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Review #1, by Dorcas MeadowesSeven Years, Seven Sortings: Seven Years, Seven Sortings

2nd June 2008:
This is really cool! I like James's and Aidan's the best though, but the others are still very good too. Will you be doing any fanfics in the future about Aidan because he seems like an interesting character?

I real liked this so I'm gonna check some more of your work, but maybe not now as it is nearly 1AM were I am (lol).


Author's Response: I might do a fanfic about Aidan, but I need to think of a good plot first! It will probably be a chaptered fic when i do write it, but like i said, i need inspiration!
thank you very much for the review!

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Review #2, by Dorcas MeadowesThe Quill and the Ink Bottle: Poor, Poor Peter

27th January 2008:
one word...LOL! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Author's Response: Haha, thanks!!!

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Review #3, by Dorcas Meadowes:

27th January 2008:
That was absolutely amazing I love fics about minor Order memebers the only problem is you spell Dorcas with a C not a K.
Please *get-down-on-knees-and-beg* dont take that as me being nasty or criticizing because I do really like this fic and you still get a 10/10

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Review #4, by Dorcas MeadowesA Necessary End: Caradoc Dearborn: a magical muggle

20th January 2008:
That was bloody fantastic!!! I love reading about minor Order charecters (my favs are Dorcas, Marlene, Emmeline and the Prewetts).
You are such a fantastic writer so I'll add you to my faves.

Author's Response: Thanks, that was really nice of you. I'm a minor Order character fan as well (I love your pen name :)). I find the entire first war fascinating. Thank you so much for adding me to your faves *squeals*.

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Review #5, by Dorcas MeadowesSophie's Story: Arrival

30th November 2007:
Hi, me again ^_^

Another fantastic chapter! Im really getting gripped with this fic as ur such a talented writer. I really loved the way you wrote the battle of Hogwarts from Sophies point of view and when Graeme told her about meeting someone special, I thought that was really sweet (especially coming from a boy). I cant wait to find out more about Anton and the Tri-Wizard.

Also, before I forget: do you mind if I add Sophies Story to my fav stories or you to my fav authors?

Author's Response: Hi,

Heh, of course not - why would I mind?! Really glad u like it - and thanks for reviewing. Reading nice comments makes it all worth-while :D

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Review #6, by Dorcas MeadowesRebecca Re-model-ed: Definitely Not Me

21st November 2007:
very intresting! i'm already hooked.
10/10 for the first chapter.

[PS: did you know that paragraph 2 and 3 are the same?]

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Review #7, by Dorcas MeadowesSophie's Story: Friends

4th November 2007:
Wow this is really good I can’t believe nobody else has reviewed yet. I'm supposed to be doing my GCSE art coursework but I'd started reading your first chapter and had to carry on because this story is already addictive. I love Sophie; she's a bit like me when I was that age. 10/10
Can't wait for Chapter 3

Author's Response: Wow, my first review!

Thank you, can't tell you how scared I was that my first review would be bad! Chapter 3 is more than half written and on its way!

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Review #8, by Dorcas MeadowesBittersweet: Bittersweet

29th September 2007:
aww that's so sweet i can imaging little Neville acting like that

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Review #9, by Dorcas MeadowesProfanity Tutorial: Mature: Mature Profanity Tutorial

29th September 2007:
You know in England you get kids as young as six saying this stuff. Also I luved the one about Madame Pince and Terry Boot i bust out laughing at that! ^_^ Thanks for this I know what I have to change in my (1/2 written) fic now.

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Review #10, by Dorcas MeadowesThe Prince's Tale-- a missing memory: Snape's Worst Memory-- The End of the Day

9th August 2007:
wow! that was really good, intresting too

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Review #11, by Dorcas MeadowesLove Crisis: Longbottom's unfortunate story

7th August 2007:
oh, i love Neville he rocks
just like you fic 10/10

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Review #12, by Dorcas MeadowesWhen its all Over: When its all Over-Through Lily Dursleys Eyes

5th August 2007:
I love your story!!! You are such a talent writer and are very descriptive; I think I’m going to have to read some more of your other stories after I finish this one. The only thing I have to nag at is that it has a few American words that we don’t use in England.

