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Review #1, by MajiKatThe Mark of Cain: The Mark of Cain

25th August 2012:
Ah susan how i have missed your work! I adore the allusions you have scattered throughout this and it makes me wonder how I never looked upo Regulus' story as that of Cain. You are so very clever, you know that right?

I love how you concentrated on Regulus' feelings for sirius and how that adoration was the turning point for him, at least that is how i read it anyway.

There isnt too much more i can say - mainly because you rock, and also because im not used to typing on the ipad yet, lol. Just know that i loved it and also expect lots more reviews as i try to catch up. Having a device i can take with me about the house and use while holding the baby means i can return to the world of fanfic!

Kate xx

Author's Response: Kate! *huggleglomps* It's fantastic to hear from you, and it's awesome that you've come to check out my new story! I hope that you've been well - it's exciting that you'll be making a return to fanfiction! ^_^

Clever? Haha, delusional is more like it - random things come to mind, and I just write about them, crazy as they sound to others. :P I can't even remember where I got the idea to use Cain and Abel, even the connection to "A Tale of Two Cities" came later - it must have been from something I'd read - but I'm glad that you like the allusion! Biblical allusions are tricky, especially when I only know the stories in a vague sort of way. It so strangely fits Sirius and Regulus, though - the two brothers, so different in manner, each fated to terrible ends.

You're right to see the adoration as the turning point - though Regulus had been seriously questioning his loyalties long before that, particularly after Kreacher's return from the first quest, but it was the final straw, so to speak. Once that order came, Regulus knew he couldn't go on pretending.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this story! I gasped and did a little internal dance when I saw your name - I've missed seeing you around!

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Review #2, by MajiKatSkyline: what is love and love is what?

10th October 2011:
Right I thought I may as well review this while i was lurking around your page. I have read this before, of course, cause I have been a silent fangirl of yours for some time now, but SILENT NO LONGER!!

what are you trying to do to me?? seriously. this was one of the first things I read of yours and I actually nearly died. so creative, so clever and again, your ability to play with language just stuns me! the way you change the meaning of things is just so amazing and clever and OMG why can't I do it??

and and and...READING THIS BOTH DIRECTIONS?? O.o my brain just exploded. incredible. i just...dnjsabdjakgbdioas *is dead*

don't you go getting all modest on me either missy, cause I know you have a habit of doing just that. Accept that you are brilliant and I will be most happy xD

I just adore this piece. it is so heartbreaking and perfect and the imagery is so strong it slaps me in the face but it is subtle at the same time. harsh yet gentle. see? how is that possible??


I think I have to go now. You inspire me - your writing just makes me want to try new things and unfortunately, I must go to bed now!!

loved it!!
Kate xx

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Review #3, by MajiKatHourglass Tilting: the sins of the minimalist

10th October 2011:
CELESTE!! I am typing as I read so I hope this makes sense!!

Firstly, I have read this about a hundred times and each time, it never loses a thing. this is sheer beauty - perfection even - and I am seething with envy right now. i think i will go hide in my cave and never write again!! seriously. this review will not be overly helpful in any sense - i am just going to flail and gush and squee all over the review box!!

right, THE STRUCTURE!! OMG the structure!! I think I hate you. no, i could never because you are amazing, but seriously?? seriously? just wow. that beautiful and oh-so-tricky repetition, working the lines/phrases/words of the previous section into the next. talk about word play!! like I said, I am ferociously jealous!!

Your ability to create meaning and then change that meaning is amazing! your work really makes me think, and I have read more than I have reviewed *is ashamed*. the second person POV is one of my personal favs and this piece would not have worked in anything else. fics like this just need to be second person.

I just...THE PLOT!! Celeste, see what you do to me? My mind is a bubbling, melting mess at the moment (i've been up since 6am and it's now 10pm...forgive me for the weirdness!). The ship is fantastic - btw I always saw the narrator as Victoire Weasley - don't know why. the voice just seemed to suit her.

I don't know what else to say. you blow me away. you are so brilliantly clever and I wish I had the capacity to even come up with an idea like this let alone execute it so perfectly!!

*bows down to the shrine I have of you in my room*
sorry, that is so totally creepy, lol.

this is amazing. you are amazing. i can't say anything else!!

Kate xx

Author's Response: KATE. o.O

Oh my gosh, I am speechless. Do you know how much I love you for this review? You're MajiKat, after all! Half my HPFF time was spent stalking amazing authors like you and worshipping you. If anything, I owe you a creepy shrine.

But honestly, this review (and the one for Skyline) blew my mind clean of any words I could form. This was so, so lovely and I squeed embarrassingly loud reading this.

