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Review #51, by luvinpadfootAgainst the World: A Pointless Death...

15th July 2013:
Oh wow, I really wasn't expecting that ending at all. I didn't really expect happy, but that felt very sudden. Wow.

That being said, I do kind of like how it ended. It seemed to work with the story, it did seem realistic. Although I wanted more, a lot more (I'm greedy like that and this was a good story!). The characters were really just starting to get so good.

Molly's reaction, Willow's and Albus's too, seemed really good. I like that the other students weren't really affected much because in reality they probably wouldn't have been.

And I love the line about everything going back to normal, but Molly hating that it did. I think that's the way a lot of people feel after someone they care about has passed away, no matter what the cause. That line just really hit me hard.

I still think my only critique is what I said before about slowing it down. I think this story could benefit a lot from an extra revision where there's more description, a little more time to get used to things. I like the way it ended, it just came out of nowhere. A few hints earlier on that Allie was close to being pushed over the edge or giving up wouldn't be amiss. Honestly, just a little more time in each situation, each scene and character.

Other than that it was really great! I loved it so much! Everything Allie went through seemed realistic and like things real teenagers would do, like the ending and things just going too far. I think there are very few things crueler than teenagers.

Albus made me sad in the end. The way he thought it was all his fault and Molly couldn't contradict him because in a way, it was. (In way...more like it just was.) I know I'm not really supposed to be on his side, but I hope things turn out all right for him, and don't end the same way as they did for Allie.

But this was a lovely story and I'm so glad I read it! You're a very talented writer and I hope you do well in the challenge this was posted for! :)

Author's Response: To be honest, I wasn't expecting that ending either. I'd sort of planned it out in my head to be less awful.

This was a real life challenge, and teen suicide is a real problem, as is bullying and crap like that, so I thought it worked. And once I'd written it, I couldn't find another ending.

I hate how none of the other students were really affected. It's just... eurgh.

I cried while writing this chapter, just so you know. I've lost people, and I just hated, hated, hated everything when it wasn't acceptable to mourn anymore, and everything went back to the way it was before.

Yes, I plan in future (whenever I have time) to go over it and add in more detail. Hopefully I'll get round to doing that sometime soon.

Thank you! Teenagers can be very cruel (being one myself, yeah, I know).

I really feel for Albus, so don't worry about being on his side a bit. It was his fault, but he never meant for anything so terrible to happen.

Thank you for the review and critiquing!

Cheers, SW.

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Review #52, by luvinpadfootAgainst the World: A Confrontation...

15th July 2013:
Ooh what's in the white envelope? I can't wait to find out! It seems dramatic.

I loved the way Allie stood up to Albus! It was about time someone did! And the way Willow and Molly backed her up was very nice, although what Allie said about them not doing it before was true to. I hope that didn't make them angry or anything, because it was so true.

Hmm not quite sure how I feel about Albus apologizing after. I'm really liking that all the characters aren't as one dimensional as Allie generally sees them. It gives the story so much more depth. And is she ever going to forgive Albus, even if he does mean his apology? I think it'll probably take a lot more for that to happen, although I could be wrong.

I hate that everyone calls her piggy. That just really gets to me. I keep waiting for them to get hexed because they really do deserve it.

Oh well, onward! To the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Ooh... white envelope... you may not like it... :(

Allie's just finding her feet in this chapter - she's realising that she shouldn't care as much about what people think of her. The bit about Molly and Willow not backing her up previously is true, which is sad.

Albus apologising kind of... adds depth to his character, I guess? He means it, but he doesn't realise just how hard it is for Allie. Allie sees things from a very narrow point of view, and now people have started to act out of what she sees as their character.

Calling her piggy is very... eurgh. I don't like it either.

Hope you don't hate me too much after the next chapter :/ .

Cheers, SW.

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Review #53, by luvinpadfootAgainst the World: A Bit of Wisdom...

15th July 2013:
Oh I like learning more about Willow! I think that's very realistic, that Allie doesn't realize that she's not the only one who feels out of place or shy. And the extra characterization of Willow works really well in the context.

My main critique of this chapter was that it seemed very hurried. It was good, but I felt it could be made even better if you slowed down and maybe described things a little more. There's a lot more dialogue than there is description.

But this was a great chapter and I'm enjoying it very much!

