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Review #1, by Sushmita 

7th December 2016:
didn't make sense that this lil boy was beaten up so badly and his ribs were broken and no one was tending to him and taking him immediately to the healers.

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Review #2, by AndrinaBlack 

23rd August 2007:
That's such an emotional chapter. I like to see Sirius' softer less adultlike side for a change. He brakes down sometimes too. I still love Cat a lot!!! I wonder how Sirius is gotten back to Hogwarts and how it is possible for him to come back on coming holidays.

This makes it totally understandable how Sirius is at Hogwarts. He needs to have some fun and be a boy sometimes, which thing pranks much serve. But he still gets that arrogance from his family.

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to read and review!

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Review #3, by Tearlit 

15th April 2007:
Aw, this was so sad...

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #4, by susuwatari_sumi 

18th December 2006:
Some powerful moments... I thought your portrayal of Sirius's mother, father and especially Regulus was spot on, but the Cat character's kind of anoying. What made you decide to invent a sister for Sirius?

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #5, by Jessamina 

31st May 2006:
So, I'm a bit confused. How old is Catarina? Is she the same age as Sirius, or older? Or younger? Hmmm....

Author's Response: Thank you for the wonderful review!

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Review #6, by Noblevyne 

9th January 2006:
I really just wanted to bundle him up and hug him (after, you know, doping him up with so much morphine he couldn't feel a thing). Just as he is in his adult years, he so impulsive and sensitive and far more concerned with others even when he's in danger or in severe pain, he's just not the type to sit and feel sorry for himself about the big things and you can see why when being raised in this kind of household.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #7, by Cor_Leonis 

2nd December 2005:
It's been awhile since I've picked up a chapter, but it brings me directly into the story as though I'd stopped reading yesterday--a mark of a good author. Hm. Well, you're truly painting the Blacks as a dark, dark family. So dark, in fact, that I'm mildly surprised and confused as to why Dumbledore would even let Sirius leave with his parents (except for it being a convenient plot device for him to meet Cat again)--you think he'd be more protective of his students. I liked the subtle things in this--from Regulus trying to help and being shooed away to Sirius's uncles line about him making his mark. (Made me think of "marking his territory". LOL) Very, very dark. It's not surprising to see a brooding, dangerous Sirius develop from such an eleven year old. You really know how to develp an angsty tale, Timeturner. Nice.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #8, by Hiduras 

7th November 2005:
"...He’s sitting her bleeding to death and – " it should be here.. right? Ok as for the "real" review; As always I love your writing style, the thing I found particularly good was his uncles reaction to this. You handled this chapter well, even though I didn't quite get why Cat was so upset... maybe I am just slow! I almost forgot: Sirius’ eyes darkened. “Even a half dozen of ‘em.” That was great, very forshadowing , explaining a lot of his later behavior!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #9, by Nina_wife_of _Fres 

19th October 2005:
see thats your fault .. you got me all emotional and I can't type properly ... that was meant to be crying not vrying

Author's Response: lol! Thanks nina :)

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Review #10, by Nina_wife_of _Fres 

19th October 2005:
There he is ... the kid within .... I felt so bad for him. Acting so strong fighting off the sympathy but being so young its impossible to do that for ever. I honestly felt like vrying along with him

Author's Response: That is probably the best way I've ever heard it explained. That is exactly what I was going for there. Thanks so much for noticing and understanding. It means more than I could ever explain.

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Review #11, by kz 

19th October 2005:
I loved the reminder to Cat...it was like a reminder to us readers as well. Fine job

Author's Response: That was the idea ;) thank you!

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Review #12, by robyn 

18th October 2005:
i could not figure out what was wrong with Cat but she seems so perfect for him. will we get to learn more about her soon?

