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Review #51, by luvinpadfootSpecial Occasion: 1

3rd April 2014:
Aw that was really cute and sweet! I'm not usually a Hermione/Sirius fan, but every now and again it's nice to read a story. I love your dialogue and the sequence of events leading up to the proposal. It all worked together so well! Lovely one-shot, I thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I tried to make it humorous, but it's not my strongest point. I am glad that you liked it considering you're not usually a Hermione/Sirius fan.

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Review #52, by luvinpadfootBrain Activity: Preparations

3rd September 2013:
I don't even know how to review this story, really. Half the time I'm not sure if I'm seriously invested and concerned about the characters or laughing at all the zombie jokes. Before this I wouldn't have believed someone could write canon zombie Harry Potter fanfiction. So thank you.

It's just brilliant. I don't think you could even understand how happy this story makes me, and I'm not even really much of a zombie reader.

I'll definitely be coming back for me! :)

Author's Response: I am so glad that you enjoyed the story! :) I had a blast writing it up to this point. You really are supposed to kind of sit here and say this supposed to scare me or make me laugh...I Can't decide. So I'm glad you totally got it!

Thanks again so much for reviewing!

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Review #53, by luvinpadfootForget Me Not: Chapter 4

10th August 2013:
Oh no! Poor Lily. I can't believe the Marauders would say such cruel things to her. That can't be reality, can it? She has to be in a coma or dreaming or hallucinating or something. There's no way Sirius, Remus, and Peter would do that.

James keeps telling her to wake up- is that symbolic? Is she the one in a coma and her hallucinations of him are flashes of reality? Maybe I'm just grasping at straws here, but that's my final guess. I can't wait until the final chapter is posted and we know for certain! I'm really looking forward to the conclusion!

All the spiders in this chapter were rather terrifying. I uh skimmed those bits. Again. Terror things. But definitely worth it for the story. It's absolutely brilliant!

I was so sad when the forget me nots weren't where Lily thought they were. That was the one bit where everything seemed so real, like that was reality and her bits of James really were just hallucinations. The way she keeps trying to prove to the others that James isn't dead is truly heartbreaking.

Can't wait for the ending! It's so brilliant! :)

Author's Response: Yeahh the spiders were a really difficult part for me to write because i'm TERRIFIED of spiders.

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Review #54, by luvinpadfootThe Story of Argus Filch and Mrs. Norris: Isabelle's Despair

10th August 2013:
Isabelle's feelings seem so real in this chapter. It's that feeling of the first love that everyone has at some point, that first time you feel the rush of emotions for someone else and how you know you'll never feel that way again for anyone else. Teenagers are especially prone to such strong emotions and that's how Isabelle comes across, deeply embedded in her love for Argus cut short.

I'm so glad you mentioned Romeo and Juliet! It's what I've been thinking since the romance began between them and I just adore the comparison (I'm a huge R&J fan). It comes across as so down to earth and real, despite the slight tendency toward melodrama. I dunno if that's an oxymoron, but that's what I think.

The description of her and Filch's love was beautifully written. I loved the phrasing you used in the last paragraph, especially "I would forget what it was like to love" and "Torn into shreds as easily as a piece of paper". Those two lines really stuck out as spectacular. The whole paragraph was just perfect and left me awestruck. :)

Author's Response: Ha! That's Ironic :) I just talked about Romeo and Juliet in the last review! Wow, Thanks!! This is actually my first novel/novella (not sure which its going to be yet) so it's really encouraging to get this kind of feedback. Thank you so much for all of your reviews- I really appreciate it!!!

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Review #55, by luvinpadfootThe Story of Argus Filch and Mrs. Norris: Plans and Promises

10th August 2013:
Oh poor Filch and Isabelle! That's just so awful. What's he going to do now? He's only a kid. Even with everything that happened and Mr. Wright not wanting anymore romance to happen between Filch and Isabelle I can't believe he'd just kick him out like that.