Author's Response: Willow's a very interesting person :) . Allie is a very lonely person, and she thinks everyone else has everything sorted out.

This chapter was quite hurried :/ . It's for a challenge, so I was rushing to get all of it up. I'll go back once I have a bit of free time and edit a lot. It does need some more depth.
Thank you!

Cheers, SW.

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Review #54, by luvinpadfootThe Chance Of A Lifetime: The Deal

14th July 2013:
Ooh I wonder what James will do next! Lily's right, if he does like her he should know what she'd like after three whole years of watching her. I hope he gets it right, otherwise that could spell trouble.

My main critique is that the descriptions of the Marauders seemed a little stereotypical (not necessarily bad, just the same things I've read a lot when it comes to them) and that the description in between the dialogue seems a little sparse. Not big things, it could just be supplemented a bit by adding some more.

I really liked the dialogue, though! And the concept for this story is so cute. I really want to know what three things James does! I'm looking forward to more, this is a lovely first chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the advice, I will try to add more description in the next chapter and maybe go back to edit this one. :)

I hope you'll like the rest of the story!

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Review #55, by luvinpadfootPart of that World: chapter one

14th July 2013:
Aw this was so sad! I felt awful for Petunia. In this story you brought up so much of what is hinted at from the books, that she's jealous of Lily and wants to be in the magical world. It's a very realistic portrayal of her.

I loved the ending, where she wants to change things but knows it's too late. That's always how I imagined Petunia, getting stuck in a life she chose out of bitterness. I love the way you tied in the lyrics, that she wants to be a part of Lily and a part of everything "special".

It's a great little one shot, so glad I found this!

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Review #56, by luvinpadfootFor the Sake of Victory: For the Sake of Victory

14th July 2013:
I like that you never told us what the letters were for. It began and ended the story, but it wasn't what was most important.

And oh wow, I feel so awful for Snape. He's always been one of my favorite characters and you managed to hit everything about his personality that I love in this short piece.

The way he treats Dumbledore with such reverence was heartbreaking, especially when it's so clear that Dumbledore feels guilt over everything he put Snape through. You did a wonderful job at bringing both of those aspects to light in the story.

Everything was so subtle, but so well done. You're a great writer and this story was brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. :)

Author's Response: Thank you. Snape has always been one of my favorite characters as well as the other Slytherins. I feel their stories weren't well told being the main character in the real series was in the opposing house. It's hard to keep any character in character and I was a little worried about that here.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #57, by luvinpadfootMuggle Jammies: Shopping

14th July 2013:
Aw this really was one of the sweetest one shots I've read in a while! It's so nice to read fluffy moments about James and Lily, especially while she's pregnant.

They just seemed so real, their dialogue was great! And all of the jokes that James made about shrinking his own clothes, I could definitely see him planning to do that. I'm glad Lily wasn't going to let him dress Harry in an "I'm with stupid" t-shirt!

But mostly it was just so sweet and fluffy and well written. I want to hug you for putting such a big smile on my face and reminding me why James/Lily is one of the my favorite pairings.

You're a very talented writer and this is a lovely story. :)

Author's Response: Awww I'm glad you liked it! I can't really read it very well, I hate Jily, I can't BELIEVE I have a Jily story on my page, from 2005 no less! But I am so very pleased that you like the story and that you thought it was sweet!

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Review #58, by luvinpadfootMother Dearest: Helena Ravenclaw

14th July 2013:
This was great! I haven't read many stories that focused on Helena Ravenclaw and this was very realistic. I loved her response to her mother, the knowledge that her mother lied, and her desire to ruin her mother's life, even if she never explicitly stated that.

It was cruel for her to take the diadem, but at the same time it seemed so justified. Rowena was an awful mother, not evil, but realistically awful which I think made it that much worse for Helena. I really felt for her.

And the end was so perfect. You couldn't have written it any better. The last line held so much power in it alone. And the assumption that Helena has left her mother forever.

This was truly a wonderful story and you are incredibly talented! I loved it!

Author's Response: Why thank you, I tried to make it realistic. I'm glad that I made you feel something for Helena, that's always something that I try to achieve and I'm glad that I managed to do it here.

I'm very proud of the ending so I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I was trying to come up with an ending that was good and it took me a while but I finally did it. I'm very happy to see that everyone is responding so well to it.

