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Review #1, by cameo rubyThrough the Cupboard: Seventeen

3rd January 2010:
*Sniff sniff*

I gues that was the end, huh?

I loved this story - the whole parallel universe thing is pretty ingenious. And at first, I was a little miffed coz it seemed that Lily didn't seem to care for Her son's death, but after the last couple of chapters i can see that she was grieving, just not so publicly as James!

Anyway, great story, great writing. I love that there were no mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation - it was a very high level of writing :)

Author's Response: There is a sequel--Through Another's Eyes. And thank you for reading!

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Review #2, by cameo rubyBeautiful Within: Three Years Later

5th July 2009:
this story was great. just what i needed to read after a sudden draco/hermione moment of addiction!

:) Awesome!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the kind review, I know what you mean I am constantly cold turkeying for a Dramione :D x

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Review #3, by cameo rubyProngslet: No One Said Life Was Fair

13th June 2008:
Brilliant chapter AGAIN! Lol, i'm going to repeat this again and again and again etc etc...XD lol

Oooh! I loved the prequel that J.K Rowling wrote! It was exactly the kind of thing that Sirius and James would do together! IT was a bit difficult to read, but then once you got the hang of J.K Rowling's handwriting, it was good! no, it was excellent! I totally agree with wanting a whole book now!
Argh, i knew this was going to happen! haha! Maybe when she's a bit older or something, she'll write it? I hope so...

ANYWAY, this is about your story, isnt it? Lol
BRILLIANT! EXCELLENT! haha Sirius's solution was so...Sirius lol.

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Review #4, by cameo rubyProngslet: A Usual Day at Marauders Abode

1st June 2008:
B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T! Once again! You can write reeall well


Author's Response: Aww, thanks, that means a lot to me! I'm stoked that you liked the chapter! =D I promise to update again soon, and thanks for reviewing!! -Grins.-


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Review #5, by cameo rubyEverything Begins with a Change: Chapter 23 - Boys Will Be Men

27th May 2008:
LOL, nice, Review or i smell? Well. i think i do need a shower, lol. Haha.

Brilliant chapter AGAIN! I mean, can you ever do a bad chapter? (NO! Screams readers) cool. So, i cant wait till the next chapter, wink wink nudge nudge, would be really COOL and GOOD if it was added A.S.A.P!!! Nudge nudge

Okay, 10/10 already, lol.

Author's Response: i am sure the earlier chapters are a lot worse than the later ones.. but .. well.. shucks! thanks heaps! you make me blush.. no bad chapters?? I am so happy you like my writing.. I try to write how I would want to read... and how real people think and speak.. which all the pauses etc... so.. yeah! thanks!

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Review #6, by cameo rubyProving Me Wrong: The Howling Halloween

27th May 2008:
LOL, i love that song, haha, me and my friends do basically the same thing as they did...So they just HAD to play it at one of our Socials...Hehe, flashbacks are fun! :P :D :)

ANYWAY! This story's super COOL! Really good! Got a good balance and sense of humor, drama and mystery, lightens up the Lily-Father scenes with a bit of silly Maraudness fun for everyone! Haha! Really well done, I hope you add a new chapter soon, so, well, can you? Please? Add a new chapter A.S.A.P?! Thank you!

10/10 please dont keep me in suspense, LOL! :P :D :)

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Review #7, by cameo rubyProngslet: Christmas

24th May 2008:
Brill chapter again! Haha, im glad Draco and Harry decided to be friends, even if it is Secret-Friends. Sounds cool, lol.

Curiosity Filler:
I have no idea. I think he'd be in Gryffindor, because that seems like the place he'd go in. But what if each of Harry and Ginny's kids went into each house? That would be cool, but yeah. Now you've got me really curious! haha, maybe someone should ask J.K Rowling next time we get an oppurtunity.


