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Review #1, by SkinAndBones_Dust: Dust

1st May 2008:

you know, what's funny is on my feed (yes, I have you on my RSS feed :3) it said a few days ago that you had a new story out call Dust. and when I went to read it I realized that it wasn't validated yet. I've been waiting for it since *guilty grin* Why, I have no idea. Probably just because your brilliant and probably because you've been writing about as much as I have (which is significantly less than we used too huh?) but I think it's mostly the first :D

But, after saying that, onto this gem here.

You are the first and only person (and I can say this truthfully) who has managed to pull off second person narrative. I remember reading it on quizilla with really lame stories and making it sound like the reader was the main character and yada yada, and it was just dreadful and it completely turned me off of the narrative. But this! This was simply a work of art. You did it perfectly! I don't even know how else to describe how wonderful it is other then saying that you've made a hater a lover!

I have to say, that I didn't find it confusing at all, but others might not catch on as quick as I did if they just stumbled across this writing. I think the only reason I was so caught on as to who the characters were by like, the first quarter of the story was because 1) I know you're a Dramione fanatic and 2) in your pairing you included Ron/OC. So, by the first narrative switch I had caught onto who was who. Never the less, I still think people would love this even if they were confused! And they would defiantly pick up by the middle, so no needs to worry lol.

I really liked how you pulled out your signature Kate poeticness in this piece. I always enjoy reading your one-shots/song-fics because they always tend to be worded so meticulously and I literally melt reading some of your word combinations. They just make my insides go all gooey and make me want to kiss your feet because your just that awesome.

For example

Dust rises in a bloom of decay

seven words. And I just said 'wow' when reading it.
Why must you be so amazing Kate? You make me jealous and then making me feel bad for feeling jealous over a friend :P

Alright, I'm going to stop there before I start rambling too much. Just know that your awesome and I bow to you. And that I'm really hyper/on pain meds for my headache so sorry if this review is really ridiculous. Hehe

Danielle xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Author's Response: Dani!!!
hey there lovey *hugs*
you have me on feed? teeheee i feel ultra-special now!
im so very pleased you liked it hun - and to tell you the truth - this narrative style - i think it suits me. i had no troubles writing it but maybe it was not me so much but this particular story that needed to be told like this. im not sure, but im just glad it worked ^_^
i wanted to make people think about who the characters were and in a way, i realise now, they could be anyone anywhere. i think thats another reason why i didn't want to name them - its a situation that i believe is not unique at all - which is why i kinda wanted their identity to be not important. does that make sense at all, lol?
poetry fits this narrative style i discovered. without it, the piece felt kind of stark and bare, devoid of feeling. so i included those little poetic devices i love so much to lift it up. im happy that worked too ^_-
do not be jealous - your Wind Tamer is still one of the most incredibly beautiful pieces i have ever read!!

thank you darling!!!

Kate xxx

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Review #2, by SkinAndBones_No Words: No Words

14th November 2007:

I think that's about all I can say right now... my mind is still in awe of that prefect ending.

beautiful. you had be laced with your words from beganning to end :)

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much - I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #3, by SkinAndBones_Dissolved Girl: Dissolved Girl

1st November 2007:
I love you girl. like, for real lol.

and I'm a little ticked that you already have so many reviews on this. I feel like a bad dedicatee... (is that even a word? it is now lol)

anyway, back too the O.O
Kate dear, you have seriously blown me away. Like honestly. Your such a good writer already, and then you get these amazing poetic moments that just make everyone's jaw drop. This story is one of those stories. It's just, wow.

It's completely entrawling, and I found myself completely stuck in the story. Each word was so prefectly placed! It was just beautiful, and if read aloud, would no doubt flow off the tongue in a waterfall of beautiful syllables! Sometimes I wonder how you manage to make each word so prefect without analyzing each word seperately!

And my god, the ending was so prefect. It was like... I was expecting it, but it still came as a shock because you managed to work it so prefectly. Fluffy and slightly corny in it's predictiblity, but in a beautiful way. (I know, too many beautifuls, but it's the only word I can think of using!!!) I'm sure you could make any corny story work girl lol.

And Draco! throw me in a cold shower please! I mean! Burning love lol. He's just so prefect! And tender and amazing!

urg I don't even know what to tell you about anymore becuase I have no words! it's all just useless sounds like 'ug! um! wow!'

