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Review #1, by romione4ever17Lemonade: On Dark Marks, Hormones, and Sex-on-Legs (and James)

7th January 2011:
I kinda, sorta, really adore this story so far haha.

This story reminds me a lot of All the faulty bludgers. Have you read it? If not, I suggest reading it, your writing style completely reminds me of that story, you know the quirky, wacky, so insane it's sane kind of humor? Poor lemon, what is it with parents naming their children after fruits?? Apple was bad enough. Happy writing :)

Author's Response: I shall definitely check that story out! =) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by romione4ever17The Battle of the Pitch: Count The Ways

18th July 2010:
What can I possibly say that you haven't heard before? I adore your writing, absolutely adore it! The Children's crusade universe is absolute perfection, honestly it's so good. It's got everything from humor to romance to all that action and even a little bitof the dark twisted kinda stuff! You have nailed the characters completely, I really don't think you can do wrong with them hahaa. Pleasee say this isn't the last story of the children's crusade, because your writing is incredibly addicting aha

Author's Response: You wouldn't believe the size of the smile on my face right now.

Thank you!

I set out to write the kind of story I wanted to read. In the process I took a lot of inspiration from the great fic I've read (which are all in my favorites - a list that just keeps getting longer).

That said, it really makes my day to hear someone else say they enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Will there be more from the Crusadiverse? I don't honestly know. I hope so. I'm just as curious to see what my muse comes up with next as you are. LOL!

Thanks again and I hope to here from you soon.


P.S. New chapter should be up right before the cue closes on July 26.

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Review #3, by romione4ever17Of All the Faulty Bludgers: Just Because

10th November 2009:
alright, I request, no not request, i demand that you finish this story, yes demand! It is absolute perfection in it's quirky little way, and i am completely in love with ruthie sparks, welll if i was into girls haha, but seriously you NEED to finish this story! You can't end it like this,it's the climax!

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Review #4, by romione4ever17Stop All The Clocks: Stop All The Clocks

12th October 2009:
wow, just wow. I spent the morning reading this story, and I didn't think it would effect me that much, I have read my fair share of ron/hermione story's, but as soon as I read the first chapter, I knew it would be different. You did not disappoint. The way you portray the characters of Ron and Hermione, is amazing, and inspirational, you completely capture the romantic, heartbreaking essence that is ron/hermione. It is also extremely realistic and honest. And this last chapter, truely toped it all, that scene with Ron finally stepping up to be the man we alll knew he was, focusing on the most important person in his life, his Hermione and his thought of all their greatest and worst moments together. Honestly that is one of the most romantic things I have ever read. And extremely sad and heartbreaking at the same time, though I do understand why it had to be done. Amazing, amazing amazing story, keep writing.

Author's Response: Your review is overwhelming. Thank you so much!

I have a love/hate relationship with this tale. Even I have a hard time reading it and not choking up a little.

I knew Ron had to die in the end. This was Ron's chance to stand center stage and truly show who he was; at least that was my intent. But I knew I couldn't accomplish this without nearly everyone dying, including, and most importantly, him.

The problem I had was in framing the final scene. It went through numerous drafts. Finally, as I was coming back from a road trip several months ago, I got a very sharp image of Hermione, crying her eyes out, hugging her knees to her chest as she sat on the beaches of Calais. Nearly broke my heart. After that, it was a matter of building the drama up to that one point.

I'm really pleased if this story touched you. And feel free to tell your friends ;)

Thank you for such a heartfelt review.

P.S. I've written a one-shot that is somthing of a palate cleanser. Its light and funny. I strongly recommend reading it after reading the wake that is this tale. And getting a shot of whiskey. . .

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Review #5, by romione4ever17A Lifetime of - What? NO!: "Oh the people we're related to..."

27th July 2009:
I'm in love... noo seriously like in love with this story!! It's EXACTLY how I would picture a Potter/Weasley vacation would turn out. The arguments, the situations the humor, it is simply perfection. *sigh* I wish I could write as you do with alll that humor.

10/10!!! Keep writing, this stuff is gold, pure expensive heavy gold!!

Author's Response: :D Thank you ! I'm very flattered you thought it was perfection! I can always find fault in things I do. :):)

Your review made my evening! :D

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Review #6, by romione4ever17Haunted: Hermione's Peter Pettigrew

8th June 2008:
I must say you are one of my favourite writers on this site!! I love the way you write, with so much description and experience...and your ideas and plots never seize to amaze me! I particularly loved this chapter, the story just got a whole lot more interesting :). Hermione's character specifically. I think the reactions wre perfect aswell!

can't wait until the next chapter!

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Review #7, by romione4ever17Falling From Grace: Hermione's Little Meeting With The Ferret

2nd December 2007:
Well it defiently is a interesting idea, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Why thank you. And just 2 let you kno, you and my other two reviewers will be mentioned in chappie 3. Thanks for da review!

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Review #8, by romione4ever17Marry For Murder: Bumper Cars and Cotton Candy Kisses

27th June 2007:
I love love LOVE this story. So original and yet it stills that cute little cliche there. I love how you show that even Draco Malfoy has feelings. And you really make this Draco/Ginny pairing quite adorbale, I am finding really hard to hate Draco Malfoy, and I don't exactly like him too too much, but in this story I gotta say I love him. Anyways amazing job, can't wait till it's updated! Definately my fav Draco/Ginny fanfic 10-10!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I really do like to keep some cliches in; sometimes I just can't help myself, y'know? That's exactly how I want it, though. You've got to remember that Draco is not exactly a saint. Thank you so much, though. It's my first ever Draco/Ginny! =)

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Review #9, by romione4ever17At the Beginning: Mornings

28th May 2007:
Awww i like it! Everyone's growing up so fast! Great first chapter!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! They are, aren't they? Next chapter out as soon as I finish it and revise it.

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Review #10, by romione4ever17Life's Lessons: Time to Grow Up: Sleepovers and Shocks

28th May 2007:
Hey there! I love your series! I loved the one-shots too! And I LOVED this chapter! Yay Hermione's preganant and she and ron are getting married yay!! And all that Fred/Martina Harry/Ginny stuff is also amazing as always! You a great writter but there is no way you are ending the series there right? There's gonna be like another right? Cause honestly I would love to see more of their lives and Ron and Hermione's wedding! 10-10

Author's Response: There is another part to the series! I just posted it. It's called 'At The Beginning.' Glad you liked all of my other stuff! And it's George/Martina, Fred/Angelina...Thanks for the ten!

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Review #11, by romione4ever17A Tender Touch Before the Dawn: It Was Always Meant To Be

19th March 2007:
Oh my goodness that was really good. It was so sweet and romantic! It honestly almost made me cry!lol i know i'm a wimp but man that was amazing!

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Review #12, by romione4ever17Finding Her Happiness: New Adventures

14th January 2007:
oh my gosh i read this story and thought it was so cute! good job, i loved the movie the perfect man and i think you did a great job fitting that aspect as well as some of ytour own ideas in the sory very good

Author's Response: thank you very very much!

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