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Review #1, by MusicboxDistinctly Disenchanted: Chapter Two

21st August 2010:
Can't believe I haven't gotten around to reviewing this yet, Molly, but it is brilliant! I love that Westerflower seems to have all the classic fairytale elements while remaining really unique. You've adeptly created a world that could have easily fit in witht he fairytales I read as a child without borrowing heavily from one specific story or the other. It's great :)

I'm also really enjoying your characterizations of Lily and James as well; she's spunky without being overly spiteful and he's proud without being ridiculously arrogant. Not to mention the fact that they're dialogue is delicious. I loved the bit about his heart bleeding from her barbed remarks - so witty!

Now, to speak on this chapter in particular, can I just express to you how incredibly excited I am that James is a stable boy?! It makes me absolutely SWOON. Which, in case this seems peculiar to you, is linked to my eternal love for Westley from The Princess Bride (both book and movie!), who was, of course, a stable boy. Would it be too much for me to ask you to have James say, "As you wish!" Just once? ;P

I'm very much looking forward to delving into the rest of the story. I still maintain that no one writes L/J like you do! :)

- Jess

Author's Response: The fact that you actually caught my subtle reference to one of my favourite book/movies of all time is sheer brilliance - and another way in which we are eerily alike! LOL! And of course I'm going to work the "As you wish" line in there - I have to, it's legend! Seriously, back in the day, Cary Elwes had it going on, haha.

Aw, you're too sweet, not to mention a phenomenal writer of L/J as well, probably one of the best on the archive.

Thank you so much for reviewing this, dear. You're completely stellar!

- Molly :D

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Review #2, by MusicboxAutumn's Sonatas: (winter music)

6th August 2010:
Ah! It's over. It's over and it was wonderful (but let's be honest: I was expecting nothing less). As always, your writing doesn't fail to delicately and beautifully convey huge depths of emotion with perfect simplicity. One of the things I have really loved and appreciated about this story is that is less about places and plot and more about people and feeling. I don't read a chapter of this story and think to myself, 'Oh, well this happened, and this happened, and that happened,' but I always come away with a distinct feeling, and for me that is much more powerful. So reading this story has been a really visceral experience, and I can't thank you enough for that. I often read fics with good stories, or ones that make me laugh, but it's rare to find one that sticks with me, in my gut, the way this story has.

Getting to Teddy and Molly, can I just say - forgive the lack of eloquence - yay! At first you had me worried, what with Teddy's initial reaction, that it wasn't going to work between them (I haven't read the Orange Groves one-shot, yet, as I didn't want to be spoiled on the ultimate state of their relationship) and that may have just broken my heart. But of course, the hesitation was just temporary, and I'm so happy it was! Once again, I feel compelled to single out a particular line. This one - "She calls it hope and he calls it doubt..." - I really loved because it perfectly summed up the juxtaposition of their different but obviously compatible personalities. That, and I also found it quite clever.

It certainly was an extremely fulfilling ending (that line about Victoire and victory? Genius!), though it would be a lie to say I won't miss this fic! I suppose I couldn't interest you in writing a sequel...Winter's Concerto's, anyone? :P Just kidding, of course. Like I said in my last review, at least I can content myself with the fact that you have a lot of other writing that I have yet to explore, so don't think you'll be getting rid of me that easily! Thank you, again, for writing this truly poignant story. Being along for the ride has been an absolute pleasure :)

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Review #3, by MusicboxAutumn's Sonatas: (reaching)

27th July 2010:
Can I just say that "...her voice sounding like carousels and Ferris wheels and all the things that spin without reason," is without a doubt one of my favorite lines I have ever read - and not just in fanfiction. I'm talking ever ever. Once again, the way you draw comparisons between disparate things and make the juxtaposition sound harmonious is absolutely perfect. I can't wait to see what happens next, but at the same time I'm a little sad that this story has almost run its course. Although I'm sure I could happily busy myself devouring the rest of the things on your author's page ;) Excellent as always; I'll be waiting with bated breath for the final (sniff) installment!

Author's Response: Can I just say how much I absolutely adore and appreciate your reviews? The queue reopens tomorrow, which is when the final chapter will be going in and it saddens me slightly to think this story really has reached its ending. Yet I'm immensely gratified at the kind of ride this story's taken. It's gotten such lovely reviewers as yourself. When I first started this story (completely on a whim - the idea occurred to me when I was snoozing off during a lecture XD), I honestly didn't know what kind of a reception it would get.