Author's Response: -Grins.- W00t, thanks, m'glad you liked it! =D
Hehe, yesh, Secret-Friends, if nothing else, seeing as how Draco would all but die if he got burned off his family tree for befriending a 'blood traitor'. x3

I never thought of the 'all three go to different houses' aspect, but that sounds like it'd be pretty cool! As for Al Potter, though, I dunno, I've always seen him a Slytherin for some I can only see him 'fitting in' properly in that house and being friends with Scorpius. I dunno. xDD Maybe it's because his initials are 'ASP', which is a kind of snake, and he was asking his father about the whole thing to make sure his dad would not be mad at him 'if' he went to Slytherin. But, eh, I'm as clue-less about it as you are...I wish J.K. would'a told us...

Thanks for reviewing!!


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Review #8, by cameo rubyTurning The World Upside Down: Why Did I Fall In Love With You?

17th May 2008:
That git. Not Sirius, Sebastion.

Great story , i cant wait till the next chapter so please add it soon!

10/10 of course, what else?

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Review #9, by cameo rubyProngslet: Home At Last

17th May 2008:
Another excellent chapter! haha, gets better every time, if it can, haha. I'm so glad your gonna do a sequel!!! yay! And, personally, i dont mind if you skip some time a bit, but thats my opinion!
10/10...again... :-D

Author's Response: -Smiles brightly.- Thanks! I'm glad you liked this one, too. =)

Haha, yeah, I was sure the sequel at least make some of you well as me, considering how much I love to write. xD

Mmkay, m'glad you don't mind too much about a time skip soon...some people really do sometimes. o.O''

Thanks for reviewing!!


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Review #10, by cameo rubySpecial Privileges: Chapter eight

16th May 2008:

Cant wait for next chapter

Please add it soon


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Review #11, by cameo ruby:

14th May 2008:
once again, a brilliant easy-to-read chapter

Keep it up!!



Author's Response: YAY!!! You reviewed first. The next chappie is dedicated to you!!!!!!! :):):)

Thanks for your review.

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Review #12, by cameo rubyThe Alternant World: Bruses and bumps

11th May 2008:
Duhn duhn duhn. There is trouble stirring! LOL

Great chapter once again!!!


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Review #13, by cameo rubyProngslet: Old Lingering Feelings

11th May 2008:
Hmmm...should i forgive you?

TOTALLY! As long as you keep going? *glares playfully* Wow, even though its been, like, a year since your last update, you havent lost your touch! once again i was thrilled with this chapter!

You sounded really proffessional! When i saw 'Prongslet' up the top when i searched this type of stories, I couldn't believe it! I thought you must of abandoned it or something! But, you once again put up a brilliant chapter! yay!

And, duh, yes we're happy to see you back! well, i am atleast O.o LOL. Okay, you have to add another chapter thats about the same length very very soon to make up for your lateness. LOL, joke, but i would really like to see another one soon! Also, just a tiny weeny little thing. I found it a little bit hard to read with the some of the bigger paragraphs, but it looked better towards the end. But, no biggy, i loved it!!!


Author's Response: Wow, really? I was kinda nervous that I might have lost it...but m'glad I haven't! =D

And no worries, I'll keep going! I promise! Thanks for forgiving me! =) I really do appreciate it.

Naw, I could never abandon the story...I just love it far too much.

Haha, alright, I shall have to make sure to hop right on that after I update 'The Beginnings'. xDDD

Oh, yeah? Okay, thanks, I'll have to go back and edit that, then! xP

Thanks for reviewing, and I'm happy you loved it! =D

Till next time...


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Review #14, by cameo rubyBlue Eyed Girl: Heartfelt Responses

10th May 2008:
LOL! This story is so cool!
please add the next chapter soon a.s.a.p! i cant wait to see the next Maraudericious event! LOL. So, yeah, add the next chappie soon?
The setting outis really well done so im happy to read it coz its easy to understand. Also, I love the Sirius/oc and James/ Lily pairing!

10/10 for everthing! (of course! What else?!)