Like kindergarten (we say reception),
High Schools are normally what we say for posh girl schools,
Senior year, we just say last year at school/six-form
Preschool – nursery/playgroup

I’m honestly not trying to be picky; I wouldn’t be anyway because like I said, I think you’re a talented writer, I just thought I’ll mention it for future reference.

Peace out!

PS: can I add u to my faves?

Author's Response: Sure I've got no problem with that, and I'm happy to know that you think I'm a great writer, and I'm sorry about how I'm an ugly American. I try really. Thanks for the review.

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Review #13, by Dorcas MeadowesThe World After: Finding Narnia and Love Is In The Air!

19th June 2007:
Yay! Sirius and Alexis 4 eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva...

10 mins later:
...and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva and eva!

Well now that I’ve got ^that^ out the way here's my review:

This story is SO addictive!!! I've only been reading for two days and I’m already obsessed. But hey, what’s life without obsessions? (

Author's Response: lol! You are too nice! Wow, a 10 minute long review...never had one of those before! :D Thanks so much for this awesome review!!

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Review #14, by Dorcas MeadowesThe World After: Surprises, Speeches, and Stories

18th June 2007:
I've only just started reading ur story 2day but it seems really good so far i even got a lil upset with the neville bit and i think the neville/luna thing was kinda sweet even though i havent always been a big fan of that ship. i can't wait to read the rest of ur fic but its 00:40 where i am and i'm already nodding off so i'll probably read it 2morrow~
Dorcas Meadowes ^_^

Author's Response: Hahaha. Happens to me too! Glad you like the story and I hope you review some more!

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Review #15, by Dorcas MeadowesThe Defeat of Grindelwald: The Defeat of Grindelwald

5th May 2007:
Bloody hell that was brilliant! i LUV fics like this and lately i've got obsesed with Grindelwald (and Dorcas Meadowes) and if he (and she) will be inclded in Deathly Hallows. I really hope u carry on with this as i'm hooked now and i'm adding it on my faves.


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Review #16, by Dorcas MeadowesZabini Who?: Zabini Who?

13th April 2007:
That was cool
When i got a low mark in my best subject (art) i went exactly like that.

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Review #17, by Dorcas MeadowesA Harry And Ginny Story: The Deed

11th April 2007:
naughty harry!

[ps: cool story 10/10]

Author's Response: Thank you for reading my fic. It means a lot coming back and finding good reviews :) *does dance for being back*

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Review #18, by Dorcas MeadowesMagical Boy: Magical Boy, they all said...

4th April 2007:
Warren Zevon rulz!!! and so do u!!! really cool writen perfectly i'm probably gunna b singing this song all day now!!!

LOL ^_^

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Review #19, by Dorcas MeadowesI Don't Want to Miss a Thing: I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

26th March 2007:
OMFG!...that was like...WOW!!! u r so talented @ writing 10/10

PS: can i add yah to my faves plez? (i'm gonna do it even if u say no tho' so HA!)

Author's Response: Of course you can add me to your favorites. I'd be delighted! Thank you for your support and encouragement!

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Review #20, by Dorcas MeadowesLost Loves: What Hurts the Most

22nd March 2007:
i luv this song! it goes realy well with ur fic even @ 00:06AM (bloody crap insonmia pills dont work @ all o_0)...anywho really good 10/10 ^_^

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Review #21, by Dorcas MeadowesYou Make Loving Fun: Chapter 6- Anything at All

21st March 2007:

Author's Response: u 2!
P.S. That's a band lol..... sorry...

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Review #22, by Dorcas MeadowesKeeping out of Harm's Way: Prologue

25th February 2007:
good start. how long do u think its gonna b?

Author's Response: in fanfics i try not to write more than 12 chapters, anymore than that and I think people get bored

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Review #23, by Dorcas MeadowesFamily Ties: Jack & Gary

16th February 2007:
I really like this u wrote it really good 10/10

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Review #24, by Dorcas MeadowesHarry, I am Your Father: Harry, I am Your Father

10th February 2007:

Author's Response: Of course I don't mind! Be my guest! :P

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Review #25, by Dorcas MeadowesFriendship, Love, and Pranks: The Story of The Marauders: Why Detentions Are Our Friends

6th February 2007:
Luv it

Author's Response: I'm glad you do and I hope you keep reading!

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