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Review #1, by grednforge217Pending Further Investigation: ii. save the date [or] how far we've come

30th July 2014:
Aww, THEY"RE GETTING MARRIED!! Sorry to shout, you know they are, you wrote it, but I didn't and this is seriously so exciting. I mean, I knew that they would but this is just so exciting and I said that already. Also loving the Astoria in this story. She's so lovely, and seems like she'd be a great mother in law. And healers Pottfoy and Pottfoy is too cute. Can't wait for the next update!

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Review #2, by grednforge217Pending Further Investigation: i. twenty-one shots [or] the end of an era

30th July 2014:
Ahh, look at this flawlessness! So excited for all the lovely characters to be back once again. Love your writing, and looking forward to catching up with Rose and the gang. Lester was sort of an enigma in the last book, and I'm looking forward to getting to know him better. Can't wait for your next update!

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Review #3, by grednforge217Setting the Stage: Epi: Fresnel

30th July 2014:
ANDD were at the end. So lovely. I love how Rose hasn't really changed at all, the good parts of her. She's still willing to stand up for herself and doesn't care what anybody else thinks. A total Gryffindor trait, no matter how much she doubted her placement when she was in school.
Again, I am sad that Draco is a total Lucius clone, but that's mostly personal preference. I love the updates on everybody's lives, and I'm so glad that Rose is an official playwright! And Pippa and James are getting married. Again, I totally KNEW IT!!! A part of me does want to know what the other people are up to, like Lily and Stella and the like, but I'll leave that for you to decide. Or my own imagination! Thanks for sharing this story with everybody, it was wonderful.

Author's Response: Tis the end, for now! Haha I really debated putting Pippa and James together. I set it up early on and then almost didn't do it - but I think they both will go through A LOT of character growth in the next stages of their lives, so I had to do it!

Imagination is always good - I haven't even decided that yet, so dream on :)

Once again, thanks so much for all the reviews! I loved reading them!

Cheers, have a great rest of the summer (or winter if you live in the Southern Hemisphere)!

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Review #4, by grednforge217Setting the Stage: Act V: Anagnorisis

30th July 2014:
Seventh Year! So excited that Pippa rejoined the group, I was very sad without her. And I love her new group, with Al and Hugo and the fourth years from Gryffindor and Lily and the like. They're such a wonderful bunch of friends, and I'm very proud of Rose for getting in with them. I love this version of Rose, I really do. I almost teared up when Matilda died, and I honestly hate toads. And the sneaking out, and the last jump in the lake!? Oh man. I almost cried then too.
You have really created a whole new world here, and I'm so thrilled that you shared it with me. I love all the games and traditions and I am so happy that Pippa got her act together and Scorpius and Rose got it together too! About time!!!

Anyhow, I'll go on and review the last chapter, but I just wanted to let you know how clever you are, and how invested I've felt in these characters. How proud I feel of their progress, and how happy I was to find out that it all got all right for them.

Onto the last chapter!

Author's Response: I almost teared up in this review, you're so kind! Thanks x 50 million!

Rose did find her niche at Hogwarts, even though she felt like such an outcast at the beginning. I enjoyed writing this immensely so I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it! It means the world to hear it, and now I shall go respond to your last review!

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Review #5, by grednforge217Setting the Stage: Act IV: Catharsis

30th July 2014:
I think its wonderful that you included Al and Josef, and I TOTALLY KNEW IT ALL ALONG, but I feel awful that they had to be subjected to someone as annoying and awful as Nolan. On another note, I love the fact that Rose is building up a friend group. I feel really proud of her. And proud of Scorpius, too! He finally stood up for himself! Yay!

Author's Response: Good guessing! I was dropping hints like crazy haha Nobody should experience that sort of hate. And yet it still happens in some parts of our world, sadly.

Thanks !

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Review #6, by grednforge217Setting the Stage: Act III - Peripeteia

30th July 2014:
Ugh, Nolan is awful. I know he has an explanation, but he is a jerk. Ugh. I do think that Rose may have gone a little far, but to be honest, Pippa needed somebody that cared about her. I'm very sad about the Pippa plotline because to be quite honest, she reminds me of an old friend that's fallen into a similar path as Pippa has. Unfortunately, she's sort of cut me and my other friends out too. So this hits quite close to home.
I admire the fact that you've included such a wide range of people in these stories, with interests that both encompass the typical (Quiddich, troublemaking, etc.) with outside the box interests (for Hogwarts, anyway) like vegetarianism and playwriting. It gives it a wonderful mix of the new and retreads the familiar without giving way to cliches.

