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Review #1, by StoryLover3095Let the Sun Shine Through: Do You Realize?

22nd June 2009:
Woah. This is probably one of the best HPFF stories I have read in quite a while. It was the perfect mix of angst, drama, yet still has a happy ending. I'm completely serious when I say you wrote an ending so perfect that you can't get any better than that. You wrote great through the whole novella though; length wise, detail wise, pretty much anything wise. To not keep rambling on, I'll wrap up by saying you deserve a rating above 10/10. ~Cassie

Author's Response: Wow, thank you for such a thoughtful review! I\\\'m so glad you liked it so much. It means a lot!!

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Review #2, by StoryLover3095So Much To Tell You: so much to tell you

13th June 2009:
Woah. Definitely one of the best bittersweet stories I have read on HPFF. There is not enough stories like this one here; ones just about Sirius and Regulus and their past.

You are an amazing writer. I can tell just by this story. I couldn't find any mistakes of any kind and enjoyed this story immensely. The length was perfect. Any longer would have dragged the story, so that was good.

The first paragraph was what got me. It was perfectly descriptive and started off the story with a 'bang'. 'Dust particles hanging in the air were made visible by a thin shaft of sunlight that shone through the curtains. ' Woah. Now who thinks of that when writing a story? No one I know, but you did. That one sentence proves how descriptive an author can be.

Amazing story, make sure you have me review some more!

~Cassie x

Author's Response: Hi there!

Wow, thank you so, so much! I think you've given me some of the biggest comliments I've ever been given :) Aw, shucks.

Thank you so much! Your review was just lovely. I'll be sure to give you something else to read :)

x Laura

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Review #3, by StoryLover3095Complicated Hexagon: Reunion

2nd February 2009:
*sigh* You have no idea how long I've been meaning to read this story. And I am so happy I finally did. Wow.

I just read the whole story in one sitting, and now I'm dying to go read Remembrance, but I feel like I should leave a review about this crazy, sad, amazing, happy, surprising, depressing, thrilling, fantastic story. :P

Wow. And I mean W.O.W. This was more than a complicated hexagon, this was a... a... 20agon!! (Sorry, I don't feel like thinking about math right now :P) I mean, Lily/James, Lily/Remus, Lily/Sirius, Hermione/Sirius, Hermione/James, Hermione/Ron, and I think that's it?!

The start of this story was a comedy, I was laughing the first few chapters. Then as the story progressed, it turned more dramatic, more sad... but more intense.

The Trio and Marauders are my favorite, so the blend of them was the best. I've always loved Sirius/Hermione, it's such an... exciting match that just doesn't belong.. but does. :P But Hermione/James?!?!? I have no idea how you thought of that!!

Anyway, I can't leave anymore of a review; I'm dying to read the sequel! Above and beyond a 10/10!! *glomps*


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Review #4, by StoryLover3095In A Flash: In a Flash

2nd February 2009:
*sigh* I remember reading this for the first time, before I even knew about SAYS, when I was on my H/R kick. I loved it then and I love it now. I mean, wow. The ending confused me the first time I read it, but now that I'm rereading it, I understand it.

Who would think that Ron could do such a thing? And its always been Harry Hermione sees as a brother, so this story turns the characters around to a new point that I've never before read. And that's another reason why I like this story; because I've never read anything like it before. 10/10

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Review #5, by StoryLover3095A Marauder's Vow: A Marauder's Vow

2nd February 2009:
So since I've been writing a Sirius/Lily myself, I've been obsessed with reading them! And I have to say, this is one of the best I have read. I mean... wow. This was just so.. it's just... great. 10/10

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Review #6, by StoryLover3095Thresholds of Heartbeat: Thresholds of Heartbeat

8th June 2008:
Hi! It's Cassie from SAYS! All I can say is that I LOVED this. It was really, really good. I first off loved it since it was L/J which is my favorite. The opening first paragraph was fantastic. It really came out good. It sets off the rest of the story good. I love how you have James come and help Lily. When James said he went to Sirius, I couldn't help but smile. When you have Lily visit Harry, t was so good but also sad because she died. It was perfect, though, how you wrote that Harry could sort of feel Lily being there. The last sentence was also the perfect ending. It ends the story and leaves you happy. This deserves much higher than a 10/ about a 100/10? ; ) Anyway, great writing!

