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Review #1, by CourtneyFaith 

24th July 2005:
~Oh no. I love James. not amos. How can she not see that James is a 1000000000 times better than anyone eles.~

Author's Response: i know...i know...

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Review #2, by glacialangel 

12th July 2005:
*Quebec* i could have swore i pressed tht e button....oh well lol! HAVE MAJOR FUN!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: np, thank you i will!

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Review #3, by glacialangel 

12th July 2005:
Quebc is awesome! dont worry bout reviewing until u get bk so u can have fun!!!!!! no one will get mad. it might b a good idea to read them all. *considers* i might need to do tht too.......*ponders even harder*

Author's Response: thank you! and pondering hurst your head if you do it too much...

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Review #4, by glacialangel 

10th July 2005:
so THTS y its taking so long! lol! hope u have a good trip! im going to maine in 2 wks. AFTER the nxt harry potter book comes out OF COURSE! my whole family r going to hastings to get 3 copies of it! LOL! IM SOOOOO EXCITED!!! ONLY 7 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: That's awesome! I'm in Québec now, and I already ordered the book, so I won't even be home to get it!!! *cry* But, the second I get home, its reading through the whole series for me :) It may take awhile, but I will do it since I haven't read them in a long time, not since the fifth one last summer, or was it two summers ago? Anyways, I may try to write some stuff for this story while I'm in Québec, but they keep us quite busy. Have an awesome summer everyone!!!

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Review #5, by Super Sexi JeBica 

1st July 2005:
umm u spelt mind without the d i was like what we don't use d's anymore lol i don't mind this one and u better update soon!! or i will be ever so pissed! lol i will still love you though

Author's Response: Ok...that is quite bizarre...and you know that you love me, regardless of updating and such. Plus, I'm in Québec now...NO UPDATES HAHA

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Review #6, by sweetgrl1988 

27th June 2005:
aw this was a great chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! MESSAGE TO EVERYONE: I'm going to Québec for 5 weeks, so there will be no updates until I'm back! I may write while I'm there, so perhaps we'll have a couple chapters when I get back!

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Review #7, by glacialangel 

19th June 2005:
wow! PLEZ UPDATE SOON!!!! i didnt excatly like the middle section either just to let u no

Author's Response: Yay! Someone agrees with me! Thank you, and I"ll do my best.

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Review #8, by hannah 

14th June 2005:
hurry up with the next story! plz?

Author's Response: I will hurry up with the next chapter (I think that's what you mean)

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Review #9, by Dobby101 

14th June 2005:
I loved the chap! It was wonderful...Amos is a creep. Excelent chapter, though!

Author's Response: Yes...yes he is...thank you!

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