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Review #1, by singer123 

17th December 2011:
I totally love this chapter!!
That conversation with Harry irritating Lily was hilarious! :D

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Review #2, by fatmermaid 

18th February 2011:
Draco was really kind in this chapter. I would like to see more of a nice Draco Malfoy. I don't like the fact that Harry's mum, Rita Skeeter, is coming to visit. I wonder what will happen!

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Review #3, by Siriuslover177 

24th December 2010:
I wonder what will happen..
I really don't want his mom to come.
It might not be good for him.


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Review #4, by Alexa Malfoy 

11th January 2010:
you said once that the reason Draco was evil in his mind was because he hated his mom so much and he made an evil Draco of his anger. But why is there a Rita Skeeter then?

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Review #5, by ranja60 

3rd October 2009:
Oh a cliffie. how mean >:/ at least im reading slightly behind, and i can read at my own pace :D this story is highly addicting XD 9.5/10(but you cant do that rly so 10/10)

~~~It is easier to Review 1,000 times, than to ask for 1,000 Reviews~~~

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Review #6, by sonibella 

23rd July 2009:
Yay Harry got to eat! Can't wait to see how this conversation goes! Good chapter :)

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Review #7, by Afterthought 

26th October 2008:
O! of course your really good!!

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Review #8, by dollmaeker 

29th December 2007:

i really like this idea; it reminds me of those trippy psychological-thriller tv shows from the 60's. in the best possible way. you should check out "the prisoner" if you get time; it really reminds me of your story.

check out my stories (re-memo, and regardez astor) if you have time, please?

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Review #9, by padfoot and prongs foreva 

23rd November 2007:
gah i really like lily but wut else is new lol where is james... me wants jamesy

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Review #10, by Dobby7 

10th October 2007:
I cannot believe that Rita Skeeter is Harry's mother, even though you told us that in - was it chapter one? It just disturbs me very much! I hope that Harry will be able to talk some sense into her!
Great, job, by the way!
10/10, of course

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Review #11, by harrypotterroxs 

2nd September 2007:
haha! I laughed so hard on this! it was exellcent! way to go! 100-100

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Review #12, by Tearlit 

28th August 2007:
I loved the food scene. He rather reminded me of Ron (in the Hogwarts world) there. Oo convo with Rita...*clicks frantically for the next chapter*

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Review #13, by lyramoon 

27th August 2007:
uh oh. rita! haha. i cant wait :)

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Review #14, by Erized 

26th August 2007:
Well what a question it's obviously a Troll mark! Why did you even bother to ask that? Ha ha ha nO, you know the grade you deserve for this story...!! *After reading the chapter* What? that's a really mean thing to do, leaving the chapter there!! ha ha ha Go Harry! Go Harry!

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Review #15, by thebfsgf 

19th August 2007:
Rita Skeeter is his mother?! Oh Gods, I'd wanna die! Especially with what he thinks of the fake Rita Skeeter!

Rebecka M.

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Review #16, by xbelitax 

1st July 2007:
well, you wanted a rating, so i say definitly an O!

this story is very well done and has a wonderful plot!

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Review #17, by ant122992 

16th June 2007:
Oh, cliffie.

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Review #18, by silver phoenix 

29th April 2007:
That was sweet of Draco. Food is so lovely, though! How on earth did you come up with such a great idea like this? It's so original. I love it ^^

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Review #19, by tsuj 

25th April 2007:
Oh I can't wait to see how mean ol' Rita gets.

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Review #20, by Harrys_Patronum 

25th March 2007:
OOO I wanna see what SHe says! Oh I forgot to ask...What happened to Hermione, why is she so mental?

Author's Response: She just is.

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Review #21, by kate 

4th November 2006:
an E definately

Author's Response: Danke!

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Review #22, by bkwrm_37 

17th August 2006:
Ok, I finally got around to reading again. And now I have to read more to see what he ( and she) says.

Author's Response: ?

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Review #23, by MIZPOTTER 

25th July 2006:
Rita Skeeter, urgh... I hate her. Make it go away. Good chapter otherwise.

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #24, by jamison 

17th July 2006:
rita skeeter wants to see him!!! or his mom... haha. dang...

Author's Response: :)

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Review #25, by Izzieluv 

7th July 2006:
he has an evil evil little mummy, although i do like in his imagination that he made her a pain in the you know what

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