Author's Response: Cassie m'dear thank you! Yay. A 100?? You RULE. Honestly, this means so much and I'm very, very happy you liked it. I'm growing really fond of the first paragraph. Also, I'm so glad you liked that James went to see Sirius. I had many readers complain that he's a bad dead daddy because he didn't choose Harry, but I meant it that only one of them could, so James gave it up so Lily could go after him. So yay!

Thanks again, Cass. :)

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Review #7, by StoryLover3095How Will I Know?: Chapter 28: Vicious Cycle

24th April 2008:
Hi! Well, I'll be happy to answer these questions inexchange for a quick update!!

1) Right now, I feel more upset for Lily. I probably feel more bad for her because it was her that was just hurt. I mean, I know James is hurting, but that was really just cruel. I think I've always liked Lily more than James because I'm almost exactly like her. (excpet for the eyes ; )) I mean, I understand that James is going through a hard time in his life, but Lily doesn't deserve any of that, no matter the condition James is in. I hope to god that James was just saying that out of grief, etc. but I really don't know with how you wrote the scene. Before this answer is forever, I'll finish up with my answer: I feel more bad for Lily at this point.

2) So three sections.I think it would be best to finish up this section and create a trilogy. I mean it's really up to you. It is a hard decision. Now that I think about it, it might be better to keep this just one story.

3) I think you should wait to put your new story up. I did the mistake of having four stories at once, and I've been soo busy lately I haven't been able to update any, causing me to feel incredibly terrible. I think it would be better if you wait until all your stories you have currently are at least 1/2 - 3/4 done.

Now onto a review. I did like how you started the chapter with a favorite couple of mine; Sirius and Amberle. I just love both of those characters! I like how you had Amberle how a little explosion at Sirius, who, of course, handled it great with her. You can tell he really cares about her.

Gabriella. Oh my, my, my, my, my. Ugh, I understand why she acted like that due to her mother just dying due to a werewolf. I do feel bad for her and Remus both. Remus due to the reaction Gabriella had and Gabriella due to hearing her boyfriend is a werewolf, what her mother was just killed by.

I think I pretty much said what I wanted to about Lily and James in the answer to question one, but I'll write a bit more, anyway. I think James is sick. He really needs to go to Madame Pomfrey and find out what's wrong. Grief is what I think is wrong. I think that once James snaps out of it, he's going to realize he made the biggest mistake o his life. I'd like to see Lily go to Sirius and tell him what happened and have Sirius go talk to James. I don't know though. All I'll ask is to have James and Lily back together least 10 chapters or so.Any longer than that and I'll start to get upset. Please! : )

Anyway, hurry and update! Above and beyond a 10/10!

~Cassie (sorry how long this review is!!)

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Review #8, by StoryLover3095Hopeless Romantic: Homecoming

23rd April 2008:
Hi! Oh, I really love this story! I just saw it today and started reading chapter after chapter until I finished. I think it's a record!

I've loved this story and plot and every little detail. I love how you started the story with James coming up with the idea to start fresh (when usually in other stories its Lily).

I love how you have Lily and Sirius close in the story now. I hope they still stay like that and that Sirius isn't jealous and is only protective of Lily in a brother way. I hope that James and Sirius are the same as they always were once again.

I like how you had the whole ordeal happen with Lily being taken by Voldemort, but I think it might have been better if you added another chater in between her being taken and her being back. Not that what you have isn't good! It is!

I'm glad that Lily and James are now (hopefully) together and have gone through their last "seperation". I don't know if I could take it if something comes between them again!

I love how you have Remus and Rose together. They're both really cute and I love how you had Dora come up and say she and Remus were going to get married. The only thing is that, of course, somethings going to have to come between them or Rose will get killed or something terrible. I hope you'll go AU and keep them together! ; )

Keana. (did i spell it right?) I'm sooo glad she's gone..for now at least. I didn't expect what happened to happen. She always seemed so nice and then when she just screamed "SIRIUS BLACK!" and said they couldn't be together, I was like ...what?

And then when she made Lily decided between her and James and Lily chose her, I think I started going mental. I was so thankful you had Lily catch her talking to herself about how she loved James...even though it got me fuming that she was saying that.

Anyway, before this review gets to be 2 pages long, I'll wrap it up with a "Hurry and update!!"

