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Review #1, by honeydukes101 

29th January 2012:
this story is pretty good but it is a little confusing


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Review #2, by Herm_own_ninny 

16th May 2011:
also, i choose to take this time to apologize for the 1 i gave you a couple chapters back. my brain is small so i took it out on you, that was a joke

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Review #3, by Brandy Lynn 

24th March 2011:
I think making Hermione and Harry like Neville's parents was brilliant. I guess I haven't mentioned that until now, but it was a really good add to the story.
I'm starting to think of this as more of a Harry Potter story now than I was before...but it was extremely hard because they were so out of character.

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Review #4, by Siriuslover177 

27th November 2010:
Don't do it!
Please! She can't!
She has to make it normal!
She can't change the past!


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Review #5, by evanesca 

5th September 2010:
This was awesome.
But I want things to be how they used to be.
Also, I am insanely confused.

Regardless of my high level of confusion, I found this to be very well written and I at least have a grasp at what is going on - I feel that answers will reveal themselves (they already have started to) as I progress through the chapters.

I'm off to see the chapter, the wonderful chapter of 16!
(Get it? Wizard of Oz?)

Anyway, even though I am insanely strange and this was insanely confusing for a while (I'm getting there - I am starting to piece things together) this was extremely addicting.

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Review #6, by Traveler94 

6th December 2009:
Ok I don't usually do this but, . . . What the FUCK? This story is confusing, but I admire you for keeping it straight. Good chapter

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Review #7, by TallestTower 

31st July 2009:
Oh No :(
Please Hermione... just go back to normal time. You don't belong with the marauders you silly. It's like she's completely forgetting Harry and Ron. I know she loves the marauders but there are so many people in the future she loves to. Plus if she stays in the past what happens to her parents? Do they go back in the past too? ah time is too confusing to me.

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Review #8, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans 

23rd April 2009:
awww, i want hermonie and sirius toigther :( so heres where i sound like a complete moron.
hermonie can never go back to the trios time? im just figuring that out.lol

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Review #9, by SilverEssence 

2nd March 2008:
aww lol i loved your first few chapters. awww and then poor Harry when Hermione went to talk to him. he seems so lost and confused and sad. DAM YOU DUMBLEORE!! i know that hes been heaps nice already but couldn't he let them stay just a day longer?!?!

ahh well... it's not like i can change their future... past.. present?

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Review #10, by RubyRiddle 

18th December 2007:
NOOO! No, No, No, No, No, NO!!! Hermione should get pregnant with Sirius's child. James, never gets married...easy... or James can get married to Lily...have it all the same only, have Hermione and Sirius's child be the Potter's secret keeper... Harry is born, Peter betrays them, but only thing he can really do is tell Tom, that the child is the secret keeper, and have James be the the Black's secret keeper. if Voldie can't find the Blacks he cant find James...its as simple as that...well not really, but hopefully yopu get the idea...

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Review #11, by You_Know_Who_I_Am 

9th December 2007:
god i would stop reading becuase this is NOT the future of the wizarding world the one that jk rowling wrote is the future of the world so what if she has a pull towards the maurders what about the real harry ron ginny her parents you cannot be seriously (no pun) thinking of her choosing the wrong ne !!! cna you?... :(

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Review #12, by shadowkitty22 

18th November 2007:
You know, Dumbledore's a pretty tricky fellow. He preaches about not messing with time, yet he is intentionally trying to get Hermione to chose the path that will lead to the current future instead of choosing what will lead her to her future. It's a bit hypocritical.


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Review #13, by Book077 

29th September 2007:
Good chappie

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Review #14, by natehk 

12th August 2007:
i'm confused about why hermione can't choose sirius? Is it because DD told her that the wizarding world would be better if she is with James? Why is it better if things are exactly the same except Neville = Harry? Confused!!!
But the story is sucking me in, and you are a brilliant writer. Can't wait to read more.

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Review #15, by jupiter 

24th July 2007:
nice on bringing the story back on track, kuddos

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Review #16, by Elf_ears13 

21st June 2007:
A few things - If you can call it a relationship Hermione thought (comma after relationship); she took her and from his shoulder (hand, not and); it was true; The intelligent thought, "And, if they are able to change them?" She countered smartly (no caps necessary on 'the' and 'she'); last line (He's not Sirius) should be italicized. I know, nit-picky and probably hard to interpret (tried to make it clear). Other than that, great chapter! Very thought-provoking.

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Review #17, by Brenda16 

14th May 2007:
"When had his feelings turned from care to love, he’d never know." HOW SWEET! i love it...
"She knew it was possible; he was sweet, kind and gorgeous. But, she thought, He's not Sirius." Oh please tell me she falls in love in sirius not james... i want that to happen so badly. please. lol. Great chapter... loved it again.. . sweetie... you are amazing... a true brillant writer.

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Review #18, by taylorj828 

25th April 2007:
AHHH!! This is a brilliant mess. This is… wow. Like my mind is spinning and my eyes are getting all leaky because I can’t believe that this HUGE decision is being placed upon Hermione, and man, hearing Harry speak too.. Auh! And I just keep thinking… GO HOME TO HARRY! I'm so sad and distraught. My mind is reeling…

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Review #19, by Angel Of Darkness 

6th February 2007:
Gah, why can't she just forget them and go back to her time? I don't know. Great chapter!! I'm excited to get to the end!


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Review #20, by Magic_Marker 

25th January 2007:
The way you write the more romantic scenes between Sirius and Hermione are better this time, with Hermione's feelings fraying at the edges a bit. It was an interesting idea for Hermione and James to be tortured into insanity instead of Frank and Alice, like no matter how you change time, events end up having the same consequences no matter what. Harry and Hermione's scene together was appropriately heart-wrenching and you really get the sense of Harry's cursed life, no matter how anyone tries to change the past. Overall, very good.

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Review #21, by busybusybeta 

14th December 2006:
omg. now she wants sirius!? i wish things would just go back to the way they were. im sort of hoping that you wont end this where hermione ends up in the past.

Author's Response: Hmmmmmmmm.. I'm sure you already know the ending - although the sequel doesn't have an answer yet :D

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Review #22, by ElissandrAnne 

6th December 2006:
Another great chapter. Poor Hermione is really confused. lol.

Author's Response: Thank you!! I almost (key word) feel sorry for Hermione. ;) :D

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Review #23, by Scriblerian 

10th November 2006:
What an emotion filled chapter! The relationship between Sirius and Hermione is so touching and heartfelt. I'm not sure how she's going to go back to James now. The conversation with Harry was so heartbreaking. You really made the reader feel for him. Poor kid. Again, it's an awful choice she has to make, and I'm slightly shocked by her choice to go back to James. But I think I would've been surprised no matter what. Brilliantly written chapter. As always. ;)

Author's Response: It took me ages to decide who Hermione would decide to go to - I wanted it to be realistic and shocking - I'm glad that worked!!!! YAY!!!! *huggle attack*

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Review #24, by fg 

26th October 2006:

Author's Response: I have no idea what that means.

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Review #25, by Ginny and Harry Ship Fan 

20th October 2006:
love it as i said before. i hope that hermione can stay with Lily and Sirius but fall in love with sirius not james. ya i know your prob yelling at me in your mind thinking that i am such a bad fan of HP or something and i'm sorry i just like this little break from the sonfusion with harry adn ginny and i love having sirius back!!kep writing:)

Author's Response: Thank you!! I can't tell you what's going to happen, but I really hope that you enjoy what's coming. You know, I don't think you're a bad HP fan at all. Nah, I'm the same way - nothing wrong with having an open mind and a dashing imagination ;)

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