Thank you so much for your feedback and your compliments, I'm incredibly flattered that you think I'm talented and thank you so much for reading and reviewing this!

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Review #59, by luvinpadfootForget Me Not: Chapter 2

14th July 2013:
Okay. I'm really confused. And I kind of like that you've confused me so much.

He can't be dead. ...Right? Dead's not a thing James Potter is allowed to be yet. So he's got to be alive. Somehow. Or Lily's the one who was injured and this is all some freaky coma induced dream.

It seems strange how easily the Marauders have all accepted that James is dead. Like not that they're convinced he's alive, but they don't seem very upset. Or affected at all. It's not a prank, is it? That'd just be cruel.

And I may have just skimmed the scene with the spider if I'm being really honest. Because spiders are terror.

But despite that I've really enjoyed this story! I'm so intrigued because we all know how James and Lily end. Just no idea how you're going to get there. It's a brilliant concept! Looking forward to the next three chapters!

Author's Response: Haha I like confusing people :) But you have some interesting theories, you'll have to keep reading to find out if they're right ;)

And yeah, spiders are totally my biggest fear so even just writing them was a bit quee-inducing haha.

Anyways, glad you liked it and I'll have more up soon!

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Review #60, by luvinpadfootHer Only Choice: Her Only Choice

14th July 2013:
Oh wow that was just spectacular.

You've left me speechless.

That was such a powerful piece of writing, it really was. It felt so real, Lily's pain and how you alluded to everything that had happened without spelling it out.

And her parents and family outside the door just broke my heart. I wanted so badly for them to get in and save her. But it was just brilliant.

It just felt so real. Not at all over dramatic, just real. And HeyMrsPotter had better like this because it was perfection.

I want to gush on and on some more about it, but I don't know what to say. I was breathless by the end. It was just amazing, really.

Author's Response: This is my, fourth(?) spectacular, and I'm on cloud nine.
Thank you for feeling all that I wanted you to feel. Thank you for thinking this was perfection though it really wasn't.
I, Nadia, want to gush on and on some more about this review, but even I'm speechless.
Thank you for taking your time to make my day,

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Review #61, by luvinpadfootA way to remember: A way to remember

14th July 2013:
Aw this was so bittersweet! Teddy makes me want to cry with all his questions about his parents not wanting to stay around, I just wanted to give him a big hug, poor thing.

I thought Harry handled things really well, bringing out the shoe box and showing Teddy all of the old pictures. It was a wonderful moment and so well written too! Just a little snapshop of lives after the war, which I adore.

Such a great story! 10/10

And now I'm going to go wipe my eyes and pretend like I had no emotional response to that.

Author's Response: Aww, well I'm glad you though it was a good story! Yeah, I just wondered how Teddy found out about his parents and this happened.

Thank you for the review! :)

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Review #62, by luvinpadfootDeception: Reminiscing

14th July 2013:
Wow, I can't believe Ron and Lavender would be so unprofessional as to snog while on a raid! And the way they treated Hermione was just awful! I'm really kind of boiling with hatred for them at the moment. I know she hasn't gotten over it yet, but I hope she does soon because she deserves so much better.

I'm very curious as to why Draco saved her life. What happened to make him change his mind and betray his family? Or was he always like that? There are just so many questions and not enough answers yet!

The only real critique I had is that the flow of the story seemed a little jumpy. Might just be something that you want to look over a bit, although nothing specific really jumped out at me.

I'm curious to see how everyone else took Ron's cheating. Are Ginny and Harry mad at him? What about the rest of his family? Hermione was so close with all of the Weasleys it seems like something would happen.

Looking forward to so much more, this chapter was a great start! Lovely story. :)

Author's Response: I loved reading your review!! Don't worry as the story unfolds all questions will be answered. ;)


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Review #63, by luvinpadfootRisen: Out of the Ashes : Introduction

14th July 2013:
This is a great beginning! I really liked your characterization of Charlotte, she seemed very real. Everything about her just fit in so well, her House, reading, running, and relationship with the Potters. And speaking of relationship with the Potters, wow that encounter really did sound awkward!

My main critique was that it was a bit difficult to read because the text was so blocky and the paragraphs were rather long. Perhaps separating them into shorter sections might be a bit easier on the eyes of your readers.