Author's Response: Wow. Thank you! I really appreciate it. Honestly, I'm not really sure whether or not I'm going to continue with this story but...I really appreciate your kind words.

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Review #15, by cameo rubyAngel: The first war

10th May 2008:
That was so sad!! I nearly cried!!!
Good chappie and story so far!
im looking forward to the next one so please add it soon a.s.a.p!

10/10 even though you made me cry! Joke.

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Review #16, by cameo rubyStumble Till You Cry: Bringing Down the Barrier

10th May 2008:
Ooh! PPLEASEE add the next chapter really REALLY soon! Ican't wait!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! And don't abandon this! I will review every further chapter! Promise! PLEASE dont abandon and PLEASE add another chapter soon! A.S.A.P!

The setting out is clean and tidy, easy to read and i love Mercy's personality! and Remus/OC thing! ITs so cool!
Please add the next chapter very soon!!! I am aniticpating it!!!



Author's Response: Okay! Okay! Calm down! I will NOT abandon this story (mostly because I absolutely dispise when a writer does that)! And thanks so much for your review!

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Review #17, by cameo rubyHappy Tears: Is It Finally Over?

9th May 2008:
Coolos! this chapter and the first were really well done! I can't wait till the next chapter so please add it soon!
I found no mistakes and the setting out was very neat, clean and easy to read, so, thank you!!!

Author's Response: Thank-you so much! I love good feed-back, and this certainly fits the description! Thanks again!

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Review #18, by cameo rubyBe My Savior: Breathe Today

9th May 2008:
Brilliant! Please add another chapter soon! You haven't updated for a long time! PLEASE ADD IT! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!


p.s PLEASE and don't abandon it.please? :P :) :D

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Review #19, by cameo rubyMoonlight And Marauders: Chapter Seven: One Drink Too Many

9th May 2008:
Coolos! I can't wait to see the effects of the Amortentia. I feel really bad for Lexi, getting partnered with Snape. That's horrible! *laughs* This is destined for trouble!
No puctuation mistakes i found or any spelling mistakes.
Good and clean set out, easy to read.
All in all a very well done chapter! Ad story so far! :) :P :D


Can you please add another chapter soon?

Author's Response: Thank you! I try to make sure I don't slaughter the english language, or terrible puncuation mistakes, so I'm glad you didn't find any. :]

And hopefully my new story will be up soon, so I can post chapter eight. Sorry for the wait!

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Review #20, by cameo rubyTrapped: Pain

9th May 2008:
Keep going! I can't wait!


Author's Response: More will be up soon! Thanks for the review.


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Review #21, by cameo ruby:

5th May 2008:
This chapter was just as cool as the last!
hehe Sirius is my fave character out of them all! HE's so funny!

KK. gotta gallop.


Author's Response: Thanks CR. I love Siri too much to let him be killed. ( I have some Sirius related issues )

Just to let ya know there will be 3 sequels.
Keep Reading

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Review #22, by cameo rubyIn Emerald Eyes: Muddled Minds

30th April 2008:
hehe! BRILLIANT! Pure genius, i was reccommended this story by heaps of people and i must say, im glad i took a look! I was hooked on it straight away!!!

The characters are set to their personalities, the pairings are believable and the magic is...magical? Lol.

I loed the idea about basing it on Lily and James, not trying to focus on all the characters. For example: Lily has three friends and the author is too busy explaining them all to get on with the story.
But in this story there is a perfect balance! The wording/descriptions of everything are believable and truthful. The speech is how you'd expect the character to speak and the pranks are Marauderlicious! hehe, me and my friends are trying to get that word around, lol. Back to the review!!

