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Review #1, by xxSTARxxCarrington: Bets, Staircases and Moaning Myrtle

8th March 2014:
I love this story so much, can you please please update soon?!?!

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Review #2, by xxSTARxxA Spectral Memory Untouched: "Slip of the tongue."

8th March 2014:
I love this story but you haven't updated for forever - can you please add another chapter soon??


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Review #3, by xxSTARxxA Spectral Memory Untouched: "You look really nice today, Jenyse."

30th March 2010:
(This didn't show up the first time I posted it, so forgive me if it ends up on here twice).

Great story, I've had this sat in my favourites for ages, and I eventually got around to reading it, read the 1st one first (obviously) and it was so good that I just had to keep reading. Hence, I then started this one.

I've thought of how she can get him to remember her:
She can break into Dumbledore's office and steal his pensive (or just explain to him why she needs it), then put all of her memories with Alec into it and then Jenyse and Ian can go through the pensive, and maybe just maybe, when he sees everything that happened between them, he might remember. Just my theory anyway, you've probably got something else planned though.

Why did you let her kiss Travis?!?!?! Now everything's going to be awkward!!
A) The Marauders won't be very understanding if and when they find out.
B) She'll lose Travis as a friend because things will be just too awkward between them now.
C) She'll have to repair the damage and pain it caused to Ian/Alec.
D) Even if Ian's memory of Alec does come back, he'll still have the memory of what just happened, and will be angry that she betrayed him like that - even after all her assurances that they were 'just friends'.

Ooh! I was listening to some songs the other day and they seemed to fit this story really well. One of them was "Please Remember - Leann Rimes". The lyrics are:

Time, sometimes the time just slips away/And your left with yesterday/Left with the memories/I, I'll always think of you and smile/And be happy for the time/I had you with me
Though we go our separate ways/I won't forget so don't forget/the memories we've made.
Please remember, please remember/I was there for you
and you were there for me/Please remember, our time together
The time was yours and mine/And we were wild and free/Please remember, please remember me.

Goodbye, there's just no sadder word to say/And it's sad to walk away/with just the memories/Who's to know what might have been/We'll leave behind a life and time/We'll never know again.
And how we laughed and how we smiled/And how this world was yours and mine/and how no dream was out of reach
I stood by you, you stood by me/We took each day and made it shine/We wrote our names across the sky/We ran so fast, we ran so free/I had you and you had me.
Please remember, please remember.

I think that fits in quite well. Either with her struggle to forget about Alec (before Ian came to Hogwarts) or about when Alec died, it could fit there because he promised he'd remember her.

The other one I thought kind of fitted with your story was "What Hurts The Most - Rascal Flatts (or Cascada)". The lyrics are:
I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house/That don't bother me/I can take a few tears now and then and just let 'em out/I'm not afraid to cry every once in a while/Even though going on with you gone still upsets me/There are days every now and again I pretend I'm ok/But thatís not what gets me.
(Chorus)What hurts the most/Is being so close/And having so much to say/And watching you walk away/And never knowing/What could have been/And not seeing that loving you
Is what I was tryin' to do.

It's hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go/But I'm doin' It/It's hard to force that smile when I see our old friends and I'm alone/Still Harder/Getting up, getting dressed, livin' with this regret/But I know if I could do it over/
I would trade give away all the words that I saved in my heart/That I left unspoken.
(Chorus x2)
I'm saying that loving you/That's what I was tryin' to do.

I think this sort of shows how she felt in the month between losing Alec and then him coming back as Ian. Especially the chorus, it hurts her to be around him, because he's not the same guy she fell in love with.

Okay, now that I've left an extremely long (and probably mostly irrelevent) review, I'm gonna go now.

Please add the next chapter soon!! Please!!

(P.S: 10/10)

Author's Response: ((response below))

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Review #4, by xxSTARxxBragging Rights: Chapter Fourteen. Mute.

