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Review #1, by YouHadMeAtHogwarts 

18th January 2011:
I dont like Belle >.> shes annoys me. I mean whats her deal?! shes like "Oh no thats gross Salazar,eww coodies" but then the moment hes about to leave and gives her a gift shes all over him. UGHH gross! haha but i like this chapter,kinda wishing Uncle would go with him though

Author's Response: Hahaha. Belle's not quite like that. She's a kind enough character, i assure you :)

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Review #2, by rowenaravenclaw94 

25th January 2009:
oh no! belle finally returns his affections and he has to leave! how upsetting... 10/10! good job!!! i can't wait to see how the four founders are united...
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

Author's Response: i know...but they'll meet again, i assure you! :D

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Review #3, by WeasleyTwins 

3rd June 2008:
The locket! I like how you had the locket represent love (ish-ness), when Voldemort used it for evil. Adore the story. Amazing, phenomenal.


Author's Response: Yeah, i thought it'd be sort of ironic.

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Review #4, by Gryffindor Hopeful 

4th December 2007:
Sad. Emotional. Hopeful.

Author's Response: I know...thank you :)

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Review #5, by midwinter_wolf 

28th November 2007:
AW! That's so sad! I love how you give a different angle to Salazar because a lot of pple assume that he's been evil all a long. ( i mean cum on the chamber of secrets is hardly nice!) But this is sweet! Do they meet again? Hey does she have his baby? coz you know, "The heir of Slytherin" So he must have had a kid!!! Again I love this chapter(love this story) fifty our of ten and a smiley :) (see!)

Author's Response: Thanks. I hate the way people assume that Salazar was born evil. I'm not promising he'll be nice forever in my story, though. As for Belle and Salazar being together...well, you'll just have to wait and see.
Thanks for the smiley!!!

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Review #6, by Princess Di 

14th November 2007:
Will it last?

Author's Response: Will what last? Salazar and Belle...? You'll have to wait and see...

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Review #7, by mm24 

2nd November 2007:
Oh! How sad that he must go! Thanx 10/10

Author's Response: I know, but all for a good reason :)

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Review #8, by JamesandLily4ever 

4th February 2006:
AWW!!!! *Starts crying happily* I'm one wierd reader... Great Chapter! Are we moving on to Godric and Helga or onto Rowena??? ~Meli~

Author's Response: No, you're not wierd. It's a very emotional chapter, you just cry away! LOL I will answer by saying Helga is like a sister to godric and Rowena is slightly older than him...there's no gaurantee of romance for him...

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Review #9, by invisible_spirit 

30th December 2005:
awww poor Salazar... and Belle!

Author's Response: i know...not the end of that though! LOL Thanks 4 review

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Review #10, by Ginny Riddle 

30th December 2005:
Aw... thats so sweet... I could cry... *cries*... I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH!!!

Author's Response: No don't cry!!! LOL Thanku sooo much, it feels really good to have readers that actually LOVE this story!

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Review #11, by Sage Black 

30th December 2005:
GREAT STORY i like what you have done with the characters. I hope you update a lot considering that hpff is overrun by sappy harry/hermione or Hermione/draco storys !

Author's Response: Thankyou! I wanted to portray the characters differently to how everyone sees them in the books and i completely agree about the sappy romances. We want some action!!! Though there will be romance in mine it will have a little more depth than most fanfictions, i promise! lol. I would update but my account doesn't seem to want to let me so i'll have to find out what's wrong with it....i dunno wot's goin on!

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Review #12, by citoazn159 

29th December 2005:
this is a really great story! i usually only read fics that are set in Harry, Ron, and Hermione age. this one caught my attention though, and i had to read it. cant wait for next chapter! update soon!

Author's Response: I'm certainly glad it caught your attention! YAY!!! LOL I know there are a lot of harry potter era fics and i always tend to write something different. This was good because no one knows much about the founders and anything goes really. Thanks for your review and i shall certainly update soon but slight problem...dunno if anyone else is getting this but on the "your account" page the link to edit and add chapters and stuff isn't there and i can only access reviews at the mo...

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Review #13, by elvinPrincess 

28th December 2005:
Once again you have written a wonderful chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! And thanks again for a review! LOL

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Review #14, by hello251025 

28th December 2005:
Ahhh, cuteness, sadness - whatever it was a great chapter! The locket, a certain locket if I'm not mistaken that will, one day, be his last remaining treasure. I love the idea of Salazar giving it as a present to his first love, it fits as though a present given out of love through one to another will later harbour a seventh of a soul that despises that very thing, love ... Okay I'm getting carried away now but like I said before great chapter and I look forward to the next one!!

Author's Response: I know, a bit slushy but we all love it really LOL Yes you are very right about the locket and i'm glad someone picked up on it! It is indeed the locket you're thinking of and i thought him giving it to Belle would be a nice little touch. Yes a bit ironic about voldemorts soul. Thanks for the review i appreciate them very much! LOL I dunno whether i should give this away but the next chapter with move us forward in time quite a fair bit so stay tuned, should b up in the new year!

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Review #15, by Jatkinso3546 

28th December 2005:
aww, that is sooo sweet! jac

Author's Response: I know...i wanted a little cuteness in this fic. Salazar wasn't always evil and i wanted to portray this. Thanks for your review.

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Review #16, by asianvoice 

28th December 2005:
great chapter. please update soon :]

Author's Response: Thank you next chapter should be up in new year.

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