Author's Response: He is a jerk, honestly. Even if he apologised I'm sure he'd retain some of his prejudices. I'm sorry to hear that about your old friend. It's such a tough situation to be in and hurts everyone involved. Similar things have happened to me as well.

I'm glad you like all their quirks though, thanks for the review! :)

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Review #7, by grednforge217Setting the Stage: Act II: Chiaroscuro

30th July 2014:
You know, I always thought that Rose would be closer to Neville than she is in this story, but I can see where its coming from. Rose doesn't seem like someone who's really good with authority anyway. Must be Pippa rubbing off on her! I like how you are trying to show other professions other than the ministry. The idea that Aziza and Rose would go into business together is fantastic! And the Azkaban guard thing, a little bit scary, but I guess it'd be like the military for the Wizarding World or something? I could see Pippa fitting in there quite well. And the Bertie Botts game is adorable!

Mostly, I love the fact that I'm seeing Rose and the girls grow up. They're so different from who they were in first year, but their aging is believable. So excellent job!

Author's Response: Nope she's not great with authority - definitely some of Pippa's influence!

I think the Azkaban thing is moreso just a guard type deal, but I haven't researched it to see if there's much canon on it! I think Pippa would need some sort of structure like that, especially after everything that happened.

Thanks for the review !

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Review #8, by grednforge217Setting the Stage: Act I: Parados

30th July 2014:
I do love Pippa. The mystery that you've set up around her is intriguing, and I adore the girls' interhouse relationship. The Scorose moments are adorable, and I love the way that you're letting them grow. The play and literature references are excellent as well, and I love this play-obsessed Rose! Aziza is an interesting character, and I can see the ways that the girls fit into their houses, in a good way! And the insults that Rose comes up with are flawless.

One thing I wasn't sure about was the characterization of Draco. I suppose I can see him becoming just like his father, but I've always hoped that he would be able to rise above such behavior. But that's really the only issue I have, and it doesn't reflect on the writing at all, its more of a personal issue. Sorry for the rant. Great job!

Author's Response: I must say, I had a grand ole time making up Rose's insults! It was very fun for me to do haha

I'm glad they all fit where I placed them, it eases my soul a bit. And I do agree with your thoughts on Draco - I would explore his character more if I continued this story further!


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Review #9, by grednforge217Setting the Stage: Pro: Vignette

30th July 2014:
I cannot believe that this doesn't have as many reviews as it should! I read this all in one sitting, nonstop, and I just wanted to re-read and review each chapter like you deserve! This is such wonderful writing, I love the Rose that you set up here. She's an outcast in a different sort of way that most next-gen fics try to write her as. I love the whole obsessions with toads, because most of the depictions of toads that we get in canon are a little uncomplimentary. I wasn't sure if I agreed with the sorting of Rose and Scorpius, usually because I've always seen Scorpius as more of a Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, but the way that you do it is very smart and I totally support it. I love how you've separated all of the characters over all four of the houses. Brilliant Writing!

Author's Response: Hahaha, awh, thanks so much! That's a lot to read in one sitting, wow! :)

I usually see Scorpius more as a Ravenclas/Hufflepuff as well, but I think his fear of his father when he was younger pushed him more in the Slytherin direction when he probably would have fit in better in another house.

Thanks so much for the review(s)! I appreciate it

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Review #10, by grednforge217Awaken: Awaken

24th July 2014:
Wow. This could be expanded out into a whole novel. It's so good. I thought it was a little rushed at the end, but its because you had a lot of information to share in not a lot of space. Seriously, though, I was entirely absorbed by this story. I had to keep reading about Nora and her family and magic, I mean, what a point of view! You are blisteringly talented. I don't know if that's the proper word, but it's how I feel after reading your stories. Just as if I've been transported, and seared by your characters. Nora will stay with me, and so will this wonderful story. Great job.

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Review #11, by grednforge217Turn to Stone: (let's take a better look beyond a storybook)

24th July 2014:
What a beautiful idea. I really enjoyed the way that it unfolded, and I loved the concept of being named after two of the kindest characters in the HP verse. I really feel like Luna and colin would be the ones to notice these statues. I am so glad that you wrote this. It is such a romantic, gorgeous concept and you are so good at it. It was a pleasure reading it. 10/10..

