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Review #1, by Harriet T Cauldron 

17th January 2007:
The thing about weddings was hilarious! And crying people. It is so awkward when people start crying, between my friends and myself, I am the group leader (though often more like a dictator), I find it very hard to comfort them if they start crying or something (they have emotional breakdowns a lot). Poor Remus!

Author's Response: :)

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Review #2, by Gloria 

19th October 2005:
Oh, wow. This story is amazing. You write Remus/Tonks better than JKR does. And this is a gem amongst the other stories in this catagory. I've never liked this pairing but you've made it believable and beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I like to think that I do the genre honor :)

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Review #3, by NicksGrl89 

18th October 2005:
wicked awesome chappie update soon i lovd it!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #4, by crystal allan 

16th October 2005:
I would have reviewed this earlier – to be truthful, probably the very moment I saw you updated – but I had about twenty other stories that I was obligated to review that I had been putting off until the weekend. You, my dear, were the inspiration for me finishing that wonderful workload. I kept telling myself that as soon as I was done I could come and read this. And after reading all those other stories this was a breath of fresh air. The system worked quite well actually :)

Alright, I shall stop rambling now and get on to the actual review. Oh, Kay, this chapter was beautiful. The beginning scene was so heartbreaking – I had such an aching heaviness in my chest while reading that part. The interaction between Remus and Tonks here was perfect. I don’t know how you do it but you have a talent for delving into both characters and pulling out raw emotion. There is such elegance in your descriptions; something unhurried, yet not long and babbling. You’re phraseology is so succinct and concise – I won’t lie, that is an art that I’ve tried to accomplish but I have yet to do it the way you do. Everything flows and runs through so smoothly.

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m going to reiterate (Why? Because I enjoy rambling much more than the average person) – you’re voice in this story, this chapter in particular, is utterly delightful. “I dare say, Remus Lupin, that you are happy.” - That line there was just one instance where I couldn’t help but revel in how much I enjoy this story. It’s just the little things that you add that make it all worthwhile.

This is probably an insignificant thing but I want to mention it. I have recently read so many Remus/Tonks stories that, for some reason, have Bill and Fleur separated. And all of the seem to have the same setting: American OC is coming in (working for the order of course), taking Fleur’s place and starting a relationship with Bill – love at first sight of course. I don’t understand it, perhaps people feel the need to show dislike toward the Bill/Fleur coupling in their Remus/Tonks stories.

I liked both Remus’ views on weddings and crying women. That was one of those touches that you place, little things that seem to define a character so well. And the last line was wonderful, just wonderful – it left small smile on my face for quite some time after I read it.

Author's Response: Okay, so my initial reaction when I logged in and expected to find nothing and got this was to - literally - exclaim "WOAH" which caused the usual clamor of bodies coming to see what I had done. Sincerly, you've made my day.

There are some canon ships that I just can't see working in a real world situation but I can understand the psychology behind Bill/Fleur and it's, thus, a ship that has never bothered me. Technically speaking, Promises is actually a bill/fluer fic :)

Thank you so much!

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Review #5, by PhoenixStorm 

13th October 2005:
*squeal* (I've never written that in a review before, I don't know whether you should be pleased or disgusted :D). It's so good! I dont care that it's not perfect yet, tonks and lupin I mean, because nothing is and this is far more realistic and it hits harder. It's brilliantly written, and I particularly liked Moody's reaction, lol. I know what you mean about being ahead in writing and then suddenly you're not. I'm doing well with my own fic at the moment, but I doubt it will last until the end. I hope you do manage to keep this updated every month, I'll be back on the 15th to check. At least you've written until a good point to leave it for a while (that is not a good excuse for you to keep saying in your mind everytime you sit down to write and then don't. Well, I do that sometimes, it's possible other people do, too). Anyway, great fic, update in a month!

Author's Response: As, in 12 hours, you're still the only person to have reviewed this chapter, i'm going to take squealing as a compliment and run with it :)

I really promise to try. Unlike my usual resolve, I have promised myself, and my readers, that I will actually finish this fic. Normally, I wouldn't think of giving it a break in it's frequency of updates but I really feel like it's important to focus on getting one of the bloody things done before I go mad :) And, let's face it, Chronicles is easier. Where Extempore is my baby for the writing and the ship and the plot, Chronicles is only loved for Alexis. I don't feel so bad about rushing that one a bit.

I really strive to write things in a way that is realistic - and no relationship is perfect - at least, not the ones that last - i wanted that to come thorugh here. I'm really glad you enjoyed it and thank you, lone reveiwer!

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