So, yeah...I think I'm now equally creepy to you after publicly worshipping you in this review. But thank you so much for reviewing! Your support of it means a lot. :)

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Review #4, by MajiKatPrime Suspects: Kung-Fu Grip

10th October 2011:
"a manly hug mind you,"

BAHAHAHA I love your Teddy! He is so...manly, lol. You do a great job with him!

okay onto the actual review ^_^
I really loved the conversation with Draco - it was really well done and I could feel Teddy's awkwardness. what a strange situation to be put in! I thought you handled Draco well - I always enjoy seeing interpretations on adult Draco and I liked yours.

Loved the card game and the antics between Teddy/Scorpius and Rose. It feels like Rose is thawing out a little - at least, there was more interaction from her in this chapter - she was a little nicer to poor fake!scorpius, which I liked.

I love Teddy's thoughts and observations about her while they are together - again, what a weird situation! I am sure Rose will be less than impressed when she discovers what has gone on, lol!

I don't know what else I can say to be constructive at all - I love your characterisations, love the plot and while not much seemed to happen in this chapter in terms of moving the plot forward, aside from Rose being a little nicer, it was a lovely chapter. I don't mind it when chapters aren't filled with heaps of...stuff, lol.

I shall continue with the next chapter as soon as I can!! This is a great story!

Kate xx

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Review #5, by MajiKatIn Full Circle: One

10th October 2011:
Hey darling, here to review. sorry about the wait!

well, i really liked this! what a lovely ending to their story. i had the feeling in Illogical that they were meant to be and even though you wrote Rose and Teddy so wonderfully, well, her feelings for him anyway, cause that was where the focus lay, Rose and Scorpius are a better fit in this case.

I really liked the way you delved into her feelings - you explained them but it never sounded like a lecture, a big emotional load dumped on the reader. you made it seem natural and flowing and that was really well done.

I actually loved that it was Teddy who told Scorpius about the break-up. It brings it full circle to Illogical, where Scorpius pushed Rose so hard to get things together with Teddy. I appreciated that you included that little bit here ^_^

Their coming together at the end was lovely - you really made them work. Normally i get all NOOO when Rose and Teddy fall apart, cause I love them together almost as much as Rose and Scorpius, but in this fic, I didn't feel that pain! They weren't right and you did a wonderful job in showing that.

Lovely work!! Thank you for requesting!!

Kate xx

Author's Response: Hey Kate :)

When I started writing Illogical, it was just supposed to be Teddy/Rose but by the time I got back to it, my perspective changed a lot and it drifted into the direction of pairing Rose with Scorpius. And let me tell you, I fought really hard not to ship them together, I really did. But poor Scorpius, I sort of broke his heart at the end so I wanted to make it up to him. Rose really did feel a lot for Teddy but like most of my readers pointed out, he didn't understand her like Scorpius did. Not at all.

Ah, thank you for that. I worry that I'm lacking some detail that would make things clearer for everyone. Most of the time, I think I write too little.

I don't think it would've worked any other way. I felt he had to tell his cousin how things fell apart with Rose. It makes for a very interesting conversation between the two of them because Teddy knew how Scorpius felt all the while even though the latter tried his best to let Rose live her life with who she wanted.

I was so worried that it would be a bit cheesy, you know? The cynic in me tends to cringe at happy endings. But honestly, I felt they deserved it. I tried to take them back to a familiar place (the Quidditch Pitch) where they first established their friendship (or, maybe it was just a bit of clarification for Rose). I think Teddy's expectations were a bit warped after his break-up with Victoire. Though Rose won't stop loving him, they can never get to that place and I think both of them realised that in the end, that's why the break-up was the way it was. They should get some credit for trying though.

Thank you so much for your lovely review! I'm really glad you enjoyed my little one-shot!


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Review #6, by MajiKatOn Top of the World: I

17th September 2011:
hey darling, here to review for the exchange.

that was really lovely. it was so sweet and innocent and i loved the narrative voice - it was slightly detached but not so much so that you lost interest, if that makes any sense. you didn't force us to feel anything but you showed us a glimpse of them.

i had this wonderful image of two kids running around a backyard playing, and the first section held such a peaceful feeling. i like it when people write teddy and vic as children - there is none of the pressure to make anything more of it than a friendship, and i loved that, in the end, you broke with custom and left them separate but with her still yearning for what was.

Kate xx

Author's Response: Aw, thanks, Kate! I'm glad you felt the innocence I tried to invoke in this one-shot and enjoyed it. I really wanted to show these two as children because I can seem them playing together since they're two years apart.

