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Review #1, by TyrannicFeenix 

20th November 2017:
Interesting. I'm liking Charlie more and more.

He's proving a solid deputy to Tonks so far.

Hope for some juicy details to come. Murder can highlight some fascinating factoids of human behaviour, both in the act and the investigation.

Very solid so far. Looking forward to reading the rest when I get home in a few hours.

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Review #2, by alicia and anne 

14th February 2012:
A sleeping potion?
I felt sorry for Charlie interviewing all those uncooperative people, especially the beardy guy! I'm supicious of the beardy guy. I wonder what Tonks has found? I think it's the beardy guy definately!

Author's Response: The potion would be useful to knock Gil out for a while so that he could be killed quietly - but that reveals quite a bit about how and who may have done it. ;)

lol, I got way too much enjoyment out of creating these strange characters, not to mention thinking of ways of making each terribly suspicious (or more dangerously, unsuspicious :P). Who knows who did it. :P

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Review #3, by hhr3 

23rd January 2012:
I can't wait to read the next chapter! I wonder what happened...

Author's Response: You'll find out. ;) Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by Debra20 

23rd August 2011:
That "or so she thinks" from the chapter summary really caught my eye. Even before I clicked the chapter I suspected that something would go horribly wrong, especially in Tonks's predictions. It hasn't been elucidated yet but we shall see next chapter.

I felt that Charlie missed something when he interviewed the second year girl. She might have only been frightened but she might have seen or heard something and was too afraid to speak. I think I slapped myself when Charlie left the compartment just like that lol. But then there's the other boy too. I can't imagine who did it!

What I appreciate most of this story is how well you managed to convey the mysterious aura that usually surrounds crime investigations. You almost start to suspect everyone. A sideways glance, a smile, a description, everything starts to spin and you can't help but imagine that any of the persons involved in the action could have done it.

Author's Response: You can't be sure of anything in one of these mysteries. :P But you'll see. It's fun seeing your reactions to these characters (well, suspects, if you must) because I tried to make all of them sound somewhat suspicious or otherwise involved so that Tonks, Charlie, and the readers would all be confused. Well, perhaps Tonks rather less so, but there has to be a Great Detective, right? :P

It really means a lot to hear these compliments from you, and I appreciate that you took the time to read and review this story. ^_^

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Review #5, by georgina_bass 

10th October 2009:
great...loved it!!!utterly amazing.just like all of the chapters before!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :)

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Review #6, by Jane_Volturi 

27th July 2009:
AH the suspense is killing me, i hate cliffhangers lol
I'll do this review quickly because i'm dying to read more.
Tonks: She was very in character, and i suppose she must be very sharp and perceptive to be an auror, very good at picking up on things. You've shown a more determined side to her.
Charlie: He seemed pretty fed up with the task he had been assigned but he got on with it, which was a very in character thing of him to do. You did a brilliant job of sticking to his canon.
Plot: The suspense really is killing me, i love how you're developing it too, i really need to be quick and hurry up this review because i'm so anxious to read more.
Mood: Mysterious, loved it!
Spelling: Perfect, didn't stumble across anything.
Grammar: You did jumble up a few of your word classes near the end in a few sentances but other than that brill!
Punctuation: Perfect as well, no misplaced commas or anything like that.
Descriptive language: Again, perfect, not too heavy but enough detail to create a crystal clear image in my head
Overall: Fantastic story, have to read more now.

Author's Response: Haha, I think that every chapter of this story ends with a cliffhanger, so look out. :P

Thanks again for the very detailed review! I'm glad that the characters are turning out in canon, especially Charlie, who I had to do a lot of guesswork on, since he's very rarely in the books. :)

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Review #7, by IS bookworm 

17th June 2009:
I wonder what she thinks. It's taking me a lot of self-will to write this review and not just go on to the next chapter, so be happy that I'm such a wonderfully, nice person. Haha! Loved it! :7)

Author's Response: Haha, well, I'm very pleased you stopped a bit to leave the review. :D Thank you very much!

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Review #8, by Spicky 

2nd March 2009:
LOVE this story!!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :)

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Review #9, by Liam R 

25th November 2008:
This just keeps getting better and better. I really do love your characterisation of all of your characters, it's quite brilliant.

I like your version of Tonks. I think you have really made her your own, but this chapter is more about Charlie anyway. I love the fact that their conducting a full on investigation themselves, since their in their fourth year? (I think?)

I don't trust that Ravenclaw either. I think he's a bit too strange and ... weird.

loved it.

Author's Response: Yes, they're in their fourth or fifth year, I can't remember exactly. It's great you find that aspect of the story fun because it's usually the thing people have the most trouble with - they think it too unrealistic (though perhaps they never read Nancy Drew, who knows?). So I'm thankful for a different perspective on that issue, as it would be really difficult to change this story to fit a more realistic point of view.

Thank you again for reviewing! It's great to see your reactions to each chapter. =D

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Review #10, by beating_faster 

26th January 2008:
really great dialogue...must...keep...reading haha.

