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Review #1, by My Name isnt PonyAnomaly;: Intensity;

10th November 2007:

Woot- another chapter!! [dances happily]

Okay, I just have to say, that if I was in a better mood today, I would be laughing at the line where Ashlynn says 'For him to stick that gorgeous, sexy, perfectly-sized tongue down my throat?'. Sounds like something I would say. Only, not... I don't know what I'm saying.

I'm not saying anything, because I CAN'T! I've got no voice! It has disappeared, run away, left me for some OTHER person. I'm angry with it. And when it turns up, I'll yell at it... wiht my inner voice, so I don't lose it again :P.

ANYWHOO.Fabulous chapter. The way that Voldy is all over Ashlynn [without being ALL OVER her] is just perfect. It's the way I'd make him. I think I actually have him behave that way in some of my stories [I'm not sure though]. I think he'd do that cause he's all creepy and it's kinda creepy for him to almost sorta but not really hit on a 16 [Ashlynn's sixteen, right?] year old girl.

So, like..> I can't wait for the next chapter!!! I really like this story, but I still like Cara more, because, well... I just do. But this story is a close second! I swear it is! :P

9796669+1/10. :D You know you love that rating.

But the rating box doesn't. It won't let me rate that high. So you get an even 10/10. But you deserve the rate aboovvve.


Author's Response: ahh i like anomaly so much more then cara. then agan. you had 60+ chapters to get to know cara. so maybe once more happens ill change yourmind. im determined nowww.

shes sixteen. im glad you like my creeepy voldy. shes bold, intelligent, and everything i think he would admire in a woman - shes a lot like bellatrix. which is why i made their dynamic as it is.

welll. thank you very much. =D

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Review #2, by My Name isnt PonyIvy: Epilogue

29th September 2007:
[sighs sadly and contentedly at the same time] It's over, but I love the way you ended it. You had one grammatical error [I looked over and seen Harry’s sleeping form curled up beside me. It should say I looked over and saw Harry’s sleeping form curled up beside me.] but I'm pretty sure that's all. :D

You are such a fabulous writer and the plot was amazing and the fluff was amazingly amazing [because fluff = love] and the characterization was just fabulous and I'm in love with this story. Most stories, I hate Harry, but you made me love him. So does JK, but that's cause it's her story. He still bugs me in the real books though... [shakes head]

Anyways, I just wanted to say that I'll be loooking out for the sequel as much as I can. It's rare to find a story you love so much, [I've only found a few, when there are hundreds (Or maybe thousands?) on this site.] but you're one of the few that I'm in love with. I'll be checking not only for the sequel, but also for any other stories you write.

Now, I need to go see whether my soup is ready [I put the water on for my mum AGES ago and it's only Ichiban, so its not sposed to take half an hour to make...]!

9/10. Because you're worth it .


Author's Response: I knew that it was wrong as soon as I wrote it, but then again, I wasnt sure...but hey, what's a last chapter without one last seen/saw mistake?

I'm really glad you liked this story. I always looked forward to your reviews and I do hope you'll read the other stories that I post and review. I really and truely thank you for all of your reviews.


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Review #3, by My Name isnt PonyChocolate: A Survivor's Guide to Sirius Black: Truth or Lie?

26th September 2007:

Only, I like fumblesquash more. THerefore.


Honestly... I'm going to say that more often!

Okay, I really really really really really really really love this story . I don't know whether I [or my counterpart, Living in my own world] has reviewed for this story before, but I'm reviewing now. :D Be thankful.

I konw I'm mean.

Anyways, you [and... tally? or was it carry? Callie? Oh gosh I'm back with names... [[sigh]] ] are a FABULOUSLY awesome writer. Honestly. You're good. And you introduced me [unknowingly] to cartel. At least, I think it was you. I'm fairly SURE it was you. Know what, I'll check after I finish this review and let you know.

10/10. Or maybe... 180/10, so that I'm making up for the other chapters :D. See, I'm not THAT mean. I make up for it in ratings and such.


