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Review #1, by Rae Simmons 

9th January 2012:

I'll never be able to read the books in the same way! Thanks so VERY kindly-


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Review #2, by singer123 

17th December 2011:
When Harry's mind went back to Hogwarts I seriously thought that the supposed "real" world was conspiracy against him by Voldermort!
You're story's driving me Crazy!!
It's still AWESOME nonetheless.

By the way.. What's Lily Porter's and Ron's age in the "real" world??

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Review #3, by xxFlutterStutterBOOMBOOMxx 

29th November 2011:
The interactions with Draco are very interesting. I'd like to see more of Hermione, though- to know exactly what happened with her.

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Review #4, by arisasira 

18th April 2011:
Wow, brilliant chapter. I hate how harry's all confused when Hogwarts zones back into his mind. And I LOVE sarcastic Harry.

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Review #5, by fatmermaid 

18th February 2011:
Geez, what is happening with Harry? It is making it seem like he truly IS crazy. Where to go from here?

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Review #6, by Siriuslover177 

23rd December 2010:
I can't believe it!
Why did he have to go back!
And why can't he understand Draco!
I feel SO bad for Harry!


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Review #7, by _hedwig_ 

25th May 2010:
huh. huh. huh. huh. huh. I am feeling weird right now. Like, fuzzy and numb and lightheaded. I don't know why. I think it has to do with your amazing, mysterious story. I'm hoping for some major plot turns.

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Review #8, by leapoffaith24 

2nd September 2009:
creepy. can't wait to see what happens. 10/10

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Review #9, by sonibella 

22nd July 2009:
oh no ! and he was doing so well ! hoping things work out for him .. keep up the good work!

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Review #10, by Heart4Life 

22nd July 2009:
This story is great and very different to anything I'm used to reading.
I'm a little bit confused but I'm sure evrything will clear up. :)

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Review #11, by Ana 

14th March 2009:
This is a very original idea for a story. :]
It's awesome how you're incorporating everything from the magical world to the "real" world.

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Review #12, by Ndasuunye (fanfiction.net) 

22nd November 2008:
Wow, that was certainly odd. I liked the whole shifting in and out of reality thing. Very cool indeed.

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Review #13, by x unhearted x 

27th October 2008:
I absultly love this story! I cannot wait to finish it!

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Review #14, by hypercell 

15th February 2008:
I loved when he started to say (before he went to see Draco) "My minds Fragile!" over and over again! Why does He not like Draco? He is taking everything else in, why not that?

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Review #15, by Miss_Marauder 

14th February 2008:
wow i thought you were gunna be like
he was dreaming about hogwarts not being real

so confussinngg .
love it tho

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Review #16, by iluv_harrypotter 

29th January 2008:
This is a bit of a strange story. Im not sure if i like the fact of harry potter not being the way we read with all the magic. Don't get me wrong i think its a really good story i just like harry potter being the boy who lived.

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Review #17, by Noir 

19th December 2007:
Wow this is creeping me out and has me completely riveted at the same time! Actually reminds me of a Buffy episode.
THANK YOU! Ive been looking for stories that are DIFFERENT. :) (recommendations would be lovely!)


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Review #18, by padfoot and prongs foreva 

22nd November 2007:
so we relapsed!?!? wow this is kinda crazy in a good way and not intending a pun

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Review #19, by rowenaravenclaw94 

28th October 2007:
this is so scary! good job though! 10/10!

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Review #20, by insider 

21st October 2007:
wow .
this is the first time i've reviewed ,
& tht's only because i've been too keen on going on.
i've to say, this is one of the best fan fictions i've read .
i daresay no one has ever thought of this before .

i also like this chapter a lot ,
because it shows how unstable harry's mind it is ,
& how serious his condition actually is .
i like the way you write ,
and how you potray each character perfectly .

all in all ,
great story .
i believe it will be a greater read as the story goes on :D

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Review #21, by Dobby7 

10th October 2007:
How mean of them! It was so sad when he zoned into the magical world and saw the real Hermione and then had to return to the stupid sanitarium! I love your story so much, though!

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Review #22, by harrypotterroxs 

2nd September 2007:
nice! this is exellcent! way to go! 100-100

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Review #23, by Tearlit 

28th August 2007:
Oo I laughed so hard when he tried to get out of the meeting with Draco by saying "My mind is fragile! My mind is fragile!" A nice Draco is even weirder than a nice Aunt Petunia. I really like how you take him back and forth from one world to the next with the differences and things. Nice job!

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Review #24, by lyramoon 

27th August 2007:
aww. that's sad. what's wrong with harry? =(

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Review #25, by Erized 

26th August 2007:
Sorry, I'm lost for words,if you keep the story as good as it is all the complimentation (ha made-up word) words will be used in your story, please think about less talented authors!! ha ha just kidding... 100/10 (that's legal right?)

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