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Review #1, by Kathy McGovern 

17th November 2011:
Perfect. more kisses and details

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Review #2, by Mrs HJ Potter 

12th September 2010:
You sure know how to torture us with their feelings. I can't say enough for this wonderful story...

Author's Response: lol, torture does seem to be an often used work with this story. I'm happy to see that you're still reading and enjoying. :)

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Review #3, by laura lollypop 

27th July 2010:
JULIEN = HARRY yes? her memories have SO been tampered with...i'm thinking malfoy with a timeturner or something.
and that quote "Smart girl, Hermione" involving their relationship, i'm SURE that was a quote in one of the books...maybe the sixth one...ahh, have to check now!! i love your writing this is such a great fic!!

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Review #4, by Anne 

21st March 2010:
I absolutely love this story. It's unique and exciting and fantastically well written. I'm completely hooked. Everyone is really in character to me and I just love Harry and Ginny in this. I can't wait for things to start revealing themselves, all these confused memories and Ginny's problem with the storms and the ring and what exactly Malfoy is up to... Very intriguing, I can't wait to read more! I'm so pleased to have have stumbled upon this fic. This chapter in particular was just excellent. Thank you for sharing this excellent story of yours!

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Review #5, by my wicked quill 

22nd January 2010:
ok so this story is just too good. i can't stop reading it, so the whole Julian things hmmm... sounds very much like harry and ginny's story, i'm not sure if maybe you did it that way to add up to the reality where ginny and harry never met, but when he turned into harry it gave me the same suspicions the other comments had...maybe im over analyzing things, but maybe not ill have to keep reading

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Review #6, by kassandra466 

16th January 2010:
OMG!! that was intense in a box with a big bow on it!! :D

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Review #7, by Lovegood 

25th February 2009:
Hihihi another stolen kiss! Don't we love those?

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Review #8, by Twinsmom 

29th January 2009:
I'm not so sure Harry and Ginny's dreams/daydreams weren't real. Something is going on with their memories. I'm trying to put my finger on it. Could be a potion blocking something, obliviate, or maybe some kind of fidelis charm. But, why. Did Harry set up that protection for her when he left for Voldy. And the storm has a place somewhere too.

I love it when authors make me think! Thanks!~

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Review #9, by SpringTime 

14th October 2008:
I blame you for my lack of sleep tomorrow. I keep telling myself only one more chapter and then bed, but no... you leave me with an ending like that and I wont be able to sleep until I can read what happens next. It was wonderful.

Author's Response: lol, I will take the blame for you. :-P

I'm happy to hear that it's keeping you reading though, that's definitely encouraging. And I hope you like how the story progresses from here...hopefully you'll find a point where you can stop and sleep soon though, lol. :)

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Review #10, by SilverEssence 

20th May 2008:
how is it that malfoy has a mirror thingy in Harry's house?! that's just..

i don't get the last part.
but i guess thats part of your amazing plan to keep me guessing...


i love how explosive your chapters are, i can never predict what going to happen :D


Author's Response: Malfoy having a mirror thing will be explained... :) The way that the story unfolds does tend to leave the reader guessing and a bit confused...but eventually everything will come together. So even if you don't quite understand something now...don't panic, lol. Thank you for the review, I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying my story and my writing. :)

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Review #11, by napoleonsolo 

8th May 2008:
very amusing banter between harry, ron & hermione as they came to see if ginny was alright, and it was realistic. and. . .harry loves ginny! that entire scene with hermione was so sweet.

you wrote the dream, and then the reality of harry & ginny getting together so beautifully. very descriptive (in a good way!) and easy to read. although, how on earth does draco have an enchanted mirror to see into harry's flat?! how alarming :(

Author's Response: Hello again, napoleonsolo, I'm so happy to see that you've been drawn into the story so far. The dream and reality sequence was tricky so I'm glad to hear that it worked for you. And yes, Malfoy having a way to look in on them is definitely alarming, and I'm sure a bit confusing at the moment too...but you will find out pretty soon what is going on with that. There is a logical (at least in my mind, lol) explanation for that...he's not randomly all powerful in this story. :)

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Review #12, by potslicker 

26th March 2008:
OK, Harry and Ginny have now found out they are in love with each other. Hopefully in the next chapter they will admit it to each other. Let see what happens next.