I feel so flattered too. If this is how you felt when i dedicated Wind Tamers to you, then you are welcome!!! xD

love you!! thank you so much for dedicating this to me. My heart is so happy that it might just explode! :D


Author's Response: aww sweetie i loves you too *hugs* i;m so so so happy you liked it!! i was nervous! thank you for loving it!!

i felt i had turned away from my poetry a little, so i tried to intentionally be more poetic in here than i usually am.

actually, i did read it aloud, to check for the flow xD

i can work corny!! lol. i think its cause i hate it so much, i try so darn hard not to make it corny corny, if that makes sense :P

ahhh draco. i like him alot in this. he is raw emotion and movement and...*Sigh*...yeah. desire. a storm.

thank you darling!! so happy you liked it!!
Kate xx

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Review #4, by SkinAndBones_September: Pale September

19th October 2007:
Your Blaise reminds me the teeniest of Edward *suspious* silly silly :P
maybe just because you made him so incredably sweet that he made my heart flutter like Edward did lol.

I, personally, have never been a big fan of Ginny. I'm not sure why, I just never liked her much, but you make her bareable in this story lol. I would actually love for you to continue with this story, if you want of course. I sorta felt, as if there wasn't enough to the story by the end of it, and I want to know more! :D

xx Dani

Author's Response: ahhh but i did write parts of this before i had read those books!! heehee i do agree though. maybe i was influenced on my edit.

you know what? i'm not a ginny fan either, esp not in fanfic, so that was another addition to my personal challenge. glad you liked her.

i have some thoughts to continue, but i'll have to see how it goes. there is definately space to tell more of their story.

thanks love!! *hugs*
Kate xx

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Review #5, by SkinAndBones_Deadly Sins: Of the Heart

19th October 2007:
I never thought it would be Ginny to go missing lol. I thought maybe it was going to be Hermione or Pansy, when I read your summary for the story, but now I'm wondering where on earth Ginny went, and perhaps, who she's with O.O
and poor Harry. You write him really well in this story, he's real in his emotions for Ginny, and his odd twisted nerve for Draco

and, course, I don't think I need to say anything about Draco darling. xD

(by the way, this reviews are me making up for the fact that you've updated like, a billion stories and I've yet to review them ;) expect more lol)

xx Dani

Author's Response: surprised you then? very cool! hmm where did she go indeed...oh i'm glad you like my harry. i find him dreadfully hard to write.

thanks hun!! you have caught up now!!
xx Kate

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Review #6, by SkinAndBones_The Devil you Know: Spiralling

19th October 2007:
I want Blaise back :(
I miss him. even if he was being a jerk sorta. *sad*

I really haven't much to say about this chapter other then every time I read your story I am inspired by the triangle to write my story again too xD

oh, and you have to stop with the Hermione torture. She's already had one breakdown, are you shooting for completely frying her brain? lol! xD

lots of love darling, sorry it's so short, I'm off to dinner soon!
Dani xx

Author's Response: wow. you're the opposite to a lot of other readers. they are all hating blaise.

he'll be back.

heehee but i like torturing my characters!! nah, she's not going to suffer for much longer. there are only 2 chaps to go!

enjoy your dinner! i totally forgot to eat until about 10.30 tonight! *sigh* spaghetti on toast...

Kate xx

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Review #7, by SkinAndBones_The Devil you Know: Ripped at the Seams

3rd October 2007:

*steals Draco and hides him under her computer desk*

How dare you subject the poor, beautiful boy to such horrible torturous pain woman!!! I heartheby steal him for his own protection from your wrath!! *cuddlesDraco*

ok, now that I got that out hehehehehe :3
here's a nice long review to make up for the fact that I didn't review the last one. Hopefully this will be the first review of this chapter!!!

1) I ALMOST cried at the beganning (almost, which is a lot coming from me cuz I'm really not a crier). I just wanted to cuddle the poor boy. It's great how realisitic you make his emotions. Draco is usually someone we see as having no emotions, so tredding in the terriorty can be tender ground, but you pull it off beautifully, as always hun :)

2) somehow, SOMEHOW, you've made me go from loving Blaise to hating him! How is this possible? How did you do it? I still don't know how? But, I'm assuming that was the point of the story huh? He has logical reason for being angry, but still. DRACO LOVED HER!!!

3) you did Hermione's Breakdown wonderfully. I could invision it in my head, and then her flipping (for lack of a better word because I'm very tired and can't think of any other word to use at the moment) out at Draco about their affair, so beautifully done! prefect.

I feel better now because i reviewed, and because you updated, because your stories = love.

now for Deadly Sins. Right?
well, whatever you update next I'm sure I'm going to be reading it, so do whatever lol.
lots of love,
Danielle xx

Author's Response: heeheeee well at least i know draoc will be safe wtih you ^_- for now....*winks*

thank you dani!! i'm so pleased Draco is coming off as human in this - i was worried he would be too OOC, and i think he still is a little, but i think it works within this fic.

and now you hate blaise? why does everyone hate blaise? he's the victim! he really is...

thank you. it was hard to write that breakdown. i had to sit here and almost make myself hyperventilate to write it. i have never ever been in her shoes..i mean, i have liked two boys at the same time, but never done what she is doing...

heehee DS chapter 5 is in the queue!!

thanks darling!!
Kate xx

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Review #8, by SkinAndBones_The Bargain: A Meeting And Some 'Tea'

11th September 2007:
k, so basically, all I have to say is.

mawhahaha! I was right! I RULE!