The last bit was very sweet and very much seemed like two young lovers. It almost reminds me of Romeo and Juliet, the over the top farewells and proclamations of love as well as her parents forcing them apart.

It's very well done and I adore every bit of the romance, although I can't wait to see what happens from here. Obviously their story isn't near done yet so I do wonder how they come to meet again.

And when will Isabelle discover what her parents have planned for her future? I feel almost certain it's an arranged marriage now, although I can't imagine she'd be too fond of that. She seems a bit too headstrong to merely bow to her parents' will, but sometimes it's hard to tell.

I'm eager to keep reading and this story continues to be so lovely! :)

Author's Response: I'm glad I got the Romeo and Juliet act to be noticeable! I read the play a little while ago and it was just so over the top- perfect for Argus and Isabelle! I just felt the need to incorporate something like that in the story. Thank you for your insightful reviews and I hope to hear more from you!!

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Review #56, by luvinpadfootThe Story of Argus Filch and Mrs. Norris: Young Love

10th August 2013:
Oh no! Poor Isabelle and Filch. I really do wish things could be happy for them. That moment before her parents walked in was so sweet. They just fit really well together despite all of their differences. I don't know what it is about the two of them, but they really work together as a couple.

And their thoughts were so parallel! It was brilliant how you switched between them so seamlessly in the narration, just flawless.

I am curious as to why exactly her parents are so upset with it, beyond the obvious reason that Filch is a servant and a bit strange. Perhaps some sort of arranged marriage? I dunno yet.

I do wish that in the end they'll run away and live happily together, but somehow I don't think that's much of a possibility. At the very least I hope her father isn't too harsh on Filch. He only just found a new home, a new place to live. It'd be so awful to have that ripped from him too after leaving his mother.

Another wonderfully crafted chapter! I adore this story so much. :)

Author's Response: I like your thoughts on the chapter :) very helpful. Aw, thanks! I really wanted to get both of their perspectives on the whole situation so I'm glad it worked out okay. Thanks for your review!

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Review #57, by luvinpadfootRisen: Out of the Ashes : A Family Reunion

10th August 2013:
I pointed out one thing in the last chapter about his parents not being there and all of a sudden so many people! Haha! I love it! Harry and Ginny are just how I imagined they would be.

I adore James's relationship with his family. It just seems so realistic! And it's beautifully contrasted with Charlotte's relationship with her family. I especially liked how James didn't realize that families less perfect than his could really exist. That was very well written, great characterization!

I laughed so hard at all of his family's teasing. Even his Dad and Mum got in on it, poor James (well, not really). Everyone just assuming that he and Charlotte are together is hilarious! I'm loving it so much!

I feel so bad for Charlotte and her bad relationship with her father. I really hope as the story progresses that gets a little bit better. She deserves to be happier than she is and feel more loved, although James is such a sweetheart for getting her out of the house and taking her camping.

I know you said you had trouble with this chapter, but it definitely didn't show at all. So far this is one of my favorite chapters of the whole story! The entire thing was beautifully crafted and just perfect in every way! :)

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Review #58, by luvinpadfootRisen: Out of the Ashes : Twenty Questions Part Deux

10th August 2013:
I disappear for two weeks and so many new chapters! I'll definitely be reading through and reviewing them all over the next few days. Sorry for missing them before.

Ooh The Princess Bride is my favorite! I honestly love you ten times more for referencing that. Anyone who loves TPB must be amazing.

James and Charlotte are really cute. I loved how he was just over the hill sending little notes back and forth with her- that was the most adorable situation! I like how he's so protective of her, but not at all in a creepy way. He just seems really nice, which is a good change of pace.

I can't believe his parents let him have a motorcycle. I'd have loved to see their reaction when he first got one haha! And speaking of them, I'd really like to see more characters since so far it's just been Charlotte and James, with brief cameo from her mother, of course. I'd just like to see how they interact with other people and if James changes how he acts (to be fair that should be James and Charlotte both, but I'll just stick with James because I feel like his changes would be more obvious).

