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Review #1, by PinkRose 

20th November 2015:
I'm enthralled by this story! Can't wait to see what happens next!!!

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Review #2, by HartOfARebel 

6th February 2012:
Or maybe it's a Hermone/Remus ship? I'm not gonna read the small print so as not to ruin the surprise!!! =]

Really good so far, this is gonna be so hard for Hermione, to not say anything that will change the future. I don't think I could stop myself from attacking Peter though =/

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Review #3, by Herm_own_ninny 

16th May 2011:
Cute :) I can feel the budding romance!!

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Review #4, by Brandy Lynn 

22nd March 2011:
Ha, this is getting interesting. [;
I think you describe things very well, like the room she was in, and the clothes she wore. It makes it very easy to imagine.
I also like that Lily doesn't like Pettigrew. She definitely seems the type to me that wouldn't really get along with someone like him. How did she put up with him?!

I'm assuming her and James are together, then? I suppose this is why Hermione is interested in Sirius instead of James...

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Review #5, by Siriuslover177 

26th November 2010:
I HATE Peter!
Ha, vermin. :P
Loved it. :P


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Review #6, by muggle mom 

1st November 2010:
i just wish that hermoine could tell something that could change the course of history. Just really wish ... its good thanks for the great story.l miss more books.

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Review #7, by alicia and anne 

2nd September 2010:
ek I spy something happening between Sirius and Hermione. It's going to be so difficult for her to keep everything quiet, and I thought she was going to give it away when she saw Peter but luckily she calmed down. Off to the next chappie :-D

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Review #8, by bandnerd218 

20th May 2010:
I like Sirius.. but i suppose Im rather bious towards him :)
I really like it! this story id coming along very nicely

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Review #9, by jsiita 

12th April 2010:
ohh i love it :) please continue writing more stories :P

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Review #10, by AlbusRebeccaPotter 

6th April 2010:
Well, James is a Seeker, not a chaser but otherwise, this is fantastic, well done.

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Review #11, by Sabina Spell 

28th March 2010:
yea right we cannot even guess ;) although it is a bit creepy, hermione and sirius? i mean, she knows him as an adult! and, well, he is dead... we will see i guess...

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Review #12, by Amanda 

17th December 2009:
Good. Hermione I don't think would be so stupid as too treat Wormtail like that but... hey whatever. Didn't mess up the story too bad. Excited to see where this goes.

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Review #13, by Yasmin Potter 

22nd October 2009:
i lovee the whole description about all the marauders and Lily, except Peter's. I don't think Hermione would act like that around Peter or be that harsh xD 7/10

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Review #14, by georgina_bass 

10th October 2009:
yay!!!hot.remie has a thing for herm,riiihgt?or am i (as usually) mistaken?btw,.the thing.it just seemed so unhermione-like,saying the eye/thing.but nice:)

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Review #15, by TallestTower 

30th July 2009:
I love how fun this is! I hate the fact Hermione can't mess with the past, I just want her to lock Peter up in azkaban. Then everything later would be better! Plus, vermin ARE creepy.

You've written this extremely well.

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Review #16, by WeCunningFolksUseAnyMeans 

22nd April 2009:
ohlalala.. hermonie and sirius... ow-ow. lol but love the hermonie explaning thing. lol

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Review #17, by whisky 

14th April 2009:
no, i absolutely have no idea what is going to happen!! so, bye!! i want to find out...

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Review #18, by The_Real_Mrs_Tom_Felton 

27th April 2008:
wow i was laughing during the whole thing. you're a really good writer

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Review #19, by marisalovesharry 

23rd April 2008:
I love this story.
Especially this love triangle

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Review #20, by JLHufflepuff 

6th March 2008:
Ooooh.. I really liked this one! :)

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Review #21, by caer24 

3rd March 2008:
You write really well, but I still can't tell who she's going to end up falling for, if anyone. First I thought James, then Remus, now Sirius, but I guess it's still too early to tell. Also, I completely understand how she would feel when describing Sirius- I still feel sad that he died- and her anger and hatred towards Peter. Finally, I have realized that I have to read the books again to refine my knowledge on the characters, since I thought James was a seeker but I have read now around twice that he was a chaser. Again , great writing!

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Review #22, by SilverEssence 

2nd March 2008:
oohhh connection there at the end between sirius and Hermione!!! You know if i were in hermione's shoes i would have probably blurted out all the deaths and betrayals of Peter and everyone. but thankfully i'm not because Hermione obviously does a better job of keeping her cool than i...



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Review #23, by Lady Sapphirea 

5th January 2008:
cute so so cute. It hurts kind of knowing that they are all dead and with Rowling they always have a part but they never are themselves. Anyway good job!

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Review #24, by You_Know_Who_I_Am 

8th December 2007:
oh he is evil is a cute way

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Review #25, by FAieryGal 

5th December 2007:
This story is great it makes you want to read it more You are a very good writer

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