I can't wait to read more and see what trouble she gets into with James before school starts! I can only imagine how they'll be together. And Charlotte seems like such a nice, down to earth girl.

I'm really looking forward to the rest of the story! This was a lovely beginning. And that dramatic turn has me very intrigued. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! It's going to keep me very motivated to keep writing. I very much appreciate the critique. The writing style shifts a bit in the first chapter so I hope that will be easier to read. Keep checking back, I'm hoping the first chapter will be up soon and thanks again!

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Review #64, by luvinpadfootTwin One and Twin Two : A Slight Confusion

14th July 2013:
Aw, this was really cute! I really enjoyed all the interactions between Hermione and George. The way they're so nervous, but still so sweet to each other. It all works wonderfully.

And their inner monologues are just perfect! Especially when they're worried about being too close and too much like family. I thought it was adorable the way Hermione chided herself for considering George sexy when she woke up.

I can't wait to see what's coming for them! I know stories that happen during the war can get really sad and dark, but I hope not too much so for the two of them. They just seem so happy and everything in this chapter.

Definitely looking forward to much more! This is one of the sweetest beginnings I've read. Lovely story! :)

Author's Response: AW Thank you! This means so much to me :D Reading this put the biggest smile on my face I just...muurrr!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am so happy to have a reader like you! This made my day :)

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Review #65, by luvinpadfootThe Broken Oath: There Was a Boy

14th July 2013:
This is a really great start to the story! I'm a little curious who the narrator is though, although it sounds a bit like Harry since he says he hasn't seen anyone in a while and you mention later that he disappeared.

I loved the way you summarized the books, and spoke about the deal with the devil. What deal did Harry make? What's happening now, in the future? I have so many questions after just this short chapter!

And with this world moving on as you say in the last line, what comes from that? There's clearly a story here as it's only just the beginning and I really can't even begin to picture what's going to happen next. Harry and Draco and Voldemort- is Draco taking Voldemort's place as the next Dark Lord?

Okay, now I'm just starting to make things up. But really, this is a great start and I really enjoyed it! I'm looking forward to some of the answers to my questions being answered soon. :) Lovely first chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for such a detailed and positive review.

All will be revealed as to the narrator and much else. The story as it is is having some heavy editing done to it, but there will be more soon.

I hope the changes which will have occured and Voldemort, Harry and Draco all live up to your expectations. Some parts which may seem unclear will be explained later (though if you have any additional questions please feel free to ask).

I am afraid that the story style itself will change a bit because of the introduction, but I hope to keep it enjoyable.

Please keep reviewing as I value any insight or suggestions, they really help me make the story better.

Thank you again.

Best wishes,

The Wayland Smith

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Review #66, by luvinpadfootAgainst the World: A New Friend...

25th June 2013:
I like this chapter a lot! It was so realistic, how people act. And I love that Allie's life isn't suddenly perfect, she's still got issues with her new friends. Small issues, but they're still there.

I must admit, I'm a little bit suspicious of Molly. She seems nice enough, but you never know. I'm interested for a lot more of her and Willow deepening their friendship with Allie!

The explanation at the beginning was perfect. I think that's how a lot of people feel, that everyone hates them when they're really just an easy target. Teenagers can be very cruel about that. Well, anyone of any age I guess.

Great chapter! I'm really enjoying this story and can't wait for more. Especially what's going to happen with Albus. :)

Author's Response: Thank you :) ! That means so much to me; seeing as it's for a Real Life challenge! It was never my intention to have Allie suddenly being confident and able to overcome her situation. I just didn't think that was very realistic. She's a person, who's been bullied most of her Hogwart's life, and she's not going to be suddenly popular.

Molly... Molly is just a nice person. She's just having trouble understanding Allie's problems. As is Willow.

The explanation... yeah, I think it about sums up why she's being bullied like that. People will be cruel about that - anybody who is the slightest bit different...

Thank you for reviewing! Next chapter shall be up shortly :)

Cheers, SW.

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Review #67, by luvinpadfootBrutal Love: Charms and Quidditch

18th June 2013:
Aw that was cute. I liked that this chapter was a bit lighter, except for the whole incident with Greyback. Despite skipping ahead several months it seemed to slow down a bit.

The planning of the wedding seems like it will be a lot more drama! I sense there may be several fights in Emily and Scorpius's future haha. And if she's having a hen party, is he going to have a bachelor party? I can only imagine the kind of shenanigans they'd get into!