Author's Response: OHMYGOSH I LOVE THAT WORD!!! xDD Fumblesquash... -laughs-

Hahaha, I'm Tally. My friend Eileen is the one who co-wrote this for awhile =)

YESSSS, Cartel is like the best. Go listen to Death Cab For Cutie xDD

Thank you!!! =)

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Review #4, by My Name isnt PonyIvy: Disposal

18th September 2007:
Am II The certain reviewer who should look out for the special author's note? Hmmm?

OHMYGOOSE! It's almost over [sobs] I was so falling in love with Ivy [not like THAT] and Harry and everyone. Including the plot, which is officially a person. It's got feelings too. So the ending better make the plot... happy. :D

I love love loved it. And there was just ooonee spot that needs to be fixed :D. 'but not before I seen a flash of Sam’s warm, brown eyes' Should read 'but not before I saw a flash of Sam’s warm, brown eyes'. That was the only thing that I think needed pointing out.

I'm so proud. You've practically stopped using seen improperly!! :). Congrats.

I can't wait to see how you end this. And you're going to write another story after, right? [SOrry-- bad memory today]] Because I'll read it. I will. And I"ll review as well. Because it's fun.

A bajillion/10.


Author's Response: Well, you know, I couldnt have a second to last chapter with out misusing seen....(sorry, hehe)

The ending should make the plot happy...It just wraps everything up, all nicely, I hope. And yes, I am working on three right now...I'm not sure which I'm going to post next though..... I hope youdo review those too, I love your reviews!


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Review #5, by My Name isnt Pony'Really, Moony?': The Bite

2nd September 2007:
Aww that was soo sad. Like seriously. It's depressing.

But I loved it. Really really well written and the Dialogue was fabulous. I loved it.


Author's Response: Wow! Thank you! It's my first ever fic and I thought everyone would hate it so I'm so pleased! Thanks!

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Review #6, by My Name isnt PonyWill You, Uh...: Will You, Uh...

30th August 2007:
OhMyGosh. I loved this. It was so cute and funny and cute. Hah. I'll have to remind my boyfriends that I'm allergic to flowers so they don't end up doing something similar, cause I'll end up with swollen eyes, which would suck.

It was so cute that I'm going to give it a 50/10. Because I liked it.


Oh, adn I can't wait for the rest of the story because I'm sure I'll love it as well.

[ByTheWay, I'd really appreciate it if you read & reviewed myy stories because no-one ever seems to review. WHich makes me sad :( But reading this story made me happy :) gawd I'm a freak.]

Author's Response: lol, my friend's allergic to flowers, and her boyfriend sent her a bouquet on her birthday. That's how this came to be. XD

YAY! Thanks.

Yeah, it'll be fun and light as well.

Oh, totally. Always up for something to procrastinate with!

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Review #7, by My Name isnt PonyAnomaly;: Deceitful;

30th August 2007:

I was so right. I was right. HAH. I was RIGHT.

I liked it, as usual, because it was fabulous. And it was longer than your usual chapters which made me happy.

So I don't have much to say right now except I miss the song exerpts because I found out about whole new bands from you. Oh well. [sighs]

I'm not sure what way I was rating this story [because sometimes I do 10 for the first ch. 20 for the next etc. and sometimes i just give out randoms like a bajillion/10. you know what i mean]

So I'll give you infinite/10 because it's just good enough for that..


Author's Response: thank youuu.

haha. well, instead of broadening your playlist, i am broadening your vocabulary! (though im sure you knew these words already, lol.)

thank you so muchh. [=

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Review #8, by My Name isnt PonyAnomaly;: Melancholy;

18th August 2007:
Stupid Regulus. Liking Solona. Solana. Whatever the hell her name is. I don't care what it is. I don't like her. I bet she's not even that pretty. I bet she's got warts all over her feet and a really hairy back. Yeah.

That made me feel better. Only slightly. It's true. Boys are stupid. SO, I know exactly how Ashlynn feels. Same thing happened to me. Poor Ash. I hope she feels better soon. And I hope you have [or had, depending on when you respond] a nice vacation. Mine was nice. Not really. But oh well.

I really really liked this chapter. And the other two. I've said it many times before, but you're a marvelous writer. ANything you write will be good. And that is the truth.