I'm eager for the rest so I'll keep reading! Lovely chapter as always. :)

Author's Response: Hope you like what I've been up to with Charlotte and James. :)
So you like Dr. Who and The Princess Bride? wish I knew you in real life, you have good taste. :D
I like to think that James "borrowed" the motorcycle. :)

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Review #59, by luvinpadfootCruel Intentions: One Mistake and A Bucket Full of Regrets

21st July 2013:
I really enjoyed this chapter! Especially at the beginning with Ellie at the party. I liked that she shocked Oliver and the rest of the boys. They seemed like they needed a good shock. I was kind of glad she got scared and left, it seemed more her than being able to handle everything all at once.

I wasn't so sure about the ending. The last thing in Ellie's POV was that she didn't care about the bet and that she was done, but then when Oliver offers her a way out she doesn't take it. That might be something that needs a bit of explaining, or at least an additional note or something. It felt kind of out of place.

Not sure how I feel about multiple POVs either. They're interesting and add to the story and you definitely write the characters well, but with so many different POV characters it's sometimes easy to lose sight of the main character, which does seem like it's supposed to be Ellie. It's her story after all.

I have one question about Oliver/Alicia. How was that blackmail? It just seemed a bit confusing and I wasn't exactly sure how it became blackmail. It seemed like Alicia had done that kind of thing before.

Not entirely sure how well the two teams chose their judge. It seems like Alicia has been pretty easily swayed into helping both teams, not to mention the blackmail. Or maybe she's so wrapped up in both that she has no chose other than to be unbiased.

The bet looks like it's bringing out the worst in everyone so far. They're still all friends, but it's kind of turned from teasing into war. The boys are blackmailing and using their friends and the girls are, well, I'm not exactly sure what the girls are doing, but it doesn't seem too positive. I'm hoping everything turns out okay in the end, because I could see this getting ugly.

And I dunno, I'm kind of wondering why Elllie stayed friends with these people for so long. Especially the guys seem really mean to her, particularly in that in six years they never once paid her a compliment. I hope nothing bad happens to her because she could get in a lot of trouble if she "becomes a color" the way they want her to.

Okay, that got really long and rambly, but I hope something in there was constructive criticism. There's a reason I probably shouldn't be leaving reviews at three in the morning! Maybe I should take a leaf out of Alicia's book and go for a walk instead, haha.

But this was a really great chapter and I loved it all! I'm really looking forward to the next one and finding out what Ellie has to do next to start proving she's a color. You're such a great writer and I love reading this story so much. Can't wait for the next chapter! :)

(I just previewed to post and realized how long this got. Uh... Sorry about that. Kudos if you actually have the patience to read all of this.)

Author's Response: hahahaha, i did read the whole thing, in fact i read it twice!

In the beginning I didn't want Ellie to change completely, because honestly where's all the fun (and truth) in that?

I have to say don't worry! EVERYTHING will be explained in the next chapter (which I'm currently writing). The blackmail, what changed Ellie's mind, what the girl's are planning and the strong parts of the friendship do come out in the next chapter.

Bets never turn out good. Someone always gets hurt and it either fizzles out and never ends, or it just get worse and worse as time goes on. (At least from my experience).

I hope I covered everything, but if I didn't I apologize, I just woke up so it's a little early for me. Thanks so super much for writing a review!! Next chapter should be up really soon.


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Review #60, by luvinpadfootForget Me Not: Chapter 3

21st July 2013:
I really can't fathom what's going on anymore, but I can't wait to find out!

All I've got is that I'd really think James was dead if I didn't know that he couldn't be. And I really don't think you've gone AU and killed him (though that is possible). I think you're trickier than that.