Is there going to be more with Greyback? I really wasn't expecting him to come back, but it makes sense. I feel a little sorry for him that he's going to Azkaban, it's not his fault his father was a monster who brainwashed him.

Another great chapter, I'm still really loving it and very eager to see what's going to happen outside of Hogwarts! (Also this drama you speak of intrigues me...)

Hope all your uni deadlines went well! Looking forward to the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Oh don't worry, there is plenty of drama to come :)
No more Greyback so far, I just wanted to add a bit in to explain where he'd gone after the other attack, but now that's all done. More baddies on the way though! :)

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Review #68, by luvinpadfootThe Unexpected: Fallout

18th June 2013:
Oh I'm loving this so much! Your writing is amazing and I'm completely absorbed in the story. Everything is so bright and vivid, I just adore it!

Honestly, the first chapter or two Ellis kind of annoyed me a bit with her whole perfect thing, but especially the more you allude to her past it seems like that's because of something that happened to her, that it's not natural or whatever. And you've definitely delved more into her character and I'm really starting to like her.

I can't wait to learn more about her past! I've had a few guesses, but I want to know so bad! What could they have possibly done to her to make her resistant to the Cruicatus curse? At first I thought it was the Imperius curse, but it seems like so much more.

And also, how is she going to let the boys know she's an animagus too and that she knows about them? I'd love to see a bit more of Remus and Peter. Ellis has kind of ignored them so far, but they've proved to be interesting characters.

Am intrigued over Mia. Why is she pretending to be dumb? It seems like there's more there than meets the eye, especially since she can do incredibly advanced spells.

The James/Lily subplot is very realistic. I like how they're both into each other and know it, but can't quite take the final step. It's adorable and mildly frustrating at the same time. And is Conrad really that slimy? I hope Lily doesn't wind up getting hurt.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Sirius and Ellis are going to wind up together or at least dating. It's kind of cute how Ellis and Lily say they're best friends, but she really acts like she's best friends with Sirius. And he treats her different than everyone else does which makes perfect sense because of they're similar upbringing (except for the incidents with Ellis's older brothers...)

This story is so great, I'm enjoying it loads! All of the subplots tied into the main one work so well. Can't wait to read more! :)

(I was just going to leave a short little review because you reviewed my story, but now I'm addicted and can't get enough so this turned out kind of long winded. My bad.)

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Review #69, by luvinpadfootAlways: Always

17th June 2013:
Aw that was so sad! It was really impressive how there was so much character and emotion in such a short piece. Scarlett and Sirius really made a cute couple, the ending made me tear up a bit.

Great story, I really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad that even though it wasn't long it was able to reach you. I'm really happy that you took the time to review, so thanks again!

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Review #70, by luvinpadfootWe'll Be Fine: We'll Be Fine

10th June 2013:
Aw that's so sweet! Harry and Ginny make the most adorable couple. This little scene between them was so perfect, so completely in character. I just loved it!

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Review #71, by luvinpadfootA Shard Of Silver: Prologue

9th June 2013:
I like what you've written so far! I want to know who Rosalie sent her patronus to and what happens to Nicola. I'm assuming she'll be okay and the main character of the story? Hopefully? I don't want the little girl to die!

Also where do the marauders come in? I have so many questions! Please update this story soon, I really love the beginning!

The only critique I have is a little thing, the verb tense changes from past to present a bit. Just something you might want to look at, nothing too major. I only noticed it because I was looking for something helpful to say. ;)

I just had a scary thought that the wolf might be Remus... I really hope not. It's just so hard to know anything because the ending is kind of open ended and a cliffhanger. So I'll just have to try to be patient and wait for more.

Great story! I love it so far! :)

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Review #72, by luvinpadfootCruel Intentions: The Bet

9th June 2013:
Ooh, that's rather ominous. I wonder what trouble Jessica gets herself into trying to make her friends consider her a color. I hope things don't get too bad, although it already seems like they do. I'm really excited to know more about them and what happens!

The Gryffindors all seem really intense. I can't believe they treated Jessica like that, especially since she's supposed to be their friend. I feel so bad for her and I kind of hope she meets some better friends as the story goes on.

