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Review #1, by Skizzy 

12th June 2009:
Ohh, I hate T O M R I D D L E. He is Excatly like the devil to me. Grr and here I thought there was still something left of Morts soul, but know just like the devil it has been stolen but no other than Voldamort.

Author's Response: Oh, but he's such an exciting character to write! Absolutely evil without regrets about the things he does - the perfect psychopath. :P

Thank you again for the reviews!

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Review #2, by butterfliesneedwings 

19th May 2008:
Doesn't the Defense Against the Dark Arts Position have a curse on it making so no teachers last for more than a year because of a variety of reasons? Or was that after James and Lily were in school? (shrugs) just wondering. I really like this story so far and can see why you won the award for best original character. Emilia certainly deserved it.
Was the person in Diagon Alley who whispered those things to Emilia the new Transfiguration teacher? I'm sure I'll find out as I continue reading, I only wish I could right now (sighs).

Author's Response: That was actually something I didn't learn until long after this chapter was written - it was within HBP, and this story was started back in 2005, so that's my excuse. *hides* Tom Riddle cursed the position sometime in the 1950s, I think.

As for the mysterious person, I don't even know who that ended up being - it was a plot that I forgot about while writing and never went back to. Yes, this is a very flawed story. :P

Thanks very much for the review! It's great that you're enjoying this. :D

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Review #3, by SilverEssence 

2nd April 2008:
aww WHAT!! he was totally about to go back and find emma!! then stupid voldy hadto come and wreck it -_-

good interlude!!
oh btw TPoTO is like THE BEST! lol such a sad movie.


Author's Response: Thank you very much! :)

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Review #4, by Bella_Portia 

12th December 2007:
Another outstanding chapter. I liked the complete contrast from the previous "Hogwarts" chapters. The description of the old ruined mansion where we discover Nero alone is beautifully done, as is the scene with Tom Riddle. As to the TR scene, you could have chosen to do that scene a number of ways; I think you made just the right choice. Kudos.

Author's Response: The right choice? That's great! *is speechless* At the moment, I can't think of other ways that it could have gone, but probably at the time when I wrote it, there were. Thank you very much for all your wonderful reviews. They're so inspiring. ^_^

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Review #5, by Belle_Rose 

30th September 2007:
Yay! I loved that we finally got to learn a bit about Mort, but it's heartbreaking that he let Riddle fool him. Figures. *sigh* I can't wait to read more about Mort and what will happen when he and Emma meet again?

I think this chapter is very deep, we get a look inside Mort's head, it's a shame that he's so weak. *sigh* So, a very deep chapter. :P


Author's Response: Thanks again for reviewing and enjoying the story. ^_^ Mort's a strange character, very weak is the right way of putting it. This chapter does create sympathy for him, in a way, because he's so easily misguided.

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Review #6, by silver phoenix 

27th February 2007:
Uh oh...this cannot be good.

Author's Response: No, not at all. Thanks again!

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Review #7, by musicgirlhp14 

9th December 2006:
The title (and song perhaps) really fits the chapter. It was interesting to see Emma's father finally, and how he has changed and what he was up too. On top of that I really likes how you portrade (sp?) Tom Riddle. I think you did him perfectly. Excellent job, and I can't wait to read the next chapter! 10/10

Author's Response: Oooh, maybe I should write more Tom Riddle. It's way too much fun to write a purely evil character. =D I'm really glad that you liked this chapter. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #8, by JamesandLily4ever 

28th October 2006:
That is so sad. He might see Emma, but he might not remember her, would he now?

Anyway, who hid the photos in her trunk? What will happen to Sev and Emma? ;] I'm going to read on to find out!

P/s: Great chapter. :| It's still sad though...

Author's Response: Yep, reading on will help you find out. This chapter is pretty sad, but some of the future ones (yet to be written) will really be sob-worthy. *is evil* Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Misty_Rey 

3rd October 2006:
Oh wow! Awesome chapter! This is so far my favorite! It's so full of raw emotion but that emotion is simple and subtle. In a way, you made the reader mourn for Mort. He is quite a likeable character, hiding away in the shades of grey, he is realistic and not to OTT. You did a great job on this chapter!