Author's Response: thank you so much!
it was fun. but i miss updating terribly.
regulus is being a typical boy. stupidddd. but i mean, its in his nature to be stupid.

thank youu. [=

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Review #9, by My Name isnt PonyAnomaly;: Derisive;

18th August 2007:
So, tell me oh great one, what kind of red is Ash's hair? Dark red? Bright, orangey red? Brownish red? Because Auburn means nothing to me. Because I'm a freak:P

I really really really really like this. Not more than Cara [because taht's impossible] but I really really really really like it. It's different. And different=good.

So, I'm off to read the next chapter.



Author's Response: her hair is reddishy brown, but it looks redder in the sun. it isnt Lily Evans red (which I always picture a real dark red) its more brown-red. but stilll red. make sense? kinda? eh. i dont know how to explain .

thank you so much. XD

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Review #10, by My Name isnt PonyAnomaly;: Innovation;

18th August 2007:
Well. This is certainly different. But how could you love it more than Cara?!!

I actually really really like this. I'm currently writing a story sort of but not really like this, so yeah. i forget why I mentioned that. :P

Anyways, I'm not confused at all but I relaly really like this. A lot. It's a HUGE change from Cara, BUTTT guess who's in this story?? REGULUS! [squeals] I love him so much. :D I take it the Marauders and co. will not be in this story as much? If so, I'm perfectly fine with that. If not, I'm perfectly fine with that. All in all, I'm fine with stuff.

Now. Work your magic. Make me adore the characters. :D PleasE? Okay, off to the next chapter! Mayeb I'll like them there. I mean, I like them now, but not as much as other people and I'm going to stop talking because I'm confusing myself.



Author's Response: hahahaa.

i love it more then caraaa. but i always forget that i know the characters better then you guys, so i always want to blurt stuff out but it would ruin the plot completely.

thank youu. and regulus is in this story, and the marauders will definitely be making cameos XD

thank youuu once againnn. you flatter me. XD

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Review #11, by My Name isnt PonyCara Sterling's Guide to the Real World: Samson;

18th August 2007:
Wow. It's really over. And suprisingly, I'm not crying anymore. I stopped after I wrote my last review, and I haven't started again. I'm so surprised. And happy. He still loves her!! [squeal]

Okay, so this chapter was marvelously marvelous. The whole STORY was marvelous, beautiful, funny, happy, sad, overly sad, good, great, fantastic, amazing, perfect, different[inagoodway] and any other good word you can thing of. I loved it.

Honestly, I don't think you should write a story about Katie. I think with this story done and ended the way you ended it, a story about Katie would almost be dragging it on. It would be just as good, yes, but like I said, dragging it on.

I want you to know that this is one of the only stories on this site that I look for as soon as I come to the site. I want you to know that you are an amazing writer and have the power to pull tears from my eyes [even when I don't want to cry], laugh hysterically, become jealous of characters, make the same characters come to life in my mind and write an amazing story. If you keep writing for years, by the time you're twenty, your writing will be able to rival [in my eyes] that of JK Rowling, which is a compliment.

I can't even begin to describe how much I wish I were as good a writer as you.

I'm going to stop talking very soon, because otherwise I'll start crying again. Maybe.

So, the whole story deserves some kind of award. I shall give it the 'This STory is Better than the Rest of the Stories on HPFF, [no offense to other story writers]' award. :D

I can't wait to read whatever other stories you write. Whenever you write them and whatever they're about. YOu've proved to me that you can make me love characters that I thought I hated and hate characters I thought I loved.

an inifinite/10, only more because you deserve it.

Toodles, for good. Or at least until you write your next story.

My Name isnt Pony.


you gave me the ultimate compliments there, and you reallyy touched me, as cliche as it sounds for me to say so. seriously. thank you so much.

honestly, i never thought anyone would enjoy it, especiallyy for this long. but ahhh thank you.


i mean. oh my goddd.

thank you. thank you. thank you.

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Review #12, by My Name isnt PonyCara Sterling's Guide to the Real World: Bruised;

18th August 2007:
No. No. No. No no no no no no no!

