol, thanks for the review, shantalina! I wish I could answer your questions, but alas...you'll just have to keep reading I think. ;-) But I can say that, unfortunately, what Harry did in Kent is not relevant to the story other than the fact that it was him not listening to his orders/superiors and screwing up as a result...leading in part to his assignment watching Ginny. You'll probably never learn what he did...much to everyone's disappointment, lol. As for everything else though, you'll definitely be getting answers as we go along.

And yes, she is pregnant. I'm glad that you like that subplot and my characterization of Ron. He may be impulsive and hot headed, but I can't picture him as being anything other than fiercely loyal to and protective of his family.

Thanks as always for the review and I hope you continue to read and enjoy! :)

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Review #21, by Elf_ears13 

25th June 2007:
Well, that explains quite a bit. I was going to say that I felt like I was missing something really important and probably obvious, but I suppose Harry missed it too. Issues to fix: who had frozen at her daughters words (possessive, should be daughter's); The stress of this situation no doubt had an affect on her (affect should be effect, though I think you got it right the other times); “…that I want you,” Harry finished for her in quiet voice (should be, in a quiet voice).

Author's Response: lol, I'm glad that it answered your questions for you...and yeah, he definitely missed it. And thanks for pointing out the edits, I've changed them. :)

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Review #22, by wicKeDwitch1316 

19th February 2007:
Wow. That's all I can say. Wow. Excellent excellent excellent chapter. Fabulous fabulous fabulous writing. 10/10!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm really happy to hear that you're enjoying it! Thanks so much for the review and rating and I hope you continue to read and enjoy as it progresses. :)

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Review #23, by pisceandreams 

26th December 2006:
He better not leave or I'm going to kill him. I know it's a weird thing to want to kill a character in a story, but he freaking loves her so I don't care about how he thinks that he NEEDS to protect her, but being away from her only hurts her. It doesn't help no it doesn't help.

Author's Response: lol, well, I certainly can't have you killing of a main character, so I hope he doesn't leave either! ;) I think leaving is something that a young Harry would do, so I guess we'll see if his thinking has matured. Thanks for sharing your response and I hope you enjoy where I take the story from here! :)

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Review #24, by EmeraldWolfEyes 

19th December 2006:
I swear. Change the names of the characters for legal purposes, publish this and it'll be a New York Time's Best Seller. You're amazing. This may just be one of the best works I've ever read, fanfiction or not. Harry seemed way too territorial in this one, but it was so understandable. Bill is a prat, but I'm sure we're going to find out why. What do they know? I'm reeling here from how brilliant this is... lkjdsflksdjf. That's all I can say. lkjdsflksdjf.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much, Emerald! I'm really encouraged that you're enjoying it so much. Harry is a bit territorial when it comes to Ginny in this one but I'm glad that it worked for you within the context...lol...and don't be too hard on Bill, although I can certainly understand, he is a bit of a prat in this one. Thank you so much for the kind review, I really hope you continue to read and enjoy as the story unfolds. I'll be getting you the answers to your questions...you know...eventually, lol. ;)

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Review #25, by Kristen 

12th December 2006:
SO, basically if Harry got to sleep with Ginny, Malfoy would've just lost?

Author's Response: Well...he wouldn't have "lost"...he just wouldn't be able to use Ginny in the ritual he's trying to do...he would have to find another virgin. I guess we could say that he would have lost to Harry though if that happened...which I'm sure he wouldn't be happy about. :)

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