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Review #1, by PinkRose 

12th July 2014:
I absolutely love movies that involve dance, and wish that I was able to dance amazingly. BUT I am so glad you've written this story and that I found it! I'm loving it so far, can't wait to see what else you've got!

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Review #2, by Hello there! 

5th May 2012:
Love it so far! But did the professor's name just change?

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Review #3, by Anneliese 

18th March 2012:
Ha! I would love to see Tom Felton try that... I almost tripped over myself trying. with almost 11 years of training. I'm pathetic. :)

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Review #4, by Redvines714 

18th November 2011:
Hahahahahhahahahah I love it! Malfoy the dancer! Hahah

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Review #5, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

23rd October 2011:
This was a wonderful chapter! You completely shocked me when I read that Malfoy knew the dances. Can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #6, by Emma 

21st July 2011:
I'm a little bit confused about why they're learning dance at Hogwarts, it sounds kind of strange! Nevertheless, I'm intregued so I'm going to give it the benefit of the doubt and keep reading.

Also in the last chapter, the new teacher was Gragnani and now it's De Loustre... is that part of the updates your making?

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Review #7, by ykai 

9th January 2011:
If only Hogwarts really had dance lessons. I would kill to see Draco dance!! ^^,

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Review #8, by Coi 

17th November 2010:
It might be prudent to use the term "pirouette en dehors" instead of "backwards pirouette." Ballet and Harry Potter: awesome idea.

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Review #9, by angela 

30th April 2010:
okay i have to be honest..
draco a dancer?
doesnt quite form a nice pic..

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Review #10, by CelticAngel 

12th March 2010:
who's the professor graghani in chapter 1? also theres a typo universe
its my second time reading this
truly brilliant

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Review #11, by MagicallyClumsie 

22nd February 2010:
ohhh//thats one pretty mental image(:

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Review #12, by incurably dramione 

3rd November 2009:
ahhh dance. there's something sensual about the fact that Draco dances... even if its a little girly. I still think its pretty hot.

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Review #13, by diagonally 

26th October 2009:
loved the humor here! Draco waking hermione, Harry's sarcastic observations... oh and the chemistry with Draco leaning against the wall with hermione trapped like that.

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Review #14, by Lucia Green 

29th September 2009:
omg!! this is amazing already, i must say i love the chapter picture!! where did you find it??

xx lucia green

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Review #15, by alannalove2009 

13th September 2009:
awww draco has a soft side!

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Review #16, by Mrs Padfoot 

4th September 2009:
Wasn't the teacher called somthing else in the previous chapter?

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Review #17, by WolvesOfTheNewMoon 

21st August 2009:
Interesting with Ballet, and that you've made Malfoy a Ballet dancer just makes me laugh. Anyways, you do know that the professor of dancing has two different last names? In chapter one it was Gignani and now it's the French sounding last name.

Author's Response: I do - the story is in the process of being betaed and that first chapter was just re-released as the edited version

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Review #18, by Ranilyn 

11th August 2009:
Nice!! You've got me intrigued. .fan girl squeal. On to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you Ranilyn!

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Review #19, by Lillylover22 

17th July 2009:
haha draco showed up the teacher kinda!! haha 9/10 =]

Author's Response: ^_- Its the small things in life

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Review #20, by The Empress 

18th February 2009:
Again, a wonderful chapter. It's wonderful how you assert Draco's powerful presence without saying 'he had a powerful presence'. Your style lends elegance and impact to your work. Well done. Also, it is intriguing how Draco relies so much on dance. 'the barre was home. It was safe.' That phrase says a lot about him and I think, using the simplest of words, you've conveyed a lot there. I had to laugh at the image of everyone doing the warm-ups. Good lord, I know I couldn't do it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much - I really appreciate your support ^_^

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Review #21, by Spicky 

22nd November 2008:
i love ballet!!!
you are amazing - i'm guessing you do ballet too!

Author's Response: I did some of it a very long time ago ^_^

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Review #22, by gitgit 

24th October 2008:
oh my gosh
yummy draco malfoy sounds so yummy
nice chapter

Author's Response: ^_^ He certainly does ^_^ Thanks so much!

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Review #23, by a_true_writer 

13th June 2008:
Oh wow. I'm reading this story over again because I haven't read it in a very long time and I feel out of touch, but I just realized how exciting and really good this story is. I love this chapter. Keep it up.

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #24, by harrys_angels 

22nd May 2008:
Wow i must say well done, are you a dancer??? I have done Ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemp and tap since i was four. I havnt done ballroom obviously i have a pretty full training schedule.

I am loving this so far how Draco has this alter ego.
Im guessing that Hermione and Draco will get paired up to do a duo... maybe?? ill jsut have to keep reading.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading!! I really appreciate your support!!!

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Review #25, by rozen_maiden (not logged in) 

11th May 2008:
*lol* Draco Malfoy dancing? Now that's quite an image ... A very nice one, though. Great writing though, and an odd way to take Hogwarts. I really like it ^^

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading!! I really appreciate your support!!!

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