But really, it has stunned me. The reviews that I've gotten for this story are beyond amazing and you've definitely contributed to them. :)

- squishes -

Thank you so, so much for reading and for the kind words! It's what keeps me writing when it's two in the morning. ^__^

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Review #4, by MusicboxAutumn's Sonatas: (two paths)

27th July 2010:
Once again, you have bowled me over with this chapter. Incredible. The metaphors you use are so unexpected and unusual, but they make perfect sense. I love your description of Victoire during the confrontation scene - many Teddy/person-other-than-Victoire fics paint her out to be some sort of horrible wench, but I think you've portrayed her very fairly here. I would write some more, but I don't really have anything else to say except: I loved, loved, loved it. And I love, love, love this story.

Author's Response: And I love, love, love that I have a faithful reviewer like you. :) Honestly, I'm so flattered because 1)it's quite difficult to get someone to review more than one chapter and 2)I've seen your work on TDA and it is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, so it makes me happy that someone as talented as you can like something I write. XD

I definitely wanted to be reasonable to Victoire. While she's not exactly very nice, she's not a horrid person either. I'm so glad that turned out okay! :D

Thanks so much for reviewing, Musicbox! I adore all your reviews! ^__^

- Celeste

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Review #5, by MusicboxThe Marauders: James and Evans

9th July 2010:
I love absolutely everything about this fic. The simplicity of your descriptions is so perfect, as are the characterizations of the Marauders (and Lily, of course). One of the best J/L stories I've ever read :)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I'm so pleased you liked it.

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Review #6, by MusicboxCharcoal and Paint: And Then Petunia Had Purple Lipstick . . .

8th July 2010:
I'll admit it - I did not want to like this story. The cliches of Lily-has-a-secret-talent and the-Potters-and-Evans-are-neighbors usually turn me off to a fanfic, simply because most of the time they are executed very poorly. However, I really enjoy your writing style and the twist you seem to be putting on these tired cliches, reinventing them in a positive way! This chapter has definitely got me interested in the story, and I'm looking forward to reading the rest. Excellent job; you truly surprised me :) In a good way!

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Review #7, by MusicboxNo Coffee for Young Men: Smile

7th July 2010:
You should definitely not keep such a distance from James/Lily because you are BRILLIANT at writing them. Brilliant enough to warrant capslock (which is pretty brilliant, let me tell you). The interactions between the marauders are sublime and just how I would imagine them to relate to eachother. And I think it's great that the end of this story didn't result in some cataclysmic snog session or profession of undying love; I'm much more interested in little (realistic) moments like these, to be honest :) I'm always hunting for good J/L fic, and it's such a pleasure to stumble upon gems like this story.

Author's Response: Lily/James scares me! Seriously, I have such a perfect idea of them in my head that I'm always afraid I won't actually be able to write it properly. It's hard to say no after a review like this though!
The good bit about actually being a teenage boy is it gives you quite a good idea as to how they actually talk and act and think. Glad it's coming across properly though!
I kind of wish I could write some cataclysmic snog session to be honest :P Problem is I'd start laughing at myself halfway through and the whole thing would rather fall apart.
There definitely does need to be some more L/J realism around, you're right. Seriously though, L/J resurgence is happening! You have a look, it's starting to pop up again and there are some BRILLIANT things being written.

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #8, by MusicboxFive Rebeccas: Rebecca The Second

6th July 2010:
Eventually I will try to get around to reviewing each chapter of this story...but what a gem this one is! I love the transition of sweet 'n innocent little Charlie to jaded and serious teenage Charlie - the character development between the first chapter and this one is seamless and wonderful. The descriptions are beautiful without losing the masculine voice of Charlie's narration. And can I just say how absolutely genius this line - "...a generation lost and betrayed by the light they hoped would never go out" - is? I might be biased because I do love the song it alludes to, but it's a perfect nod at The Smiths without being cheesy. Anyway, excellent work, and I can't wait to read the rest :)

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Review #9, by MusicboxAutumn's Sonatas: (oasis)

2nd July 2010:
You're writing is so beautiful. Truly. Though this line in particular struck a chord with me - To her, he is butterflies that lie dispersed to the fifty winds - I could have picked out any number of sentences in here that were equally as moving. I love this chapter and the realstic portrait you've painted of both Molly and Teddy; they both become so alive through their dialoge and your descriptions that I wouldn't be surprised to see them flying off the screen and into my room. I'll be eagerly anticipating the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Thank you. :) It really does mean a lot when I wake up to a review as sweet and kind as this one. The support this little story has received is tremendous; it's actually the prequel-of-sorts and a sister story to a larger novella of mine, but remained largely ignored by readers and reviewers for a while. Then for whatever reason, more people started reviewing. To see such a growth is really encouraging! ^_^

Thank you again for the lovely review! I hope to update soon!