Author's Response: Thanks, Robyn

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Review #13, by Lizzy 

15th October 2005:
I really like the interactions between Sirius and Cat, she really is his only ally at his house. I wonder how the uncle managed to get Sirius’ parents to change their mind another case of blackmail I suspect. The only mistake I caught was “What?” Cat whirled on him. “What kind of response is that? He’s sitting her bleeding to death and – " Should be here instead of her. Well on to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for the correction I'll make sure to get that fixed. Probably blackmail but it may be a case of promising something he doesn't really want to do to help make things right for Sirius. I can't tell but it will be an interesting turn of events when the truth comes to light :)

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Review #14, by Drommen 

6th October 2005:
Wow... this was a sad chapter. Sirius is taking things in a way that's really uncharacteristic for a ten, almost eleven years old, but it's nice to see that he is not all mighty and that he can be hurt and cry like the child he actually is.

Author's Response: He is actually 11 here (not that there's any difference!). I have made him out to be quite mature and that's probably a mistake...but at this point there's little I can do without re-writing the whole story. :( He will learn to embrace his childhood a bit more but the underlying maturity is something that won't ever go away. Thanks for everything!

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Review #15, by JaxGranger 

6th October 2005:
Talk about ripping my heart right out of my chest. I didn't realize I was crying until I felt a tear hit my hand. This chapter was short, but beautiful. I don't understand why Cat is mad... is she hurt? Has he realized that with this latest "dissapointment" she won't be seeing Sirius anymore... I'm just not sure. I'm ready to read the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Neither is Sirius ;) I really wanted this to be one of those scenes that sort of just idled along and then went "bam!" and hit you right in the stomach. I hope that his father's comments were able to do that. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing and leaving such great comments!

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Review #16, by Violet Gryfindor 

24th September 2005:
I'm very sorry for having not gotten to this chapter sooner. It's a very good one - I especially love the strength of the emotions and drama throughout. One can't help but feel Sirius's pain and frustration at the same time as Cat's ... well, it's rather difficult to say exactly what Cat is feeling, even though it's obvious she's going through a number of emotions in this scene. I really like the role you've given Sirius' uncle (Alphard is it? The one who leaves him the money?). He's more of a father figure than the man who is supposed to be the father. He treats Sirius like an adult rather than a stupid child - and it's easy to tell that Sirius revels in the respect he gets from his uncle and practically idolizes him (or at least wants to make his uncle proud of him) in return. It's a short scene, but you've lengthened it with glorious descriptions and narratives that pull the reader along, making it easy to actually "see" what's going on. Great work on this, I can't wait to see the next! =)

Author's Response: Don't worry about it at all, I know how busy you are. I'm glad you could tell Cat was going through a lot (equally as happy you couldn't tell what it was!). Sirius and his uncle do have a very special relationship and one that will have both its ups and downs throughout this story. Thank you so much for the kind words and such a detailed thoughtful review. You're the best!

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Review #17, by Lily Evans 

20th September 2005:
First off, sorry for not logging in. I found that I was too lazy to do so. Anyhow, excellent chapter! Loved it acually and I really liked the title of the chapter Still a Boy I thought it fitted perfectly well with the chapter itself. Well done timeturner! Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thanks, Lily. I appreciate it.

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Review #18, by xobebeox 

19th September 2005:
i dont know how you do it. you're brilliant... the way you write is so moving, so captivating of the character. its like you are the character... like you're seeing it, feeling it, knowing it. this is the kind of writing everyone aspires for... and you have it all right here. this and reckless... amazing. good luck, update soon

Author's Response: Thanks, bebe. I try really hard to put myself in the characters shoes and write their reactions instead of what we might expect them to do. Sometimes its tough because their reactions might not seem "normal" but I try to stay true to what they are telling me to write. Thank you ever so much for the kind words and all the wonderful reviews you've taken the time to give me. I really do appreciate them.

