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Review #1, by YouHadMeAtHogwarts 

18th January 2011:
Awww poor Salazar. hehe...and that guy that says hes friends of Salazar's parents but nooo one seems to have heard of him...quite fishy. I sappose i'm stating the obvious though...

Author's Response: You'll see a lot more of him throughout the story, unfortunately...

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Review #2, by adahpfan 

15th January 2011:
poor salazar... is that what made him evil? great chapter.

Author's Response: Hmmm...you'll have to wait and see. :)

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Review #3, by WeasleyTwins 

2nd June 2008:
The poor thing, heartbroken. I love this story.


Author's Response: :)

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Review #4, by AussieAnatomy627 

12th January 2008:
Oh my gosh! Poor Salazar! I thought Belle felt the same way! Aww he must be so embarrassed!

Author's Response: Yes, it was a little embarrassing for him but all is not lost...

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Review #5, by Gryffindor Hopeful 

4th December 2007:
Salazar is emerging, and you show what little things can make major emotions. Only pure emotion can deliver or destroy us. Your view definatley is starting to show how he developed.

Author's Response: Wow, is it? I always get a little worried how i progress their characters, through age and emotional development...i think Salazar and Godric will be the hardest to portray in this story. I'm glad you think i'm doing a good job, though. Thanks!

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Review #6, by Princess Di 

13th November 2007:
Oh NO! Poor Salazar!20/10

Author's Response: Wow 20? thanks! :)

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Review #7, by mm24 

31st October 2007:
Oh, I feel so bad for Salazar! I hope he and Belle end up together! I love this story! Thanx 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks for your review, glad you're enjoying it :)

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Review #8, by dance in the rainx 

26th July 2007:
Aww, poor Salazar... :( I was rooting for him! Kind of. Even though, they are related, so I guess that would have been kind of weird... :\ But still! Great job though. :]

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #9, by Christine 

12th March 2006:
Aww, poor Salazar! What a great way to start him out, not remotely evil. I'm liking this very much.

Author's Response: I know...he's one of my favourites. He's a goody to begin with! LOL Glad you like!

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Review #10, by JamesandLily4ever 

4th February 2006:
Dang!!! Salazar and Belle... Godric and Rowena... now what about Hufflepuff? ~Meli~

Author's Response: You certainlypick up the relationships, don;t you? LOL I have no plans for Helga yet but we'll see. And don't count on those other two pairs staying together!

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Review #11, by Christie 

4th January 2006:
Love it! You have inspired me!

Author's Response: Thanks! Ah, have i really...well, that's good. Hope i've inspired u 2 do sumthing good newayz.

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Review #12, by elvinPrincess 

16th December 2005:
Love It! keep writing your story is amazing!

Author's Response: Well i do have a 7th chapter but i'm STILL waiting for it to be validated....i've been waiting for like 3 days! I started working on the new chapter and i'll try my very hardest to get it up before new year or mayb before christmas if i can. Thanks for your review!

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Review #13, by alison 

14th December 2005:
This has a remarkable resemblance to alx's "The Four Founders". The whole Godric being royal... his mother dying... Rowena's father being horrible, accusing Godric of kidnapping her (did you know that both of your scenes are almost copied word for word from hers?). Well done for being able to take someone else's original work.

Author's Response: My story lines are very different. My plots are different. Rowena's father is not evil like in alx's story and, before you accuse me of stealing that story line, Rowena does not end up killing him in mine! And what makes you think Godric is Royal? No offence to your opinion but i think my story has developed with better story lines that alx's and i intend to make mine grow with the founders from when they're children. I'm structuring mine more carefully. I suggest you go around this site and annoy some people that HAVE actually copied ideas. Time wasters like you would be much better off writing some pathetic fic where hermione falls in love with Draco. That would be the type of fic that deserves to get slandered, not mine!

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Review #14, by WindRider 

14th December 2005:
Another great chapter ^.^

Author's Response: Thank you...glad u like!

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Review #15, by Jatkinso3546 

12th December 2005:
aww, poor Salazar! jac

Author's Response: I know i want people to feel sorry for him in my story. I shall be writing some more soon and the plot will thicken and twist quite a bit...stay tuned...

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Review #16, by hello251025 

11th December 2005:
Ahh, poor Salazar getting rejected :( though would it be mean to say that I found it funny? Great chapter I'm glad we learn a bit more about Salazar and I like how you've written him because I think some people forget that he wasn't always evil and the fact that his descendant is lord Voldemort sort of changes the way people see his character. Anyway great chapter, update soon

Author's Response: yes i think Salazar is 1 of the most misunderstood characters so i wanted to introduce him whilst he was still young. It's not your family bloodlines that make you evil, it's the way you're bought up. Sirius black is a classic example of this. I actually like Salazar the most at the moment and can't wait to write more on him. Thanks for your review, i really appreciate them. I shall try to write more before xmas but i dunno if i'll get it up here before then...

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