- Celeste

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Review #10, by MusicboxAutumn's Sonatas: (merry go round)

28th June 2010:
Your writing style is so easy, fluid, and haunting. I can't say that I have any idea where this story is going...and I don't mind one bit! I do hope you continue with it, though, as I am certainly intrigued. Even if you consider this chapter 'filler' it's still beautifully written. I'd be happy to read a story that consisted nothing of filler, so long as it was written exactly like this ^_^ Excellent, excellent job. I am certainly a fan :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! You're far too kind! :) I was somewhat worried after I wrote this chapter - it struck me that nothing at all had happened in the space of 1000+ words! XD So, I'm really relieved you liked it!

Thanks again for the absolutely lovely review! ^_^

- Celeste

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Review #11, by MusicboxFields of Gold: the jealous sun

27th June 2010:
Oh my, this is absolutely beautiful! There's a field just like this right by my house - although I'm not sure it's barley (not that that is even relevant!) - and you really captured the environment perfectly. It certainly tempted me to take a run through the long stalks, even if I won't have the pleasure of James Potter's company :P Back to the point, though, this is so lovely and bittersweet! The line about James prising her open was particularly poignant to me. I suppose I can't be too terribly melancholy about James' and Lily's deaths if this is how they get to spend eternity :) Wonderful story.

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Review #12, by MusicboxAlways: I.

15th June 2010:
What a brilliant collection of moments! Wonderfully written, and I loved the way you interposed Lily's kiss between the three initiated by James - it was a (lovely) surprise. I regret not having found this before, but it's certainly going to number among my favorites now. Good L/J fic is so hard to come by these days!

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Review #13, by MusicboxAbsence is Constant: Absence is Constant

29th June 2007:
That was beautiful (as all of your stories are). I really don't have any words to describe in the way it should be, so I'll end this here. Wonderful, wonderful work.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much. :)

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Review #14, by MusicboxSaving Ana: Dream Doctor, Meet Alice

15th February 2007:
I was extremely happy to click on the Recently Added Stories button and realize you'd updated (I know this is my first review, but I assure I've read the whole story ^_^). Ana is such a delightfully cyncial character, and I love the way that her personality plays off of Sirius' usually happy-go-lucky demeanor. And speaking of Sirius, how freaking awesome is it that he's read Alice in Wonderland?! (Well, considering the author I'm sure you've known this for awhile, but still- way to go Sirius!). The part with Eben and Ana at the end was adorable; for someone who claims to dislike Ana, Eb sure is insightful. All in all, great chapter (three cheers for length!) and try to do it again soon. It was a great birthday present for my dog's birthday (and of course Valentine's day, but in the realm of importance, I believe my dog's birthday far exceeds that Hallmark created holiday.) Haha, I've just re-read this and realized it's really all over the place. I apologize for the ADD-like review.

Author's Response: i suppose when you write nutty stories you are bound to get nutty reveiws huh? and i love it.
sirius is a real mystery. modelled off...someone. who just pulls out these random things that are both surprising and delightful. and as for ana and eben, well. they can claim to hate each other but really they have one of those relationships where they just enjoy annoying the hell out of each other.
i will try to get another chapter up soon, i go back to uni shortly and just discovered i have 8-5 days. groan.
anyway happy birthday to your dog i hope you spoiled him/her but i must say this year for th first time i was all for valentines day. but only because i got flowers!!!
hoorah. thanks musicbox!!!
now hows that for all over the place???

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Review #15, by MusicboxCaught, Once Again, By a Hot Boy, While Curled Up in a Ball, Eating My Hair: Horomones and Libidos . . . And Slimy Slytherin Prefects

29th January 2007:
This chapter was immensely entertaining (as is par for the course, so far) and completely worth the wait. Dublin's character is so endearing, and I think everyone has a little of her klutziness and social retardation- if not quite as accentuated. Malfoy was characterized perfectly in this chapter; you made him seem like the slimy jerk he is without going overboard. The vocabulary was great, as usual, and I admire the way you use "big" (for lack of a better term) words without making them seem haughty or imposing. Keep up the good work, and take as long as you need for the next chapter- I'm sure we readers can all understand that quality takes time.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I try to make Dublin a character everyone can relate to -- but she is just a teensy bit of a caricature, exaggerated for comic purposes, of course. I'm glad Malfoy seemed right to you. I had ever so much fun writing about him :) Thanks for understanding my regrettable penchant for rather slow updates -- I just can't always seem to find the time to write, what with . . . well, life :) But the next chapter should be ready in the next day or so.

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