Yes, I don't really find it plausible that these two would end up together in the end. I like Ted/Victoire, but I much prefer reading them broken up than actually making it through and lasting. I see Teddy with an OC, rather than one of the Weasley/Potter girls as so often in fanfic he's paired with. I just don't think he'd fall for one of the girls since for some reason I see him as thinking of all of them as family. And who in their right mind (or even an insane one :P ) would date a family member? No one, that's who. Anyway, thanks so much for the lovely review! :D

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Review #7, by MajiKatHung Up: Iceland

14th September 2011:
love it! i absolutely love it! i love all the characters and the family dynamic! lucy and molly are particularly awesome and i adore the way you have written audrey. ive seen so many different interpretations of all three characters and yours is up there in my favourites!

can't wait to see where you take this hun!
Kate xx

Author's Response: Oh wow, Kate, I wasn't expecting a review from you so imagine my surprise and utter delight when I woke up and found this. Squealing might've occurred, lol.

Molly and Lucy are my favorite siblings in the Next Gen era, so I love playing with the different aspects of their relationship. And I'm quite partial to my Audrey - slightly condescending, a bit of a perfectionist, but a good mother nonetheless. I'm so happy that you like the characterizations; that's usually my primary concern when I'm writing.

Thank you, dear! I'm glad you like it so much!

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Review #8, by MajiKatIt's Called Adventure: Prologue

14th September 2011:
awesome! i have been wanting to read this for ages - sorry it's taken me so long!!

anyway, love the neville!! love him love him love him!! i always wondered what he'd be like as a professor and i think you have him nailed. he is still neville, as we see him at the end of the series - self-assured, confident and at ease with his knowledge.

hugo makes me laugh already. i love that you are making him more like ron and your descriptions, or neville's observations, are brilliant.

will try get more chapters read soon!! this is a wonderful start.
Kate xx

Author's Response: oooh it's no worry :D i'm so pleased you've taken the time to come check it out! i'm surprised by the traffic this story gets; coming from a relatively unknown author as it is.

neville's one of my favorite characters from the series, so i went to a greater trouble to maintain his canon personality than i did for others--i think particularly of flitwick, who comes in as headmaster in a chapter or two.

so grateful for your review, and glad that you've enjoyed it this far. thanks for letting me know what you think! :)

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Review #9, by MajiKatFracture: who do you see?

14th September 2011:
hi darling
i thought i would return the favour of your awesome reviews with one of my own.


this is so sad, so very sad and i felt for Dom. her voice is wonderful in this piece and i love the narrative style. i love that she is talking to teddy, that he is the 'you'. it would not have worked any other way i don't think.

there is such poetry here and the opening paragraph contains the most wonderful imagery. i love the comparisons she makes between herself and her sister throughout the piece - that made it real and very human, because we always compare ourselves to those we think are better than us.

this is my fav line: But I invite you inside anyway, inside with me and my fragile heart and my doubts.

just beautiful. i am adding this to my favs. such a lovely piece of writing and so heartfelt.

Kate xx

Author's Response: Thank you Kate ♥
I was not expecting this when I opened up new reviews, it absolutely made my day. Thank you so much.

I'm so glad you liked it! This was the first new piece I'd written in quite some time, and the first I've ever written that could possibly be Teddy/Victoire, so I'm rather fond of it. And nervous about it too! So it makes me happy to know you enjoyed it.

Thanks dearie

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Review #10, by MajiKatOut of Time: Time is Running Out

10th September 2011:
ah what a terrible cliffhanger! goodness susan, what a chapter! again, the way you write the both of them is just magical. i feel so much for them - for the horrid situation they are in, for lily, who is moving backwards but forwards at the same time, backwards in time but forwards in her feelings and her relationship, which is one of the more genius things about this plot!

i love the mystery - there are so many questions i imagine them both to have, and now, i have them too, especially after that last section. and who or what is leaving her notes?? i will take a guess - it is herself, in the future. i am probably completely wrong and i don't expect you to blab but it intrigues me a lot.

this line: The present, but not the future, not even the past. We were far from finished.

such simple words but so powerful, so effective and so meaningful. the way you deal with the changing and yet unchanging concept of time is fabulous!!

alright, i am dying to know what happens next!

amazing as always! and now i am caught up!!

