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Review #1, by Charity Lumpkins 

17th November 2016:
You need to make a James and lily one with there wedding and son

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Review #2, by Soo Sendak enemy 

15th August 2013:
NOOO! You can't end if like this! You must continue!!
I absolutely loved your story. I really enjoyed how you portrayed Sirius, along with his relationship to Voldermort and his family.
Throughout the story I could not figure out whether his relationship with Cat was one of an old friend, a mother, or a lover.
Overall wonderful story, and I look forward to reading other story's of yours :)

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Review #3, by Ida 

10th June 2012:
That was just amazing. But I really want it to continue!

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Review #4, by luna_lovely 

26th January 2012:
i don't normally read marauders era fics, but after reading some of your other works i had to give this one a chance :) im glad i did because i have really enjoyed reading it!

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Review #5, by Alex 

26th December 2011:
Magnificent, absolutely wonderful! To be truthful I actually read halfway through the sequel before I realized that i was supposed to read this first. WHOOPSIES!!

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Review #6, by Mrs Sirius Black 

30th October 2011:
That was a lovely ending to the story. I feel sad for Sirius poor guy :(

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Review #7, by spinx 

27th June 2011:
Hmm.why is it.that, everytime I have read your stories, I feel just a tad bit more grown-up than before?

It must have benn more than four year since I discovered you. God, I cannot believe it; my old reviews are still up here, hidden on some page, for all the world to see.

Four years.I will be forever grateful.

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Review #8, by Charlotte 

5th May 2011:
I've just read the whole story in one go and I must say I loved it! I actually felt as though it was part of J.K. Rowling's story giving information on what life was like before Harry. All I can say is well done :) x

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Review #9, by clowsan 

4th January 2011:
Beautiful and Tragic. Everything about this story send shiver down my spine. Your words create such a powerful imagery, absolutely fascinating.

I am relative new to Sirius/Lily but this just sealed the deal. You write them so real, powerful and not to mention sexy... I really envy you and your talent. Hoping for more.

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Review #10, by doberman 

15th November 2010:
wow... that was an incredible story... everything was so deep and... im not a big sirius/lily fan but that was just amazing! im so glad i read it u r a wonderful author i cant wait to read the other stories u have written, although i thnk i may have to read a happy/funny one be4 i read any more of urs to put me in a happyer mood!!! haha

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Review #11, by Anda 

12th March 2010:
The last line was absolutely brillant.

As was the rest of the story, but that last line. Simply wonderful.

Great job writing such an interesting and amazing story. It left me almost speechless.

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Review #12, by Pixileanin 

19th January 2010:
Incredible story. I loved the completeness without the over-the-top explanations. Very classy ending to a fabulous story. What else can I say that hasn't already been said? Now I need to read the rest of them!

By the way, just in case no one else has mentioned it, the poem you quoted at the start of the Epilogue (one of my favorites) is called "Comes the Dawn" by Veronica A. Shoffstall. The complete poem can be Googled. (I just checked) if anyone is interested.

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Review #13, by Wanna 

8th December 2009:
Whoa! Tht was mind numbing!

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Review #14, by AshtheAwesomeRainbow 

22nd November 2009:
Whaaa I loved it I so loved it! xoxo

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Review #15, by DemetersChild 

8th October 2009:
Uhh...not the ending I was expecting. Which makes it magnificent. :D

Definitely enjoyed this one.

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Review #16, by tonks21094 

30th September 2009:
Oh, I can't tell you how much I loved this story. You are an amazing writer... One zillion/ten!

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Review #17, by Confused Fly 

27th September 2009:
What does that mean - You're saying goodbye, ?!
Can't be he's going to get killed, right?
And what about Catarina? Hm? This sure can't be the ending?
I'll admit, this story brought tears to my eyes. I just SO sorry for Sirius. And I got what he said about Lily being just a little school girl.
This fiction is really unique. Not many are so dark and realistic. It's almost exactly how I've always imagined Sirius's life.
Very special story in it's own way. Thanks for that. :)

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Review #18, by Karkaroff 

4th May 2009:
Cool story and thanks for writing.

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Review #19, by deeps 

27th March 2009:
a good and well written fic
i will admit it left me a bit confusing... but somehow i understand as well
good job

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Review #20, by alylovezu2 

5th April 2008:
awww that was a great story i cant believe it over now that was great!

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Review #21, by little bird 

1st April 2008:
this pairing is nice new and something different


what is this only sirius/lily and harry/cho pairings??? last time and now this so funny
anyway happy fools day

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Review #22, by al3x (not signed in) 

27th February 2008:
Wow...just wow! Bloody brilliant! Just, fantastic! God, i dont know what else to speechless =]

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Review #23, by TopazEyez 

9th February 2008:
Okay, I admit, I had ONE tear on this chapter. Couldnt help it. It was a mixture of the story being over and the fact that Sirius is saying goodbye and then Lily is moving on to James, who still loves her. AW!
Dear God I need to find some medicine...

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Review #24, by emerald_nellie 

14th January 2008:
you dont know how much i loved this last chapter. so many people REALLY overdo things when it gets to the end but you ended it so simply that it was just great. the whole thing was written very well with very few mistakes and had a good flow and pace to it. i really enjoyed the angsty bits in it and i know how hard it is to actually write that well. lol i know because i cant =D. i thought the characterization was good and it was just all up an enjoyable story. my ultimate FAVOURITE bit was in the first chapter (i think) with the mistaking reckless/irresponsible thing. was that your idea or did you steal it from somewhere else? because i REALLY loved it. i would never have thought of something like that. lol.
great story, will definitely read some more of your stuff in the future

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Review #25, by harryloveshermione299 

25th December 2007:
excellent story! Truly aazing. i think you really captured Sirius' character and lily's. they may not be the people in the HP novels but they were still great.
there are a couple things i dont understand though. why is sirius saying good bye? and what was with the mark on his back? was it the dark mark? i know i cant betray James so he couldnt become a death eater. he is going to join the OotP. so why is that goodbye?

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