How many times do I have to tell you that you are EVIL?!!?. I can't believe it. Even though I knew it would happen. Stupid alchohol. Getting people drunk. Yes that's it. I won't blame any of it on you. It's alchohol's fault. IT's all alchohol's fault. It's true.

You made me cry. But I'm keeping it in. I'll save it for a few minutes ahead in time, when I'll be crying because of the last chapter. No more Cara after that. It's all over. I can't believe it's almost all over, but technically, it's all over because the last chapter is already out. It's over. Over over over and Sirius' heart is broken.

Im so so sorry I didn't read this whenever it was first out. Because I was like, hours away from internet, and therefore I couldn't read it. Which made me sad, knowing that it was over and I wasn't there. [sob].

So, I'll save my thank yous and heartfelt stuff for the next review and close this up with a quick bazillion out of ten.


Author's Response: thank youuu! ahh. im flattered you like it thiiis much, seriouuslyyy.

it is alcohols fault, your right!!! lets chase it with pitchforks instead of me. haha.

thank you once again, ill save my heartfelt thanks for YOU for your next review.

but - thank youu so much [=

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Review #13, by My Name isnt PonyCara Sterling's Guide to the Real World: Three Cheers For Five Years;

8th August 2007:
Oh My Goose. I hate you for this. I'm this [ ] close to crying. What if she's PREGNANT??!?!?! OhMyGOOSE! I bet she is! Nno!!! Sirius will hate her. and so will everyone els.e Grah!

Sorry. I needed to let that out. Like, right then. EVIL!!!

Okay I'm done. It was gorgeous. Perfect. [EVen if I didn't like what happened] I know what you mean with the whole that's what was always planned. I've got something kinda but not really at all like this planned for one of my stories. It's like, if that didn't happen, it wouldn't be right, right? Right.

9+1/10. Perfect.


Author's Response: ohhh. im glad you liked the writing even if you didnt agree with the action - (literally. bahahaha.) but anyhow. thank you so muchhhh !!! [=

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Review #14, by My Name isnt PonyCara Sterling's Guide to the Real World: Memory;

8th August 2007:
Oh No. Only three more chapters. And Regulus died! Oh No!!! Well, it was gorgeously perfect. I adore that song, by the way. I used part of it in one of my stories, but the stupid people at HPFF wouldn't let me put enough in. Oh well.

9+1/10. 3 more chapters and then. no more Cara? How will I survive?!!?!?!


Author's Response: ahhh. we'll have to get through it togetherr =/

but thank you so muchhh; i love that song to pieces. [=

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Review #15, by My Name isnt PonyCara Sterling's Guide to the Real World: We Are Broken;

8th August 2007:
Yayyy Cara. Saving Sirius like that [she was right to do it too. And Sirius would've done something stupid if she hadn't.] OhMyGoose. C...Cody? A death eater? OhMyGoose. How DARE he! NO! How dare YOU! Actually, I kinda suspected it, so I'm not reallyu that shocked, but I'm definitely not super happy. But I loved the chapter. A lot. It turned out perfectly, I think. As they always do/ I'm tired. I was up at ... 2 15 Ontario time, 4 15 Newfie time. That's pretty damn early. Too early.

9+1/10. Loved it.

Author's Response: ahh it is too early. its 12:27 pm here. but i dont know when you posted this so it makes no difference. but anyhoooow. thank you so much!!! [=

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Review #16, by My Name isnt PonyCara Sterling's Guide to the Real World: Blue Burns Orange;

8th August 2007:
OoOoH! YAy fourteen. Ohmygoose, I would've read & reviewd SO MUCH earlier, but I only just got home from Newfoundland like, an hour ago and we;ve been gone for a week, so I had NO time because the hotel didn't have internet. It was fun though, if you're wondering. I saw 2 whales, drank iceberg water and was at the most easternly point in North America. Very fun.

Okay wait, recap. Cara && Siri are engaged right??!!?!?! Okay good. Just checking. I looovved it. Hawthorne Heights are the coolest.

a bajillion /10, by the way.

Oh, I saw the fifth movie. I hated it. Ron was hott. Harry was not [i'm soryr but that hair was a NO NO ] Draco was VERY hott. Not enough Marauders. :( They changed too much. It was messed up. But, I suppose if you didn't read the books it owuld be good.