I'm really enjoying it, though! Poor Lily. She's the only one who believes and everyone thinks she's going crazy. Maybe she is, maybe she isn't, but I hope this gets resolved soon. She seems like she's taking everything to heart, the rumors and their friends thinking she's crazy, the dreams of James. I hope something happens soon and it isn't just someone playing a trick on her. That would be a very cruel trick.

It was so sweet that James, dead or not, remembered about the forget-me-nots and not giving up. If things do turn out okay then the two of them together are really adorable. And if he's alive somehow I think Lily will forget that she was ever mad at him.

I feel a little bad for the other Marauders and Mary. They've just lost a friend too and they have to deal with Lily going mad, or at least they think she's going mad. And it's kind of a legitimate thing to believe at this point.

Anyway, I'm going to stop rambling and just say that I really adore this story and can't wait for the next two chapters! I love your writing and characters and I really really want to know what happens! :)

Author's Response: aw thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! It definitely borders on AU, and that's something that was very different for me to write since I typically stick close to canon, but it was a very fun experiment!

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Review #61, by luvinpadfootRisen: Out of the Ashes : Twenty Questions

21st July 2013:
Ooh I loved this chapter! And James was right, a lot of Charlotte's answers were really telling. I may be kind of analyzing her at the moment. It was sweet how James felt sad for her when she said she wanted to be more like her sisters.

I do hope that's not how her family really feels about her and just her perception. That'd be awful if it was the case, although understandable I guess. It's hard to have a kid who's more like your ex than you from her father's point of view.

I'm really adoring James's character, especially in the beginning! He's just so- I don't really know how to explain it. Deep, I guess. But not unrealistically so. He's like the jock/playboy/whatever who actually has real thoughts, only hides them because he doesn't want to come off that way.

I do love that he's so different with Charlotte, though. The two seem so close already, opening up about stuff that normally they wouldn't talk about. I love it! And I can't wait to see what kind of questions Charlotte asks him and what answers he provides.

My one critique per chapter (because apparently you only have one thing per chapter that could be improved): there was a fair bit of dialogue without a lot of description in the second half or so. I dunno, the dialogue was really good, but it seemed like there could be some more description to go along with it.

But lovely chapter! I really enjoyed it and I can't wait for more! You're a very talented writer and you've done the characters so well that I'm addicted! :)

Author's Response: Hi again!

Thanks for the review, it really means a lot to me! It's such a huge relief knowing that the characters are coming across the way I want them to. Whew!

The story is definitely writing itself at this point- and unlike most of the other (non-fan fiction) stories I write, I'm not really playing the editor as much as I normally would. Somewhere around the halfway point I'll will probably go back and do some minor editing- add more description and things like that. Critiques help me as much as positive thoughts- so keep it coming!

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Review #62, by luvinpadfootRisen: Out of the Ashes : Reunion with James Potter

21st July 2013:
I liked the Doctor Who reference! Definitely wasn't expecting it so it made me laugh. I also am a huge fan. ;)

James was brilliant. He's so sweet and helpful to Charlotte! Most guys would've probably found some other way to help her that was easier for them, but James really is so nice. I liked how he said he had a "reputation". If it was a bad one then I think it's all gone after how he helped Charlotte.

The bit about his mum was so funny! Definitely the way I pictured Ginny as a mother. Her boys would be the perfect gentlemen, or she'd know why. Though I'm not quite sure how she'd feel about her son helping Charlotte in the shower. Somehow I don't quite think his eyes widened because Charlotte looked like utter crap...

It was a great chapter and I love what's happened so far and your writing style! My only critique was that some of the larger paragraphs are a tad blocky to read on the computer screen and maybe splitting those up into two or three separated paragraphs would make it a bit easier. But that's really just a nitpick thing. It's a brilliant story and I really am loving it! So onward, to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hello! Glad you liked the Dr. Who reference. :D

Thanks for the comments, and thanks for reading my story. It's so surreal thinking that people are actually reading (and gasp- enjoying) this. I'm kind of in shock. I hope you continue to read and like the story. I have something close to half of it already written, so there shouldn't be long waits for chapters.
I really appreciate the critique too- I'm trying to shorten the paragraphs in later chapters, so hopefully that will make it easier to read.
Thanks again!

