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Review #1, by Melissa GrazianoPhoenix: Worries, Smoking, and String Bikinis

17th June 2009:
haha i know what partaking in cancer is. XD your makin' me stupid. did i tell you i started writing a story like this? integrating my friends into the HP universe?

Author's Response: hahahaha yes yes you do :P and yeah i'm about to read it now! luv u !

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Review #2, by Melissa GrazianoWhy?: Rune's Birthday Tribute

2nd June 2009:
Well written =] Short, but good. And I'm gonna have to reread this whole things, cause I only vaguely remember what's going on.

Author's Response: hahah thanks missa ;) and feel free to go back and read (and review lol) I LOVE YOU!

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Review #3, by Melissa GrazianoAlternate Universe [Edited Version]: 1. Back to Hogwarts

20th March 2009:
:) As I was reading this, my iTunes shuffled to 3OH!3's "Don't Trust Me". if you don't know the song, you should go listen to it, and have this story in mind, and you'll see why I smiled.
Cute story. Could use a bit of work gramatically, but the plot's pretty cute. 7/10

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Review #4, by Melissa GrazianoAs the Storm Blows On...: Epilogue to Do I Know You

18th March 2009:
AHH yay :)
Okay, I'm happy!

Author's Response: Haha good ^.^

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Review #5, by Melissa GrazianoFlashbacks: A Nervous Proposal

18th March 2009:
Cute! Some errors you might wanna go back and fix... I saw a comma mistake, and "here" that should have been "hear". Mostly dialouge I notice, but it's still a cute read. I enjoyed it!
You may also like to know, I'm beginning chapter four of "The Third Generation", and I am taking your advice of elaborating on other couples. Chapters 4-6 will be from the view of Hermione/Draco. I'll try to make it work so that 7-9 is Ginny/Harry, and 10-12 is Neville/Susan. But that's quite far off!

Cute story... work on it some more =P
Best wishes! (8/10)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Your review was so helpful. That also sounds great about your story...I'm so excited to read them! I did notice as I was writing my story that it does seem to be mostly dialogue...that has always been a problem in my writing. Any suggestions? I would love any help that I can get.

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Review #6, by Melissa GrazianoDo I Know You?: Chapter Seventeen

11th March 2009:
*cries* you dont love us! you wretched, vile creature.
as the storm blows on... new CHAPTER or new STORY?

Author's Response: I know, but its fun being wretched ^.^ As the Storm Blows on is a new chapter.or is it? Lol, as soon as I'm finished with my other two stories, I'll probably make it a new story, but theres no telling when thats going to be


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Review #7, by Melissa GrazianoPhoenix: Misused Favors

1st February 2009:
jesus h. way to use the vocab word there =] paroxsym or w/e it was. poor raye...

Author's Response: hahahah yeah i was like yay chance to use english vocab for once! lol

and yes very poor raye ;) thanks for the review missa X*

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Review #8, by Melissa GrazianoPhoenix: A Secret Smile

15th February 2008:
Gods. Raye's a bitch. =]

Author's Response: Duh, she's modeled after ME!!!! I don't know why your surprised. Aren't you the one who calls me THE bitch?

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Review #9, by Melissa GrazianoSaving George: George's Depression

21st October 2007:
Interesting, I wanna see where this goes. 7 because of the length.

Author's Response: thanks for the review.

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Review #10, by Melissa GrazianoHalfway To Infinity: Chapter One: The Camp

18th October 2007:
How terrible.. the poor girls.

Author's Response: I agree--it's such a sad situation.

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Review #11, by Melissa GrazianoHalfway To Infinity: Prologue

18th October 2007:
My, that was short. Yet I desperately want to see what happens next.

Author's Response: Yeah the prologue is unusually short. The other chapters are longer, though! Thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by Melissa Graziano:

15th October 2007:
so thats what a knarf is =] how cute. i love the name, the goddess of the underworld... very cool. hecate.. im predicting her to be sly and sneaky, bit michevious. kinda like a pixie. =] i'll have to see where this goes. also... i might reccomend a BETA! gosh girl.

Author's Response: Why would you recomend a beta? To many spelling errors?

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Review #13, by Melissa GrazianoLose Yourself: Lose Urself

14th October 2007:
Aw, cute. I'm not one for song fics, so I just skimmed the lyrics to get a feel for the message of the song. But the plot itself was cute. I'd like to see more character development, though. Maybe a fic from the same universe, same characters, different plot ya know? (8 cause I'm not one for songfics)

Author's Response: Most likely not gonna happen Lissy. Sorry. But glad you liked it!

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Review #14, by Melissa GrazianoJust the Girl: Just the Girl

6th February 2007:
Ah! Very nice! I'm not one for song fics, but it caught my attention, and I liked! I never thought Lily would be so cold. I always thought of her as a more... kind of exasperated. Like how Harry was with Colin... Anyways, it's good!

Author's Response: Lol well if a guy had asked you out every day for a few years, I'd expect that you'd get past the exasperated phase pretty quickly. And we saw her in OOtP. Thanks for the insight and the review!

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