Kate xx

Author's Response: Thank you again for catching up with this story! It's great to have you along for the ride - I'm still shocked at how many people follow this story, mostly because it's the most obscure ship ever with an entirely upside-down plot. It's very inspiring to have all this wonderful support. ^_^

That's the aspect of the plot I love best because it messes most with the mind - that Lily is going backwards in time, yet going forwards in personal development. She's maturing quickly because of what she's going through, and there will be a price for that, eventually. She has to come to the end, but where will it be? ;)

The best part about writing such a weird timeline is that I can play with verb tenses - I've never been good with verb tenses, so now I can use them interchangeably and have a great excuse for doing so. :P It's hard sometimes, though, to get it all right in my head, especially when Lily discusses the future Moody, who is in her past - the same sentence could have past, future, and present together, and that line you picked out emphasizes my position as author as much as her and Moody's time-crossed relationship.

Now it's time for me to catch up with writing. :P Thanks again!

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Review #11, by MajiKatOut of Time: Time After Time

10th September 2011:
wow, susan. what a chapter! so much emotion, so much turmoil and you wrote it beautifully. lily and moody were perfect - are perfect - there is nothing i can fault in your writing of them. i love that they are flawed and in this, at the end, seem stripped of everything.

again, i adore your pathetic fallacy. i am jealous of it actually cause i wish i could do it better than what i can.

i don't know what to say - i wish this review had something more useful, lol, but i truly don't know what to say. i adore this story - it is so incredibly original. i don't think i have read/seen anything marginally like this. where i said, in the beginning, that it reminded me strongly of Jane Eyre, well, it doesn't so much anymore, which is not a bad thing. it has become entirely yours without influence or appropriation - i'm now, well for the last few chapters actually, been reading a piece by susan, not a piece that reminds me of anything else. i no longer think about bronte while reading this xD

i look forward to where you will take this.

Kate xx

Author's Response: *stares at review*

What do I say to this? You're making me tear up with these compliments. This story has come to mean a lot to me, and hearing your praise is more amazing than words can express. Thank you!

It is becoming less like Jane Eyre as it continues - this scene is going to contain the last obvious connection between the two stories. There will still be hints of it later on, but this story is becoming more of its own entity with its own plot twists and strange timeline. I suppose that it's good that these last chapters no longer makes you think of Bronte, not that I would mind becoming another Bronte (because, as messed up as they were, they could write amazingly). ;)

Perhaps what I like best about Lily and Moody as a couple is that they're so flawed, and they recognize both their own and each other's flaws without worrying over them or making a big deal about it. They simply accept each other for what they are, and that's a beautiful thing. If someone asked me, I could never explain why they get along so well or why they fell in love so easily - but maybe that makes their relationship more realistic. It just happens, and once it does, they can never be the same again.

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Review #12, by MajiKatOut of Time: A Matter of Time

10th September 2011:
I am determined to catch up on this tonight - i have finished all my marking (well all that needed doing immediately) so I am allowing myself some reading time.

first, filler chapter or not this was still beautiful. i absolutely loved the part where she wonders if he will know her in this time. however she feels about him at this stage and however she feels about them, she needs him during this strange journey of hers and for me, this seemed like the first time she realises it. what does she call him? oh yes, her anchor. i like that, even if lily does say it in passing.

i love moody in this - i love the way the years are peeling back on him, how lily is travelling backwards in time at this point and we are seeing him in reverse - well, we are getting to know him in reverse, much like i imagine it would be for lily.

well, this was filled with all the usual wonderful things that i can expect from you. i will head off to read the next chapter and squee over that!

Kate xx

Author's Response: Kate! Thank you so much for coming back to read and review this story - it always means a lot to hear from you, and I really appreciate that you were able to find the time to look this over. ^_^

Beautiful filler - kind of like some custard or whipping cream in a cake? :P It helps to imagine things as deserts for some reason... Anyway, I'm glad that you liked how this chapter took time to explore Lily's state of mind, how she tries to work through not only what's going on, but also her feelings (for him). She's got to eventually come to the point when he no longer knows who she is, the mirror-image of the first time she met him. And the way that he is the centre of this journey does make him an anchor for her - there's something connecting the two of them, but what? It's something she still has to figure out.

It's actually really interesting to peel him apart like an onion (or present, that simile smells better). Each time she meets him, she learns quite a bit about him and is able to put the various pieces together to create the full(er) image - and as he gets younger, he seems to reveal more and more due to his immaturity (especially in these two chapters).

I'm rambling. Sorry. *hides* Thank you again for these wonderful reviews! I'm really glad that you're enjoying this story as much as you are. ^_^

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Review #13, by MajiKatBella Luna : Bella Luna

10th September 2011:
Hi Dee!

Here to review as requested!! Alright, first off, can I say that I enjoyed this a lot. It is dark, and it is creepy. I seriously cannot get the image of Bella and Voldie out of my head now O.O thanks for that, lol.