Other then that, the chapter was Hermione centered, but still VERY pleasing because it's definatly leading into stuff, and is just making me greatly exciting for the next few chapters!! keep it up dear, I'm looking forward to your next update!


Author's Response: Hahaha ok you were right :D

Was it really? I hadn't noticed, but I'm so glad your looking forward to the next chapters! Thanks for the review Danialle!

Dixi x

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Review #9, by SkinAndBones_The Devil you Know: Consuming Guilt and Words not Spoken

27th August 2007:
damn you woman! why do you have to spring such an amazing chapter on me right before bed!! I had to stay up a little longer just to read it lmao.

so, basically, ever time a chapter of this story comes out I'm reminded why I love your writing so much. this is the one that started me on you, and every time i come back to it I remember how addictive your story plot is and it just get's me hooked all over again.

lovely, lovely chapter. all it all, your chapters always great ;)

don't be too long with the next chapter. Of course, not before the next chapter of deadly sins right? lol.

and look out for chapter 11 of Playing Cat and Mouse. I'm going to try and get it in the queue tomorrow night >.> I've been so busy lol

xx danielle

Author's Response: hey danielle!! heehee - sorry about that ^_- well, i'm not really, lol :P

i'm glad you liked this chapter darling - i was a bit unsure about whether everything was understandable, so i'm glad its still all making sense!

oh i will update Deadly Sins before this!! and i can't wait for the next ch of cat and Mouse!!

Kate xx

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Review #10, by SkinAndBones_Deadly Sins: Memories through the Mess

20th August 2007:
ahaha, the desk sweep. that was so corny, and yet, so prefect lmao!

I love Draco.
You could make anyone love Draco, I definatly think that now.

The chapter was so great! I was reading it and it was like a little movie in my head, all the discription! I love description, I eat it for breakfest, and girl, I'm full lol

I actually laughed out loud at Hermione in this. You did her drunk so well lol. I was imagining her with these exagerated expressions and giggles xD my words that was amusing.

And then you turn it around and make it all hot and steamy. PDAing!

wow, I am really not in a good state of mine to be reviewing this lol. Ok, I'll just stop because I say something stupid, and just tell you that it was amazing, as always! xD

first reveiw on this chapter? (if so then...) yay!

xx SkinandBones

Author's Response: lol, i KNOW, but i had to do it xD Draco in a fit of passion...*sigh*

anyways, thanks for a wonderful review hunny!! i loved writing a drunken hermione - it was fun to imagine her like that. i'm glad you liked it!! hot and steamy? why of course xD you know me *winks*

hahaha!! luv ya darling and you got second review!!

Maji xx

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Review #11, by SkinAndBones_The Bargain: Brawling

16th August 2007:
basically. I don't know what to think of Blaise xD is he good, is he a git, was he really helping hermione because of the contract.

i hope it's the last one.
because I think your Blaise is positively adorable and I want him to be with Hermione.

omg, ok, was I the only one to catch the whole 'weasley and Draco' didn't get caught up in the brawl thing? is that because they are maybe. TOGETHER?? ;) *biggerzomg*

or is that too far fetched? I don't know, I think it would be funny xD anyway.

basically, i loved this chapter just and much (*cough*more*cough*) then the other chapters.
You've found an avid reader out of me and that doesn't happen much! so it's all the more special when I actually find a story I like. I love this story. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it plays out!

*lovin it*
S&B xx

Author's Response: I think he's abit of both... As there will be alot of times ahead where he'll be gitish but a lot of good will be shown. Secretly have feelings? Hmmm... I'll let you be the judge of that! *winks*

So far! lol your very observant SkinAndBones_! But I don't know about them being together, I mean, Draco is a posh Slytherin after all... But, then again, so is Blaise! *winks even bigger*

Glad you enjoyed this chapter, hope you like all the others just as much. Thanks so much for your fantabulous review! It kept me grinning all day. Until next time.