I love the whole idea of people as different colors! That's really creative. (Granted I disagree with the premise of Jessica not being one, but the idea is great.) I hope that continues to be a running thing.

All the characters seemed really vivid. Even the way you classified the Houses seemed based in truth, although exaggerated slightly. I like the way you're playing on stereotypes, that makes it a really interesting read.

The bet was a bit scary. I hope Jessica and Angelina don't end up having to streak across the grounds. They'd probably get in a fair bit of trouble for that. And why do I suspect that someone's going to try to bribe Alicia in her decision? Haha!

I can't wait to see more of all the characters and what trouble Jessica gets into. I've really enjoyed this first chapter and I'm looking forward to so much more! :)

Author's Response: YAY! My first review on this story! Thank you so much for reading!
Things won't get too too bad, just very interesting. The Gryffindors are a rowdy bunch, but that's why we love them. We all live by stereotypes, no matter how much we try to deny it. We'll learn throughout the story which stereotypes are true and which aren't! thanks again for reviewing!! (btw her name is Ellie not Jessica, sorry if I made that unclear :/)

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Review #73, by luvinpadfootBrutal Love: Blood Traitor

7th June 2013:
Oh, I really enjoy this story! Scorpius and Emily are adorable together. They really do complement each other nicely as far as their personalities are concerned. And they act like teenagers. Normal, realistic teenagers no matter what happens to them. That's really brilliant. A lot of times the main characters act really mature or immature, but it's great that you've kept them very realistic within their age group.

I love the way the story has progressed. It seems really realistic as the characters change and further their relationships or even distance themselves from their friends as people do.

A few critiques, one is the speed of the story. It seems to be happening rather fast and I'd love if you could slow down a bit and delve a little more into their day to day, go deeper into their personalities and their lives. There's so much potential for that and while I love what you've got so far it feels like you've got so much more you can pull from.

The second kind of goes along with that, I'd just really like to see a bit more with their friends, more of their relationships with people other than each other. The characters you've brought in seem really interesting, Charlie especially, but they're only mentioned in passing most of the time. Like I said before, there's just so much potential.

I feel so bad for them, it's like they can't catch a break! Are things going to get easier for them now that Scorpius's former friends are gone? Are Scorpius and Emily going to stay engaged? What do their parents think about it? I can't wait for more!

Great story, I love it!

Author's Response: I'm sorry it took so long to reply, I didn't realise I had a review! Oh, I have much more drama planned for them... I'm not totally satisfied with the speed of it either, I think I'll work on it more after my uni deadlines :) next chapter is going in the queue now though!

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Review #74, by luvinpadfootAgainst the World: An Introduction...

7th June 2013:
Aw I feel so bad for Allie. I'm glad she ran into Molly at the end though. Maybe the beginning of a new friendship?

And Albus is so cruel to her! I really can't believe him. Hopefully someone will knock a little empathy into his thick skull.

I can't wait to read more, I really liked this first chapter!

Author's Response: Allie is such a - I don't know - no words. Poor, poor Allie. Molly is awesome. Molly will fix things. Or will she?
Albus, the little bully. He's only picking on her to look 'cool'. Gah. Hopefully they will!
Thanks for reviewing!
Cheers, SW.

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Review #75, by luvinpadfootNo Awkwardness: Ella the Deformed Umbrella

20th August 2012:
I did like the way it turned out! Sometimes the girl running away from the kiss can be a bit cliche, but it fit so well in here. I can just imagine all she's thinking, with the drama between her parents and her sister and Sisi, and now she has to deal with James drama too. I feel kind of bad for her, but at least things are starting to look up.

I was a little surprised about Sisi's eating disorder, but I can't wait to see what develops with it. James is a great guy, but he's not exactly the sensitive type. It'll be interesting to see how he deals with it.

The teasing of Charlie at the beginning made me laugh. That's a great description of him. That whole scene was hilarious!

I can't wait to see where you take James and Charla's relationship! They're so cute together, but I don't want to see their great friendship ruined either! Another fantastic chapter!

(And sorry this review is shorter. I've been a bit busy and didn't want to neglect your story entirely!)

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing again, it's nice to hear what people think and edit with advice! I wasn't happy with how Sisi's eating disorder was put in the story but I needed to fit it in with this chapter, but I've edited slightly and hope it improves a little. I hope you enjoy the next few chapters which will be released very soon!

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