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Review #1, by the_real_mrs_potterThey Did It Better: They Did It Better

7th July 2010:
That was INCREDIBLE! Wow. I haven't read a fic this great like this honestly, it is something that could very much happen in the Potterverse. If Harry and Hermione did have an affair behind Ron and Ginny's back (which I'm adament that they have), this would be the way it would happen. Hopefully with a happier ending... but yours is pretty great, too. You've done a fantastic job, you should be very proud of yourself :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! :) This little story is my baby, I really love it, and I love the idea that they had something the two of them :] Thank you so much for your wonderful review, it really means a lot :)

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Review #2, by the_real_mrs_potterThe Other Memory: Look At Me

28th October 2009:
I can make you a banner if you'd like! My e-mail is ssmiley (at) charter (dot) net if you're interested. I hope to hear from you soon =]

Author's Response: Oooh, thank you so much! :D I'll be in touch.

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Review #3, by the_real_mrs_potterTo Catch a...Sibling??? ((temporary title)): Chapter One

28th October 2009:
*in small voice* I like cookies...

*clears throat*

So if the payment is cookies then I most definitely can help you out with a banner. My e-mail is ssmiley (at) charter (dot) net if you are interested. I hope to hear from you soon =]

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Review #4, by the_real_mrs_potterUnder the Apple Tree: A Warm Feeling in the Pouring Rain

4th July 2009:
Ahw! That was the sweetest kiss I've ever read. Seriously, I have tears in my eyes. It was so beautiful and I could just *feel* the emotions that poured into it. Your writing continues to astound me. I really love this story and can't wait to see the final loose ends begin to tighten up so that out duo can have their happily ever after =]

Author's Response: Oh I\\\'m so glad you liked it! I didn\\\'t want it to turn out too horribly cheesy. :D Thank you so much you totally just made my day! Happy Fourth! :P

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Review #5, by the_real_mrs_potterUnder the Apple Tree: Dear Diary,

26th May 2009:
welcome back hunn! the chapter was breathtaking and almost made me cry. ALMOST. i'm too much of a hag to cry sometimes, it makes me sick :/ but anyways, i'm glad you're back and i can't wait to hear another chapter from you!

Author's Response: Thanks so much I'll be sure to not let you down! :)

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Review #6, by the_real_mrs_potterUnder the Apple Tree: Something Worth Waiting For

4th February 2009:
GINNY YOU WHORE!!! was ginny right...?
well i think it is so therefore she is a whore with a emphasise on the HO.
but i want them to get together sooo badly :[ why must you insist on torturing me so? am i that much of a glutton for punishment? *sigh* well i guess i'll just have to patiently wait for the next update... damnit.

happy writing :D

Author's Response: If you go back to Chapter 11 you can refresh your memory on the Ginny/Luna diary fiasco. And Ginny isn't a ho haha! She's just a bit misunderstood! ;P

Haha I want them to get together too and I'M the author! And suspense makes it all worth it, I say. ;P

Thanks. :) I'll try to update soon, just for you guys! XD

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Review #7, by the_real_mrs_potterUnder the Apple Tree: Underneath Every Truth Is A Lie

5th December 2008:
it doesn't even matter if he's hot anymore, i'm just going to KILL HIM!!! why, WHY did he do that to her? was he too scared to face everyone else or just a dumbass?? well, they're both pretty similar to the other so...

i hope to be seeing another chapter soon from you, missy!! this chapter ended wayyy too soon for my liking! it was too good to stop!!! please hurry, i'm dying over here!

Author's Response: Ahahaha thanks for the enthusiasm!

I think Harry just had a VERY bad lapse in judgment. Don't fret, the story will continue I will try to get a chapter up asap for you!

Thanks so much for reading/reviewing it means a lot!


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Review #8, by the_real_mrs_potterUnder the Apple Tree: The Truth Inside the Pensieve

4th November 2008:
gahh! it totally made up for the long delay!! the scenes were all beautiful and fit perfectly to the story. sorry about your 'trusted author' status, that must be a bummer... ok, fine; i may be being a bit selfish because i want more chapters quicker, you caught me! damn you're good... but anyhoo i can't wait until you update my favorte little story here :)

Author's Response: Haha thanks so much! Yeah, the trusted author status was a bummer, but it was just because of the server crash and now it's fixed! So hopefully I can get another chapter up soon!

I'm so glad you liked the chapter I feel horrible that it took so long but hey what can you do?

Thanks for your review and keep a lookout for the next chapter I'll try my hardest to get it up asap! ;P

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Review #9, by the_real_mrs_potterLily and James: You can't be serious?

