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Review #1, by Phoenix_feather123 

14th July 2012:

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Review #2, by singer123 

17th December 2011:
Sirius?? Seriously??
Or maybe it's one of his relapses?

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Review #3, by Miss_Bianca 

25th September 2011:
I've been reading this story in a ho-hum kind of way (I like it, don't get me wrong, it's amazing) but it wasn't till I read this chapter that I realised how heartbreaking this story really is, I wanted to start crying! Harry's full with all these 'memories' that he can't go back to and I can imagine how much that hurts and how much he would miss them! Damn you for making me teary!! :)

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Review #4, by noname 

14th July 2011:
Is Tom Rodley supposed to be tom marvolo riddle aka lord voldemort?

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Review #5, by Lfg 

9th July 2011:
this story is brilliant so far. albeit slightly confusing, but brilliant none the less. im ecstatic about the appearence of Sirius! and i love the sudden twist. i had been hoping for this to be a bit of voldermorts trickery, and i love the name of this chapter (: off to read more, Lfg (:

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Review #6, by Redvines 

25th April 2011:
i bet its your acess code for your phone lol

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Review #7, by arisasira 

18th April 2011:
Tom Rodley - Tom Riddle ? Coincidence?

Love Padfoot! and the last line!

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Review #8, by fatmermaid 

19th February 2011:
Hello! Finally a view of his old life in this weird warped version of it! I can't wait to read what Harry's responce will be!

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Review #9, by MadamSlytherin 

18th January 2011:
I don't know if it's different across the ocean, but usually in America, legally that week is give way for (in this case) Petunia, and Rita would HAVE to give that entire week.

my source...been through 3 custody battles (sadly, I was one of the kids in all 3). Also, I did a huge paper over child custody laws and regualtions.

AnYwAy, I love this story, I just suggested it to a friend, she hasn't gotten my message yet, but knowing her, she'll read it and love it as well

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Review #10, by Siriuslover177 

24th December 2010:
Wow, he got him a dog!
I really don't like the feeling of that...
I want him back at Hogwarts!


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Review #11, by _hedwig_ 

25th May 2010:
Debby, Dobby!
Tom Rodley, Tom Riddle!
How did Harry come up with Tom Riddle if he never saw Tom Rodely before?

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Review #12, by sonibella 

23rd July 2009:
aaah! omg .. im too excited to write much but great chapter :D .. i luved the detail! great job

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Review #13, by Miss_Abby 

25th May 2009:
OMG! SIRIKINS! And Prongs and Harry are friends! Yay! Love it!!

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Review #14, by cavexgirl 

29th April 2008:
yay :)

james is nice.

right so this dog...? whats going on there is it sirius..? or is harry still insane..?

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Review #15, by sirius2 

8th April 2008:
hi !
I really liked the turn in the story. The change in 'Harold' :) 's life. Mostly, Harry getting to settle in his new room and new everything from his pure white room. And I also really loved the part where you described Harry gettting dressed for lessons in Hogwarts 'school'.
Great chapter !

Also, the last line made me widen my eyes and GRIN !!

Great again ! :D

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Review #16, by marisalovesharry 

7th February 2008:
Say what?

uh-oh another episode?

Poor guy well at least he has James

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Review #17, by luvinpadfoot 

19th January 2008:
Is Debby, Dobby? Just wondering.

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Review #18, by Weirdism 

29th December 2007:
Is Harry going a bit crazy again? Oh, and where did Harry get the idea of green eyes and a scar for his appearence?

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Review #19, by Morvana 

25th December 2007:
Holy be-wowsers, that scared the crap out of me. I don't think I've ever had anything shock me quite like that.

Mkay, I know I haven't exactly reviewed every part, but I don't think you need it because your reviews are in abundance.

But here's the overall consensus (from the people in my brain, lmao, get it?):

You really need a beta. Really. You're an okay writer on your own, but you need someone to edit your stuff badly.

Your style needs to be more refined. Usually I wouldn't tell someone that, because I think that there should be diversity in styles, but perhaps you could use a larger vocabulary. I hope you don't think I'm condescending, but it's a really good idea to pull out a thesaurus/dictionary and learn a word a day. And not dumb words which are ridiculously long and obscure, but rather words that have interesting meanings and describe something which would take many words to describe.

Your chapters need to be longer! More detail is a big help with this, but also, you don't need to have the cliffhanger/dramatic effect thing. A story is best when it flows, and constantly hitting '>>' kind of screws with the constancy of your story.

Stop foreshadowing! It takes away the 'realness' of your story and makes it seem more like...oh, bah, I don't know. I believe all works of entertainment/fiction should be kept as 'real' as possible. The more believable, the better. Your readers will be far more interested if there's something they want to know. Maybe a little bit of teasing is good, but give them something to look forward to! Don't answer every question about who's going to show up and stuff. To be honest, the only ones you should answer are the ones in the way of clarification. That's very important.

Your doctors are highly unconvincing. Ron is a doctor. He is USED to difficult patients. There is no way he would act so unprofessional. Likewise, Lily is too easy to upset. She needs to be a bit less accessible.

Rita is very inconsistent. She is not at all believable. Neither was her lawyer. He got too mad too easily. And the courtroom scene was annoying because there was recess too early. Maybe a minute of questioning, then a recess? Nah. Plus, unless I'm wrong and even being in England was a part of Harry's hallucination, British courtrooms are FAR different. Far, far, far different. There's not much you can do now, but in the future, keep that in mind. We still wear wigs, LoLz.

Okay, now that I've gotten the criticism out of the way (I like to do criticism first because it lifts the spirits to compliment second), I'm going to give you the [lamentably shorter] compliments. I don't think your story was bad! I wouldn't have read this long if I didn't believe it was good. I just think that compliments need less explanation.

Your story is very original. There are few stories out there with so much individuality. I think we can look forward to a writer with some interesting concepts.

You're very humorous.

You have me hooked!

I cannot wait to read on. I hope you update soon.

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Review #20, by miss regulus black 

23rd December 2007:
oh my friggin gosh!
that was really him?
i knew that the darked haired man was James! and harry isn't insane!
I LOVE U! lol

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Review #21, by aradhana108 

24th November 2007:


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Review #22, by padfoot and prongs foreva 

23rd November 2007:
omg...wtf!?!? wow...need thenext chappie

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Review #23, by dancemyfeetoff 

10th November 2007:
Oh my god! It's Sirius isn't it?!

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Review #24, by AK Carmel 

25th October 2007:
oh myy gosh
ooh my goosh
ooh my gooosh!
(srry, ima go back and review all ur chapters!) you've had me hooked for the past few days now, and i cant even stop to leave a review, and I HAVE PLENTY OF QUESTIONS FOR YOU!

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Review #25, by Dobby7 

11th October 2007:
Is this in Harry's head too?
Nice chapter title, by the way!
James is so nice!
At least Harry is living in a nice house!
I can't believe Harry found Sirius!
See how much you make me think??? I love it, I really do!
However, I do have one question - Harry hated being famous in "la-la land", so why did he make himself famous in his own head?
Anyway, great story!!!

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