Author's Response: I hope you like where i take things from here, potslicker! There is so much going on in this story that I try not to torture them too much with everything, lol. :)

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Review #13, by Sundevil6 

24th March 2008:
one of the best chapters yet

Author's Response: Thank you, Sundevil6! I'm glad you enjoyed this one. :)

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Review #14, by islandson007 

20th February 2008:
Great friggen chapter. The best so far.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much, islandson007! I'm really glad to hear that you enjoyed this one! :)

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Review #15, by megwinsor 

5th February 2008:
yo, gotta question...a request..actually..
i have a website with a fanfiction page on it, and i was wondering , could I put this fanfic up on it? I mean, not actually COPY AND PASTE the story, just the URL of the chapter index, so when people click on "protection". it'll go to the chapter index. Is that okay, or no? I feel like I need your say-so before I do anything. ;)
Megan *

Author's Response: Cool! Thanks so much, Megan, I don't mind at all if you put it up. I'm honored that you enjoy it enough to recommend it to other people. :)

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Review #16, by Odence1 

3rd February 2008:
I really like the way you are writing Hermione in this story! Her character is awesome! Thanks for writing this! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you, Odence! I'm really glad you're enjoying her. It has been fun to write her as an older version of her canon self and it's encouraging to hear that she works for you. You'll definitely be seeing more of her as the story unfolds so I hope that she continues to ring true for you. :)

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Review #17, by shantalina_marie 

26th June 2007:
This chapter was amazing.
It's so intimate and romantic, and I loved Harry's dream!! And then when Ginny actually got up and made a 'Typical Weasley breakfast'. It was wonderful. I'm rather impressed with where this story is going and how well you have it written, I usually try to give constructive criticism, but I can't find anything in this story to critique.

I liked the scene where Ron and Hermione came over, and Harry asked what Ron's patronus was... that made me laugh, and think of Lupin in OotP...lol. And then what Harry asked Hermione... that made me curious... I wonder... lol.
But I like the way Ginny kinda bombarded Harry on the sofa with kisses and explaining to him how he's distracting himself... it was something that needed to happen, and I'm hoping against all hope that they have figured everything out from there!

But with Harry taking over her memory of Julien, but you mentioned that everything faded away and their robes were black and the castle appeared... if Ginny didn't go to Hogwarts, how would she know what the castle looked like? And maybe, because her brothers went to Hogwarts, she would know that their uniforms were black, but that still seems a little odd to me... how can she have a memory of something that didn't happen? Curious...
Your killin me! lol. Off I go to the next chapter, love.


Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm thrilled that you're enjoying the story and intrigued by where it's going. I'm glad that you liked the different scenes in this one...there is a lot going on and I'm happy to see that several of the moments stuck out for you. I'm hoping that Harry and Ginny continue on the road to a relationship as well...and I'm pretty sure Ginny would have something to say about it if he started to try to backtrack at this point, lol. And that is an interesting question about how Ginny would know about the robes being black...how indeed... ;)

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Review #18, by Elf_ears13 

24th June 2007:
I'm back! Sorry, I have to read this in chunks and keep getting distracted in the middle of chapters - which, let me tell you, is terrible what with all of this tension between Harry and Ginny. I noticed that sometimes you write “What did she say,” Ron asked and other times you write it with a question mark instead of a comma (when, in both cases, it's a question); so I got to wondering if there was a reason for that (as in, it should be read as more of a statement than a question) or if it was just a mistake. Because I have read books with commas instead of question marks, and then I've read some with both and it's obvious that it's on purpose, and then I got confused. So that's that question. And then it was weird when Hermione got so close to Harry - I figured that Ron would walk in on them or something, but I guess not. Anyway, she seemed more Hermioneish, but in a way that incorporated her from the past chapter(s?), if that makes sense. Before, she didn't seem as intelligent and she seemed more interested in gossip (if you could call it that), but here she seem to include both, which was great. If there's a character worse than one who completely changes from what we know in the books, it's one who doesn't change at all and is just as ... well, immature and adolescent I suppose. You've done a good job of avoiding both characterization flaws, with all of your characters, really.