Dixi x

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Review #12, by SkinAndBones_Sirius' Marauders: Sirius' Marauders

8th August 2007:
i love you!
this one-shot was amazing. I'm like, shaking! I loved it!!! AH!

wow, like, I don't even know what to say in this review, because I can't think of anything in it that was better then anything else, the whole thing was just prefect.

ok, lets see.
I absolutely LOVED that you had Peter kindof as an awkward outsider to the group for the beganning, because it's obvious that he was never really as tight with the other three as some people thought. He was just sortof, there, he looked up to Sirius, James, and Remus, but he mostly just tagged along really xD

James was prefect also. you really captured the cockiness that I feel James has. I think the only thing that pulled me away from the story was him being a chaser... wasn't he always a seeker? I don't know, anyway, that was really the ONLY thing. and geez, their kiss was amazing. You really showed that it was, in a way, a struggle for domanace, and you almost leave the reader second guessing at who really won the arguement ;) the last comment. 'So Can I.' That was so prefectly placed. xD

And I loved how you only really gave us a little taste of the relationship between Sirius and Remus. You made it obvious that there was so much more to the two, while holding out on the reader xD The scene was prefect! the fact that Sirius went to see Remus after he killed Peter! Tear-jeaking!! (I held it together surprisingly)

You're a really good writer, and I'm rather upset that i Haven't found you until now! I'm not much of a reader because usually I'm really picky with what I read, and I'm really hard to please, so it's great when I can find a author that I actually like.

it must be us Hufflepuffs ;)

all in all.
this was effing amazing.
I love you lol
xx SkinandBones

(ps: I was totally thinking during the whole story of how many Sirius Fangirls that this fic would upset immensely xD it made me giggle)

Author's Response: Wow thank you so much for the review! I'm really glad you liked it!
Yes, I'm sure this fic isn't exactly top of the average Sirius fangirl's favourites list! xP
Yeah I really wanted to explore writing Peter as a proper character in this one-shot as I feel he's usually either just ignored in Marauders fics or portrayed like he was always evil or something. I wanted to show what he might really have been like: a bit in awe of the other guys and never really as close to them as they were to each other because I guess he was always the 'lame' one. But I wanted to show how he himself might have felt about that.
Yeah I'm a big Sirius/Remus shipper so I found the last section very hard to write. I just thought it would be painful but beautiful for Sirius to come and see Remus one last time before the inevitable happened. But I wanted to leave it open and just remain in that moment, so I'm glad you didn't feel cheated but thought that it worked like that. ^_^
Oh about the Chaser-Seeker thing: James was a Chaser - JKR said so in a scholastic interview. He was just playing around with the snitch in OoTP cause it looked cooler lol. But I know everyone tends to think of him as a Seeker. I decided to play around with this a bit and do a bit more detail into the whole confusion and just show that James was, as JK said, a Chaser, but show why he might have had the snitch with him that day and how he was 'cool' enough to switch roles.

Anyway thank you sooo much for the wonderful review! I will definitely check out some of your stories asap. :)

Katie xx

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Review #13, by SkinAndBones_Abandoned Aspirations: Abandoned Aspirations

7th August 2007:
I love babies! this was so cute! *teehee*
alright, now that I have that over with, we'll get serious

I absolutely loved the father, who we know is Xenophilius now. You really had him well characterized. He wasn't as 'loony' as he was in DH (he could have grown loonier over the years lol) but at the same time, he did have little qualities that that 'lovegood' written all over them. The paragraph were you explain his morning routine (which was what caught me, because it's in the summary) was brillant xD I really thought it was adoreable.

You've made the characters really 3-D. Their believable as real people, not prefect characters like a lot of stories tend to do when not thought out. I loved Katherine. She struck me as a really smart, strong woman. :) and the name choice was prefect. Katherine just fit so well for Luna's mother.

I loved how you stayed IN CHARACTER. you wrote it in first person, and you really made it seem as if the FATHER was writing, and not you. He talked about thinks he knew, and left out things he didn't, and used his ideas and thoughts to protray things in the story that might have happened, but he didn't know for sure (for example "I had the sneaking suspicion that she made it one night and put it out the following afternoon, so that it would be old and stale by the time it got to me, but I suppose now that it was her way of having control." wonderful :) )

I have to say, you've done a wonderful and unique job with this. I've seen a lot of one-shots about pregancies, and their all usually the same,which can make the boring at time, but i could tell right from the beganning of this fic that this was one different. Somehow you strayed away from the norm of fluffy 'new family' fics and gave us someone equally and cute, but still real, special.

I just loved it. loved it loved it :)
onto my faves for sure.

and a 10 for you, because I seriously found nothing wrong with it, after reading it twice lol.
xx SkinandBones

Author's Response: Eeek, I love this reviewing circle! I didn't want to make my narrator too loopy (otherwise, how could the readers trust what he was saying? It's actually an interesting predicament that I'd like to explore some other time, but in this story I didn't want to stray into the Lovegood = crazy category).

