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Review #1, by saberwolfDid You Hear About Ginny Weasley?: Secrets Will Be Told

8th September 2009:
Can't say I liked this chapter that much. Lot of spelling errors to start it off. And you added a halloween holidays, which takes away the big halloween feast at the castle, something which i always enjoy reading in the real books. and everyone's reactions were actually a disappointment. I was hoping for so much more, it seemed to end way too quickly and they didn't really do anything but ron and that quick chokehold. so this chapter fell far short of my expectations and i had high hopes for this one. sorry that i insulted it pretty good but that IS what these chapter reviews are for, so the readers can give their opinions.

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Review #2, by saberwolfDid You Hear About Ginny Weasley?: Listen To My Cries

8th September 2009:
Sheesh, why does the fat lady keep changing the passwords, that's got to be annoying for everyone. and i liked the last paragraph, when harry say "maybe...i'm pregnant?" and he's right, they can phrase it or try to explain it anyway they want, it won't change everyone's reaction, lmao, which i'm looking forward to seeing.

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Review #3, by saberwolfDid You Hear About Ginny Weasley?: Hospital Wing

8th September 2009:
Yup, thought that was going to happen when I finished reading the last chapter. Lmao, I bet this will set a Hogwarts record for amount of gossip once it gets out. And I guarantee it won't take long for a few peole to find out and spread it throughout the whole school. I'm really want to see Harry's and Ron's reaction to the whole thing, gonna be so great.

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Review #4, by saberwolfDid You Hear About Ginny Weasley?: Returning To Romance

8th September 2009:
I'm sure others have told you that boys can't get into the girls dorm so I won't bother. But regardless it was hillarious, lmao. Ron probably got more steamed in this chapter than in any fan fiction i've ever read, and i LOVED IT. i absolutely love it when sparks fly. I sure hope that the rest of the story is this good.

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Review #5, by saberwolfThe Trials of a Fairy Tale.: The Queen of Pillow Fights.

6th September 2009:
AH HA HA HA HA HA, LOVED THE ENDING. Just the thing I was waiting for, when Ron found out and erupted like a volcano. I was praying that sparks would fly and boy did they fly. Great chapter, best one so far.

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Review #6, by saberwolfThe Trials of a Fairy Tale.: And If You Asked Me If I Love Him, I'd Lie.

23rd August 2009:
Wait, when Seamus says that last bit to Harry and Ginny does he already know, or was he just acting on a hunch? When I read that I thought "maybe everyone already found out but they just don't know yet" but I guess I'll find out soon enough. And seeing as you've used multiple Taylor Swift songs so far you must be a pretty big fan. My little sister is too, you'd probably get along pretty good. And I particularly enjoyed their shouting match when harry and ginny came back from the "library" lmao. if it was me i would have grabbed a bag of popcorn and can of mt. dew, sat on the couch, and watched it like a tennis match, lmao. Pretty good chapter and I'll be looking for more, although i have to point out there were a fair few spelling and grammar mistakes. By the way if you ever want to read my two stories go ahead. one is a one-shot and the other is a novel that is just about done once i get the last couple chapters posted.

Author's Response: when seamus says that to harry and ginny, he says it because everyone knows they SHOULD be together, like they knew ron and hermione should be. haha oh yes, i am a very big taylor swit fan. i thought that each of those songs fit into the storyline pretty well. i hope to update soon. ahh yes, i am a terrible editor. i'm trying to get better at catching my mistakes. and i'll be sure to read your stories. thanks for your review. =]

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Review #7, by saberwolfThe Trials of a Fairy Tale.: "You can be really daft sometimes, ya know that mate?"

18th August 2009:
what, secret dating, that's never a good idea. you have to look over your shoulder all the time to make sure nobody is around and it drives you insane trying to keep the secret. it's much nicer when u don't have to keep it a secret. hopefully they won't have to do that for too long, lmao. and this must be the first fanfic where ginny is concerned about what ron thinks, lmao, usually it's just harry that thinks that. but hey, that just makes it that much more interesting. great chapter, i'll move on now.

Author's Response: you're right, secret dating is HARD. but let's hope it works out for ginny and harry. =] i was hoping i would add a minor twist into the plot by having ginny be concerned as well as harry. but don't worry, i think eventually her well-known "who gives a crap" attitude will be seen.

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Review #8, by saberwolfThe Trials of a Fairy Tale.: "Potter charm, don't fail me now."