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Review #19, by Rebekka 

17th September 2005:
Now you've done it. You hooked me, thoroughly. I'm not sure if anyone has ever done this while reading your stories, but I'm going to hunt down all of your hidden meanings. I'm going to read this very carefully. You made me extremely interested about the whole plot. I'm not reading this one chapter at the time anymore... I'm going to read it again from the beginning and start taking it in as a great book. You have twist and turns here that no one has a clue about yet. I was so stupid not trusting you from the buttom of my heart. You're one of the great authors on this site. I think I'm going to love this story even more than Reckless... if possible. I think Sirius was spot on. I think you're getting inside his small eleven-year-old head and reading his mind. His hurts, his heart, his sorrow, his loneliness. I want to cry. The ending was perfect. It made me wonder why his uncle acted so coolly when Cat was there... and after she left he fell apart. I'm thinking you've created a roller-coster and I'm enjoying it greatly.

Author's Response: lol..I can honestly say I don't think anyone has tried that before. If you do do that I would love for you to tell me what you think is going to happen...it would help me see if I'm being predictable or if I'm able to maintain some sense of surprise throughout the story. Someone has said that my stories should probably be read in one sitting...that they would be easier to follow and they are probably right. His uncle (*hint hint*) does have some issues with Cat...some that he knows about and some that he doesn't and they greatly affect how he acts when he and Cat are alone and even moreso when Sirius is with them. This will become even more important in the next coming chapters as tensions began to mount and things start slipping in conversations. If James is Sirius' weakness, I have the feeling we can safely safe Sirius is his uncle's weakness and that too is an important deduction readers (I hope) have been able to catch on to. Thanks so much your reviews, as always, help me improve and remind me of things I need to clarify to readers.

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Review #20, by laughable_black_storm 

10th September 2005:
This was such an emotional chapter, I was crying at the end. Hmmm, I wonder if I'm the only one who's wondering why Cat's mad at Sirius ... I can't wait to read the next chapter, your stories are so entrancing. Great work, keep it up!

Author's Response: Nope, several people are wondering about that. But, perhaps (hint, hint) she might not actually be mad at him but distraught as she comes to realize the true reality of Sirius' life. Something akin to what you readers might hopefully learn to feel as this story progresses. Thanks so much for staying with me!

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Review #21, by Kimberly 

10th September 2005:
sad chapter

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #22, by Harrypottergirl4eva 

8th September 2005:
omg that is so sad! i love this story you have to keep writing it! it is so good! its really powerful writing and storyline! i am almost crying! x x

Author's Response: Thank you. I hope you come back and stick with me as this goes on. :)

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Review #23, by summer_rain 

6th September 2005:
Awesome, awesome, awesome! Gah, such a powerful chapter. Hmm...what was up with Cat? I felt so badly for poor Sirius during his father's tirade. He has to deal with so much more than anyone realizes. And the last line nearly had me in tears. Timeturner, I believe you've hooked me on another one of your fics again! I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: *claps* Yay! I'm happy you are liking it. This was a rough emotional chapter and Cat's acting a bit odd, even for Cat. I promise things will come to light eventually though. Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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Review #24, by Lady Black 

3rd September 2005:
Very powerful... you truly are an awesome writer and what's most intriguing about you, is that you obviously must take peoples criticism and put it to good use because you literally get better each and every time. Keep up the excellent work!!! cant wait for the next chapter. This has now officially become my favorite story!

Author's Response: I really do try and take every little comment from readers and use it to improve on the next chapter. I try and have a chapter ready to go when a post one that way I can read through the reviews and tweak the next chapter with the things people have noticed and commented on. I'm hoping it does help each chapter be better than the last (at least by style if not by content) so I truly thank you for taking the time to leave comments and let me know what you think.

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Review #25, by angelinaballerina 

3rd September 2005:
i really loved this chapter because it shows that sirius is a true gryffindore, the way he is brave and says what he thinks to his father even when he's just been beaten up, it's so sad! I hope when he gets back to hogwarts sirius will start having some fun :)

Author's Response: You know, you are the only person to have mentioned that? I'm so glad someone took notice of that because that really was my intention there. I think a lot of people took it as the common fanfic Sirius who is just an arrogant jerk but it wasn't meant that way....it was meant just the way you took it. Thank you!

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