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Review #63, by luvinpadfootThe Chance Of A Lifetime: The First Chance

21st July 2013:
Oh no! Poor James, he couldn't know that she was allergic to lilies (although that's very ironic). Still, a guy should probably not try to woo a girl using the flower she was named for. I don't have a flower name, but I'm guessing that could get old really fast.

Still, it wasn't a bad try on his part. Lily was enjoying herself until the end bit with the lilies. And she didn't seem too mad. Maybe she'll calm down when the itching stops and she feels better. And James still has two more chances! I'm sure he won't screw those up as badly.

I think it's sweet how James went to his friends for help with the date and they all tried to pitch in. Maybe next time he'll just try on his own, since his friends couldn't help.

This was a really original way to screw up that date, though! I've never seen a story in which Lily is allergic to lilies. I almost wish you'd done a bit more with it, shown more of James's reaction after the fact. I'm sure he was horrified he used flowers Lily was allergic too.

The only bit of criticism I have was that it seemed like there was a lot of dialogue and not so much description. A little description can go a long way in a story and could definitely help improve it. I loved the dialogue though and what you have is awesome!

Another great chapter! I'm really loving this chapter and can't wait for the next update! I'm sure James will have more spectacular ideas to make their lives a little more interesting. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it and I will work on adding more description.

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Review #64, by luvinpadfootThe Story of Argus Filch and Mrs. Norris: Unspoken Words

21st July 2013:
Aw that was so sweet! I'm rooting for Isabelle and Filch almost despite myself. I wish her mother hadn't come in to interrupt them, although maybe it's best that Isabelle has a bit more time to admit her feelings to herself first.

I hope things don't get too bad with Isabelle's parents. Filch has already lost his original family, it would be so harsh for him to lose this one too, even if he's a servant and not really family. They're still all he has.

I'm hoping nothing else happens with Filch's real family, but won't his brother come looking for him? No one even cared about him a little? That makes me so sad for him. Even if he was a squib he was still family. They should still care a little.

Oh well, I'm still really enjoying this story. Everything about it is just so wonderful. Yet another great chapter! :)

Author's Response: I know, I found myself doing that too! Also, I think you're questions will be answered in the near future :) Good thoughts on the chapter! Thanks for writing so many reviews!!

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Review #65, by luvinpadfootThe Story of Argus Filch and Mrs. Norris: Grownup Stuff

21st July 2013:
Sometimes it's good to be reminded that Filch is only thirteen, still a kid in this story. I like that he was impressed by how sophisticated the conversation was, at thirteen I probably would have been too.

And the beginning seemed realistic with his age as well. After going through something so traumatic I'm sure Filch would have strange or even scary dreams.

And Isabelle so indignant over her mother thinking that she might fancy Filch was great! I still love everything you're doing with the characters. They seem so true to themselves, and they have for the whole story thus far.

I'm still eager to find out more about the secret conversation between the Wrights and to find out what happens to Filch! It's a really amazing story so far. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it! Yes, sometimes I had to make sure he remained 13. It's often hard to try and imagine what Filch was like as a kid, but I pulled through :) Thanks for your reviews! I really appreciate all the feedback I'm getting!!

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Review #66, by luvinpadfootThe Story of Argus Filch and Mrs. Norris: Whispers in the Night

21st July 2013:
I am quite intrigued with this overheard conversation. Something big and dramatic must be happening, I can't wait to see what! And who is the mysterious "Sir Norris"? Since the cat's name is Mrs. Norris, I would presume he's rather important. I do wish she'd stayed to hear the rest of the conversation!

And I know I keep harping on this, but Isabelle really is the best. That little line about worrying over Filch making the sofa filthy when he was unconscious was just perfect. And the last line sounds just like a spoiled little girl who thinks she's so right all the time. I just adore it.