Love it. You rock. Toodles.

Author's Response: i wanted more marauders as well. i was sooo aggrevated. seriously. ugh. =/

yeah, cara and sirius are engaged.

your vacation sounded amazingg. im going south! haha. allll the way down to south carolinaa. should be fun though.

ehk when i go on vacation i cant update either, and im going for like EVER so im pretty bummed about that.

thank you so much though [=

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Review #17, by My Name isnt PonyIvy: Qudditch: Part 2

27th July 2007:
Hellooo! I totally understand how you feel about DH. I mean, it's the end. And so many people died!! And most of them were soem of my favourites! That book made me cry WAY WAY WAY too much. But it was so fabulous.

But wait, I'm supposed to be talking about YOUR fabulous story!! OhMyGoose. No seen/saw mistakes this time!! Congrats!! There WERE mistakes, but nothing big. Like, in hopeless romantic, you forgot the first e in hopeless and 'So why the Slytherins chasers were dodging our bludgers...' you put why instead of while, but who cares. Im in a good mood. A very good mood. Too good of a mood, in fact.

Wel, I loved it. I'd like some MAJOR drama soon. Okay, so maybe just a little drama. Or medium level drama? How about just some drama. Because I like drama and it makes things more... dramatic. :D

9+1/10. :D Can't wait for the next chapter.


Author's Response: Ahh, well, I really didnt edit well on this chapter. I wanted to get it posted as soon as possible so that it could get validated as soon as possible, so I scived a bit on the editting. *blushes....Yes, I cried tremendously during DH, mostly when Harry went into the forest at the end..

I'm glad you like this chapter, and dont worry, there's lots and lots of drama coming up. Well, It will start out slow and get bigger, actually, but by the second half of the school year will be much more dramatic than the first half.

Thanks so much!

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Review #18, by My Name isnt PonyCara Sterling's Guide to the Real World: Born For This;

19th July 2007:
OhMyGawd. The book comes out on FRIDAY AT MIDNIGHT. At least, at Chapters it does. : ) And I mean friday at midnight as in saturday at 12 in the morning. Ahh you know what I mean.

Know what's gonna happen?? Harry's gonna die, but so will Voldywart annd then Ron will get eaten by... dun dun dun... THE GIANT SQUID!! [you know that squid wants to eat SOMEONE] and then Hermione will be all depressed and sad and will be... sad and depressed. But famous!

Okay, so we all know that isn't gonna happen, but I like to believe that it will, just so that it's got a tiny bit of funniness in it, which we all know it probably won't have much of because well... just because.

Now, to talk about YOUR story. So, is Good Ol' Regulus going to go and get k-i-l-l-e-d by Voldy? Hm?? Cause that's kinda sadd. Oh NO!!! Not actiony chapters!! [gasp] Oh No! That means something BIG is going to happen!

Stupid Voldy... lulling everyone into a false sense of security. Somebody should've killed him as a little boy. Stupid giant squid, not eating him when he was in his 1st year. Would've made everyone's lives a little easier. Well, except JK's cause then she wouldn't really have much of a story, right?

90/10. Lurved it more than I lurve smart food cheddar cheese popcorn. Thanks for writing the story. It's marvelous.


Author's Response: yeah its friday at midnight for me too. m getting the book, getting out, and reading it alllllllll night. im so exciteddd :]

thank you very mucho for your amazing comments . and you love this more then POPCORN? woww man, wow. xD thats amazing right there.

i hope snape gets swallowed by the squid. i never did like him much. haaa.

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Review #19, by My Name isnt PonyCara Sterling's Guide to the Real World: Mistakes We Knew We Were Making;

19th July 2007:
Nothing to say??? Oh wow. That's like... a first. But I totally understand being incredibly exhausted. I honestly cannot sleep anymore. I mean, I'll get a few hours sleep, but I'll stay up till 3 in the morning TRYING to fall asleep and when I do, it's all bad dreams and the I'll wake up a couple hours after falling asleep and the whole process will repeat itself.

It's okay that it was a filler. I totally understand- I finished a chapter for one of my stories and it was like, 8 times longer than the first chapter, but nothing much happened. I just couldn't find a good way to end it until well... it was 8 times longer than the first chapter.

