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Review #1, by Alonia187The Truth's Consequences: Apologize

21st August 2011:
Okay I am almost DYING to know what happens next, besides Draco scuffing and gloating that Ron deserved what he got from Hermione. BUT PLEASE UPDATE SOON! *grumbles about school* summer is way too short! needs to be FIVE monthes, not three and half. uhg, oh well, update whenever you possibly can!

loved it!

Author's Response: Please don't die! That would be very terrible!!! You'll see what happens in a bit. I'm going to post the next chapter to the queue in a day or so. It's not quite done. I don't think I could survive a five month summer, it's hard enough to go back as it is lol =] =] Thanks!!!

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Review #2, by Alonia187Playing House with Malfoy: Seeking the Truth

21st August 2011:
Aaah! an update! and holy smokes what a chapter! Loved it, felt terribly sorry for Hermione but also it gave us a insight on what happened before they came to the future :).

UPDATE Please!!?


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Review #3, by Alonia187The Truth's Consequences: Awake and Alive

11th August 2011:
Uhg. CLIFFHANGER. >< why do you torture me and the rest of your readers SOoo?

Wonderful chapter, though I wonder how Draco will take to Zabini being inside his home, let alone turning him against Hermione. Uhg, UPDATED WOMAN! Please!!?

14.5 trillion out of 10! ;).


Author's Response: You know you love it =]=] And you will just have to wait and see. However, that will not be seen in the next chapter. The next one is a lovely surprise =]=] And I will =]=] Thanks!!!

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Review #4, by Alonia187Playing House with Malfoy: The Engagement Party

10th August 2011:
Really nice chapter. Please write some more? I wonder what did old Lucius do to Hermione...why do I have a feeling that he didn't just torture her Curcio?

Anyway, wonderful chapter and I hope to see a update soon! Addictive Story of yours! ^_^


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Review #5, by Alonia187The Truth's Consequences: Pretender

4th August 2011:
Hello ^_^,

Yes you did answer my questions and you are right on everything on what you answered to me. I am just curious what will happen next?

Whenever it's finished, please Read "Their Prophecy". Uhg for whatever reason I dislike that title for this story. Been thinking of ways of what to call it but I do not know how. There is actually, and I found this by SHEER accident, that within the Dragon tales of the world, in England there was a maiden who angered the Goddess Diana and was transformed into a Dragon. The title to this story is called "Lady of the Castle". It's really weird because I never read that "story" in my life! Ever. It sounds so similar to how I started "Their Prophecy" but oh well.

Anyway, Update soon, please? going to break my personal rule but I will continue to read this story of yours until it's finished :).

Thank you for answering my reviews,


Author's Response: I'll take a look! But do you honestly think that I'm going to spoil it for you? No way. Not gonna happen =]=] I will be updating as soon as I can find my flashdrive. Thank you for reveiwing(and breaking your personal rule =]=])!!!

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Review #6, by Alonia187The Truth's Consequences: Dead Memories

3rd August 2011:
okay I have read this the other day, rather curious on how this ends however something kept digging at my mind. It has nothing to with where this story might go or how it ends, just it seems the pace, and I am not being mean here about this but, it seems it has gone too fast on Hermione being pregnant. I know that it's apart of your story, that she's 4 months along and then 4 months later she gives, goes into labor, has the kid and that's that. Once again I am not upset by this, just that it went by too fast. Like besides Draco arguing with her, her different mood swings, what was it that Draco fell for Hermione and his "Daughter". Was it the weird food cravings, her complaining about having swollen ankles or thinking that she looked too big? It's just something that was digging at my mind.

All in all, this story is very interesting and I hope you continue to write and upload more chapters. Pet peeve of mine where I read WIP stories and then they are not finished (A personal goal where I am trying NOT to do with my own stories) for ages.

Please update soon! Once again I am not upset or mad or anything it's just a little fast on that part.

Alonia187 ^_^.

Author's Response: Her pregnancy did go by fast because I didn't see the necessity of having a rather lengthy one because it would not really drive the story further. Also, I don't really see the point of writing chaters about her complaining all the time, and him arguing with her about it. Any pregnancy has the parents fighting to get along, and Draco and Hermione would be no exception to that.

And Draco hasn't really acknowledged his feelings for her. Right now, he's putting it all towards the love he feels for Ariella. The love a father feels for his child, whether or not biological, is not something that comes by gradually. The moment a parent looks at their child, they love it more than anything. It's as they raise Ariella that he begins to fall for her, because they have to spend so much time together.

As to them getting along, they would have to put their differences aside, well mostly, to raise a child together. Besides, when you live with someone for so long, you learn bits and pieces about them that make you understand more about them and why they do things. And when you begin to understand someone, you begin to tolerate their presence.

I know that it went fast for that part, and I'm sorry that that left you unsatisfied, but again, I felt that there was no point. Hermione and Draco would suffer through the same thing any "couple" does with their first child. I didn't see the point in writing all of these common experiences down, when everyone knows what happens because I wanted to move my story past that.