The only note I have is that Isabelle seemed rather hasty in feeling guilty about how she'd treated him. Maybe she acted like he was a bit of a dunce, but everything she said aloud to him was perfectly polite- all of the insults were in her head. But that's just a nitpicky thing and I'm not sure if it's even right.

Another great chapters! I love the descriptions in between the dialogue, you always have great prose and comment on the smallest details that add so much to the story- like Filch's snoring or Isabelle's white hands.

Author's Response: No, you're right. I did kind of rush into that a bit. I'll maybe have to stretch it out a bit more. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Review #67, by luvinpadfootThe Story of Argus Filch and Mrs. Norris: Never Loved

20th July 2013:
Poor Filch! It's awful that people are so mean to him for being a squib, I'm glad he's found the Wrights. I'd like to think that this story has a happy ending with him living as a muggle, but I find that one hard to believe. I am very interested to see how you get him from this to the man he is during Harry's years at Hogwarts.

The characterization continues to be brilliant! Isabelle especially is my favorite, both positive and negative aspects. It's funny how she thinks Filch is a simpleton who doesn't even remember his own name. I can't wait to see how that's going to develop, if she'll realize that he may be strange but not necessarily that uh troubled.

I can't believe Filch's mother just threw him out for getting a job! I thought she'd like something like that, that she'd think he was being less of a burden for her to feed and clothe. Not that I'm sorry he got out, maybe it'll be healthier for him to live somewhere else, such as with the Wrights.

Another great chapter, I'm really loving this story and so glad I found it!

Author's Response: Hello again, luvinpadfoot! I like how you're thinking through the chapters instead of just clicking the next button. Hopefully some of your questions will be explained in following chapters! Aw, I feel really bad for Argus, but I guess that's kind of my own fault, huh? :) Okay, It's getting late here and I'm starting to get tired. I'll check back in tomorrow if you've written further reviews. Thank you for being the awesome person you are and for reading my story!! Goodnight and happy reading!

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Review #68, by luvinpadfootThe Story of Argus Filch and Mrs. Norris: An Awkward Encounter

20th July 2013:
Filch seems so sweet with the cats! It's a whole new side of him and you've written it very well. Usually Filch just annoys me no matter the setting (although it tends to be at Hogwarts), but you've got me believing this and I find myself liking the guy.

I do enjoy Isabelle's character immensely, her little smugness at being the educated rich girl seems so real and just right, but coupled with her desire to befriend Filch anyway.

Another great chapter! And your prose continues to be wonderful! I'm loving it. :)

Author's Response: Hello and thank you for reviewing...again! I do agree with you, in the books and movies how the character Filch acted annoyed me too! But the point of my story is to show how he got to be that way. I needed to know why he acted like that- so I started writing this story!! Problem solved :) I'm glad you like what you've read so far!

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Review #69, by luvinpadfootThe Story of Argus Filch and Mrs. Norris: A Squib

20th July 2013:
Just the first chapter and already I can tell I'm really going to like this story! The characters seem so vivid at the beginning and I can't wait to see more of them! What's going to happen with Filch and Isabelle?

The first bit was really cute between Filch and Mrs. Norris. It's basically the same kind of thing from the series, but told from their point of view it's really sweet.

And Filch is one of those characters that I've never really thought about before. I mean, now putting some thought in it's pretty obvious he must have had a tragic background, but no one really talks about him. I commend you for taking on the task, and doing it so well to boot.

I'm going to enjoy reading this story! (Although I may not finish it tonight since it's already pretty long and kind of late here. So if you get random reviews from me over the next few days, that's why.)

Author's Response: Okay, I'll make sure check in and respond :) I am really glad that you like my story! It has been a struggle, but I guess it's paying off! Yes, I do believe the story may end up being fairly long, but I hope you stick with it! Also, if you think something doesn't make sense or maybe I messed up (because I'm sure I have) let me know and I'll see what I can do about it. A million thank-yous for reviewing!