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Review #12, by grednforge217a slow shattering: the mirror thrown to the ground

22nd July 2014:
OH My Goodness, this is perfect. You are a wonderful, wonderful writer. I love Lavender Brown, and to be honest, most people make her seem crazy in other fanfics, but you turning around and MAKiING her crazy (in the stereotypical sense) is so perfect. Wow. Everything about this, from the title to the writing to the concept, is just wow. Perfect. Well done.

Author's Response: AHH THANK YOU SO MUCH! ♥ ♥ You are a lovely, lovely reviewer. I never really put much thought into Lavender, and I'm not sure when I started, but I ended up putting quite a bit of thinking and love into her, and I figured that anyone who was so - I don't know how to say this, but almost childish, I suppose, in the books would suffer some really bad mental consequences after she was scarred. :( I'm really glad you found that perfect, though. Thank you so, so much for this lovely review, you amazing person! ♥ ♥

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Review #13, by grednforge217The Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship: xxi. the rest of our lives [or] an epilogue of sorts

9th July 2014:
Oh, I'm so sad that this story is over. It was incredible, and I honestly teared up a bit at the ending. Rose and the rest of the Claws feel like the kind of people I wish that I would have been friends with had I gone to Hogwarts. I was actually extremely proud of them when they all got their NEWTs, especially Rose! And Lester too. Well, all of them. I'm glad that you're not abandoning them entirely, as that would be too sad for me. I look forward to more from you and them. Please keep writing, you are so prodigiously talented!

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Review #14, by grednforge217The Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship: the spirit of fred weasley [or] exit, pursued by a bear

8th July 2014:
NOOO! I'm so sad that this story is ending, but I guess good things can't last forever. I'm glad that NEWTs are over for everyone, and the kids can finally have some fun!!! The exit, pursued by a bear thing was flawless. Holly is so incredibly clever, I love her!!! The last prank was incredible as well, the Claws completely deserve it. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but the fact that James owns a bar is my favorite thing probably ever. It fits him perfectly, and I'm glad that you didn't make James a Quiddich player or a quivering wreck which seems like its a theme in most James-centric stories. Anyhow, I am so excited for the final chapter of this wonderful story. Thanks so much for writing it!

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Review #15, by grednforge217The Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship: xix. the calm before the storm [or] regroup; onward

7th July 2014:
Yes! Finally an update! I've been checking and I was so excited to be able to read this chapter finally! Ugh, yes, okay. Onto the actual review. First of all, YAY FOR HERMIONE FOR PUTTING THOSE BOYS IN THEIR PLACE. I hate how kids like this just get off on the 'boys will be boys excuse'. No, I am so done with that. I'm glad that you didn't cart those boys off the Azkaban, because as horrible as it was what they did, I don't think that they deserve that. Well, I do and I don't. But storywise, I think it would sort of kill the mood of one of the Weasley's went off to jail. I also think that Louis just sort of needs a wakeup call of some kind. Some big shake. So that's good for him, I guess. Also, super glad that Albus and Scorpius got back together officially this time! And poor Holly! I know how hard it gets to measure up to your own expectations. I love the mother/daughter interactions that are going on here with Rose and Hermione. I can totally see Hermione as a mom like this. I can't wait for your next update, and wonderful job!!!

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Review #16, by grednforge217Pomegranate Summers: I

7th July 2014:
Oh wow. I know you wrote this quite a while ago, but I love Hermione/Krum stories, and there are so few where they are the leading couple. Excellent job, and I do hope that you pick this one up again!

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Review #17, by grednforge217Love and War : Summer Love

6th July 2014:
Oh, gosh, do I love a Hermione/Krum story. I love this one. What a great job you've done with the characterizations. Can't wait for more!

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Review #18, by grednforge217Connect the Dots: hermione

6th July 2014:
Wow. What an incredible story.
I've never known how to feel about Hermione and Krum, simply because there really isn't so much in canon, when you look at it. I like the two as individuals a great deal, and I appreciate Krum for giving Hermione her first "boyfriend experience". I appreciate his kindness, and his modesty. But I'm not sure I really love them together. It's a complicated thing. I like them together, but, as you put so eloquently here, there's alway Ron. Ron's always been in the background for Hermione, and always will be. I love how you put it, and wish, wish that they could have gotten together, but thanks to your lovely piece, I understand why I cannot ship them wholeheartedly. Because there's always Ron.