And I am continuing with this story (I have the same pet peeve =]=]) because I really enjoy writing it. Besides, I finish everything I start =]=] Thank you so much for the review, and your opinion!!! I hope I have sufficiently addressed all of your concerns!!!

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Review #7, by Alonia187Playing House with Malfoy: A Family Outing

13th July 2011:
Hello DMlover,

I may not have reviewed when your other Dramione fanfic "Hermione and the Beast", I have it saved but I am going to read it after I have reviewed this outstanding fanfic.

Now I normally don't like to read fanfics while they're in WIP because I don't like to wait and read the story chapter by chapter, I love to read it when it's completed that way I know the full story as I go(Sometimes I do think 'Oh this will happen soon' and it does).

I do not think anyone has ever wrote a story where Hermione and Draco were Not at Hogwarts trying to raise a baby together. Your story also has given me excitement to want to continue to finish my own stories since I am almost finished "Her Inheritances" and will be working on "Finding Malfoy" soon, along with my other stories as well on here.

Please update this fantastic story of yours for now I cannot Wait for another chapter to be added on here :). 1 Trillion out of 10 :).


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Review #8, by Alonia187A Snake No More: Prologue

26th May 2011:
This is a story that I have Never heard of. So this will be fun to read :D.

Please update soon! can't wait for the next chapter :D.

Awesome Job!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing. I looked through wikipedia's list of fairy tales and came across this one, and it was perfect for Dramione.

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Review #9, by Alonia187A Twist of Fate: Daily Prophet and St Mungos

23rd May 2011:
Wonderful Story so far. Read it from the beginning until now. Please update soon?


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Review #10, by Alonia187Otherwise Engaged: Surprises. Plural.

18th May 2011:
OKay I love this story but I have a feeling at the end it's not what we all want. Please update soon! It's really good.


Author's Response: Thank you for loving it, that makes me so happy ^^ You mean in the whole Martin vs. Draco thing? :p Haha, you'll just have to continue reading to find out if you're gonna be disappointed or not :p

I will! Please keep reading and reviewing :)


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Review #11, by Alonia187There's A Reason Opposites Attract: Out In The Open

28th February 2011:
Really good story. I've enjoyed it so far and I can't wait to read the next update. :).


Update soon please?

Author's Response: Thanks,I will have the next chapter up soon.

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Review #12, by Alonia187Draco's Christmas Carol: The Ghost Of Christmas Present

27th February 2011:
still good, but found an error:

put his head in his heads.

I think you meant: Put his head in his hands?

Other then that it's good.

So far it's good however I keep on thinking of the movie of: Ghost of Girlfriends Past. It's SO Draco/Hermione. Check it out if you want too. :).

Anyway 10/10.


Author's Response: Sorry for the error, I must have missed it when I read through it :(. After my challenge pieces have been validated, I will go back and edit it.

OMG, I love Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and I agree with you; it is SO Draco/Hermione! I wanted to write a fic based on it so much but I already had Draco's Christmas Carol (wrote this in like 2009 lol). I may write one in the future, maybe a different pairing (Rose/Scorpius Maybe :))

Thank you for the 10/10

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Review #13, by Alonia187Draco's Christmas Carol: The Ghost Of Christmas Past

27th February 2011:
*nods* yup. Still loving it :D. and that is soo sweet of Draco! :). 10/10.

Okay onto the next chapter but could you pass this along to anyone?

just so you know, around 1 of 11 readers review. for you other 10 out there who plan on just leaving this story without reviewing, just take a moment to write atleast one word. if you think that my fanfic is good than help other people think it might be good too and stop at my crappy summary and think 'hey, this has a lot of reviews, maybe i'll give it a chacnce.'

if more people reviewed then fanfiction would be a better place becouse of it and more writers would feel inspired to continue incomplete stories. as a reader, do your part and as a writer, help others out cuz you know how good it feel to get a review, be it praise or even flames. its just nice to know how many people are really reading my story.

Thank you,

Author's Response: Thank you! and I will copy your message onto the end author's note on my one-shot, Regret :)

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Review #14, by Alonia187Draco's Christmas Carol: Christmas Eve

27th February 2011:
Hmmm I love it :D. Really good way to draw in a reader. I love the plot, so not the normal...I think?? onto the next chapter :D! 10/10.


Author's Response: Thank you for the review and the 10/10 :)

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Review #15, by Alonia187Never Look Away: Chapter 20

21st January 2011:
Hey I have loved your story for a long time now and I thought I might help you out, with the Beta search. I'm not a beta myself because I'm bad at my grammer and mispellings and such but I know this one person who is a beta.

Dark Lady Snape(username)
hp_geek_24 AT yahoo. com

I hope that helps you out :D. If not, you can always go onto Fanfiction .net and join up and look for betas on there?

Anyway thank you for updating this awesome story! love it!