18th August 2009:
lmao, wow, maybe ginny isn't as smart as we all thought if she was unable to realize that harry was talking about her. glad to hear that this relationship with bridget didn't last too far into the story, didn't like it from the start. and that little potter charm line was pretty funny too, never heard that before. you know what song i would have ginny sing to bridget if she came trying to get harry back. i'd use bon jovi's "you give love a bad name" their my favorite band and it's one of my favorite songs.

Author's Response: thanks for the suggestion, i might use that. great idea. haha, i like to think of ginny as just... blinded by love. she figured she wasn't good enough to have harry be talking about her. thankfully, she got the picture eventually.

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Review #9, by saberwolfThe Trials of a Fairy Tale.: "You do not, in any shape or form, look like a lion."

18th August 2009:
the song isn't familiar but i do know who muse is, talented band. and i'm kinda having a love/hate relationship with this fanfic. love because of how unique it is but hate because of all the things like an ipod, vcr and such that aren't in the wizarding world and in the real books wouldn't work on hogwarts cuz muggle items aren't supposed to be able to work there. regardless though it's still fun to read.

Author's Response: yeah i realized about half way through writing these chapters that i wasn't really "wizard editing." so i decided just to flow with it. if i had caught myself earlier, i definatley would've fixed it. but now, i just like to pretend that hogwarts and the wizarding world has become a little more advanced. =]

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Review #10, by saberwolfThe Trials of a Fairy Tale.: "Oh yes, I Almost Forgot."

18th August 2009:
Oh boy, lmao. I can tell this is gonna be good. Once I read the last two sentances I said to myself "oh yea, I'm going to enjoy reading this and hopefully be laughing nonstop." Please don't disappoint me, lmao.

Author's Response: haha thanks! i hope i don't disappoint you!

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Review #11, by saberwolfMisery's Company: Chapter 11

30th May 2008:
Wow, i'm completely in awe at this chapter. 10 on originality, 10 on depth, 10 on creativity, but only a 5 on grammer and spelling, several mistakes there. everything else is a 10, and i can't wait until the end.

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #12, by saberwolfAlways There: Cheaters

22nd May 2008:
Yup, just as I called it. You heard it from me, and I was right. Meredith got just what she paid for when she got together with Jeremy, a one way ticket to being a booty call. And i don't buy for a heartbeat that the bandage on Nick's arm is to cover up parental beatings. I bet you he's got the dark mark on his arm doesn't he. why else would he have his lower arm constantly covered. i don't know what he's playing at but i can't think of anything else.

Author's Response: haha, well, you'll just have to read and find out :)

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Review #13, by saberwolfAlways There: Fights

19th May 2008:
Oh boy, Meredith needs to be smacked. what's sad is that she thinks she just got a bf, but in reality she just bought a one way ticket to being a booty call. i mean, i'm a guy, and i know a lot of other guys, and it'll be the same thing he did with girls in the past, climb in bed the first chance he gets and then he's done with her, he doesn't care. u heard it from me, even though u already know what happens i can tell this is going to happen.

Author's Response: yeahh :]
thanks for the review.

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Review #14, by saberwolfPromise.: CHAPTER 12

18th May 2008:
This fan fic sure is moving quick in it's time line. i mean through two chapters they seem to have progressed through a little more than a year. makes me wonder what's been happening in the months that were skipped. still a good story regardless, just something i noticed and thought i'd point out.

Author's Response:

Yes... Well... nothing really that eventful happens during the months/years that I didn't write anything... they pretty much just lived like a normal family would... but just you wait... you might get to find out later what happened during those years/months :)

Thanks for the reviews :)


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Review #15, by saberwolf:

15th May 2008:
Alexia's dead, good ridence. good story, i know i didn't review that much throughout it but it was a good story overall. there were some things that confused me down the road but i figured them all out after i reread certain chapters. anyway as i said good story, i'd give it a B.

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Review #16, by saberwolfKeep on Going: Chapter 10

16th March 2008:
Oh boy, this can't be leading to anything good. I bet he explodes with anger as soon as he sees what's on the other side of that door. I can only pray that they don't start having sex and "then" he opens, that would be a complete nightmare. Oh and grammer was still a little off in this chapter.

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing! i have the next chapter up asap!

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Review #17, by saberwolfMisery's Company: Chapter 7

10th February 2008:
So I was partially right. A fake body to look like him and make everyone believe he was dead, but not the way I expected it to be. Very creative in what you did. There's no way I could have predicted that coming. Still a good story and getting better all the time.

