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Review #1, by AAC 

27th July 2012:
Interesting chapter . . . .

Author's Response: Thank you? Most of the time, I don't know why people still read this story - it's old and messy. This chapter is pretty run-of-the-mill when it comes to old fashioned Marauder era stories, so I hardly know what's interesting about it. :P

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Review #2, by Atomic 

10th August 2011:
You were right, the beginning of your story was a bit rough to read. But I'm so glad I took your advice and kept reading!! This is turning out to be a brilliant story, and I can't wait to read more. I'm so happy that you worked Andromeda into the story, too. She's also one of my favorite characters.

Author's Response: lol, "a bit" - you're being kind! Much too kind, actually. Sometimes I can't believe that people are still reading this monster, but hopefully you find some sort of enjoyment from it, as there are some parts and characters who turned out well. I enjoy using slightly obscure characters, or at least, they were obscure in fanfiction at the time I wrote them - like Moody and Andromeda. There's so much potential there that's unrealized, even now. ;)

Thank you very much for the review! I hope that you do enjoy the rest, whenever you choose to continue. :)

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Review #3, by ForeverMarauder 

1st February 2011:
Another good chapter... there's just one thing I don't understand. At the time, Snape and Lily have been friends for quite a while, and he is already very much in love with her. Why is it, then, that he seems so indifferent when she falls out of the boat? The Snape I know would have saved her, either by magical or non-magical means. He wouldn't have cared if anyone else fell in, but Lily?

Author's Response: I had no idea what JKR would do to the Snape and Lily relationship when I wrote this. If I had known, I doubt that I could have written any of this story, as HBP "ruined" all my ideas (very dramatic of me to say, but it's true :P the whole concept of Snape/OC went down the hole at that point). The problem is that HBP came out while I was about half-way through writing this story, and it's after that point when the plot going to pieces. :(

Anyway, thank you again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by Ann Ravenwood 

2nd January 2010:
The first few chapters (which I neglected to review individually--sorry) were a very pleasant narrative to set up your quite likeable OCs, despite your warning about them not adding much to the plot.
For this chapter, well, the train compartment would be crammed solid with first years clamoring to sit with Lily if all the fanfic characters were there at the same time. Glad you spent more time on the boats instead.
You did make me wonder, in Grimm's review of the sorting, how Pettigrew ever made the cut into Griffindor, even though I think that's canon.
Nice work!

Author's Response: Haha, that train scene! It's perhaps the most overdone and improperly done in all of Marauders fiction - so much so that even JKR couldn't resist including it in DH. :P It was definitely more fun to spend more time on the boats, which got so little notice in the books.

Peter is an odd character because he doesn't seem to fit into Gryffindor at all (except I see him as slightly like Neville at the end of PS, when he stands up to the trio). But perhaps the Sorting Hat either makes mistakes, or can see through people in a very unique way.

Anyway, thank you very much for reading and reviewing this story! It was a surprise to receive new reviews for it, but I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! :)

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Review #5, by Skizzy 

12th June 2009:
Haha. Minerva is funny. You can tell they were snogging in the libary. The just hae the connection.

Author's Response: Haha, yes! I loved writing the little moments between her and Grimm (and ended up writing four more stories with them *looks guilty*). I'm glad you liked their connection in this chapter. :D

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Review #6, by SilverEssence 

30th March 2008:
YAY emma and Lily are friends!
rofl baby potter and sirius.
and snape... hmm..

great job!

Author's Response: Thank you! ^_^

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Review #7, by Bella_Portia 

10th December 2007:
Hurricanes hardly happen. Enjoyed it very much. Since you have had a good deal of positive feedback already, I will only state that I concur with it.

Author's Response: I'll quickly respond to this one while I have time. :) Thanks for all your feedback so far. Your criticism about that one chapter a few ago was very helpful - once I finish this story, it's going to go through some editing, so anything people pick out is great. :D I'm so glad that you're enjoying this story - it means so much to hear from you. ^_^

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Review #8, by Belle_Rose 

29th September 2007:
Grimm shook his head and picked up his fork. “Now will you be wanting gratitude for that?”

She shot him a suspicious look, but he was busily beginning to eat.

“Not from you, Tiberius. Never from you.”

Lol, that cracked me up! :D

Will Emma and Lily become friends? I hope so, but their friendship could disappear because they're in different houses. Will there be anything that happens between Snape and Emma?

Another brilliant chapter (I'm going to run out of words, not that I'm counting :D)


Author's Response: Haha, I'm glad you liked that little scene. They're so cute together. ^_^ I can't answer your questions because it both gives future spoilers and will be answered soon. :P Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #9, by xxEmma 

9th September 2007:
very very very good... i have a question though, in the sorting there is a girl named Marlene McKinnon, and i was just wondering if she was from the story Moppet by amdk, because i was just reading that then i started reading this. unfortunately I don't have time to finish so I'll finish next time I'm online. cool story by the way.