I always suspected she loved him, more than her husband, whom I imagine she loved also, but in a different way. I don't know if her love for Voldie would be romantic love but more obsession of the deepest and darkest sort, and i kind of feel that you have captured that here, particularly the last paragraph and the last few lines. she is completely owned by him and she is happy with that.

i like the way Voldie's emotions flared from one extreme to the other and i love the fact that he didn't say he loved her - that would have spoilt everything about this fic! he would never ever say that. love was the bane of his existence - it was the reason he ended up where he did. thank you for sticking to that canon aspect of his character.

okay, you wanted to know how you could improve on this style. I would suggest getting in touch with your inner poet and incorporating more poetic language into your writing. work at writing with the senses as well - i find touch and sound are great for this sort of writing, and taste as well, for instance, having an instance where a character can taste someone's fear, or other emotion. grammatically speaking this is okay - i didn't notice anything blindingly obvious - and your sentence structure is okay. i see you favour longer sentences, which is cool, but remember to change it up a little by throwing in some hard-hitting simple sentences because sometimes simple language can be more effective than a staggering vocabulary, when used right.

um the only other thing i can say is keep at it and continue experimenting with this style.

thank you for requesting - i enjoyed this little piece a lot.
Kate xx

Author's Response: First of all, thanks so much for taking the time to read and review this piece! It means a lot to me!
Eeeks, sorry about that gross Bella/Voldie image, Kate! I wanted to try an obscure ship because everything I write is always so mainstream but I guess I went a little too out of the norm. Heh.
And that's exactly what I wanted to get across. She is indeed so devoted and captivated by him that she cannot distinguish this obsession from love. She's amazed by him so she sort of deludes herself into thinking she loves him.
Oh, thank you! The books show Voldemort as a very tempermental character, so I wanted to make sure I kept with that. And yes, exactly, we can't have him loving Bella, can we? He's basically just using her and she's completely fine with it.
Oooh, I'm not so sure my inner poet exists, haha. I think I'll have to dig a tad more for it. I'll definitely try with the different senses. In fact, I wrote a one-shot yesterday and that's exactly what I looked to add! That's also another great point - I'll be sure to vary my sentences more.
I definitely will do! I love writing Bella because she's such a complex and intense character, so I do want to work more with her, where I can put all these amazing tips you gave me to good use ^_^
Honestly, the fact that you enjoyed this made my day! I look up to you so much as a writer, Kate, thank you for the amazingly kind and useful review!

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Review #14, by MajiKatCrystallized: Rose & Dom & Teddy

10th September 2011:
Right. so um, NOT FAIR LILY!!

this is a stunning piece - a total WOW moment when i worked out just what was going on. nicely set-up by the way - i was convinced for so long that rose had done the naughty deed...

anyway, plot wise i loved the darkness in this. i adore a good dark fic and this is one of the best i have read. it is not steeped in gore or blood but the darkness lies inside rather than out, i think. does that make sense? I know what i mean in any case, lol.

your command of language in this is staggering! i am downright jealous right now because this is beautiful writing and i really hope people find this story and squee about it all over the place because it is a complete work of art.

you handle the second person beautifully - one of my favourite POV's to write in and read, when it is done right and boy have you handled this correctly. i was involved from the first sentence, totally pulled in and as the story unfolded and your language swept me away...just wow, Lily.

i love how you have used the senses and colour to create such a realistic atmosphere and to establish place and emotion. if i were to quote my favourite lines i'd double the size of this review so i won't, only tell you that you are an amazing writer and i want to see more of this style from you!!

Kate xx

Author's Response: AH! I can't /believe/ how much positive feedback this is getting! I knew I liked it myself, but this is just...more than I anticipated :)

It means so much to me to hear all these compliments from you! I like more of a psychological thriller myself--and although this is far from, well, a /thriller/, I decided I'd go with saturated emotion and observation rather than getting right into the bloody action.

Also I'm sort of just gaping at the rest of this review--I think it's probably a bit kinder than I deserve, BUT I WILL TAKE WHAT COMES MY WAY. :)

Thank you so, so much for the review, and I'm more than pleased that this was a good experience on your side of things as well!

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Review #15, by MajiKatIllogical: It's Always Been Him

9th September 2011:
hi darling, here to review!