Above and beyond a 10/10


P.S. I hope you don't ming how long it is! : )

Author's Response: thank u!

first of all in most relationships its required for partners to get along with the others best friend so yes lily and sirius only think of each other in a brotherly and sisterly way.

Second, Lily and James have to defy Voldemort three times. It says so in the sixth book i think it was!

Third, all relationships have hardships so i have some in this relationship as well so yeah i hope that its okay!

Fourth, I wanted some forshadowing in this story!

Fifth, I wanted some real life problems in this story! Something that alot of people can relate to. That's where Keana comes in. People change and grow apart this happens to Keana and Lily. Im sure most nebody can relate with that?

And Lastly, dont ever think that i mind a long review! Although, next time u review please give me some ideas of where u would like this part of the story to go! I am almost done with this one though! But there is going to be a sequel! Don't worry I'll let everyone know the title and such! lol!

Thank you for the awesome review! Im getting the next chapter up as soon as i possible can!


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Review #9, by StoryLover3095Wind Up Doll: Act Three Scene Two: Broken Legs, and Halloween Plans

22nd April 2008:
Yay! New chapter!
Boo! Lily being partners with Lucius!

Hi and sorry it took me so long to come over and review! I'll start with any favorite quotes. : )

My eyes were wide and I looked as if I was able to rush off and get her a fruit basket. Cat smiled at my compassion, damn I was good.

Rather than just being amazingly short it was also amazingly short and ripped nearly to the seam at two-inch intervals. Oh that woman would pay.

Hmm, I really did like this chapter even though you're torturing me with this whole Lucius thing. I mean..yuck! ; ) I loved the ending, especially. Anything with Sirius, Remus, James, and Lily is good in my book!

I love the fact that Lily is going to meet James' parents. I can't wait to read that chapter!

I'm going to have to cut this review short. Anyway, hurry and update! 10/10


Author's Response: *Waves* Hello dear! LOL well I love this chapter as well (I love Tangos) and wait until Lily meets James's parents... it's rather... interesting. And how do you think James will react to Lily's sexy Tango with Lucius? Hmm?

Thanks for the R/R!

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Review #10, by StoryLover3095A Red and Black Sky: From Full Moons to Freedom in February

10th March 2008:
This chapter is just so.cute. I love that you have Remus tell Lily and Jess that he's a werewolf. During Lily and Jess' sleepover, I could not stop laughing! Well, almost! I couldn't help but smile when Jess was so excited she could put on Lily's pants without an expanding charm. I was happy for her. I was worried, though. Just like Lily. I love how you had Jess once think that the Marauders were all girls and they met monthly to get all their girlyness out. lol! I was surprised that Jess did guess werewolf, but I like how you worked it into when Remus told them. I'm soo happy about Ginny and Harry! Thank you for getting them together!! : ) I'm glad that you had Harry give Ginny all the letters he wrote. I almost jumped up and down in excitment. I love the little bits you wrote that were in Harry's letters as you had Ginny write them.

Okay, as you probably know, from reading ToD, that I write comedy alot and I do like reading it. (Even though I've been loving angst) So whe you had Harry hiding under the cloak before entering the Great Hall with spiky green hair, I could not stop laughing! I loved that!

Ron. Ron, ron, ron, ron, ron. How can you not love him? I love that you had him be the one to make the speech. He deserves being the one to tell their tale. I don't mean Hermione and Harry don't deserve to tell it, but he should get the chance, or attention more.

Great chapter! Above and beyond a 10/10!


Author's Response: Heyyy Cassie! :D :D :D This is actually one of my favourite chaoters too, so I'm glad you thought it was cute! :) I really needed a tool for showing how Jess actually fit into the seventh year circle and that's how the sleepover came about. After all, how could I have Lily heartbroken over her death if I'd never shown the readers how close they were? I'm glad you picked up on the slightly darker parts as well though and were worried! :) Onto H/G - about time, eh? The bits of his letters were actually just copy pasted from the 'I Wish I Didn't Love You' one-shot! Sneaaaaky!

You're right there - Cassie = incredible at humour! For you to say you liked my slapstick is such a compliment thank you! The green hair wondered into my mind randomly in the early hours of one morning and even though I kept telling myself it was silly, I just couldn't let go!