3rd June 2008:
i liked it, very interesting : )

Author's Response: THANKS! :)

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Review #10, by the_real_mrs_potterA Lesson in Sociology: Ginny's Left Foot

27th May 2008:
oh wow... this story is ah-mazing!! i juss finished reading it thus far and oh em geee!! you have got some talent, girl : ) i could NEVER come up with a plotline this good. and the change of perspectives puts some funny dramatic irony into the mix as well. ah, how i enjoy the irony, lol. this is truly a fantastic story and i can't wait until the next update : ) you deserve a 1,000,000/10 no joke!


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Review #11, by the_real_mrs_potterEggshells: Eggshells

29th April 2008:
haha. loved the 'thats what she said' bit at the end. i argue like that with my prends all the time! anyways, great story : ))

ps. i saw that you were in need of a banner... my e-mail is if you're interested.

Author's Response: When I finished this, my friend had been saying that all day, so I added it! Lol. Thanks for the review! And I'll be emailing you soon.


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Review #12, by the_real_mrs_potterOne Last Adventure: The Escape

28th February 2008:
i have one word for you, missy: UPDATE!


Author's Response: Gah, I'm trying, I promise! There just doesn't seem to be time anymore, and then there's the writer's block...ugh. It's frustrating, and I know it must be really annoying for readers. I'm doing my best, though, really I am!!

Thanks for reviewing. :-)

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Review #13, by the_real_mrs_potterOne Last Adventure: Harry's Return

28th February 2008:
o...m...g!! thats all i gotta say...

Author's Response: Eek! Thank you!! :-)

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Review #14, by the_real_mrs_potterOne Last Adventure: Mistakes

28th February 2008:
amzingly amazing, as always!!

Author's Response: Thank you! :-)

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Review #15, by the_real_mrs_potterOne Last Adventure: Prologue

28th February 2008:
dude...its amazing!! loved every second of it!!


Author's Response: Aw, thank you!!! :-)

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Review #16, by the_real_mrs_potterInsomnia: Insomnia

4th February 2008:
ahhh!!! i think a short story is in order here!!! plzplzplzplzplzzz!!!


Author's Response: *Laughs* I'll see if my muse is up for it. Not promising anything, but I'll consider it. Thanks very much for reviewing! :-)

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Review #17, by the_real_mrs_potterHermione's Longing... Harry's Stupidity?: Regret. Loss. Love. So Many Emotions.

10th January 2008:
awww!!! so adorable : )

10/10 deffinitly!

Author's Response: Thanks!! :)

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Review #18, by the_real_mrs_potterIn the hands of another: You owe me.

10th January 2008:
aww, so cute : ) loved it and cant wait for the epilouge : )

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm thrilled that you liked it. :)

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Review #19, by the_real_mrs_potterIf Only...: That's NOT Harry!

8th January 2008:
o nice cliffy : ) plz update soon.


Author's Response: I'm glad you like the cliff hanger...It's my first. Haha. I'm glad you liked it a lot. I'm writing the next chapter as we speak! Thanks for the review. I just got done reading your first chap of your new fic.

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Review #20, by the_real_mrs_potterThe True Son: In the House of the Dark Lord

11th November 2007:
great story so far! im very proud :D

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #21, by the_real_mrs_potterWhy Us?: Difficult Decisions

20th October 2007:
AH most exciting chapter yet!

Author's Response: thanx amy!!

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Review #22, by the_real_mrs_potterThe Darkness Within: The Prolouge

27th September 2007:
yay! it was posted!

i am so proud of u lauren :D ur first fanfic?! yay!!! u are the best and i luv ya :D


Author's Response: yay!!!

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Review #23, by the_real_mrs_potterThe List: Epilogue

12th September 2007:
omg! that was a very funny and satisying last chapter :D im so sad its ending...but oh, well...i know u'll come out with more stories soon :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so thrilled that you liked it. Thanks for reviewing. :-)

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Review #24, by the_real_mrs_potterWhat Books Couldn't Tell Her: The Burrow

5th September 2007:
i luv it! i cant wait to hear more :)

Author's Response: Thank You

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Review #25, by the_real_mrs_potterDeep In My Soul: Deep In My Soul

4th September 2007:
haha, great start on the story!

i would be happy to do a banner for you! just e-mail me at with the information :)

Author's Response: thanks so much. could you do a banner for 'The Hal-Blood Princess'? Ill email you all the details. Thanks so much. Glad you like my story.

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