I really really enjoyed this. i like the open-endedness of it. i like it when authors leave a little something for the reader to imagine. now, with this, i am torn - does she run off into the sunset with teddy or does she realise that scorpius loves her?? i am both a rose/teddy and rose/scorpius shipper and now i am confused!

i like the innocence of this piece. there is something very still about it - something tempered. maybe it is the pacing, which i found lovely. it never dragged and it wasn't rushed at all. every word was precise and every word counts for something.

as you may know, i am a huge advocate of second person POV. I adore it to bits, when it is done right, and i think you have done brilliantly. second person has the ability to drawn the reader in or completely alienate them and your writing here, my dear, has drawn me in. i was totally involved in this story - in your characters and your plot.

i don't think, for something like this with such a narrative focus, that more description is needed. some of my second person pieces are really short and more poetic and about mood and feeling than an involved character piece like this is. i wouldn't change anything. i really wouldn't.

it isn't too long - not at all. like i said, it is wonderfully paced so its easier to forget that i've just read nearly 6,000 words.

i don't know what else to say - i loved it. thank you for requesting it hun!

Kate xx

Author's Response: Hi Kate!

I'm thrilled you enjoyed this! When I first started this, it was supposed to end up as Scorpius/Rose but then I realised that would make things too simple. Like many of us, Rose wanted something (badly) but the lines between wants and needs were blurred. I just finished a companion to this so you'll see what happened after. For the ending, I just wanted to give her a chance to have a choice (if that makes any sense).

In a way, the innocence shows Rose's inexperience about matters of the heart. I can't blame her at all because I'd want to know what was it about Teddy that was so intriguing myself.

I love it too! There's something about reading it that just makes me feel more in-tuned compared to any other perspective, and yes, like you said, when it's done right.

Oh, good. I'm glad you think so. I always worry that it's never enough. And it amazes me that most people don't think they've actually read so many words, haha.

Thank you so much for your lovely review, Kate. It made my night :)


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Review #16, by MajiKatThe Cost of Betrayal: The Cost of Betrayal

9th September 2011:
okay, here to review hun and WOW.

it is a brave move to write peter, and especially to write him like this. i think you did a marvellous job on someone so perpetually hated - you gave him something more, some sort of humanity, and i always like that when an author does that with his character. you made me pity him and feel for him.

his voice is what drew me in - it is simple and understated, as i imagine he would be. peter would not use grand statements or even make grand gestures. in wanting to preserve his life you kept him very real, and by making that the sole reason he initially did what he did was also very real. the rest came later, i suppose - the loyalty and everything else.

i have always imagined him ruled by his cowardice and i love that you make him aware of that. he knows he is not the strongest or the bravest gryffindor - he questions why he was in that House in the first place - and i think you handled his inner turmoil about his years at school and his place in the marauders really well. you didn't make him out to be the tragic, flawed martyr - you just made him, himself.

there is an honesty to the way you have written him and i really love that. it doesn't even need justifying, the things he did. you have made it clear why he did them without having to tie us up in a huge big back story, woe-is-peter sort of thing.

i really like the fact that he does find his strength in the end - even though it is misplaced and completely self-serving.

thank you for requesting this. i thoroughly enjoyed it and you should be really proud of this darling.

Kate xx

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Review #17, by MajiKatMinx: 9:52 AM

8th September 2011:
hey hun
I thought i'd check this out because a) roxanne is seriously underwritten and b) gina's banner is so hot i couldn't not come look!!

anyway, i quite like this so far. i love your roxanne - many might find her annoying but she makes me smile. i love that she is so up herself!! it's refreshing and actually very real. if i was a next-gen weasley i'd probably be a little stuck-up myself, lol. there is a lot to brag about!

anywho, BLAISE!!! he is my love, after draco. he is such fun and i love it when people write him in a comical fashion. just so you know, no issues with the age difference here.

i like the premise of this story, i like the characterisation and i look forward to where you will take it.

Kate xx

Author's Response: Roxanne is really underwritten, but not as underwritten as Fred. I wish there was more Fred stories! And isn't it amazing? I literally harrassed her until I got one out of her (and I regret nothing about it!)

I totally would be too! I think that any beautiful woman of a prominent family and reasonable intelligence would be and has every right to be. It isn't impossible to be a bit egotistical and get along with your family or do a job without feeling "above" it all in fic. Roxanne acknowledges that she's a Weasley, but also thinks she is the bee's knees and I don't see anything wrong with that.

Anyways, what I was trying to say with that gigantic tangent was, I'm glad you liked her character, rather than being put off by it.

Blaise is so... silky! He is definitely going to be a bit of a comical character in this story and I'm glad the age difference isn't a problem.

Thanks so much for the review and the story fave, I'm very glad you liked it!