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Review #70, by luvinpadfootIce: A Queen

19th July 2013:
Ooh I like this! I haven't seen many one-shots that really paint Bellatrix, or Voldemort for that matter, in a more sympathetic light. And you did it really well too! Really, I was feeling sorry for Bella and usually I just hate her guts, no matter what's happened in her life.

I liked the bit with her and Sirius as kids especially. It seems like usually the feelings of the rest of his family are forgotten, that he wasn't the only one hurt when he was sorted into Gryffindor and his path was changed.

The last line was very powerful, and the idea that Bella could only be human again upon death intrigued me.

All in all I really enjoyed this story! Great characterization, really well written, and so original! Just brilliant! :)

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Review #71, by luvinpadfootWhere are you now?: Where are you now?

18th July 2013:
I think you wrote Snape wonderfully! He seemed so real and just like in canon, although younger no less cynical and bitter. I like that. I thought your interpretation is one of the closest to canon that I've read on this site, although Snape happens to be one of my favorite characters.

His story is just so heartbreaking and I feel for him every time he thinks about Lily. Lily always seemed to be the only thing that ever really meant anything to him and he ruined that for himself.

One thing I really enjoyed that not all stories with Snape do is that he took responsibility for what he said to Lily. Oftentimes he'll blame the Marauders, or Voldemort, or even the word mudblood itself, but in this story no matter how hard he tried it just seemed like he couldn't bring himself to do that. I think that was a very key part in this story.

And the last line just holds so much power, as last lines should. You wrote this story amazingly and I really loved every moment! Your Severus is absolutely brilliant!

Author's Response: He is a very cynical and bitter character, which is probably why I dislike him so much :P Aw thank you! All I could think of when I was writing him was how he would sneer at Harry and how possessive and obsessive he would be over Lily, things we can see from canon, so I'm glad that you think my characterisation is close to JK's!

It is a sad story (less so when I'm reminded of how much of a jerk he was to an 11 year old orphan boy he'd never met before) because he did lose the love of his life, and you gotta feel for the guy for that.

In his head, Snape knows that it is his fault. If he were conversing with someone else about the issue, he'd probably blame it on James, but he wasn't so, yeah, he blamed himself. Rightly so too :P

Thanks so much for your kind review :D I might write more Snape if I ever get the inspiration to again!

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Review #72, by luvinpadfootImpossible: Impossible

18th July 2013:
I've never heard the song before, but the story stood beautifully on its own. Everything just fit so well together and flowed nicely, starting with the abuse and leading into love, prejudice, and regret. I liked that there was a little bit of redemption in the end for Severus, that last time he saw Lily when it was like they forgave each other for everything that had happened.

His focus on the word mudblood and his refusal to use it again made my heartbreak. So much weight can fall on just two syllables and a few letters. And Severus blamed that for ruining his life, even though he said it of his own volition. It fits with his character, not wanting to fully take responsibility for his actions.

I teared up when he talked of trying to get her back and doing everything he could. Just once in one of these stories I'd like him to be able to get her back. Just once.

I thought it was very realistic how they both got sucked into the war of Slytherin vs Gryffindor and purebloods vs muggleborns and traitors. It seems like Hogwarts has a way of doing that.

Brilliant story and very well written! I'll definitely look up the song now. :)

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing, luvinpadfoot! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I feel that Sev is slightly insecure, because of his past, and that is why he blames other things rather than himself.
I feel awful for not giving them the happy ending I want to give them, but this way works better. I want a Slytherin guy to someday get a Gryffindor girl. But it rarely happens. *sigh*
At my school we seem to get caught up in the same kind of prejudices, but with 'populars' 'geeks' 'goths' and so on, so I put a little of that in. The people you had been friends with suddenly slip away from you, and you end up practically strangers.
Definitely listen to the song, it is really brilliant! And thank you again, it was nice to see that someone has read it! ;)

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Review #73, by luvinpadfootToday the World Ends: Today the World Ends

18th July 2013:
You hit all of my feels. All of them. I'm sitting here
trying to hold back the tears.