Author's Response: Hi, Elfy! About the question mark question. In these early chapters I hadn't yet decided whether I wanted to use an actual ? or just a comma when I wrote a question, so I seem to have used both. So I guess we can say it was a mistake and they should actually be questions and not statements. I have since decided to always use the question mark, so you'll find my later chapters to be much more consistent. I've been slowly going through and doing small style updates to the early chapters and have been fixing this issue as I go. :) Thank you for your comments about my characterization in aging them...I'm glad to hear that I was able to find a better balance for Hermione in this chapter for you. I can understand your comments about her, I'm assuming when the was talking to Ginny in the kitchen, as being perhaps less mature...but I felt like it was in character for her to be excited and interested in finding out about the relationship developing between her two friends. :) Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review and I hope you continue to enjoy! :)

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Review #19, by wicKeDwitch1316 

19th February 2007:
Oh my god, it's getting intense. Fabulous job, again!

Author's Response: Thanks, wicKeKwitch1316, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

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Review #20, by pisceandreams 

26th December 2006:
OMG!! That was like the BEST chapter ever. Leaving us on a Cliffie was kind of cruel, but this story! OMG!! It is definitely going on my favorites and you are definitely one of my favorite author's.As soon as I finish this I'm totally reading and reviewing the rest of your stuff.

Author's Response: lol, aw thanks, pisceandreams! I'm not sure it's the best chapter ever but i'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed it. And yes, cliffies are very cruel...just sometimes unavoidable, lol. And your favorites? Cool! thank you very much, that's a very nice compliments to get. I hope that you continue to enjoy this story as it unfolds as well as my other work. Thanks again for the read and for taking the time to review! :)

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Review #21, by EmeraldWolfEyes 

18th December 2006:
Yeah, so I definitely think Malfoy erased their memories or something. I mean, Harry must be Julien. And the headaches? They're starting to remember, so they're getting headaches... hmmm, but your author notes seem to be saying otherwise.

Ewww, so Malfoy's been watching them? I can see action being taken in the near future. I love love LOVE this story so far, can't wait to read more. :)

Author's Response: lol, Malfoy erasing their memories? Well that's an interesting idea...I'm not sure I've actually heard that one yet. And yeah, Malfoy watching is a definite eww factor isn't? lol. Thanks so much for the review, I really hope that you continue to enjoy the story as you read. :)

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Review #22, by Kristen 

12th December 2006:
harry pisses me off! too much self control!

Author's Response: lol, don't you just hate that? he does tend to have an amazing ability to not do what he wants...hopefully he can work that out. ;) Thanks for the review, Kristen! :)

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Review #23, by andharrywokeup 

7th October 2006:
That ending was really creepy! :( However, the rest of the chapter was fantastic (..well the ending was fantastic as well but scarrrry). You really have a knack of making their relationship look so natural - whenever I try and write romance, it all seems so forced! I think this has officially become my favourite chapter yet! 1000000000000/10 ! ~ andy xxx

Author's Response: lol, sorry for the creepy end, but I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter! And your favorite chapter!! wow, thanks! I'm really glad you are enjoying their relationship so far, it is sometimes hard to get things to seem natural and I'm really happy to hear that everything is working for you right now. lol...and what a rating!! Thanks again, Andy and I hope you continue to enjoy! :)

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Review #24, by sandra 

1st October 2006:
I like....I like.... I must read on!!!!!

Author's Response: lol...thanks! I'm glad you like it and I certainly hope you continue to read and enjoy! :)

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Review #25, by ppwm 

10th September 2006:
this story reminds me of 'the body guard'. and that's a good thing cause it's 1 of my fave movies! 9

Author's Response: Does it? Truthfully, I've never seen that movie so I can't really say much more than that lol... I'm glad to hear that it is a good thing though. All i can remember about it is that Kevin Costner is Whitney Houston's body guard...so I guess I can see how there would probably be some similarities. :)

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