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Review #1, by K StahlA Love Between Two Worlds: The Prince and the Pauper

15th June 2010:
Dear Dracostruelove612,

Thank you for your laudatory review. I am honored by your request that I review your story. I am no writing expert and I will not pretend to be one here. I will not comment on your theme or plot. These are for you alone to determine. I will make only a few suggestions that I have found useful in my own writing.

First: Use a word processor or text editor with a spelling checker to write your story. Set it to check spelling and grammar while typing. This will make you aware of any spelling errors as you type them. It should also pick up punctuation errors. Also, use the internet. Searching on 'use of comma' will bring up a number of sites that can help you (e.g.

Second: After you have completed a chapter or just finished writing for the day, re-read what you wrote the next day, and re-read it out loud. It is important that you put it down for a day when you re-read so that you will read what you actually wrote and not 'read' what you wanted to write. You will catch many errors just by pronouncing what you have written. Allow yourself time to edit your work.

Third: Take some time in the library to read samples of literature published for your intended reader's age. Specifically note how the author handles dialogue. Reading the fiction of published authors is the best way that I know to get a feel for how a plot can 'flow' smoothly. You will find that your writing style matures as you read and write more.

Finally: The first step to creating a story is to create a specific conflict and bring it to an appropriate conclusion. Identify your characters and know your story's climax before you begin writing. This will enable you to write to a known ending. If you do not know your ending, your story is danger of drifting without purpose, without plot. I once heard of an author who had created so many characters, that he did not know what to do with them -- so he took them out in a boat and drowned them.

I hope that you find my comments useful. Keep writing. You are getting better with each chapter.

Yours truly,
K Stahl

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Review #2, by K StahlHarry Potter and The Secret Horcrux: A Requirement

5th April 2007:

Dear LogicalRaven,

I have enjoyed reading your story. I am always interested to see how another author imagines the events of Harry's seventh year.

I look forward to reading your next chapter.

Yours truly,

K Stahl

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Review #3, by K StahlHarry Potter and the Vision of Happiness - Lost; of Happiness Gained: Friends

5th February 2007:
Dear Luna Liano,

I happened to think of something else after posting my response. You might find a Rail schedule for northern Scotland. Not soon but in Chapter 14 - Scrimgeour Acquiesces - you will find a reference to Thurso station.

I hope you enjoy the hint.

Yours truly,

K Stahl

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Review #4, by K StahlSome Things Fade, Like Scars And Dreams...But Some Things Just Get Lost.: Never To Darken The Doorstep Again

18th January 2007:
Dear Kendra,

I like your beginning. I am interested in how another will treat Harry's seventh year at/not at Hogwarts.

I would like to make a suggestion. When doing dialog, separate each speaker into a paragraph. It will help the story to flow (i.e. make reading less of a chore) so that the reader can better insert himself into the action.

I have excerpted below the beginning of your second paragraph as an example of what I mean.

Begin Excerpt:

"Harry? What’s wrong?"

Hermione’s voice penetrated Harry’s thoughts. He shook his head and stood up. "Nothing…just…just thinking,” Harry replied.

“Don’t worry, mate! We’ll kill that greasy-haired slime ball in the end. Show him what he gets for killing-” Ron said bitterly.

“Dumbledore,” Hermione finished his sentence sadly, turning towards the window as her eyes watered with grief.

“Huh? What?” Harry confusedly asked.

“Snape, of course! And Hermione always said I was slow…” Ron murmured loudly.

End Excerpt.

I look forward to your second chapter. I can only hope that the validators have caught up on the holiday backlog.

Yours truly,
K Stahl

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the advice! The second chapter should be validated very soon.
Thanks for reading!


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