Author's Response: Looks like I finally stumped you XD

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Review #18, by saberwolfMisery's Company: Chapter 6

24th January 2008:
What did she do to him? I can think of a couple things she might have done but I can't see enough clues to figure it all out. What I'm leaning towards is that she planted a decoy body that looks like him to make everyone think he's dead, but that doesn't explain why she would raise a large knife right over his head. It's all very interesting. Guess I'll have to wait for now. Good chapter and I liked this one cuz it was a little longer than the others.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #19, by saberwolfKeep on Going: Chapter 9

14th January 2008:
I don't get it. Why does everyone think they have to have sex in their fan fictions. I'd say like 8 out of 10 fan fics that I read have sex in them at least once, I just don't get it. Are people really that obsessed with sex that they have to have it everywhere. In real life I understand, but in make believe, come on. Don't take that as a negative comment because it's not, I still like the story, but I'll probably never understand why everyone puts sex in their stories. Only negative thing I'm gonna point out is your grammer, that could really use some work.

Author's Response: thanks for the review, and i'll look over my grammer.

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Review #20, by saberwolfDaddy Returned: Christmas

30th December 2007:
Okay, I've tried to mellow out a little bit since this story has had less action and just try to like it the way it is. And even though I still liked the beginning a lot better cuz of the action, this is still good, just a nice story to help me relax when i've had a stressful day at work. By the way, what happened to your "Summer at the Weasley" fics? they've been deleted.

Author's Response: i'm sorry ):
there should be a big fight soon, if the story goes to plan (:
the summer fics? i deleted them - along with some of my other fics - because i didn't have time to continue them and i hated them. xD. they were rubbish.

thank you for reviewing! (:


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Review #21, by saberwolfWhy Us?: Epilouge

30th December 2007:
Excellent story. I know what u mean about it being over though. It's always tough to see it come to an end after you had so much fun writing it. But that's the way of life, everything ends eventually. All in all, it was an overall 11/10 and I loved it. I'll be watching for your next novel that you mentioned, but until then, Saberwolf out.

Author's Response: haha, thanx. im actually working on it ya wont have to wait for long : )

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Review #22, by saberwolfMisery's Company: Chapter 5

14th December 2007:
pretty good chapter. shows that ginny isn't "pure" evil. though she won't admit it, u can tell that she still has some softness in her, VERY little of it but it's there, buried. that's at least what i get out of this chapter but i could be wrong.

Author's Response: You're right, she does have a little good left in her. She's not evil, she's insane and that outweighs the good in her by a lot. The only person she really cares about is Harry, it's really because of him that she has any humanity left.

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Review #23, by saberwolfPsycho Path, Cho Chang: Back To Normal

18th November 2007:
I'm astounded to hear that there will be a sequel. so i'll be checking for that as often as i can. this has been one of my favorite stories and to know now that it will continue is awesome. i give this story a perfect rating in terms of writing and creativness.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot Saberwolf. I'm glad that you sticked around till the end and I'm even more thrilled to know that you will be awaiting my sequel. ^_^ Thanks once again. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Review #24, by saberwolfPsycho Path, Cho Chang: Adventures

27th October 2007:
Wow, she actually fell for that, and she's supposed to be a genius. wouldn't have fooled me, i'd have known right away that something was up seeing a pink feather in there. wonder what it is though and what cho is planning on doing now that she's got hermione uncontious. good chapter again and get the next one up soon.

Author's Response: Yep. But actually, there's a reason for her to "fall for that feather". lol. The next chapter is the last, so whatever is going to happen is going to end this story. And later of course, there will be a sequel to continue on. lol!

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Review #25, by saberwolfMy Marriage to Harry Potter: Sisters

19th October 2007:
Wasn't expecting the last chapter to be up the same day I read the one before this. Good thing I check for updates on all my favorites as often as I can, so I can read them right away. One thing i have to ask before i forget again, i wanted to ask this in the last chapter, but y do u call harry as harold those few times, i don't ever remember reading that in the real books. did u just want to throw it in there for ur own reasons? and about romilda, i feel sorry for her and her sister about how they have never really been close, but i didn't expect to read that they've never even "hugged" before. i mean for christ sake, who never hugs their siblings, my two little sisters mean the world to me, those two little pip squeeks (yea they're pretty little still, lmao) look up to me and i feel honored because of that, i want to be the big brother they see me as. anyway this story was just as good as the first one, possibly better, and i'll look for more stories from u in the future. for now, Saberwolf out.

Author's Response: I'm pretty sure taht Harold is Harry's real name even though it wasn't said in the books so I just went ahead and used it, anyway I'm glad you liked it, thank you for reviewing regularly.

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