29th September 2009:
Missing moment:

What were Elsie and Peter whispering to each other at dinner in the last chapter?

Great story by the way!!

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Review #5, by xxSTARxxA promise: A promise

25th September 2009:
I LOVE it!! I like how you changed the lyrics to fit the story! The spelling was a bit off in places, but that's not that important. I love Meatloaf and Harry Potter, I have actually had a similar idea to this myself - using his songs for a story! This is brilliant, I also think of Sirius when I hear this song!!


Author's Response: wow, thanks ^___^ i'm a bit late in replying to this, i know, but it still means a lot

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Review #6, by xxSTARxxShameless: Just A Little Heat

24th September 2009:

I LOVED ONE OF YOUR STORIES AND YOU'VE DELETED IT!!! "Educating Neely" is one of my all time favourites, I came to re-read it and it's nowhere to be found!! Please please please please please can you upload it again??? PLEASE!

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Review #7, by xxSTARxxShakespeare, Magic, and Me: "Find thou the means, and I'll find such a man." Lady Capulet(3.5.108)

23rd September 2009:

Is someone going to open the closet door and see them hugging and think there's more to it??? It'd be good if that happened, would be funny seeing Lily trying to explain her way out of it!!

Anyways, great story - unique idea too!!

Update soon please!!

Author's Response: :) thank you! i LOVE when people leave me ideas!! but ironically enough, i thought of that, and deleted it. instead i began the next chap with alice and lily. and since you offered your idea, i'll tell you how the next chao opens:
alice asks lily why she was writing notes to james all class. and why she was in a broom closest with him. lmao.

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Review #8, by xxSTARxxLOVE & BROOMSTICKS: Confrontations, Denials, And Qudditch Balls

23rd September 2009:

I LOVE this story!! It says a new chapter was added on the 20th September, but it hasn't appeared yet!! Why??

Please update (properly) soon

Author's Response: I noticed some errors so I went back and fixed my typos, then re-submitted. Sorry! I'm doing one-shots for a while. Then I'll be picking up my novellas again :D Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by xxSTARxxThe Virgin Count: Love Shack

20th September 2009:
It's a good story, you won a Dobby Award. SO WHY ON EARTH HAVEN'T YOU UPDATED IT FOR OVER A YEAR?!?!?!?!?!?

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Review #10, by xxSTARxxIt's a funny thing.. time: Dates, Gifts, and Snowballs

19th September 2009:
It says that this was updated yesterday (the 18th), but no new chapters have appeared!! I got really excited when I saw an update, and then quickly disappointed when the chapter isn't there!! :(

Author's Response: I know I'm sorry! That was just an edit to chapter 5! Chapter six is in the validation queue right now and should be up within a few days!

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Review #11, by xxSTARxxWhite Houses: Chapter Six. Spun.

18th September 2009:
Poor Lily!! I really thought someone was going to wake up before them and see them in bed together!! Just wondering, after Lily saw James doing THAT, when she came out of the bathroom, Remus was doing a similar action with the broom handle, was this to reinforce the image she already had imprinted in her brain from earlier?

You didn't actually say that Sirius mixed the boutterbeer with the firewhisky. You only implied it as you only said he grabbed three bottles of butterbeer, he apparently didn't have any firewhiskey bottles. Just though I'd point it out for you.

Please update soon!!

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Review #12, by xxSTARxxIt's a funny thing.. time: "My name is Draco Malfoy and I'm a slimy git."

7th September 2009:
I've only just found this story. I really like your idea with this so far. I think Hermione and Fred are a good couple!! (Have you ever read "A Summer Job" by Harrys_Patronum ?? That is a really good Fred/Hermione story too, and well worth a read.)

I was just wondering about the dungbombs section. Was that in the books?? If so, where? Also, what did Hermione need them for?

Keep up the good work and please update regularly!! (I've just read all of it and came back to this chapter becuase I wanted to ask about the dungbombs)

Author's Response: I'm really glad you like the story! I have read A Summer Job and it's one of my faves :) first Fred/Hermione story I ever read and it got me hooked!