Alonia187. 10*10

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Review #16, by Alonia187Dying Perspective: Cruor Iuguolosis

19th January 2011:
okay you have got me interested in this fanfic of yours. It's well written but I really don't like how it's broken up by the line deviders. (Just one of my pet peeves of Fanfictions, no offence.)

It's a really well written story, however I don't think that Harry, Ron or Ginny would ignore something like this. It's just not in their nature to do so. I am not being harsh or mean, just stating facts. I am sorry if I did offend you.

Not many fanfics are like this, where Yes Hogwarts is the perfect place for the characters to be and live however, it gets rather Boring reading the same plot, the same thing over and over and over again. I'm not saying that your fanfic is like that, it's just that I have noticed an awful lot that most of the fanfics are like that. Where Hermione and everyone else are going back to school Whoop DE Doo. I know people can use their brains to come up with something creative. I've done it ;).

Sorry for me ranting like this, just that it's getting boring with the stories. Whatever happened to the fanfics that were of Veelas? Or that of Powerful dark romantic spells that bind the two characters together NO-MATTER-WHAT? Marriage Laws? Element Stories; where the characters have Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water within them. At times I miss people who think outside of the box. Anyway, love it hon, please update soon!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review. I have to agree with you that there are a lot of happy go lucky Hogwarts stories with similar plots (A New Lie my other story being one of them) and I would like to see an exciting new plot show up.

You do not know how much it means to me that you see that I am trying to make Hogwarts more than just a school where enemies fall in love. I'm not offended at all. This story doesn't exactly follow the books. Harry, Ron and Ginny have never been super close to Hermione and she is just now realizing this. The next chapter will be coming as soon as it's edited. Thanks again for your review!


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Review #17, by Alonia187Witches & Wizards Protection Program: +Chapter Three

18th January 2011:
Oooh another arrogant prick like Draco Interesting. Holy mother Jones! I think they will continue to do that but through their words! *rolls eyes*

Alright hon, I am finished reading all 3 chaptes and so far I am loving what I am reading. Please update soon, may be a chapter of Harry and his experince? Or something like that? I know that it's what you have in mind, but I do wonder how he is doing and well as Ron. >< Very cold back East! Yes I'm from the West Coast of good ol' USA. :D

Anyway Please update!

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Review #18, by Alonia187Witches & Wizards Protection Program: +Chapter Two

18th January 2011:
Hmm... do I sense a bit of rivally between the two americans for the attention of our hogwarts students? Oooh I hope not. However I think, don't quote me on this, but I think I know where this is heading. Not gonna say it, but I will keep on reading for now ^_~.


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Review #19, by Alonia187Witches & Wizards Protection Program: +Chapter One

18th January 2011:
Hmm... very interesting indeed. A little AU but hey I love it! On to the next chatper ^_^.

Alonia187. 10 out of 10

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Review #20, by Alonia187The Very First Kiss: The Visit from Viktor

18th January 2011:
Hey, I read your story again, and Please update? I would like to know what happens next.

Ron fainting.SWEET. never did like him with Hermione. Too much uhm... bickering and such I think? Anyway, please update soon?

one trillion out of ten.

Author's Response: Hey Alonia!

I promise! My senior year is ending so things are really busy, but I am about halfway through the next chapter. Haha I agree:)


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Review #21, by Alonia187Contours: Chapter Twenty-Seven

7th January 2011:
Please tell me you will be thinking, even possibly a little epilogue to this ADDICTING story. Stayed up all of last night and some of today to Read it. Please? Please?

loved it, even though I know there won't be a Sequel, it's ADDICTING. Literally ADDICTING.

Loved it a trillion out of ten. Excellent job! :D


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Review #22, by Alonia187Sheer Determination: Chaos In The Woods

6th January 2011:
Hmm... interesting, very interesting indeed. Well you got me curious on what the heck is going to happen next. Not a bad story, but with time I think it will be a very great story indeed.

Anyway, please update soon, the plot is wonderful though I do wonder who talked to Hermione in the first chapter and where she is right now.


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Review #23, by Alonia187Sheer Determination: Ginny Weasley and Blaise Zabini

6th January 2011:
Cell Phone? Uhm...turn off for me. Sorry, hon. and I don't think she would have Stupified Harry or the others like that. May be frozen them to the spot and use the Flew to get to where she was going but not that.

Some minor spelling errors but it's still a good plot.

Continuing Onward! *blows trumpet* CHARGE!!! ;).


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Review #24, by Alonia187Sheer Determination: Chapter 1

6th January 2011:
Whoa and Hmm... Very interesting indeed. Like the plot twists and turns, however who's the voice? and just a suggestion, you don't have to put the present in Bold. you can have it normal ;). but it's your story and you can do whatever the heck you want to it. ;). 10 out of 10.

Will continue onward!

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Review #25, by Alonia187Picture This: Kidnapped?

17th December 2010:
I love it! Please update soon?


Author's Response: Thank you!! :)

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