I still loved the chapter because it really showed the anxiety and worry everyone is feeling. And I love the little bit at the beginning with Cara and Sirius it's so cute. I loved it!

So, as usual, 8000/10. Well, not as usual, but I'm going with the numbers. Pfft. You know what I mean.

Thank you for writing this story! I don't know what I'd do without it. Well, I do, but... you know what, I'm just gonna shut up before I get myself into trouble!


Author's Response: thanks so much! and yeah, i know, im not everrr speechless, but i was then. my brain just kept saying: sleep, kaitlin, sleep. sleeeeep. so i couldnt think of anything else.

i normally get a lott of sleep, its a hobby of mine, loll but i had sleptover my best friends house and gotten hardly any sleep and been tired to begin with so it all just caught up to me. you know?

thanks again=]

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Review #20, by My Name isnt PonyIvy: Qudditch: Part 1

18th July 2007:
No! You can't abandone the fluff! :( Okkaaay, but only if you HAVE to. Promise you'll still put in SOME fluff?

Ahem. Grammatical error #1: I seen Ginny, very discreetly, set the paper on fire. Again with the seen's? Here is an example of WHERE to use seen [I'm only giving you one because I'm too lazy to think up more] "I've seen him before" Anyways, this sentence should read: I SAW Ginny, very discreetly, set the paper on fire. Only w/o saw in capitals. GE#2: Wait, there isn't a Grammatical error #2! At least, nothing big that bothers me. I mean, there were other things but one of them was only like, you forgot to put "I" in or w/e. TIny things like that.

Fabulous chapter. Yay! They're officially going ouuttt. Know what I hate? When a guy asks you 'Hey [insert name here] I was wondering whether you wanted to go out" I never know whether they mean like, be their girlfriend, or go on a date with them or BOTH.

Anyways. Loooved this chapter. Twas marvelous. Poor Ivy, fighting with her brother. But she's got Harry and Hermione and Ginny and everyone. So that evens things out... sorta. So, she's gonna be a beater, huh? Hmm... with who as the other one, I wonder?

Know what's good? Well, I was gonna say music but... I've changed my mind. YOUR STORY. I'm not saying that music sucks because i need music. NEED IT. But I also adore your story. A lot. It's awesome. But I wonder what kind of dramatical things shall happen. hmm.

60/10. Toodles. Wait. Oh nooo!! It won't let me vote that much :( :(

So 10/10, but you know how I REALLY feel, right?

Author's Response: Do not worry, there will always be fluff...just not so....concentrated, i think. I want you to know, I sat there for, like, ten minutes going between saw and seen, I just cant ever figure it out, haha, thanks for correcting, I'll fix it....again. LOL Yes, music is my boyfriend, it's entirely a wonder that little lyrics dont get stuffed into my stories...probly why I listen to instrumental music while I write...Yes, Ivy the quidditch player, if she does a good try out..hehe, oh and I just got done writing christmas, I think you'll find it...interesting...hehe
Thanks for your devoted reading and reviewing, and grammar correcting, it really helps, I know it doesnt seem like it because I still mess it up, but I'm trying :)

Thank you!

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Review #21, by My Name isnt PonyCara Sterling's Guide to the Real World: Take This To Heart;

17th July 2007:
This chapter was not too jumbled. Er... not meaning to sound too rude but, do you ever proofread it properly? [sorry if that DID sound rude. i wasn't trying to sound rude or be mean or anything...]

Fabulously terrific chapter!! Finally, the dreaded nightmare comes true. Poor Nymphie... getting captured by Death Eaters. Ahh so no-one knows James && Lily are wanted by Good ol' Voldy, then? Hm... I wonder whether Cara will tell them.

I wish she was back at Hogwarts and could live forever as a sixteen year old too, with all her friends. But then, of course, nothing extremely exciting owuld happen. Sirius and her wouldn't be engaged an so on.

10/10. No wait. 7000/10. WAIT. The rating box won't let me :(

Arrgghhh I hate how the queue is closed for a week. Wish I were a trusted author... how do you become a trusted author anyways?