The morning routine - I don't know how that came to me, but sometimes it feels like I'm stuck in little ruts, and after years of the same habits growing, I thought it'd be cute if he could just list them off. And obviously I liked it and put it in the summary.

Katherine is a pretty popular name for an OC, but I thought it fit - not too wild, almost predictable, and not at all what you'd think for a Lovegood. I figured she'd have to be a strong personality to experiment enough with magic to DIE, and I like the idea of Mr. Lovegood as a weak character (and we found out he was!).

I never thought of my first-person writing like that, but I love the way you described it and I'm so glad it sounded authentic to you.

Ahh, again, I love this Hufflepuff stuff! My face almost hurts from grinning. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and leave this tremendous review, and I'm SO glad to hear that you liked the story. Sometimes this one gets overlooked, even by myself.

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Review #14, by SkinAndBones_Deadly Sins: Transgression in the French style...

5th August 2007:
"Maudite garce,"
I love you xD lol

oh, and by the way.
I was right!! woot. Of course, it wasn't hard to guess really (using the Dramione fantic deep inside you against you now!)

This story is truely addictive! It flaunts your discriptive writing at it's best, making it simply part of the story, which is hard to do sometimes, for the fact that with a lot of discriptive stories people tend to lose sight of the plot because their so much writing going on xD

you've went out of your way to give us long paragraphs of description and information, and somehow you keep it from getting boring, keeping me from skipping over the paragraphs (I'm very guilty for being the type to simply read only dilogue at times)

rawr. I love Draco in this! I always love Draco, but i love him even more in this! he's so friggin evil. and ah! the french!? i wanted to die. I could just imagine this husky, Draco voice speaking french, and. just ah! xD

and i LOVE PANSY! xD she's so bubblely, except not, because she's Pansy! lol.

man, I should stop, because if I don't I'll be writing all day and, that just, would be too much reveiw xD

all it all, this chapter was definatly worth the wait that you put me through dear xD it was amazing! this story is so one of my new top favorites (not like it wasn't already on my favorites list, but still xD)

Danielle xx

Author's Response: ahh yes, you'd know french, wouldn't you? coolness!! so my translations are correct? i haven't studied it since 8th grade (so...14 years). yeah, i thought it was pretty easy to work out it was hermione :P oh i love my draco in this too! and draco speaking french *dies* i love that image myself!!

ah pansy...well, let me just say this - she is still pansy underneath!

thank you sweetie and i want to get the next chapter up as soon as i can!!

luv ya
Kate xx

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Review #15, by SkinAndBones_The Devil you Know: Ghosts of the Past

30th July 2007:
you... man, you just rock my socks lmao.
you think my stories tangled. please, this one here, this is tangled. And somehow to managed to make me even more confused then you left me last chapter! I don't know what to think anymore. First it was Blaise was good and Draco was bad, and then it was Blaise was bad and Draco was sorta Bad, then Draco was good, now Blaise is good but Draco is good... also? AH! xD I'M SO CONFUDDLED! I'm can't even imagine what Hermione must be thinking! owh.

you've woven another wonderful addition to this additive story, and there's not much else to say about it other then all the same stuff that I've said in the other chapters! you just write your characters so well, and it's obvious that you have this story thought out very well already, because it's twisted and mysterious and just down right contradicts any impressions that it leaves (in a good way! xD)

I can't wait for the next chapter!
oh, and for Deadly Sins next chapter too ;3
keep it up honey. your amazing :)

xx Danielle

Author's Response: rock babe!! what an awesome review!! thank you so much for all of that! tangled hey? well, it will get more so...don't worry! you don't know what to think? excellent!! i aim to insight confusion in my readers xD

thank you darling - your reviews always make me happy!! i'm so pleased you are enjoying it! and the next chapter of Deadly Sins is in the queue, so hopefully, any day now xD

*hugs* thanks hunny!! xx

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Review #16, by SkinAndBones_I Will Come Back: I Will Come Back

30th July 2007:
that was brillent! I always like to read something that's a little out of the ordinary, and this could definatly be discribed that way! after all, how often do we see the Lucius/Narcissa relationship so tender? You've truely dug deep and shown a side of something that most people have never considered before, and I bow to you for that, because that's what I try to specialize in, and it what i love to read. :)

you've done their relationship wonderfully. I loved the current, flashback consistancy, it made it really easy to read, and you gave us just enough information in the flashbacks to keep us on track, but not too much, therefore making the reader have to make their own backstory, their own assumsions to tie everything together. That, in my opinion, shows a good writer, you know what just enough is, and you don't over do it :)

thanks so much for dropping this link off at my challenge. I really enjoyed reading this :)


Author's Response: Oh, wow, SkinAndBones! What a review! Thank you so much.