The dungbombs part came from Chapter 19 of GOF, page 330 in my book. When Harry is about to speak with Sirius in the fire he mentions "The common room was deserted, and, judging by the fact that it smelled quite normal, Hermione had not needed to set off any dungbombs to ensure that he and Sirius got privacy." And I thought to myself, wherever would Hermione get dungbombs??...

You'll be happy to hear that the next chapter should be up within a day or two, as it is already in the validation queue.

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Review #13, by xxSTARxxFate: A Perfect Way To Start

17th July 2009:
Hey!! Thanks for updating!

Your use of speechmarks has greatly improved!! There's the odd one now and again, but most of them are right! :)

This looks like it's going to be a pretty good story.

However, one thing I will mention is that at Hogwarts they don't have maths, they have arithmancy. But then again, they might have maths as well and J K Rowling just never mentioned it! You never know, it's possible!!

Anyway, keep writing please!!

I'll look forward to your next update!!

Author's Response: Thank you, and I'm working on the speech. So I'll change it to arithmancy. I wasn't even thinking about that. But Thanxx and I'm glad you like the story. =)

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Review #14, by xxSTARxxHOGWARTS IDOL!: 5

17th June 2009:
spelling was bad in places, Ginny's full name is Ginevra nor Virginia!

It was a bit weird and random

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Review #15, by xxSTARxxFate: Back To School

30th May 2009:
please please please please please please please please please please continue this!!!

I can't understand why no-one else has reviewed! I think this is going to be a really good story!!!

However, my only criticism would be your use of speech marks. For example; when you put:
"thanks, hermione smiled, i'm going to miss you guys so much."
It should have been: "thanks", hermione smiled, "i'm going to miss you guys so much."

once or twice is fine, as we all make mistakes, however you seemed to do this all the time!!

But other than that it looks like it's going to be great!! So please continue with it!!

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Review #16, by xxSTARxxErin: Epilogue

29th May 2009:
I've spent the best part of today reading this. At times your spelling wasn't the best, but I still think it was a great story!!

Loved the bit earlier when Harry and Ginny were broke into on christmas eve and Ginny asked what it was and Harry said Santa!! LOL!!! Laughed ages at that!!

I was actually in tears when Ron was "killed", you wrote that scene beautifully!!

However, I do feel that you need to work their ages out better. Erin was 4 when Reynolds was born and so six years later would make her 10 (possibly nearly 11), Reynolds would be 6 and you said Madelyn was 3. Then you said 12 years later, Erin was 22, but she started Hogwarts at 11 and 11+12 =23 not 22! Also, you said madelyn would be 14, but this is impossible as she was 3 when Erin was 11, so 3+12 = 15, not 14! However, I suppose she could have been about to have her 15th birthday? Hmm, never mind, ignore me! It's late, Lol!

Anyway, overall a great story, thought it skipped a bit too much at the end though, should have said if she actually became a Gryffindor or not, and also some adventures she had at Hogwarts. I think it would have helped a lot if you included a description of what her husband looked like though.

But, on the whole, great story!! Well Done!!


Author's Response: yeah, i wrote this mainly when i was in 8th grade, so i spelling and stuff is sketchy. haha. erin was 5 when he was born and 12 years later if erin would have had her birthday, she'd be 22, and the same for madelyn. however, i also could have messed up. haha. thanks so much. i'm really glad that you liked it, overall. :]

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Review #17, by xxSTARxxNightly Patrol: Nightly Patrol

29th May 2009:
that was good, but i think it could make a quite good story. you know, continue this and have them meeting in secret cos they're afraid of families reactions, then have her having to tell her parents that she's in love with a malfoy.

I think it could be good if you get time to do it!

Author's Response: thanks! i'm really glad that you liked it! haha. i might.

