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Review #1, by Writer_in_DisguiseFirsts: Hallway Encounters and Slip Ups

10th June 2008:
I loved it once again. I also love how blunt Ryan is regarding the "gender" of her name. It really reminds me of my best friend. Anyways I can't wait for you to update and you definatley left me on my toes!

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Review #2, by Writer_in_DisguiseFirsts: The Beginning

8th June 2008:
I loved it. Your writing flowed very well. Can't wait to read more. :D

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm finished all the way up through chapter 5. Just waiting for validation.

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Review #3, by Writer_in_DisguiseOur Little Addy: Introduction

8th June 2008:
Thank-you for writing a story so unique and inlighting. My little sister also has autism and I think it's wonderful for you to write a story like this. It is fantastic so far. Update soon and keep up the great work.

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Review #4, by Writer_in_DisguiseForgetting the Devil: Forgetting and Forgotten

27th April 2008:
I really enjoyed this chapter. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #5, by Writer_in_DisguiseBurnt Black: What I've done

18th April 2008:
I actually am not that fond about Liz. You should make it more Ray/Sirius

Author's Response: ok, Thanks! :)

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Review #6, by Writer_in_Disguise:

24th February 2008:
I really love this concept. Sure it's been done before but I really like the twist on it. :)

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Review #7, by Writer_in_DisguiseI'm a half blood not mudblood: Meet your brother and inside his room

1st February 2008:
Love it!!! Keep up the good work. I really enjoy it. :D

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Review #8, by Writer_in_DisguiseA Romeo and Juliet complex: the Weasleys, the Malfoys and the feud

7th December 2007:
WHO!!! Sorry about that outburst. Anyways I salute to you for taking on the very big task of incorperating Romeo and Juliet into the Harry Potter series. So congrats to you for making it sound beliveable and not to mention seat gripping. Can't wait to hear the rest!!! - WiD

Author's Response: lol thankyou :D hopefully it wont take me too long to write the next chapter

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Review #9, by Writer_in_DisguiseA Second Glance: Muggle Homes & Conversations

4th November 2007:
OHHH!!! Sounds very interesting. Don't leave us hanginng!!! -WiD

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Review #10, by Writer_in_DisguiseHow To Save A Life: Chapter 25:Epilogue.

22nd September 2007:
NO! Um sorry about that, mental outburst. I can't belive it's over. :( But for the whole sory i give it a 1,000,000/10.

Author's Response: haha I do that too. haha its okay, I've had bigger mental bursts. Thank you so much :D

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Review #11, by Writer_in_DisguiseLest we forget: Hannah and Damon meets

14th September 2007:
*holds tomato in mid fire* WHOOT! You updated! YES! 10 flying pigs out of ten normal plain boring hogs.

Author's Response: Heehee sorry took me a century to update. I do hope it was worth the wait (probably not!) LOL but atleast it was long heehee. Thanx so much! :D

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Review #12, by Writer_in_DisguiseThis Beautiful Blessing: Staying During The Storm

25th July 2007:
Great :) Can't wait for more. I think this goes above and beyond your usual chapters with the detail and even the smallest guestures the characters make the differance.

Author's Response: Thanks, and thanks for leaving a review =]

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Review #13, by Writer_in_DisguiseHow To Save A Life: Chapter 13: Fists, Fights, and Friday nights

7th June 2007:
Hurry up! I can't wait for more!

Author's Response: thanks! soon i promise!

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Review #14, by Writer_in_DisguiseHow To Save A Life: Chapter 11: Sad Looks and Sickness.

17th May 2007:

Author's Response: thanks so much!

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Review #15, by Writer_in_DisguiseHow To Save A Life: Chapter 10: Transparent Lies

23rd April 2007:
I'll tell you what I want I want faster reviews!!! Like mad!!! This is one of ma faveourite stories and I just gobble it up.

Author's Response: thanks so much

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Review #16, by Writer_in_DisguisePretty Girl: Too Late

15th April 2007:
I like this banner a lot too. It seams more cleaner cut. Werid word choice I know but it's still a great banner. Amazing chappie can't wait for more!!! -WiD

Author's Response: It does seem a bit cleaner, doesn't it? I like it. haha. Thanks.

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Review #17, by Writer_in_DisguiseHow To Save A Life: Chapter 9: Jealousy Is a Nasty Thing

12th April 2007:
It's because we are wanting the chapters up faster so keep them comming!!!

Author's Response: thanks so much!

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Review #18, by Writer_in_DisguiseTime For Love: The Accident

29th March 2007:
Amazing! I can't wait for more!!! I love it so far keep up th good work and don't forget to watch your capitals!!!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #19, by Writer_in_DisguiseCara Sterling's Guide to the Marauders.: Here we go Again;

13th March 2007:
I knew it!!! I love that book and I was going to write a fan fic based on that you idea stealer. Anyways amazing though you were so much better.

Author's Response: Ahh thanks that book is amazing.
I am sure yours would be great, though.
idea stealer. weird psychic mind reading vibesss.

thankss again!

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Review #20, by Writer_in_DisguisePretty Girl: It's Over

4th March 2007:
Amazing!!! I've been waiting forevah for this new chappie!!! You've completly screwed up and butchered Melody's life. And I love you for it!!!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #21, by Writer_in_DisguiseSpeak: Chapter Four

24th February 2007:
I hate you!!! This is to addictive. So hurry up and update now!

Author's Response: Haha, thanks. Don't worry, I will!

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Review #22, by Writer_in_DisguiseBarbed Wire and Roses: Since When

23rd February 2007:
Question. Why is Hermione aplogizing so much? -WiD

Author's Response: im not quite sure... i didnt realize i had her apologizing so much

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Review #23, by Writer_in_DisguiseFate; Or Something Like It: An Answer

23rd February 2007:
Amazing!!! I've just discovered this fan fic and I'm in love with it. It sounds very amazing so for my usual unusual review. I give it 50 plus ones out of 5 3rd generations.

Author's Response: haha thanks!

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Review #24, by Writer_in_DisguiseMy Only Wish.: The Christmas Ball.

19th February 2007:
Can't wait for more. I personally love the idea and can't wait for the flying. I can see it now Chapter Six: Up, Up, and Away! Anyways don't let me write the story for you. 74 flying Hermiones out of 10 Perter (Ron) Pan's. -WiD

Author's Response: Ah thank you! I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far. About a week ago I threw Chapter six in so it should be up soon!

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Review #25, by Writer_in_DisguiseA Web Of Lies, Love and Confusion: Leaving and Allison Daniella Granger

19th February 2007:
Great Job!!! Umm .. thinking . 30 floo trips out 10 subway trips. -WiD

Author's Response: I'm not totally sure what that means but Awesome :) Lol thanks for reviewing

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