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Review #1, by Infairi 

17th July 2007:
What I really love about your style of writing is the mix of dialogue, description, thoughts and all the rest of that good stuff. Too much of any one of those isn't fun to read, but you seem to have a really good handle on it.

Several times already I've been reading and suddenly go, "Eek! I recognize that line!" What with the meddling in time and whatnot, I think there might be a few more differences in the way time unravels -- if that makes any sense -- but it's great nevertheless.

I love the eerie connection between Frodo and Harry, but more of that in coming reviews... ;)

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Review #2, by MasterSith 

21st February 2007:
wow this is great just one question tho, Do you speak elvish? lol

Author's Response: Thanks for the review - and in response to your question, no, I do not speak Elvish. I get my translations from people on other LOTR-oriented sites.

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Review #3, by Queen of the Shadowz 

28th May 2006:
i love your story...it combines my 2 favorite series of books ever..well done, you've done a good job in slipping the characters from harry potter into the world of middle earth.

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Review #4, by crystal allan 

1st May 2006:
This was just fascinating. For a fan of both HP and LotR it’s wonderful to see these two worlds merge. I really enjoyed seeing everything that occurs in LotR through the eyes of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. It’s such a unique perspective given the gap that we have between the fandoms, yet you have done remarkably well in bringing that together.

I like the way you switched back and forth with perspectives from HP to LotR, rather than sticking to one point of view. You had a very good layer of tension there when Frodo and Strider first uncovered the trio. There was quite a bit of shock on both parts and you conveyed that very well. So far, with the slight exception of Voldemort, you have very strong roots with HP, and I was waiting to see how you would do with those in LotR. Your portrayal of Frodo in particular was wonderful. I liked seeing he and Harry interact – that was very interesting. I’m trying to figure out where the connection is and I’ve come up with past-lives. From what I can tell, that’s where you’re leading – though, I could just be misinterpreting it. Nonetheless, I loved the way you described both their emotions and thoughts. Frodo seemed very ambivalent there and I think they sort of played off of Harry’s own thoughts and feelings.

Author's Response: I'm just loving these reviews. They make me so happy! Keep reading; the answer's in there somewhere. I hope you continue to enjoy this story! Thanks for the superb review!

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Review #5, by StepUpTimneh 

22nd April 2006:
I'm loving this, it's fantastic. It's hard for me to stop reading and review, but I have to tell you how great this is. Everything is so realistic and believable, and both worlds are interlaced flawlessly. Yes, flawless! I cannot think of another word to describe this chapter. Flawless.

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Review #6, by canadian dreamer 

8th October 2005:
Very detailed... i'm gonna keep reading!

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Review #7, by Angeles 

16th August 2005:
*groans frustratively* That was kind of weak. I'm dying, here! I need to know what will happen, and I need action! Adventure, as well! But, it was a nice start, I guess. It IS only the third chapter... *sigh* Post soon, please.

Author's Response: Chapter four is in queue at the moment. Sorry the story takes so long to set up, but, well...it's necessary for later. I will continue to post relatively quickly until chapter ten, because that's all I have written for the moment. Thanks for the review!

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Review #8, by Dark Moon 

14th August 2005:
Excellent story. I can't wait to read more.

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Review #9, by Ariel 

10th August 2005:
It is an amazing HP-LOTR crossover! Very well written! I can hardly wait to read more.

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Review #10, by TakeMeAway 

10th August 2005:
Don't worry about the lacking of the history of the Ring - I'm a LOTR freak! I can't wait for more, this is one of the best fics I've read. Are Harry and Frodo actually friends or not, because that is a little confusing. Great job, plz update!!!!

Author's Response: Keep reading. You'll find out soon enough what the connection between the two characters is. Thanks for reading!

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