Again, wonderful work. So sorry for the rant,

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Review #19, by grednforge217Statue of Us: Summer, 1978

6th July 2014:
Hey! I'm really enjoying this story. To be honest, I've been burned out on Marauders stories recently because a lot of them feel the same, but yours is so wonderful and unlike the rest of them that I had to comment. I love the rapport between the boys, it's perfect. Also sensing a bit of Wolfstar, which is not unwelcome. :)
All in all, very good job, and I'm looking forward to more of this.

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it - especially if you've gone a bit off Marauders recently, it's so flattering to know this is an exception! Yes, there's definitely some Wolfstar in this story. Lots of Wolfstar, actually. Thanks for the review and I hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #20, by grednforge217Staying Strong: Classes with the Carrows

3rd July 2014:
Hi, this is a very interesting story, I like Ginny a lot. However, I do have an issue with Neville using the word B***h. He doesn't use language like that and to be honest, it sounded really out of character for him.

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Review #21, by grednforge217Sunset Blood: Silhouette

26th June 2014:
Wow, this was so good. So many people do a Sirus/OC in the Marauders era, but this idea is so unique. Well done!

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Review #22, by grednforge217Have a Biscuit, Lupin: Have a Biscuit, Lupin

23rd June 2014:
Oh, I love this so much. Most of the works about Lupin are when he's in school or when he's with Tonks, and there aren't so many about Harry's Third Year. So I love this so much. Especially with McGonagall. Lupin was such an incredible teacher, and I never thought about what his relationship with McGonagall would be like, really. This is so perfect that I'm accepting it as canon. Love your stories, as always :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Lupin and McGonagall are my favourite characters in the entire series - they're both incredible teachers and incredible people and I just love them, hence this story. Headcanon status is high praise indeed, thank you! And as always thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #23, by grednforge217New Zealand Export: To Athens

21st June 2014:
This is so great! I loved the original Southern Cross story, and it's very cool to read more about the characters that I enjoyed so much. Also, super cool the way that you are fleshing out the Wizarding World beyond Hogwarts. I often forget that there is one (well, besides Durmstrang and Beaxbatons), and yours is probably the most convincing I've read by far, so well done! Also, love hearing about New Zealand. Never been, but this is making me want to go so badly!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I had great fun writing Southern Cross back in 2011 - pure self indulgence, of course, and patriotism - and exploring the wizarding world outside Hogwarts/the UK is incredibly rewarding and allows free reign for creativity. New Zealand is amazing, and you should definitely come here sometime!

Thanks for the review!

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Review #24, by grednforge217The Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship: xviii. the hour of reckoning [or] april fool's

21st June 2014:
Obviously, I'm thrilled that Albus and Scorpius have gotten back together! I love Rose, she is just such an interesting perspective, and it's a marvelous take on her character. I also love, love, love the way that you're dealing with anxiety in this fic. I've forgotten to say it, but the way that you address it is so perfect, and so much like real life. I love how you're giving these characters a healthy support system, and modeling what that looks like for readers.
Sorry for the rant.
Everything else is perfect. Can't wait to read the next installment!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really love this version of Rose as well - I've been worried that her friends (particularly Albus and Scorpius, who seem to be everyone's OTP to end all OTPs) overshadow her voice in this story, but I think she does come through very strongly and I get more and more fond of her the longer I write her.

Thank you, I really appreciate it - this is an important part of the story to me, and it's been really gratifying to see how people are responding to it. The support networks are almost wish fulfillment in a way for me personally - I've suffered from anxiety for years without anything like what Rose, Scorpius and Lester have, and to find a way of expressing the importance of that support even in a medium like fluffy fanfic is quite important to me. I'm glad you think it's realistic and that I'm addressing it well - I only have my own experiences to go on, and I would hate to not do something like this justice - so thank you so much for your comments!

Next chapter shouldn't be too far away at all - I look forward to hearing from you again!

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Review #25, by grednforge217Still Delicate: Weekend At Jenny's: Part II

19th June 2014:
Okay, I love this story, but I am bothered by the fact that nobody seems to be taking Rose's side. I mean, why do they like Daisy so much? She's been nothing but a controlling jerk to Rose since she's met her. I'm really anti- Daisy, but I mean, the woman is thirty three and she's a juvenile a**hole.
As you can see, I'm really into the story. Love it, and can't wait for the next chapter!

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