Poor Severus! I just want to hug him! That was so
sad! Not only was the love of his life marrying his
worst enemy, but that voice in his head was just
awful to him. And worse, it was true. That was the
best part of the story, no matter how hard it hit.
For all his talking about James Potter not deserving
Lily, it's important that he realizes that he might not
deserve her either. And I think that's something he
struggles without throughout the books which you
brought to light very well here.

And the bit about him serving the Dark Lord was
great too, just everything the little voice in his head
whispered was so perfect and so right. Poor

I loved how at the beginning the world was ending
because Lily was marrying James, but at the end it's
ending because Severus realizes he doesn't deserve
her, that maybe he never did. It's so heartbreaking.

You wrote this story wonderfully! I really did adore
every word. Even though it made me cry. Lovely,
amazing story.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you for being so in depth. It really helps when I am writing. And I am so glad you got it! The fourth paragraph! Thank you so much.

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Review #74, by luvinpadfootOpen Your Eyes: Open Your Eyes

18th July 2013:
I had to read this when I saw it was a Snow Patrol because I do love Snow Patrol and I'm so glad I did! This was beautifully written! I've never seen anything quite like it!

It was a really creative idea and you pulled it off brilliantly. Usually I'm pulling for Severus in these stories, but you had me conflicted. James just seemed like such a great guy, despite everything.

I loved that you had Severus call Lily a mudblood to protect her from him, instead of in anger. It really makes sense that he would have done that and that he's not such a bad guy. He really cares about her and that's why he said it. But it seemed so realistic that he almost wished it hadn't worked, that he still wanted her.

Okay, now onto the big thing. James thanked Severus for Lily? Yes please! That was perfect! I've never seen that written anywhere before and I adore it! Really, it was my favorite part of the story! Not only does James admit to needing help with Lily, but he acknowledges that in getting what he wanted Severus lost the most important thing in the world and that adds so much depth to both their characters. I have no words, that was just perfect.

This whole story was wonderful and I love it so much! You have a real talent and I hope you keep writing!

Author's Response: Wow, what an amazing message - thank you so, so much! :) I literally cannot describe how happy this review has made me; I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it...I completely agree with you - I always liked James waaay too much for him not to notice or appreciate how much Severus had given up for him and I never thought that Severus could be that cruel so I really thought it was time to try and write something which fitted with that... But I'm never too sure about these one-offs because normally I prefer writing about Remus and/or Sirius so it's amazing to have such a lovely review. Thank you so much, you've made my day! xx

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Review #75, by luvinpadfootUnspoken: Unspoken

18th July 2013:
Oh. Oh wow. That was just amazing. Everything was so perfect and sad. Severus and Lily are one of my favorite ships and to just see them loving each other so much but finding themselves undeserving of the other's love hurt so much. They were almost there, almost to admitting their feelings.

You handled everything beautifully from the dual point of views to the abuse and the feeling that they were undeserving, both of them. It just all seemed so real. Too real. I was sucked in from the first word.

And that last line from Severus stung so much, that he was glad Lily was his friend. I can only imagine how saying that must have hurt them both.

You descriptions were lovely, especially about the rain when you wrote that it "tattooed the roof in unintelligible morse code" and was "rain-kissed". It was all so beautiful and fit in so well with the scene. It was as bittersweet as their feelings for each other, so beautiful and true but never to see the light of day.

You've evoked so much emotion from me in this piece. It was flawless in every way, I honestly can't think of one critique for you. Wonderful, amazing story! You're an incredibly talented writer!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am not really a Severus/Lily shipper, but I wondered what could have happened if she had cared for him before he ruined it with his Death Eater interests. I appreciate your lovely review so much!~GW

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