I DO love Ron! I've turned him into a bit of a Ron-Stu, haven't I? Either way, I'm glad you liked it and like you, I felt he deserved to shine! :) Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! :D xxxxx

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Review #11, by StoryLover3095A Red and Black Sky: Teachers Learn and Learners Teach

10th March 2008:
I've always pictured them as teachers.
Whe I read this I was so excited about having them as teacheres. I always hoped that they would become teachers so when I read this, I was so excited to read what you thought would happen with them as teachers. All I can say is, it's perfect! The last bit with Ginny and Harry, as sad as it was, made me smile. Especially Ginny. You potray her perfectly, especially when you had her say she was going to keep her hair for a while. That was my favorite part in this chapter. : )
Off to the next chapter!
Above and beyond a 10/10!

Author's Response: THREE HUNDREDTH REVIEW, BABY! :D Thanks so much Cassie - it was driving me mad watching this story sit at 297! It's strange I never imagined the crew to be teachers, that's why I thought it would be interesting to write! :) I'm glad you liked it - especially the H/G bit at the end - that was defs one of the most fun bits to write! :) Thanks! x xx

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Review #12, by StoryLover3095A Red and Black Sky: Desires and Dreams

10th March 2008:
Well, my favorite era is Marauder so when I first read this chapter, I was so excited about how those parts came out! I loved them! I loved when Lily asked James out and he said no. I'm glad he did say no, because it showed Lily he was different. I was sooo happy that James and Sirius made up!! I knew they had to soon! They can't fight forever! I like that you ended the chapter with Jess/Sirius. My favorite ship! I love the sign stuck on Sirius!!

Author's Response: I've just realised that not only to I have Lily asking James out, but I also have her asking him to marry her later! LOL! I'm glad you liked that bit, I really enjoyed writing it! :) James and Sirius fighting forever...woah can you imagine what that'd be like? *laughs at the sign* Thank you so much! x x x

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Review #13, by StoryLover3095A Red and Black Sky: The Ancient Magic of Fairy Tales

10th March 2008:
This chapter is just great! I love it so much! Well, I love the whole story...
My favorite part of this whole chapter is the bit when Ron says he's just the sidekick. I love the way you have Dumbledore respond and explain to him how untrue that is!
I also loved the little Jess and Sirius bit. Sleeping beauty!
Off to the next chapter! ; )

Author's Response: This is defs one of my favourite chapters, so to hear that you love it is so nice! :) LOL at Dumbledore's explanation - plot device for getting in some Ron love? I think so! As for the Sleeping Beauty bit - I'm not sure if I want to laugh or cry! Thank you so very much! x x x

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Review #14, by StoryLover3095Wind Up Doll: Act Three Scene One: Making Friends and Fighting Desire

4th March 2008:
Ahh! Sorry it took me so long to review! I've felt so bad! But I'm finally here! I'll start off with my favorite lines. : )

I felt a cold chill move down my spine, whenever Gwen meant to get even with someone she always did. I stood there for a moment, my bag on my shoulder and my eyes looking ahead in confusion.

With her blonde hair tied back and her eyes narrowed she looked more like a disaster then a girl. A Hurricane.

I watched him shake, his mask slipping away.

Grandmother scratching her hairy back with a fork! A fork...Fork... Spoon... Spooning... Lily... Damnit!

Hampsters! Furry little fluffs that my mum loves to keep around. Goseym that was her name! And Chubs... They had about... twenty off spring. Hampsters reproduce really quickly... Reproduce... Sex... Double Damnit!

For some reason I simply rested my head against his chest and listened to the beat of his heart. "It belongs to you, you know."

I just fell in complete LOVE with this chapter! It made me laugh so hard in some points!

Okay, we NEED to talk about something in this chapter. You know, the bit when _ starts talking about how he "loves" _ and wants to be with her. I'm guessing _ was talking about Lily. Or Gwen. PLEASE BE GWEN. I'm thinking it was Lucius that was talking about her. GOD,PLEASE HAVE THAT BE UNTRUE!! I will beg!! I think that it was Lucius and Snape talking about Lily. I will be SOO creeped out if it is Lucius! I will cry! I will throw a tantrum like a two year old! I will! I will! Then as soon as I started thinking that, I thought to myself, wouldn't it be great if they were talking about Gwen! Gwen is "in love" with James. Right? SOOO, I'm now hoping that they were talking about Gwen and I won't have to throw a fit. Right???

Okay, I LOVE that Lily's on the Quidditch team. I love the part when you're talking about how dancers don't have to worry about arm strength, etc. So true!