Author's Response: Haha, getting addicted? ;) It's wonderful that you're enjoying it so much. :D

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Review #11, by war and peace 

12th December 2007:
oh! she knows what has happened? gosh, wish i could figure it out! lol

I love the summaries btw... very sweet

Author's Response: Oh, you like them? That's wonderful. ^_^ Perhaps you're figure out something later on in the story, haha. ;-)

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Review #12, by MyronWin 

3rd December 2007:
Another quite excellent chapter in a story that keeps getting better.
While I have to admit having a preference for Tonks, I have to congratulate you on the way Charlie handled this part of his investigation. It could not have been easy for him, as a Gryffindor, to have to face a room full of Slytherins and convince them to cooperate and give him information on one of their own. But when they did...whoo hoo. (And congrats on being the first review in which I have used the term "whoo hoo".) The motto for Slytherin house must be "don't speak too ill of the dead." They were all over the place when they finally decided to speak up. Especially the blond boy near the end of the chapter.
I may have mentioned in a previous review that I had thought about writing a story with this title. While that idea has been abandoned, I can pretty much assure you that my story would have been much different. I would not have tried an homage to Agatha Christie's original story nor would I have used Tonks as my herione, but I applaud you for both.
I was quite impressed that you were able to include so much information and that you handled so many characters, while keeping them distinct from each other, especially in such a short chapter.
My biggest criticism: You forgot to close a parenthesis.
And I really liked Tonk's last line. "...it's not all good." A line that can not be used to describe your story. Very good, indeed.
Thank you for your story.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you very much, once again, for a wonderful review. Even if you used whoo hoo, haha. It's great that you enjoyed this chapter - the Slytherins were the perfect group of people to create some comedy (albeit dark) for the story. They truly stabbed Gil in the back. ;-)

I'm sorry that you won't be using this title anymore for your own story. It certainly has a nice ring to it, but I do look forward to reading your own story once it comes out. I really appreciate all of your reviews. ^_^

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Review #13, by kiwigirl 

11th October 2007:
dun dun dun... suspense!!!

Author's Response: Haha! Thanks!

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Review #14, by maraudersmap 

20th September 2007:
This story just keeps getting better!! It is just so... amazing! And wow, it was so interesting to hear what those Slytherins thought of him... So Im just gonna keep reading, if you dont mind! :D 10/10

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! Slytherins are too funny to write when they're being their cliched selves. =P

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Review #15, by blackpearl_ 

9th August 2007:
Wow... What's not good? WHAT WHAT WHAT?

Author's Response: Haha, thank you!

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Review #16, by Zacharias_Smith 

1st August 2007:
This is so mysterious and you just write it so well! I love Tonks and Charlie. It's got the whole charming but gripping atmosphere of a good detective novel! (and I have read many in my time lol)

Author's Response: Oh wow, thanks so much! It's wonderful to hear how much you're liking the story. ^_^

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Review #17, by Luna's long lost sister 

14th July 2007:
ooh! What did tonks find out?! This is a well written mystery. Very good!

Author's Response: Haha, you'll find out. ;-) Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #18, by xxMugglePrincess 

22nd June 2007:
It was a lovely chapter..the way the boy must have died seems..ick.

Author's Response: Yeah, it's pretty gross. =P Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #19, by AndrinaBlack 

27th March 2007:
It was some time since I started to read this, but now I'm back.
I'm intrigued so far! It just hit me that maybe the solution will be like in the Orient Express. I don't know if I should laugh or choke at the idea of that. It will be fun to know how it will end.

I love it how you write Tonks and Charlie! (I don't remember if I said that already in my previous review though)

Just realised... Did you pick the name Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes? Wasn't his archenemy called something like that? Not sure cause I have read more Christie's books than Holmes.

Author's Response: All the names are from detective stories, especially Moriarty. It was one of the little jokes I included to keep me amused while writing. =D I do that with a lot of my stories. I'm really glad that you've liked this story so far, and I hope you enjoy the rest! =D

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Review #20, by lightningstruck 

13th October 2006:
Keep it up! Great portrayal of slytherins!

Author's Response: Thanks! =D

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Review #21, by Elivania 

11th September 2006:
This keeps getting better and better. Way to play off the characterisitics of the different houses and good characterization of the victim.

Author's Response: Yes, it was so much fun to exaggerate all their personalities. =D Thanks very much for all your reviews!

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Review #22, by LillyRoseanne 

5th September 2006:
AHHH what happened?

Author's Response: You'll find out. =P

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Review #23, by sallyvixen 

3rd September 2006:
So. Gilbert Moriarty, Slytherin prefect, a right git according to his fellow House members. Got it. Now to hear Tonks' summary of what she thinks happened...

Author's Response: What kind of Slytherin prefect wouldn't be a right git? ;-) Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #24, by whyareyoucrying 

29th August 2006:
Just so you know, this chapter was all in bold. But it was still pretty good, just the right length, and a good cliffy at the end. Still a 10!! :)

Author's Response: I checked and the formatting was correct - the bold wasn't showing when I looked. *shrug* Anyway, I'm really that that you liked it. Thanks very much for reviewing. =D

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Review #25, by Annika Keys 

17th May 2006:
This is such a great story! I love Agatha Christy and Harry Potter (obviously, or i wouldn't be here, lol) and the two together just fit so nicely. Well done!

Author's Response: Thanks very much for reviewing. I'm glad you're enjoying it. =)

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