All in all this story is definetly one of my favourites, and you as one of my fave authors!!!

p.s I hope you add another chapter a.s.a.p!!! Please!
p.p.s Is there going to be a sequel to this, and do you have any upcoming story ideas??? :P :) :D

Author's Response: That made me grin so much...actually I shouldn't write that past tense as I am still smiling!
May I ask who recommended so that I could thank them in person?
I'm so glad that you enjoyed the story and many thanks for taking the time to review.
The next chapter will be p in the next few weeks but once these exams are over I hope to be able to update more frequently.
I am enjoying writing this so much and it seems to be so well recieved that I may consider a sequel yes, although I do not yet know when this one will finish!
As to upcoming stories...a friend recently got me involved in a challenge on the forums, it is Lily/James however the stipulations are that they survive voldemorts attack but subsequently break up, it is AU ofcourse and I have a few plot bunnies cirling in my head for how this could happen. As you can probably tell however, I am a diehard L/J shipper so surprise surprise there will be a reconcilliation. How it will happen is for you to guess! For the moment I shall be concentrating on this, I may post the first chapter of the challenge and see what people think though.

If you have any further questions (I know it only lets you review once per chapter) please drop by my ask the author page!

Many thanks

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Review #23, by cameo rubyTo have and to lose: Graduation

30th April 2008:

Soz, had to do that. :D :P :)

Coolos! Is there gonna be another chapter?? Or is there gonna be a sequel? Either way, yay! Please add more to this brilliant story as soon as you can, since i am anticipating it!!!

I love the set out and how much attention you pay to detail and character personalities. They are so true to the books and to beliefs too! :)

And you (and your Beta) Are really REALLY good! With spelling mistakes and making sure everything makes sense!!!

So yeah, please continue adding to this story a.s.a.p!!!

10/10 of course!!!
p.s Marauders, the Gals and You ROCK!

Author's Response: Wow- what a review! I'm so pleased you like it. (just to mention - I don't have a Beta :-)). There are still a good 20 or so chapters to add (the next one is in the queue, I always try to post as soon as possible) and I am working on a sequel.

I think the Marauders Rock too, glad you agree. Thanks so much for reviewing- they always make me happy :-) xxx

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Review #24, by cameo ruby:

29th April 2008:
This story has to be one of my favourite MArauder Era stories EVER! I could spend ages complimenting on all the chapters (YAY! SIXTEEN! TOTALLY AWESOME CHAPTERS! PLUS A GREAT ENDING!!!)
And on how well you've set it out (SO AWESOME! SO easy to read, and enjoy!!!)
and how many spelling mistakes there are (Absoutely none that i found, but i was enjoying the story too much to know! LOL!)
and the OC's (I love Skye's personality! SO awesome (im using that word a lot in this review.of an AWESOME story))
and J.K Rowling's characters (So true to the book, yet still have that spice!!)
And the ending (so strong and a great way to let us down.not as sad and stuff, but from the story.argh, i mean an awesome way to finish the story! hehe)
And not to mention 2 SEQUELS! *squeals delightedly* (THANK YOU! i was going to beg for another sequel! LOL! I bet there gonna be totally AWESOME!)
And yeah...the story in general is AWESOME! LOL

SO i know i said i wasn't gonna write a long review.but i have to express how AWESOME this story is!



10/10 of course, coz its so AWESOME!

P.s soz about all the awesomes.but ur story is so AWESOME!

p.p.s AWESOME!!! LOL!

Author's Response: *blinks repeatedly*

Um, well, thank you.

That was slightly overwhelming... but probably the most... er, awesome review I have ever gotten.

So, lol, thanks!

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Review #25, by cameo rubyA Girl Like You: Chapter 7: The Solution

27th April 2008:
Wicked! I can't wait for the next chapter

Tanaka is so...exasperating! Amelia won it fair and square, then goes to make a truce, she just shoves it away...well, you sorta understand that it is her life.she probably feels she has to live up to her Family's glory and stuff.hmmm

This story's real good and i cant wait for the next installment so please add it a.s.a.p! thank you thank you thank you!




Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review!! I'm glad that you like it so much!! Don't worry, the next chapter's on it's way! :D

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