I could not stop laughing once Lily decided to tease James. I love that you have comedy in a kind of angsty story, like what you did while in James' head.

Thanks for updating so quick! I was absolutely thrilled when I saw the story had a new chapter. I can't wait for more! Hurry and update! But take your time, you deserve it! ; ) Above and beyond a 10/10!


P.S-Remeber what I talked about! I'm begging you not to have it be Lucius talking about Lily! But then again, I'm only a little, unimportant reader to this story! : ) Don'y listen to me and just keep writing! Sorry for rambling on and on! It's to make up how long it took me to review! Oh and I hope I kinda made sense about what I was talking about!

Author's Response: LOL Cassie do you know how much I adore your reviews? LOL well you're the first to talk of ___ talking to ___ about ___. Now I can't tell you who is talking to whom and I can't tell you whom they're talking about! I'm sorry love!

All you need to know is that it MIGHT be Lucius it MIGHT NOT be Lucius. And who says that Lily and Gwen are the only ones in love with James? Maybe they're talking about Peter!!! LOL jk on the Peter part.

Maybe I'm just saying this all to intice you and keep you reading. Maybe I'm giving hints. Maybe I'm just crazy. Who knows?

Your fav quotes are some of my own fav as well! You see in a real life it isn't JUST gloom and doom all the times. Everyones has some humerous moments, and Lily and James are no exceptions.

Well As Always I am glad to see some people actually make a review worth reviewing, and I enjoy them very much! When someone says,

"Love it, update soon"

While I do adore those because it means they have no complaints it really doesn't help much now does it? I like to know EXACTLY what people are thinking, what they like. And thank you for helping me.

And on taking your advice, I'm sorry love but the story is already plotted. Ya, I'm anal and have to stick to the plot! Sorry! LOL

Well I'm glad you love it!

Thanks for the R/R!

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Review #15, by StoryLover3095Wind Up Doll: Act Two Scene Five: Self Satisfaction

19th February 2008:
An update! Thank god! I was so excited when I saw this story roll up to the top on my favorites list. And I have to say, this is probably my favorite chapter in the story. I was so excited when Lily and James got together. I was jumping up and down! This is just a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous chapter. I loved the whole thing. And you're right, I DO LOVE THIS CHAPTER!!

Here are some of my favorite lines throughout the chapter. : )
I can't even hide my shock, and all my characters shake their heads disapprovingly.

"Please, not you too James." I say in-between gasps for air.

I didn't care what anyone thought, for a while I was Lily.

And I knew I could defiantly get used to someone actually caring.

"I'm glad you've finally come around," Alice smiled as she turned and walked away, a small bounce in her steps.

"Lily,If you wanted James's tongue all you would have to do is ask, I'm sure. Ow!" Sirius yelped as James kicked him under the table.
Those are all my favorite parts in the chapter for different reasons. You're probably like 'Why would she list her favorite lines, that's so stupid!'

Well, some lines in stories just are..awesome and I want to recognize them and let reviews and readers who read reviews read those lines and love them too!

I love how you started the chapter and how you ended it. (Even though I wish there were a bunch of chapters to read after this one) I hate Lucius and when he had touched her I shook just like Lily did.

I'm so happy that Lily and James got together in this chapter. I'm really mad at Gwen, but what can a reader do? She needs to get over it! Lily and Gwen have to be friends again! Though, if it happens too quickly I'd be worried about if Gwen only became friends with Lily again to backstab her or something...

I hope Lily and James stay together even though there will probably some twists and turns along the way.

I cannot wait until you post the next chapter. I'll be counting down the days until you think you'll post again. A few days? A couple weeks? How about you post on my birthday! *coughchoughmarchninthcoughcough* ; ) That'll make a good present! Just kidding! Update when you're ready! : )

Anyway, hurry and update! Above and beyond a 10/10!


P.S.--Sorry how long this review is. I hope you don't mind!

Author's Response: Don't EVER Apologize for a long review!!! When I saw how long this was I couldn't help but smile! Unless the review is a long review of chewing out... then it's not good lol. Well posting your favorite lines is actually good, I love reading them and seeing what the readers liked best about the chapter, helps me develope and what not! LOL I'm sorry to say Lily and Gwen won't be friends any time soon... or maybe not at all... I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill you ;)

March ninth? Hmm... that seems strangly do-able. But I think I can probably get it done before then! LOL well I thank you very much for your beautifully long Review and every review you've given me and all your support and how I'm sure you won't mention how this is so a run on sentance ;)

Love Always

Thanks for the AWESOME R/R!

