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Review #1, by Infairi 

17th July 2007:
In coming chapters I fear I won't have a whole lot to say. But I did come up with a few things.

1) The likeness between Dumbledore and Gandalf is very mysterious and I'm beginning to wonder if there's more to Dumbledore... Does he perhaps have anything to do with the Istari? (Forgive my total lack of knowledge when it comes to anything not mentioned in the movies... It's been over five years since I read the books.)

2) So, I have to mention again the strange connection between Harry and Frodo. I sort of hope this doesn't have anything to do with reincarnation, but then again I don't want to sway the outcome of the story if it hasn't already been written and/or decided. Come to think of it, that could also be the case with my point above about the wizened wizards. I guess that goes to show that HP and LotR really do have a lot of similarities, doesn't it? For one, the containing of the soul in an inanimate object...

3) I can't get over how well you've mixed these seemingly separate universes. We have the trio, for one, who are all perfectly portrayed, and then the amazing atmosphere that represents LotR. Kudos to you for being able to write in a somewhat Tolkien-ish fashion. :)

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Review #2, by pottergore 

26th February 2007:
i love the way u have wound these 2 stories together.its sooo cool! keep up the good work

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #3, by ian dugan 

15th December 2006:
This gets better and better.

I enjoy the way you have blended both stories.

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Review #4, by crystal allan 

16th May 2006:
It has been a very long weekend and you have no idea how glad I am to just sit back and read this – and I assure you that I say that sincerely. Now, this was another fascinating chapter. In the beginning you kept the tension and suspense that the last chapter began. Quite often with cliffhangers or points when a story breaks off like that the tone is lost when it starts up again. Here you kept that sense of urgency and I loved every bit of it. You know, the way you contrast angst with normalcy is just wonderful. That piece with Ron, Merry, Pippin and the apple was just one example of that – you pull it off very well without those scenes seeming out of place for such an intense story.

I really like that view of Harry you showed us through Ron’s eyes. Seeing the perspective of he or Hermione is something we don’t get in the books, especially when it comes to the closed, moody side of Harry. It was interesting to read that part, especially when he was going over everything about Frodo. I imagine that must be rather odd for Ron to see of his best friend and you portrayed it very well.

I’ve been eagerly waiting to see what would happen of the meeting with Gandalf, and I’m glad to say that it was wonderful. I expected Gandalf to just be another version of Dumbledore but again you’ve gone and surprised me. There was something very distinct in the way you characterized him, something that set him apart from the Headmaster. I’m not quite sure how to explain it and for the most part I think it was just in little traits and whatnot, but I’m glad you gave him more individuality than I had thought you would. I’m sorry if that sounds like I’m expecting you to slip up or something like that – I’m not, really. Just unsure of what to expect with this story, which is really a very good thing.

Oh, yes, it seems as though my prediction on past lives is coming through. I love the way you described that part. There was something rather romanticized in the way you explained it that I loved seeing. Wonderful chapter, dear.

Now, I read one of the reviews you recieved for this chapter that was worried about your portrayal of Harry, Ron and Hermione as simple children. I don't see it in that light. You've made quite a distinction between the to worlds and I see it as LotR is more of an older powerful feel to it. The trio each has their own strengths and, personally, I think you've shown that very well so far.

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Review #5, by dreamer 

8th May 2006:
ummm was harry like frodo in a past life or sumthing?..coz i dont really get wat gandalf told him...

Author's Response: My only response is: keep reading. Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by dreamer 

8th May 2006:
ooo its really good so far...gotta keep reading

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Review #7, by HarrysChoChang 

11th January 2006:
WoW!!!!! Lord of the rings with harry potter!!!! i love how you thought of the idea of it and how you change some part of it WOW!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks. I'll be changing even more later on, so keep reading!

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Review #8, by Lady Spellweaver 

2nd September 2005:
wow, this is really good! your such a good writer. I love this story, its got both my favorite oppsessions in it!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks. Hehe, yes I have to say the same, that HP and LOTR are two of my major obsessions.

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Review #9, by Angeles 

1st September 2005:
I loved it. But I am concerned for Harry. I know they are only 16 or so(Harry's birthday has certainly passed already, right?) but you should give them more credit than that. They are exceptional wizards. Harry especially, has come into contact with many deatheaters, and fared fairly well! He's also the best Defence Against the Dark Arts student (as we know) in Hogwarts. So he should be very skilled in magic. Hermione, is rather skilled in Charms, and is knowledgeable. Ron, is... Well, he's a damn good keeper in quidditch, so he should be one of the most fit of the group. (He has Molly to thank for being well fed.) I fear you portray them as small defenseless children. In that case, you're wrong. They should be going into their 6th year at Hogwarts, and have only one more year to go until they're fully capable wizards applying to jobs. You can probably tell I'm a bit upset over this, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying reading your story. It's just that one thing that bugs me. My apologies if it unsettles you.

Author's Response: I understand perfectly where you're coming from. However, there are two things that I would like you to consider: firstly, that Harry, Ron, and Hermione are indeed skilled in their own ways - but which of them exactly has been on a wilderness trek of this sort before? They can't really use too much magic, because they don't want to draw attention to themselves. Remember how helpless Harry felt when his wand was lost? Secondly: most if not all of the LOTR characters are old. To an Elf or Gandalf, sixteen years old is just barely older than being a little child. Even the Hobbits are older than twenty, and (if you have seen the movie) we know how immature they can be. I know. If I were one of the Trio I would be ticked off at everyone for thinking me little better than a child, but that's the way they would be viewed. Also, they've been thrown into a completely different situation from the one they're used to, and I imagine that that would leave anyone feeling a little helpless (especially if they couldn't handle it the way they usually would because of the situation). At any rate, I'm keeping your comment (very thoughtful review, btw, thanks) in mind, and I hope that when I post the next few chapters you'll see the opinions of some LOTR characters shifting.

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Review #10, by Dark Moon (Not Logged In) 

31st August 2005:
Another excellent chapter. I can't wait to see Hermione's reaction to finding out about not being allowed to attend the Council meeting. It should be very...interesting. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Hermione's one of my favorite characters. I actually have a friend to thank for this idea - it took the plot in a few interesting directions. Glad you liked the chapter!

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