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Review #1, by ilovseshyLove Makes Me: Chapter Fifteen

4th April 2013:
Amazing story, do continue soon! :) I read it all to day and have enjoyed it very much.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm about 40% of the way through the next chapter but have some other things to do before I post it! Some good things will happen, I promise! :) xx

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Review #2, by ilovseshyDefining My Independence: The Waiting Game

27th December 2010:
you are very good at writing intense scenes... I almost cried when her heart stopped. my goodness hurry with the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thanks. It's great knowing that the story has such an effect on you.

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Review #3, by ilovseshyContours: Chapter Twenty

14th August 2010:
nope not sorry for miranda yet. never will be... amazing story... really I love it! Please update soon! ^,^

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Review #4, by ilovseshyThe Courage to Change: Doubts

1st July 2010:
wow thats the longest chapter i've ever read. And it was amazing... truely you are a great writer! and you writing style i love as well. It's past midnight and i can barley hold my eyes open but I couldn't tear my eyes from the screen... keep writing I enjoyed it very much..!

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Review #5, by ilovseshyA Mother's Dying Wish: Christmas

30th June 2010:
no more long breaks! I've read this whole story in one sitting and im very anxious ,to say the least, for more of this story. It is entertaining and something I've never read or thought of before, involving a baby in such a way... Brilliant, Really you portray things very well and the characters seem very true to themselves... only one thing I have to say though... it seems a bit odd how fast Draco and Hermione came together... i know they've both had fellings building up but i did'nt think that in a few days they'd be as toghther as they are.

Other than that you're a fantastic author and i can not wait for more to this story... hurry hurry please. I'll send cookies when you update!!! ^.^

Author's Response: Oh no! Reading in one sitting will make you hate me from now on when my updates take months... I'm asking for forgiveness in advance! Honestly though, very happy you enjoyed it so much and thank you for leaving the review. You're a doll! (Also, I believe you owe me some cookies! heehee)

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Review #6, by ilovseshyA Mother's Dying Wish: The Wintertime Waltz

29th June 2010:
I think we might be able to arrange that.

^^^ Love it!!! you're an amazing author and this is a grand story so plz by all means continue it swiftly!!!

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Review #7, by ilovseshyBaby Of Mine: Walk Away

29th June 2010:
I've read this whole story so far in one sitting and I absolutly LOVE it! I really can't wait for more and for the dramione to really come out. The characters are all very belivable and this is just a great story plz update soon! ^.^

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Review #8, by ilovseshyBlind Love: Mistakes and Apologies

20th January 2009:
Aww...!!! No.!!! I't can't be over! Any way no that I'm done crying That was the most amazing story ever!It was welll thought out and well worded all the way through.I absolutly loved every bit of it:you are an excellent writer and you will excell in further stories, I belive. Great job I look foward to reading more from you in the future. 1000/1000

Author's Response: Sorry, but it is over. But I will promise that there will be more Dramiones. :) I'm glad to know that you really liked my story. Thank you for the gracious review and lovely compliment. :) I appreciate it.

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Review #9, by ilovseshyBlind Love: Destination, Destination

13th January 2009:
Uh-oh!!! Whats going to happen now...dun dun dun...poor ron.This is a very good story keep up the amazing writing...and I got a secret *starts wispering* Update soon!!! lol that was my secret!10/10

Author's Response: Stick around to find out what happens next! Thanks for your review and as for your secret, *whispers* I will soon. :)

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Review #10, by ilovseshyBlind Love: Making It Last

23rd December 2008:
I love your story,It's amazing and you are a briliant writer.A lack of reviews in your middle chapters probaly just means all your fans were so egar to get to the next chapter they just went on in a hurry!Any way don't get discouraged you have no reason write really well..any who I can't wait till the next chapter!10/10

Author's Response: I am so glad to read that you like my story iloveshy. It makes me happy to know that there are so many readers out there that appreciate my work. :) I don't feel discouraged anymore. Thanks for your review.

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Review #11, by ilovseshyWild Hearts: Life and Death

28th October 2008:
Gah!more cliff hangers ahh...what shall we do with you?Him...nothing but beg you to update...plz lz plz update soon!!!im waiting patiently(yeah right)10,000/10

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Review #12, by ilovseshyLover betrayed: What Ron didn't know

11th June 2008:
so what about ron?do her and malfoy make it as secret lovers? you should contine this or make a sequeal it was excelant 10/10

Author's Response: i was going to make a sequel. called road to danger. it would be a short story. Thank you for ur review.

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Review #13, by ilovseshyWild Hearts: To Live Or Not To Live?