I'm glad that you appreciated the different portrayal of the relationship with Lucius/Narcissa, too. And you also liked the flashback method, as well? I'm thrilled!

Again, thanks so very much for the lovely review!


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Review #17, by SkinAndBones_Tainted Angels: Meeting Hermione

27th July 2007:
I'm going to attempt at a review, because you left me one, but I apoligize in advance if it is bad, because it is really hot here, and I'm currently loopy from the heat.

First: I like your Blaise in this one. I always saw him as a cocky type, with his mother so well know for her beauty and being friends with Malfoy, and you really played that off really well. He cocky, but not too cocky, which is something that other's can tend to overexagerate sometimes. you pretty well have his character written prefect.

I like the whole, Auror being a crime sceen investigator type thing. We don't hear a lot about what Aurors do except that they 'hunt' bad witches and wizard, so it was good the way you thought it out.

and I love! Hermione. She's so like herself, a little stuck up, a little controlling, she's prefect!!

I really look forward to seeing were this goes. it looks like it could turn into a really good story


Author's Response: Ah, thank you. Seriously though, don't feel indebted to me :p I reviewed your story because it was nothing less than bloody brilliant!! I'm going to review again but its really late here so I'll read the rest of your story when I'm a little more awake and it will sink in.

Its hot over there? All it does here is rain. Bloody England . . . *insert grumpy face*

Anyway, I am pleased you like Blaise in this. I adore Blaise, and the best thing about him is that JK left him open to interpretation, meaning we all get a chance at developing him to our own purposes, which is irresistable, of course.

Ah, Hermione was right? I was sometimes afraid I was straying out of character with her, but if you think she was Hermionish (lol), then that's perfect, thanks. :)

Anyway, thanks so much for your time SkinandBones_, and I really hope it gets a little cooller over there for you. I for one can't stand the heat.

Thank you!! xx

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Review #18, by SkinAndBones_Her Decision: Epilogue

27th July 2007:
Ah! that was so cute!!!
wow, I can't wait until I get that wonderful feeling of finishing a series. I think the first one i'm going to finishing is going to be Playing Cat and Mouse, for the fact that I already almost done writing it, and what I don't have written is already all planned out. xD
it will actually be the first time I finish a story, because my first fanfic I never finished.
anyway, enough about me.

this chapter was so good. It was really a prefect way of tying everything up. Did you have this written before Deathly Hallows? because it's surprising sometimes how accurate some epoligues are to the epoligue in DH (not even just yours, but other people xD)
I thought that was kinda cute, and it was what i was thinking about when I read this, so I thought I'd point it out.

this is a horrible review. the heat here is getting to me. It's making me loopy and rambly *slaps self*

I love the way you write Draco's infatuation with muggle stuff. I always seen him as the type who might be curious, dispite himself. Sort of like, a Arthur Weasley character, except not as opened about the obsession. After all, muggle stuff is kinda weird, now that I think about it.

And I loved the ending! it was so cliche in a way, make fun of upsetting a pregnant women, but at the same time you made in un-cliche. it fit so well that there wouldn't have been any other way you would have been able to end the story. It was like, after all the action and drama you had, there was finally peace with the characters, and their only problem was Hermione, the pregnant woman xD

I look forward to the sequel hunny :)


PS: chapter 9 of Playing Cat and Mouse was validated (because of me jumping and submitting it withen the first hour of the queue being opened lol)
just in case you missed it :( I think some people did. because it was validated so quick lol.
anyway, love again.
(wow, this was long) XD

Author's Response: hey Danielle *tackle hugs* thanks babe - i;m happy you liked it, and cute was the note i wanted to end this on. i'd written this ages ago, way before DH, so yeah, that is weird when that happens. i have read some fics and epi's too that, now after reading DH, well, its weird...the accuracy, i mean :p

lol, i wanted to bring it back to the conversatino harry and draco had, before the polyjiuce. now the shoe is on the other foot!! and yes, peace. calm. i think they deserved it!

the sequel should be up soonish...i want to get a few more chapters of Devil and Deadly Sins up first. and yes, i need to go read and review your chapter!! i'm looking forward to it!

Thanks darling!! xD
Kate xx

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Review #19, by SkinAndBones_Deadly Sins: A Web of One's Own Making

18th July 2007:
wow O.O
hehe :3
Kate hunny, you're twisted.
I've found a new respect for you, you crazy girl! who would have thought that, considering my respect for you already outstands my respect for a lot of people lol.
I always knew you were a little twisted lol, but this story seems like it might be up there with Playing Cat and Mouse

Author's Response: hey darling!! i got the rest of your review, don't worry! thank you so much danielle - i'm so happy you like it so far!

heehee twisted? you have no idea, lol. my mind is a rather nasty place sometimes...

thank you my hunny and i hope you like the next chapters!!

luv Kate

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Review #20, by SkinAndBones_The Bargain: A Faustian Accord

18th July 2007:
yay! that was so cute, I don't know what to say. I've never been very good with reviews, and the fact that this was so good makes it harder lol.