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Review #18, by xxSTARxxNow Comes the Night: The Night

17th May 2009:
Oh come on!!! You can't just leave it there! It's been over a year since you updated this! I've spent the past few days reading this entire trilogy!! You can not just end it there!!! UPDATE IT!!! ASAP!

It's looks great so far, but please please please please please please please please please update soon!!!

Author's Response: Hey Star!

Thank you for reviewing! I just want to let you know (and anyone else that may come back to read through reviews :P) that I've submitted chapter 7 for validation - so it should be up soon! I'm still shocked that a couple of people have nailed the parentage... I figured I'd be burned at the stake... another reason why I couldn't bring myself to update the story in a year. But, no more excuses from me! I'm on a NCtN roll!! :)

I appreciate your sticking with this story and hope you enjoy what's to come! XD

Jessi x x x

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Review #19, by xxSTARxxComplicated Hexagon: Reunion

14th May 2009:
I how one word for this story: WOW!

It's brilliant!! Really! Well done!! The last few chapters have actually had me in tears! (and I don't cry easily at stories!!) From when alternative Harry begged Hermione not to go, I haven't been able to stop crying!! lol!

You gave it so much emotion, it is quite simply brilliant!! I'm off to read the sequel now. I thought he might remember something, due to how much he loved her!!


Fantastic! Well Done!!

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Review #20, by xxSTARxxBehind Blue Eyes: When There Was Me And You

16th October 2008:
Great story, though there seems to be a lot of gaps: eg.) he hit her one night, next morning she slept with him?? i mean come on!! it's not exactly plausible is it? Also, then after one night together he "loves" her?! and they are an item? and how does he know they can't tell the friends?? you haven't had hermione saying that!!

if you fill in the blanks it would be great. this story is really good appart from that though! well done!! please could you add the next chapter soon?

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Review #21, by xxSTARxxForbidden Desire: Forbidden Desire

27th December 2007:
This is a good start to your story, and I bet that it could be really good if you continued with it! I don't understand why nobody else has reviewed this, or why you have abandoned it, because it looks as though it is going to be good. If you kept at it more people are probably going to review and like your story.

The Snape/Pearl storyline looks to be interesting, as it's a side of Snape I have never seen explored on here and think it could be a really interesting read.

I like the idea of Ginny and Malfoy, it's so much better and original than the many Draco/Hermione stories on here.

Please continue this if you get the chance as I would love to read more and see where all of this is headed.

All in all I think you have some really good and original ideas.

8/10 (only reason that it is not higher is because the chapter needs to be slightly longer and you need to continue with the story)

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Review #22, by xxSTARxxA Summer Job: Gone

16th December 2007:
good story but with this chapter you really need to use spellchecker!!!

Author's Response: I did... hmm i must have been in a rush that day

Happy Holidays!

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Review #23, by xxSTARxxSweetest That I've Ever Seen: Your Song

22nd November 2007:
um... y doesn't ron have long to live? what's wrong with him? okay i guess, needed to be longer though.

Author's Response: Ron is terminally ill. I think I made hime have cancer or leukemia perhaps. Yeah, I wrote this a long time ago, so it's pretty short. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing though!

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Review #24, by xxSTARxxA Summer Job: Escape

30th October 2007:
Wow fantastic!!!

Why did you have to kill the baby though? Anyways really good story, hope you will update soon!

Author's Response: I'm sorry, it was a major thing I could not get around it. But just wait. Things are going to be... wel remain drastic

Thanks for the R/R

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Review #25, by xxSTARxxJust trying to fit in: a fairly quiet train ride

29th October 2007:
(It's your friend Chelsea Turner by the way)

Absolutley brilliant! SO much better than some of the stories on this site!! And i'm not just saying that as a friend i really mean it, hope you add the next chapter soon!! I haven't had chance to read your other stories yet but i will soon. I chose to read this one first because, although all of your storyliines sound good, this one sounded the best.

Please update soon!!


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