10th June 2008:
ah.!.!.!.!.!how could you stop it like that grrr.!.!.!I understand your at a university and your very busy but please try to update soon.This is an amazing story and it is so long!i absolutely love long stories !so100,000/10 and great job!

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Review #14, by ilovseshyWhole Once Again: Whole Once Again

9th June 2008:
aw.that was sweet and i liked it you should write more stories because your talented and id like to hear more from a 10/10 and hope to read more from you soon.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! I have two other stories up though, so check them out. Thank you again!

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Review #15, by ilovseshyBlind Love: Conversations

1st June 2008:
omfg!.!.!you about gave me a flipin heart atack with hermione's nightmare,I don't remember the last time i read that fast-arrggg! but it was the most amazing thing ever!1000/10

Author's Response: Hahaha! Sorry about that, but it had to be done. :) I'm glad to know that it had that kind of affect on my readers. Thanks a lot for the review and rating.

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Review #16, by ilovseshyHermione The Slytherin: Meeting the Shifters

1st June 2008:
wait,wow,what?hold on slow down i've gota think about this,everythings confused.ummm.8/10 i guess?

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Review #17, by ilovseshy:

1st June 2008:
odd?!?!?!?!not much more i can say about that,ummm.,.,..keep writing 8/10

Author's Response: Hahaha. Thats the reaction I'm searching for.

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Review #18, by ilovseshyTogether forever: Together forever

26th May 2008:
why.!.!.!.!.!so many ways to end a story happily but you made it sad,you not only killed my poor draco but you also killed the poor inicent baby too(what did the baby ever do to you?)well it was sad and breath taking,and you captured ron perfectly so all in all it was the best SAD story i've read in awhile,even if it was sad it was great so 9/10,keep writing and good job!

Author's Response: thank you so much for calling this one of the best sad story . I wanted to write a story which is very intense in emotions and this is how it turned out. I was thinking of writing a sequel from Hermione's point of view after this whole incident. Thanks for the review. u make my day

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Review #19, by ilovseshy| Innocence and Guilt | A Draco and Hermione Story: The Favor

21st May 2008:
very nice,very nice i liked it alot and i hope you can write more soon,good luck with the rest of your story!9/10

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Review #20, by ilovseshyHogwarts Gone Mad: Hogwarts Gone Mad

20th May 2008:
?.?.?.?.?.?.?-?-? random weird,and .!.!.!.!.-I LOVED IT!.!.!.!it was funny and a bit freaky at times,some of it didn't make since but thats the beauty of humor!it was great 9/10

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Review #21, by ilovseshyUnexpected Lovers: Merlin???

20th May 2008:
WOW!.!.!.!That kinda freaked me out,who knew Hermione had such power.Where did she go?and what did she do? i hope you anwser these questions in the next are a brilliant writer and i love your story,so 10/10 and update soon.

Author's Response: Yes dont worry the next chapter will be all about where Hermione goes and there is also an explanation to Hermione's powers coming up soon as well.

Really glad that you enjoyed it and thank you for reviewing

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Review #22, by ilovseshyIt's A Funny Story.: Life As We Know It

10th May 2008:
HA,ha,ha Um.!.!.!.Hermione Krum(I don't like krum sorry)but lol Draco'll be her doctor the whole time,good luck, this was a nice start,9/10(me no likey krumy)

Author's Response: Yeah well Krum is gonna be a real crummy person in the story lol! My goal is to make that 9/10 to 10/10! Dont worry Victor wont be there too long ;)

~Paige Granger

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Review #23, by ilovseshyOne of us: Chapter 2

8th May 2008:
That was amazing,ron is dealing with the past now if only you could tell me what the past is?.?.?.?ii'm hanging write more soon please!.!.!.!.10/10

Author's Response: Yes, more is on the way, I am glad to see you liked the first chapters. I hope you are not disappointed by the rest, let me know what you think :)

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Review #24, by ilovseshyHide & Seek: A Hearts Betrayal

22nd April 2008:
no!.!.!.!.!cliffies are bad,write more soon.long or short chapters are good,i dont care as long as its updated,oh please do that soon.10/10

Author's Response: Hehehe well i suppose they keep you coming back for more dont they :D
I am in the process of updating now :D

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Review #25, by ilovseshyUnexpected Lovers: With Death comes Love

10th April 2008:
that was so sad yet so sweet on dracos part and completly awful on lusius's(spelling?)part, so this was amazing keep writing!(-:

Author's Response: yes well Draco really does love her alot. Though Lucius should not be blamed for Hermione parents death it was after all Voldemort who called for them.

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