I can't stop touching my hair!!! Normally, it's all frizzy and curly and annoying, but whenever I get my hair cut they straigh iron it and my hair ends up all lovely and soft and STRAIGHT. I mean, i have an iron for my hair, but I'm far too lazy to ever straighten more than just my bangs. Waayyy too much work and it takes forever because we don't have an overly expensive straightener.

So, can't wait for the next chapter and great job!! We're in the same time zone, btw, at least I think we are... I mean, I'm not in like, BC or Newf. or anything, so I'm pretty sure we are. But who knows, hmm?


Author's Response: ah i have a straightener! but im too lazy cause my hair is naturally really wavy so i just leave it cause im a freak and wont take the time to straighten it properly.

ah all of your questions will be answered soon, except for the TA related question cause ill answer that now.

i just didnt get rejected for a while. i would add chapters, a lot of chapters, because i update as soon as i can, and i just - POOF- got an email saying i was a TA and did a happy dance around my computer room.

but thanks a lot. =]

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Review #22, by My Name isnt PonyCara Sterling's Guide to the Real World: Brighter;

15th July 2007:
So, another great chapter by... you. I'll have to say, this was not one of my favourites, but I'm not sure why. Maybe not enough drama or fluff or romance [aside from the fact that James && Lily are engaged.] but I'm not sure. I mean, it's written fabulously but... meh. I know I always tell you I Hate you after you write a drama filled chapter or whatever, but I always like those chapters the most. Oh well. I suppose there'll be more drama coming, right?

10/10. Great job. [look. I didn't even give you 500! What's WRONG with me??!!?!?!?!] [wow did you know that if you hold down both shift buttons you can't use the number buttons?!!?? See, i was pressing down both and TRYING to write !?!?!? but it would only let me use ??? and I was all pissed off before I realized I was holding down both shifts. Sorry. That was random.]

Author's Response: oh i know, nothing happened, it was a filler, im more excited for the next chapters that are coming. but thank you=]

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Review #23, by My Name isnt PonyCara Sterling's Guide to the Real World: Que Sera Sera;

14th July 2007:
Awesome tastic chapter. I looved it. heehe... Who does get drunk in a restaurant?

I've heard the song 'que sera sera' but it wasn't by valencia. it was by some weird lady who my mum listens to the music of. And it's all whack man. it's like weedman, but whackman, you know?

Terrence the emo boy is the sexiest person in the world. [He's a stick dude. Leave him alone.] If you want to see Terrence the emo stick dude who is cute, search for Daveeindeed. That's Daveeindeed. Not Daveindeed. Daveeindeed. Terrence is just delicious. No, I don't eat stick people. [sticks tongue out]

Boy I'm hyper. [I thought breakups made you un-hyper and depressed.]

Well, 400/10. Great job. Can't wait for the next chapter. You are fabulous.

Author's Response: ouch, a breakup?
thank you so much.
yeah, its also by .. i cant remember her name, buts it by a lady too.


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Review #24, by My Name isnt PonyMarauders in Love: Potions and Promises

12th July 2007:
She gave him a forgetfulness potion.

Author's Response: very good!

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Review #25, by My Name isnt PonyIvy: Erm....Tickling and Drama

12th July 2007:
Eeek! They cuddled and he didn't have a shirt on! Yay. :P I love fluff too. It's the best. Fluff and romance. Nothing angsty-even though angst rules too. I justl ike fluff and romance more. It's more pretty and happy and sweet.

It was large, his hand I mean. I loved that! I don't know why, but I just laughed when I read that and it ruled- laughing, that is.

Terrific chapter!! Can't wait for the next!!! 10/10. You rule.

Author's Response: Why thank you! It's not everyday that someone tells me I rule, you get my favorite review for the chapter! Lol...anyway, yes I love fluff, and thats what the majority of this story is, there's just certain parts of boys that I, haha, hands, arms, shoulders, and the way they smell, so, I dont know, maybe I'm a freak. Haha...Anyway, the next story that I'm going to post, it has alot of angst mixed into the fluff, in marauder time..I hope it goes as well as this one seems to be...

Thanks for the great review! Sorry for the uber long response...


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