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Review #1, by kateyTempting Fate: Chapter Twelve: Of Cuts and Bruises

25th December 2011:
uggh, yay a new chapter.. hahaha James is too much.
"you talked about me?!"
looove him

I'm happy that they're together now :) and that everyone is okay
i can't wait to read more of this amazingness ...ugh i die.

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Review #2, by kateyChloe Bonaccord: September 1977: Train.

19th December 2011:
ohhh "bless his cotton socks" hahaha
you have me intrigued

ugh she's so daring, i'm in love.

Author's Response: Hehehe thanks ^^
yaaay:D xx

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Review #3, by kateyAnd Mayhem Ensues: Drugged up on Love

19th December 2011:
awe no :( Eva. I feel terrible. cue Remus for a dreamy dose of comfort lol I really have enjoyed reading this. Seriously, this is fantastic. My finals probably won't be thanking me, but eh it was a joyous way to procrastinate :P

in love with this story :D

Author's Response: Equally- I have an enormous amount of work to do, and look! I'm on here. Playing around.
Thankyou for your lover-ly (say it like that in your head) compliments, and keep reading! I mean, who seriously needs qualifications? xx

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Review #4, by kateyBlack and Blue.: Detentions Always Lead To More Trouble.

19th December 2011:
awe booo it's already write mooore

but it's interesting i enjoy it so far :)

Author's Response: thank you:)

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Review #5, by kateyAnd Mayhem Ensues: Quidditch

18th December 2011:
ohhh nooo, there's no more to read :( gbrejnrfewwrgthyjhtrg

Author's Response: Never fear! Next chapter is hours away from validation. So glad you like it :) xx

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Review #6, by kateyAnd Mayhem Ensues: Slap-happy Hyperactivity

18th December 2011:
i'm glad frank was literally in this, most people only mention him. I'm loving this story :)

Author's Response: Thankyou very much! And you have Catherine to thank for Frank. I also love him!! :) xx

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Review #7, by kateyLetters to L.C. : Mermaid Tears and Broken Butts

18th December 2011:
how am i supposed to go to the bathroom? hahahah
i love her.

Author's Response: well, Lenny does think of the important things :)

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Review #8, by kateyThe World, Biscuits And Sirius Black According To Nellie OíNeill.: Brothers, Duels, Arguments And Me

11th December 2011:
jtyhtgrsefasdxtfcyjtutyht stopp ittt, ugh i die.

can i please have both Black brothers fawning over me?!

I'm in love. with this story :)

Author's Response: Haha, of course you can (: And I'm so happy you like the story. It means a lot to me. Thanks so much for the review, it's made my day. I hope you have a great day! Xxx

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Review #9, by kateyTempting Fate: Chapter Eleven: Of Good and Bad Receptions

7th December 2011:
stooop it. you're cruel lol

honestly! took him long enough. haha
perfect though, i let out a cheesy girly scream

but ugh, nooo not her dad :( spread the looove

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Review #10, by kateyTempting Fate: Chapter Nine: Of Chest Pains and Heartaches.

7th December 2011:
ugh JAMES, what are you doing with your life. :(

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Review #11, by kateyTempting Fate: Chapter Eight: Of Emergency Avoidance Mode and Emotional Wreckage

7th December 2011:
kujtyhregwfqdukjythrgefgr i die. amazing. omgod.

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Review #12, by kateyTempting Fate: Chapter Seven: Of Quidditch Days and Crazy Nights

7th December 2011:
:( mkjnhbgvfcdxszxdcfvgbhjn

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Review #13, by kateyI Never Knew You: Weekend

4th December 2011:
ohh i can't wait for the rest of it :)

the almost kiss :( i die.

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Review #14, by kateyI Never Knew You: Remus time

23rd August 2011:
ugh im going to be sad if she doesn't at least have a small fling with the slytherin with no name...god damn.

Author's Response: Only time will tell!
And well I guess I will also tell as I am writing this. :P
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by kateyI Never Knew You: Munchkins

23rd August 2011:
you know i never thought about it but the idea of a Slytherin
but damn that sounds sexy..

all bad boy,coming to your rescue, guy you can't have, but damn you know you want him.. i'm enjoying this.

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Review #16, by kateyI Never Knew You: Yuh huh, Nuh uh!

23rd August 2011:
omgodomgodomgdodokgodmgodsgnoa hahahahaha the poor never a break.

and i thought i was bad.

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Review #17, by kateyI Never Knew You: Hello

23rd August 2011:
omgod how cute is this, how cute is she? she even made me nervous. i can't handle this. i'm in love :)

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Review #18, by kateyTempting Fate: Chapter Six: Of Fights and Friendships

23rd August 2011:


ugh but how can you not love him for being an ass and punching his friend because he kissed a girl he really likes...i mean for a guy to do that for you...ugh i die. what guy would do that for me? i'll tell you right now the list is short and by short i mean non existent.

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Review #19, by kateyTempting Fate: Chapter Five: Of Dating and Iíve Never

23rd August 2011:
ugh this ending crushed my soul like christ they just admitted so much right there buuut won't admit that they admitted all of that if you catch my drift lol i'm a hot mess after reading these damn things.

btw tragic that he slept with Elizabeth ugh kill me. :/ but i sitll love you..still too lazy to backspace

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Review #20, by kateyTempting Fate: Chapter Four: Of Growing Up

23rd August 2011:
oh keep doing James's point of view it's so much fun to listen to mostly because i love him so haha but it's fun to hear both sides...and it's silly to see how they're both on the same page but so off at the same time...nuts

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Review #21, by kateyTempting Fate: Chapter Three: Of Age Differences and Mixed Feelings

23rd August 2011:
ugh he's so dreamy. James that is
these two are what got me into fan fics
i love their story
ugh can i have my own James?

i'm so excited that you continued this story
having been a huge fan of Adara and Sirius :)

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Review #22, by kateyAlong Came Sirius: Epilogue: Crash

18th August 2011:
i'm so beyond tragic right now like. i can't believe this

I never read the epilogue before and i'm so sad now that I have :(

it's almost as bad as Sirius dying in the books
like ugh why didn't you bring a wand, harry why didn't you use the mirror lol for christ's sake.

i'll just be going now to cry until forever.

haha but honestly this is one of my favorite fan fics, and it's too amazing for words. YOU'RE amazing. :D

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Review #23, by kateyAlong Came Sirius: Chapter Nine: Again

15th August 2011:
ugggh yess finally
the kiss
i die.

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Review #24, by kateyAlong Came Sirius: Chapter Two: And They're Off

15th August 2011:
so I'm rereading this fanfic and it just makes me fall in love with it all over again. How can anyone not love Sirius haha
I'm so happy I could come back to this.

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Review #25, by kateyAccidentally on Purpose: Of Weddings and Black Dogs

29th April 2010:
ugggh, what happens next what happens next

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