You write Hermione really well. she's just caucious enough of Blaise to be believeable, but trusting enough to keep the story going at a good pase.

I love Draco in this! He's prefectly canon even though you've made him gay, and I love people who can write well enough to change the characters but still keep them with the personalities that JKR gave them

And I think I squeeled a little when you talked about Draco and Blaise. I've always been a sucker for guy best friends, I don't know why, I think it's adorable, and when you wrote about Hermione noticing how close they were, I was smiling. It was so cute lol.

The contract was a really good idea. I thought at first you where going to do the unbreakable vow, but to throw in a new type of 'dark magic' to get the story to go were you want it to was really brillant!

10/10 of course
xx SinkandBones_

Author's Response: Never good with reviews???? You always give me fantabulously long reviews! I love reading them cause they're so honest and make me happy :D And I'm so glad your liking my story still.

Yeah, for someone so smart she's almost to trusting sometimes... Although very closeminded about herself and others.

Lol Draco will get a tiny bit OOC in one (I think?) chapter although we try to keep him in canon.

I love guy best friends as well! Why do people always make girls be guys best friends? see! You make great points in your reviews! lol

Thanks, actually a few people liked the contract... I was a little bit iffy about it... But thanks!

Well SinkandBones_, thanks sooooo much for the review!

Dixi x

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Review #21, by SkinAndBones_The Bargain: Succumbing

11th July 2007:
Everyone's so gay. I love it. Sounds like my school. (basically, most girls are single because most guys are gay) XD

wow, haha, I loved that it was so cute. And I really liked the talk between Hermione and Ron. It's about time someone tells her to loosen it up a little hehe :)

Blaise is really in character, I like him.

And that's my review for now because my brain is currently not working because I only got about three hours of sleep xD

so I'll leave it at 'I LOVED IT! WRITE MORE'

Author's Response: Really? Thats so cool! Well... Not everyone... Just a few *winks* lol.

I couldn't agree more, she needs to get used to people standing up to her :)

You think? I mean, I don't know much about him so I am just playing... So glad your enjoying it and thanks so much for the review SkinandBones_!

Dixi x

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Review #22, by SkinAndBones_The Devil you Know: Comfort or Conflict?

8th July 2007:
flying objects!
please, I'm too busy trying to figure out of this is a good thing or not to throw things at you!

wow, I don't know what to think. Blaise was such a git and she was so sad and Draco was being so amazing. I think he might truely care, but then agian, it's Draco... what if this is the wrong way around! What if Blaise and Marla was a misunderstanding! OH NO! ($%) AH!!!()#%
I'm so confused. I think I'm just about as torn as Hermione!!

You wrote this so amazingly dear. I was seriously tangled in your words, and you disguised a scene that could have been bordering explict written by other people and made it positively poetic. I've said it before, you're good with your words, and you haven't failed to live up to that yet :)

I seriously felt for Hermione. I felt her pain and confusion and I wanted to just reach into the story and give her a hug! the poor girl! lol.

aw, and how I have such a lost because I'm going to have to wait for yet another chapter. Then again, you have to wait for mine too, so I guess I'll just have to live with it :( lol

-sigh- you are just, amazing. That chapter was amazing, and it was worth the wait, as all the chapters are. I am once again caught up in this story, and if the voting was not closed I would nomanate this for most addictive story lol.

Update soon! This is the first time that i have ever said this, and with good reason!

Author's Response: hey hunny *hugs*

ah you don't know if its good or bad? neither does poor hermione! she is rather torn at the moment. and why so suspicious of poor little draco *wink*

oh thanks my darling! i tell you this chapter went through some serious editing - the original version was much more explicit, and making it fit ToS was a challenge, i can assure you! but i'm glad it paid off!

yay if you're feeling sorry for hermione, that is what i want!! but you may end up getting angry at her later...*sigh* the poor mixed up little thing!

you'd vote for this one? aww thanks hunny!! that makes me feel wonderful!

i have to update Her Decision first, and then i might put this one up, but i want to get a chapter of my new Dramione up as well (gah, TA status right abotu now would be awesome, esp with the queue closing for a week!!)

thanks my love!!
Kate xx

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Review #23, by SkinAndBones_The Bargain: An Offer

29th June 2007:
ok, so I don't leave review often (one, because i don't read often, two, it's hard to catch my attention) so take this as a compliment in itself lol.

so I was wondering around the 'recommend a story' board, and a came across this when I was looking for Hermione/Blaise ships. Then I saw the 'slash' and I was caught (sue me, I'm a little twisted :} )

And so far, it has not dissappointed me. This seems really intriging, and I really hope you continue with it. I'm looking forward in seeing what happens :)


Author's Response: Really? I feel honoured, lol I seriously do though, so I hope I dont ruin your expectations...