Author's Response: Marlene is actually a canon character - she was in the original Order. :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by Winni3 

15th July 2007:
Lol! at that last sentence! xD
I'm really enjoying this story so far, it flows very nicely ^^
Grimm is so funny to read about sometimes and Emma seams like a really one-of-a-kind character :D
Awesome job, 10/10!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you very very much! I'm so glad that you're enjoying it. ^_^

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Review #11, by jkgiggle 

5th July 2007:
love the shopw of friendship. U can be brave without being in a certian house! I'm glad. I's curious how snape knew she was going to be in Ravenclaw. interesting

Author's Response: Snape's one of those all-knowing types, lol. Thank you for reviewing! It really means a lot to me. ^_^

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Review #12, by luna for president 

4th July 2007:
aw i really love this chapter. You really seem to make the characters accurate in thier behavior and attitudes.

Author's Response: Thanks very much! =D

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Review #13, by kate. 

17th January 2007:
you said you weren't proud of the
first few chapters.& well you should be
they're great.=D
you're amazing.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks so much! That's very kind of you to say so. ^_^

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Review #14, by scribbleaholic 

23rd December 2006:
haha...mcgonnagal(sp??) and grimm haha they make such a cute couple!

Author's Response: They rather do, lol. Thanks!

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Review #15, by JamesandLily4ever 

28th October 2006:
:] Nothing to say except... Excelent chapter, yo! :`> I likey this story! (Yes, I do like this story a lot!)

P/s: I'm going to speed up reading this!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks very much! ^__^

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Review #16, by frannybaby 

20th August 2006:
I love the interactions between Mcgonagall and Grim. I also like the way you write in general. It's more sophisticated than a lot of the stories I find on the internet and it makes it more fun to read.

Author's Response: Wow. I'm so glad that you think so. That's such a great compliment. ^_^ Thanks very much!

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Review #17, by Misty_Rey 

28th July 2006:
Enjoyable chapter! My favourite part was Grimm having his silent commentary on each of the students sorted. Total genius! Ooo, Lily got saved by James. Hehehe. Again, a couple of typoes.

“I’m Emma Goldwyn. Pleased to meet you,” Emma responded, reaching over to shak the other girl’s hand.

Author's Response: Thanks again for that typo. I'm really terrible with catching such things. *blushes* I'm glad you liked that part with Grimm - I thought that it'd be a more interesting way of doing the sorting scene. =D

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Review #18, by goodbyetrain 

4th July 2006:
i must congratulate you for not introducing all of the characters on the train. -__- too, too many people do that. and as always, for superior story telling abilities. [and the song title chapters. (:]
gah, i love it already.

Author's Response: Yeah, I agree with that. It's more natural and realistic to have introductions trickle in slowly. The train isn't a small one - they can't all be stuck in the same compartment, lol. Thanks very much for reviewing. I really appreicate it. =)

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Review #19, by isabellapotter 

26th June 2006:
Holy crap, Coldplay?!?!?! I'll love you forever for that. I just so happen to cherish an unbridled, fiery, burning passion for Chris Martin. I thought I was excited when I saw the last chapter title, but that was nothing compared to how stoked I am now :)

Ravenclaw, eh? I have a feeling she and Lily will be friends anyway. And Snape is interested in her . . . she'd better watch her back! I can't wait to see what she gets up to in classes and such. Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks again for the great review! =D Yes, she and Lily will remain friends - they are a bit alike in many ways and either could fit into the other's house quite well too (Emma could have been in Gryffindor and Lily in Ravenclaw, I mean). =)

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Review #20, by Penny Lane 

11th June 2006:
Interesting, I like it so far. You have a very nice writing style - everything flows without sounding choppy. I'll continue reading. :)

Author's Response: Thanks, Penny Lane. I'm glad you like the story so far and hope the rest of it is just as good for you. =D

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Review #21, by anonymous_writer 

13th May 2006:
I absolutely love your story! I've become totally engrossed with it, and I hope I get to finish reading it tonight! Tiberius Grimm's personalitly is infectious...I love how he can analyze someone and tell what they're going to be like. Well, I guess I'm off to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Haha, I love Grimm's character too much. Maybe that's why he seems to get all the interesting lines and parts in this story. =P It's quite a pleasure for me to read all your reviews. Thanks so much for leaving them. =)

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Review #22, by delta 

29th April 2006:
I nice chapter. The scene was well done and as always, the story flowed wonderfully. My only comment would be that it seems weird that Dumbledore would single out James and Sirius for not wandering into the Forbidden Forest when they are first years and he doesn't even know them yet. Besides that, great job!

Author's Response: But when you think of it. Dumbledore is a rather omniscient character - he seems to know things before they happen. =P Anyway, thanks for reviewing. I'm glad you're enjoying the story. =)

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Review #23, by KawaiiAce2003 

15th April 2006:
This was nice, I'm glad that Lily and Emma became friends but I wonder what's up with Snape?? He's acting a little greasier than normal....

Author's Response: Snape is usually greasy, but he will be nicer later on, you'll see. ;-)

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Review #24, by Blue Moon 

15th April 2006:
This is good so far. I will read more later because you've got me hooked!

Author's Response: Wonderful news! Thanks for reviewing. It's great to hear that people are enjoying the story. =)

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Review #25, by enchanted disaster 

27th March 2006:
thats it...i am head-over-heels in love with your story...i found the lake scene very funny.great job on this chapter

Author's Response: In love with my story? Wow, that's excellent!

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