Author's Response: Mort is one of those characters who's far too easy to terrorize and torment. =P He's very interesting to write because he's so anguished and I'm glad that you like him and think that he's realistic. =D Thank you very much for reviewing!

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Review #10, by frannybaby 

20th August 2006:
oooooh. very good chapter! this is getting so good. i absolutely love your writing style!

Author's Response: You do? That's wonderful to hear. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story just as much (if not more). Thanks! =D

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Review #11, by groundless17 

21st July 2006:
I think Mort is a much better "servant" than Pettigrew will be. Ick. XD

Author's Response: Haha, for sure. I'm planning great things for Mort in the future. =D

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Review #12, by goodbyetrain 

4th July 2006:
ahhh. i especially liked this one. [: punching the mirror, very phantom of the opera-esque. well written, of course, and a nice break from the regular story.

Author's Response: Thanks very much, goodbyetrain. The mirror-thing might be a bit overdramatic, but it does suit not only the chapter title =P but also the character and atmosphere of this "interlude".

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Review #13, by isabellapotter 

27th June 2006:
Wow, that was intense. Great insight into Mortimer's character. I think your portrayal of him, as a haunted, wasted man, tormented by his past, is absolutely perfect. I would have never imagined Voldemort would be that . . . I don't suppose I can call him kind, exactly, but . . . understanding, but it's interesting to think that maybe he has a little insight into his followers' emotions and that he can manipulate them in order to achieve the end he desires. I always saw him as a brute force kind of guy, but hey, this works too :) I quite liked this little interlude. Great job, once again!

Author's Response: I sort of got the idea of a kind Voldemort from HBP, when he's speaking to Mrs. Smith - he's quite nice to her, but in a way that's wholly maniuplative. That so-called "kindness" creeped me out in the book and I thought it'd be interesting to include here. I'm glad that you liked Mort, though. He's a rather weak character, definitely haunted, but he doesn't have much will power, at least not yet.... Anyway, thanks so much for the review! =)

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Review #14, by LostMaeblleshire 

25th June 2006:
Even though this chapter was really short, it was just as brilliant as the others have been. I especially loved how we're sort of... checking up on Mort, and it was an extra treat (for me at least) to catch a little glimpse of how Voldemort is at the time. Really excellent work!

Author's Response: It is rather short (I keep looking at its length with a frown), but there is a lot taking place within it. This was my first time writing Voldemort and it was rather strange to do - he's very intense and I'm not used to writing characters who feel no remorse or guilt. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Thanks very much for reviewing. =)

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Review #15, by anonymous_writer 

13th May 2006:
Wait, what happened? Did Riddle kill him? Or take his body? Ah, I'm so confused! Don't worry, I have faith that you will explain it! I loved this chapter; I have to admit I wasn't expecting the change of PoV, but it was timely and very good!

Author's Response: It is rather confusing, but Riddle sort of wiped his memory or something like that - I meant it to be rather vague just to make it more mysterious and all. =D I like putting in these different chapters every so often - it keeps readers on their toes. =)

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Review #16, by delta 

29th April 2006:
Wow. That was very well-written and fluid. The ideas portrayed work and the scenes build upon each other marvelously. Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks very much. It's good to know the scenes connect to each other well - I'm always worried about flow. =)

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Review #17, by Me 

11th April 2006:
The name for this chapter is truly fitting. Mortimor Nero was, in one single moment, pushed past the point of no return. There's no turning back now. Past the point of if or when.