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Review #18, by MajiKatAfternoon Dust: Afternoon Dust

6th September 2011:
why have i not read this before? why have i not seen it? why gina, why?

this is tremendously sad. i want to cry now. i really do. i want to wail. for all of them - Vic, teddy and scorpius. they are all so sad and lost and missing something.


i love the way you keep mystery around teddy. i love the way you have written Vic - like a broken florence nightingale, because i get the strong impression that she is broken and for a moment, all i wanted was for her to let scorpius take her away. and scorpius. he had this aloofness that i feel was just an act, but then again, maybe, even though he loves her, he wouldn't be happy with her.

alright i'll stop gushing. i need to catch up on my reviews for Capers, which i will do soon, i promise!!

Kate xx

Author's Response: Kate! I don't know how you stumbled onto this, but I'm glad you like it! :D It was one of my first real forays into description-y things, and I'm still really proud of it.

I think what always made me really sad, is how their problems are no one's fault, but they all must suffer and lose something because of them. There's no easy way to be happy.

Thank you so much ♥ I'm super excited, take your time!

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Review #19, by MajiKatOne and Only: Three

6th September 2011:

I am flailing beyond flailing here. see what you have reduced me too? fangirly squees and arms waving.

i adore this chapter. i think it is one of my favs. we see a different molly in this - she is so sad and empty and lonely and i hate that she is not prepared to smash the preordained fairy tale and have what she knows is right. and i hate that teddy will not do it either - that he plays the role and is prepared to marry a girl he does not love because that is what he is meant to do.

gah. so angsty. i feel like slapping them both.

can i say how much i adore lucy? i love the way you write her - such wisdom beyond the years of the child, and lucy's words to her sister are so filled with meaning i can't even comment on how amazing you are at dialogue. seriously.

im sorry if these reviews make no sense or contain nothing useful - i am filled with nothing but squees and love for this amazing piece of work.

Kate xx

Author's Response: I find it very strange when people pinpoint this chapter as a favourite because it's definitely my least. This is a huge part of my love of writing and the feedback that I get here: it's nothing without the interpretation of a reader.

You know, in those three words you've summed her up so well. Even though it's obvious, I never really thought of her as lonely but she so, so is.

Teddy. You know, I wonder sometimes whether I actually like him and Molly. As time passes, it becomes less about the duty he talks about now and more about being alone and not knowing how to cope with it. He has Victoire because she's there and willing; I think being alone really scares him.

Lucy is undoubtedly my favourite in this. She wasn't meant to be like that. She kind of just happened :P I do completely adore her and I wish I could get back into writing her like this for 'Learning from Love'. It's very strange seeing her vulnerable.

You are now definitely the first person ever to say that about my dialogue! I try and keep it to a minimum; some people think it's an impact thing but the reality is that I'm trying to hide the fact that I'm reallyyy bad at it!

They make perfect sense and they're actually really useful as well as very, very kind! Thank you so much, Kate. Everything you've said has meant the world.


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Review #20, by MajiKatOne and Only: Two

6th September 2011:
my god. this is still so beautiful, even the second,third, maybe fourth time i had read it.

"He touches her like she is spun from silk and beneath her, he feels like gold."

stunning line hunny - such a glorious picture. i love molly, i love teddy. i feel hate for victoire even though she has barely made an appearance yet. that is how invested i am in molly and teddy and how right they are for one another.

again, your descriptive writing is stunning and i am seething with jealously right now. i never feel like i am drowning in your words, merely floating, and that is perfect.

Kate xx

Author's Response: I spent absolutely ages on that line :P It changed so many times, the phrasing and the words and everything. It was a bit of a throwaway and it's never been picked up but I'm so glad you did!

Oh Victoire. I really did hate her in her first incarnation. I edited later to make her more naive and daft than aware of the nature of Molly and Teddy together but I do still feel quite annoyed at her at times!

Thank you so, so much. You have absolutely no need to be jealous of me :P Your writing is so unique and...just amazing. Thank you anyway! I'm so glad you liked it ^_^


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Review #21, by MajiKatOne and Only: One

6th September 2011:

I have been meaning to review this fic for ages darling. I have read it all and I only think it's fair to give you a review for each chapter, cause i love this so darn much!

your writing is so visual - i could see everything! and you write molly so well - you have such command over her and you know her and through that, you let the reader know her, become her. even though this is third person it has the feeling of first for me - i am drawn in and i am molly as i read this.

your description is to die for, your poetic language even more so. i would quote but i'd be quoting half the chapter!

off to read chapter 2 again! this is such a beautiful fic darling - you should be really proud of it.

