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Review #1, by Harriet T Cauldron 

17th January 2007:
Alright, I'm in the middle of this chapter and having a hard time focusing. The whole second person thing is extremely hard to get used to. So I'm taking a short break. I just wanted to ask you a question. Please don't put in a period in when you respond, because I'm checking back and looked over your reviews for the first chapter already. I just want to ask if you have any idea how much it hurts when people flat out judge you for what you wear, or what you look like, or what music you listen to? If you did, I don't think you would have wrote what you did in that first chapter. Even though you think people with an edge are 'whiney' you should try to understand them. There's more to us than what you see. And if you're judging people by what music they listen too, you're not so hot yourself.

I have just finished the chapter and wanted to say that I liked the scene where Remus and Tonks kissed, it wasn't like a lot of the fictions about them where it's like, "Oh, my God! I just realized there's more to life than just sitting around feeling sorry for myself! Wanna go make out, Tonks?" That knid of thing is way too rushed. So, it was nice. 10/10.

By the way, my penname is Harriet T Cauldron, so I suggest you check out my bio and see that I'm pretty average. You never know, I could be like you with different music interests. Okay, that might be pushing it a bit, but you get my general idea.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed that scene. It was a little strange for me to write it as I don't traditionally write scenes of the fluffyloveaffection variety :)

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Review #2, by PhoenixStorm 

10th October 2005:
I don't know what it is particularly about your writing, but it really draws you in. Maybe it's the second person thing, but I think it's more to do with how well you weave the story. Remus is perfect, exactly how I would imagine he'd been with Tonks during HBP. Although, I'm a little confused. I think this is set after HBP, right? Well Dumbledore wouldn't be dead if it wasn't. But, Remus gave in to Tonks at the end of HBP, so why is he still resisting her so much? Or are you just devloping it further? Because it wasn't like an entire year of denial and trying to stop anything happening wasn't going to break as if nothing had happened just becasue of the scene in the hospital, I suppose. Well, whatever you're doing, you're doing it very well. Another great chapter, only one more to go! (so far)

Author's Response: Ah, JKR and how she muddled things up :)

I started this before HBP came out never in a million years (because I think, in a few words or less, that JKR is dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to pairing off her charactes) would JKR put Remus and Tonks together in canon. I thought that, like with so many of the other pairings I picked out before HBP was released, this would be another that she would never realize was there. I was, apparently, mistaken :)

In any case, I was left with a few choices when HBP appeared on the scene and left me with two, already-posted, chapters of a slowburn romance that was apparently crashing through. That said, because JKR has mucked them up so spectacularly, she left the to interpretation. Yes, let's be honest, they're together at the end of HBP but there could be a number of reasons for this. It could have merely been a stress reaction - comforting someone at a funeral. Remus could of, as my Remus is want to do, tried to back out of the thing once he'd done it coming back to his senses about the siutaiton as a whole.

Basically, i convinced myself I had room to play in order to save my story from the ashes of JKR. All in all, i'm leary of her meddling. Yes, i see Remus and Tonks together but I don't think she'll do it justice so i'd rather she just stayed out of it :P

Man, i'm one of those obnoxious fans :P

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Review #3, by ivoryangel 

3rd October 2005:
great chapter, yet again! i really enjoyedthe conversation between arthur and remus-- it made me laugh!

Author's Response: Thanks! He needs to look like a right idiot once in a while. Keeps him humble (plus, it's great fun to torture him :P)

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Review #4, by crystal allan 

9th September 2005:
There are many severely below par Remus/Tonks stories on the web which makes it so hard to find something decent. This story was a breath of fresh air. The characters were actually “in character” – Remus was his usual wonderful self and Tonks didn’t sound like a 12-year-old fan girl. This is extremely well written and, like your story “Chronicles of life”, is actually worthy of a 'mature' rating, unlike half of the adolescent drivel that contaminates that rating.

Author's Response: *shudders at the thought of most stories under Mature*

Thank you for the compliments on both Extempore and Chronicles.

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Review #5, by NicksGrl89 

15th August 2005:
I love how this story is told. It has a really cool pov. Update soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by sunsetmoon 

15th August 2005:
i loved the scenes between Lupin and Harry. How sad it had to be that Harry once trusted Lupin with all he had but due to some unwanted circumstances Harry seemed to have harden with age. Lupin and Harry remind me of each other. Hopefully Lupin doesnt cowardly back off from Tonks, she is to adorable for him. Great job on the chap.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Sorceress 

15th August 2005:
This is really great - more please! :-)

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reviewing!

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