No thats cool! I love a story with a little bi of slash :D. That would've been Nadz, I asked her to advertise for me. Seems like she's doing a good job.

Well SkinandBones_, yuo will be able to see if I disappoint you or not any day now :) Chapter two is awaiting validation so I hope you keep enjoying it. Thanks for the great review!

Dixi x

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Review #24, by SkinAndBones_Her Decision: Deliverance

29th June 2007:
WEDDING? I love weddings! XD

hehehe. this was so good.
seriously great way to spend a lazy day. your story is amazing.

And I'm just so caught up in it that I can't think of anything to tell you. *sigh* I think I might cry 'cause it's over *tear* kidding. lol, I can't do that, because it was just so great!

whatever you said about not writing action scenes well... YOU LIE WOMAN!
you do action as if you were born to. I was so intrawled in it that I was bitting at my nails as my eyes skimmed the screen. I was like 'homg what is Hermione going to do!)#&%

And Draco.
my goodness, I said it already and I'll say it again, you've made him an amazing character. If I didn't love my angsty, the world sucks, my life sucks Draco so much, I would totally steal your's *evil :} *

this was great.
just. Great

hehe 10/10

Author's Response: *hugs*

I love you! thank you hunny, so much, for reading this! i'm so pleased you enjoyed it!!

heehee - i still don't like my action...but i'm not too bad i guess...i can always see more in my head, and i can't get it out, so that annoys me...

gosh i need to go to bed...wait, i've been offically on holidays since 3.20 yesterday afternoon, so i can do whatever i like :P

right...but i am getting rather eyes hurt...

lol, well, i loves your my life sucks the world sucks Draco too, so maybe we can swap for a while *wink*

*dances* i'm sooo happy at the moment!!! i love holidays!

thank you so much my darling! i can't wait for updates on your fics!!! *whispers* so hurry up will ya, imao!

love ya hunny!
xx Kate *hugs again*

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Review #25, by SkinAndBones_Her Decision: Come Back

29th June 2007:
I love you!
I just, arg! lol.
you are amazing woman!

first thing i want to say is, look at this, this story has had me sat here for near three hours just reading. I haven't even left reviews on any chapters up till now because I've been like 'oh, what happens *quickly clicking the next button*'

Your Draco is amazing. I want to jump into this fic and steal him away from Hermione because she doesn't derserve him lmao. You've turned him into someone that you would want to pull into a broom closet *wink* to someone that anyone would be content just snuggle with (while still holding onto the broomcloset sexiness hehe)

I also have to comment on this particular chapter. Then mention of Lee Jordan being a expect at forgorary! someone's been doing their research! I definatly wouldn't have thought of throwing that in there! I'm surprised that I even remember it from the third book lol!

Wow, you just have a way of slipping in the most miticulous details, and they all really pull the story together. It's rather chilling in a way actually, the story is really true to the world that it's set in, and somehow, even though you are writing a 'non-canon' ship, you've backed it up enough to make it seem canon.

anyway, I have to pause here in the story, (as much as I want to continue because it's pretty much just left at a cliff hanger) because my stomach is currently screaming at me to eat something, and I really think I should lol.

again, I just.
you're amazing.

I better be getting a copy of whatever book makes you famous, because girl, it's gonna happen, and i want to read it.


Author's Response: *blushes* hey hunny!! wowee you've done some reading! 3 hours! i'm stoked you like it so much darling.

well, you can;t have my draco cause he's mine! so there! imao. and, i don't think hermione would give him up so easily either....

oh the Lexicon is my bestest friend in the whole world! i loves that site sooo much! details are so important to me - JK's world is so rich and interwoven and i always feel that to leave the detail out, however small, is dishonourable to her talent, you know? does that make sense?

lol, go eat sweetie!! feed your tummy! mine just had chips and chocolate (i feel so guilty...esp cause i had my blood pressure taken and a diabetes test today and was told i am perfectly healthy and must have a great diet...o well)

i'll remember to send you a copy...probably in the next life-time! my original work doesn't turn out anywhere near as good as my fanfic. i lose steam half-way through novels and never finish them. one day, is a dream!!

thanks Danielle! *hugs*
xx Kate

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