Author's Response: That's a perfect way of putting it - that's why I chose that song for this chapter, it fit so perfectly. Thanks for reviewing. =)

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Review #18, by enchanted disaster 

27th March 2006:
just wanted to tell you how great your story was and i hope you always update quickly b/c otherwise i dont know how i would handle not being able to read anymore of this amazing story

Author's Response: Wow. Thanks very much for the great reviews. It's great that you enjoy the story so much. =)

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Review #19, by CeciliaSalyther 

18th March 2006:
Omg!! Love how the chapter title was from POTO...It's truly fitting... ~Ceci

Author's Response: I couldn't resist using a PotO title - I love that musical. =D Thanks for the review.

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Review #20, by Sophia Montgomery 

23rd February 2006:
Oooh, I like this chapter. You wrote it differently, which made it interesting. The anger that Mort feels is so different from Emma's complacent emotions that I really liked the way you described him. The mirror-cracking part reminds me of a Avril Lavigne music video, but besides that I really liked this chapter.

Author's Response: Haha, Avril Lavigne, great. I had no clue. But it was such an angst-ridden scene... oh well. =D This is the creepy teaser chapter that freaks you out before continuing on to the nicer parts of the story. Mort isn't that different from Emma, but the years working for Voldemort have changed him a lot - which I guess is why the narrative tone changed as well, it more reflected what he had become. Anyway, thanks very much for your review. I'm so glad you're enjoying the story. =)

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Review #21, by WritsyArithmancer 

15th January 2006:
This was a wonderful chapter. So incredibly intense. I may have said it before, but it's worth saying again: you are a wonderful writer. I'm very glad I got back into the swing of things and continued to read. Reading this story makes me happy for some reason and it has inspired me quite a bit in the mere five or ten minutes that I've been reading it. Thank you for these wonderful characters and this great storyline. I find Emilia to be a lot like me! ^^ And I can also relate quite a bit to Mort's situation. I would feel exactly the same way. This was just wonderful. :) I'm not gonna stop reading today!

Author's Response: ^_^ Thanks very much! I'm overjoyed to hear that you like this story so much - I always worry that something's wrong with it. It's a wonderful story to write, and it's great that you feel the same about reading it. =)

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Review #22, by BJAuth 

28th September 2005:
Change of pace with this chapter. Your descriptions are as strong as ever. In making Tom appear compassionate I think you've succeeded in making him chilling...more wicked, if possible. In wiping away Mort's remaining memories it is such a violation and so sad too. Very chilling!

Author's Response: This is a creepy chapter, I'll admit. It scared me to re-read it. You caught on to exactly what I was trying to do: set Tom up as being pure evil, pretending to help his "friend" but end up destroying him instead. Thanks very much for the review!

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Review #23, by NachtEule 

7th September 2005:
great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell me when you update!!! Please????

Author's Response: Thanks. I'll try to let you know when I do - the next chapter's part way done.

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Review #24, by Katielynn 

27th August 2005:
This was really good, so either Tom killed him...or he apparated...I'm leaning towards Tom killing him...could you help me get the facts straight?


Author's Response: Mort isn't dead, though it may have sounded like that. Rather, his mind has been "emptied" of all his memories - sort of brainwashed - by Riddle. Sorry for confusing you. Thanks for reviewing, though. I'm glad you liked it. =D

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Review #25, by bnance 

25th August 2005:
I'm beginning to really like this story, you are a gifted writer! I can't wait till the next chapter comes out! Your character of Emma is cute and well rounded. The Tom Riddle that you have portrayed is interesting.... is Voldemort showing compassion towards Mort? I would have thought he thinks that to be a weakness. hmm... your call, other than that I enjoy your story very much and would like to see young Emma age, to what age will you take her character?

Author's Response: Oh wow, thanks bnance. I can see that you really thought about this chapter a lot from your review. How can I answer your questions...? Mort thinks that Riddle is being kind towards him, but Voldemort is actually using Legilimency to make Mort more loyal and obedient. He's tricking Mort into believing that he is needed as a Death Eater and that he must forget his past. Emma, on the other hand, I hope to write up to the end of the First War or at least until the end of her days at Hogwarts. Thank you very much for the review!

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