Kate xx

Author's Response: Oh you really didn't have to! It's enough just to know that you liked it :D

I can't get over the feedback I've had for this story, I'll be honest. It came to me fairly naturally when I wrote it, especially the first few chapters, and I didn't really...think much, if that makes sense? Sometimes I think that's why people call my description fairytale-like; I was in a daydream myself when I wrote it :P

Drawn in is a feeling I love when I read anything so to know that you felt that when reading it is one of the biggest compliments possibly ever! This Molly is someone I think about a lot because like someone mentioned before, she's very much a background person. She's nothing special and I think people maybe feel an affinity towards her because of that, her lack of confidence and general...nobodyness. There's something quite ordinary about her, anyway, that I hope people identify with!

Thank you so much, Kate. It means so much to hear it from you!


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Review #22, by MajiKatReminders : Reminders

6th September 2011:
hey hunny, here to review from TGS


You wanted to know if you handled the mood okay - well, you did. this is beautiful. i was sucked in from the very start. i always tell people i'm not a romantic but this made me smile, and i think this sort of romance-writing is what i like - poetic without being gushy, real but almost hyperreal at the same time. this was a lovely piece to read!

I love that there is no direct speech - it would have broken this piece, destroyed the poetry of it so i am really glad you did not throw in a line or two of dialogue! your descriptive language is wonderful - it is never too much and it is always just what is necessary to convey mood or create atmosphere.

this is my fav line: She was the ebb and flow, but Seamus was always the sand that she burst upon.

simply beautiful. i really loved this - thank you for requesting it.
Kate xx

Author's Response: This is embarrassing to admit, but I am totally starstruck by your two reviews. I mean, I know I requested this one, but still. Flailing all over the place.

I'm so glad that you think so. I wanted to make it romantic but not saccharine. I am also not a romantic in the slightest - I think of myself as too practical to be swept up in grand stories of romance. I like more subtle things.

I would not have even known what text to put in this piece, to be honest! I'm so happy you thought it wasn't overdone in terms of language and imagery, as that was exactly what I was aiming for!

Thank you so much for your review, Kate. Glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #23, by MajiKatGentle: and I loved him

6th September 2011:
Hey darling, here with your review!

Firstly, I love this! it is tender and thought-provoking and beautiful. Lily's voice is lovely - i really got the sense of a woman looking back, someone older thinking back to when they were young. there is a real nostalgic quality to this and i really like that.

you wanted to know if the flow and structure worked. they did, very much so. it flows seamlessly from one event to the next and i think the absence of dialogue helps that. direct speech would have broken this i think. the structure is also lovely - it follows a linear chronology of events in canon and you interspace these with your own musings - your own lovely characterisation of lily and james.

i think this line is one of my favs: So we took our side and joined a war because we were young and passionate and thought we were invincible.

beautiful writing darling. i really enjoyed this.
Kate xx

Author's Response: Thanks Kate! I really appreciate the feedback :)
It's my first ever L/J so I'm unsure of how it read, and it's good to know your opinion. Especially since it's favourable.


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Review #24, by MajiKatJust Rose: Pretty as a Picture

6th September 2011:
bHAHAHAHAHAAa lorcan is a milkman! that has made my day hun! seriously. excellent.

this chapter is all kinds of fun - your character interaction is always perfect and you know these guys so well. they bounce off one another like real friends would. i commend you for that. you have this beautiful narrative style that never seems rushed or forced or slow at all. and your dialogue is to die for marina!!

second: OMG SCORPIUS THE CREEPER!! that shrine is all kinds of weird. amazing but so seriously WRONG! ugh. i feel kind of gross for rose...but he is so darn cute at the same time. so piteful. he just wanted to know her. awww

love it!

Author's Response: Haha! Your reviews always make me smile, Kate! I think I just like throwing in some crazy just for the fun of it. For the milkman thing - in my early Spanish oral exams I always used to say my Dad was a milkman because I didn't know how to translate his real job. He wasn't best pleased...

I'm really proud of how the characters have turned out in this so far - I used to be really lazy with characterisation but this is one of my better pieces, I think.

Thank you so much!

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Review #25, by MajiKatPrime Suspects: Confirmed Fact #1

6th September 2011:
Confirmed Fact #1: Rose Weasley snogged Scorpius Malfoy in a broom cupboard.

bahahahahahahaa excellent. i absolutely love that line!
i loved this chapter too - a little of rose is starting to unravel and teddy is amazing. i love his narrative voice more and more - you have such a strong command on him and i envy that. writing boys is always difficult. i'm rather jealous.

can't wait for an update. this is paced wonderfully by the way - not too rushed and not dragged out either. things are being revealed subtly and slowly and i like that.

Kate xx

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