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Review #16, by StoryLover3095Falling for Potter and his Friends!: The Struggle!

24th January 2008:
Hello! Sorry I haven't reviewed earlier and missed last chapter and maybe the chapter before that. I've been so busy! I've been reading this story though! I was soo mad at James. Who wasn't?! I'm glad everything wroked out or I would have been really mad! I have a wicked temper, I think that's why Lily's character draws me in is because we are alike...Anyway, back to your story, I really like how this chapter came out. I love how Lily went over there and just took charge. When I read that, I knew she was back to her normal self. I was so happy! Anyway, I can't wait to read the next chapter! Above and beyond a 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the very long review. I love it when people tell me what they think. James was dumb but he was showing his true feelings for Lily. Poor Lily didn't understand and so things kind of fell apart but hey, they got better. Lily knew how to take control. I am glad that you liked it and thank you so much for reviewing, I really do appreciate it.

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Review #17, by StoryLover3095A Red and Black Sky: Friendly Chats

18th January 2008:
Hi! I loved this chapter. I was so glad that everyone was alright in the end. I got so mad at James! He got me extremely angry when he said that about Jess! How dare he say such a thing! And then when he and peter started laughing I got even madder. I like how Sirius just left and said
"I would have thought a lot better of you, Prongs."
I loved the trio bit when Harry said soory and they both kenw what he meant. Very cute. : ) My favorite bit of the chapter. 10/10

Author's Response: Blaaah the end of my last response vanished when I clicked on 'submit' - I did say thank you, I promise!

I think it's obvious by now, but I love exploring the relationships between the trio and so this is one of my favourite chapters too. Hermione is a lot more understanding with Harry than she would be if it were Ron, isn't she? As for the Maruaders- I'm glad they're back! My James isn't then nicest person, is he? He made me angry too! But fear not, all shall be okay... Thanks! x x x

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Review #18, by StoryLover309512 Days of Christmas: New Years Eve

16th January 2008:
Hi! Oh I loved this story! it was really, really cute. I love how you went through until New Years. This was a perfect ending to the story. I can't believe it's over! I can't wait to go look at your other stories. Above and beyond a 10/10

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Review #19, by StoryLover3095A Red and Black Sky: Home (part two)

15th January 2008:
No Marauders, Lily, and Jess in this chapter. : ( Oh well, I don't really care as long as we had found out about Harry, Ron, and Hermione. : ) As soon as Harry has said 'home' I knew exactly where they were. I'm glad that's where they ended up, but then again I wouldn't have expected them to end up in America, so I was hoping they would go to Hogwarts. Mr. Weasley...When I first read this chapter, I didn't really think he was there. But I guess he was! I'm glad everyone was alright! 10/10

Author's Response: I'm glad you knew exactly where he was when he said 'home', because it means you feel exactly the same way about Harry and Hogwarts as I do. :) Can you imagine if they did end up in America? It would have been hilarious...perhaps in a sequel! :P

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Review #20, by StoryLover3095A Red and Black Sky: Home? (part one)

15th January 2008:
Hagrid is soo nice and sweet! Hagrid=who I love. When Harry didn't see Hermione's light, my heart stopped. I was so nervous because at this point we don't know what lake they're in, so he could have been in the middle of the ocean! (not likely) lol..I liked how Ginny said she was jealous of the relationship Hagrid had with Harry, Ron, and Hermione and how Hagrid said he thought she was to popular to visit him. I also like how you had Ginny's scar be a heart. In my opinion the heart is a symbol of how she has a differnent relationship with Harry, not that she helped the least. I could be wrong though, she may have helped the least, but I doubt that. 10/10

Author's Response: Heeeey Cass! I heart Hagrid too! Is it twisted that I'm glad you were nervous when Harry lost sight of Hermione's light? Probably, but I think it means I achieved what I was going for! I'm glad you liked the conversation between Giny and Hagrid too. It's silly that they both felt that way, no? As for the heart...that FINALLY comes into play in the chapter I just posted. I think you're idea is probably right! :P She certainly didn't help him the least! Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! :D x x x

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Review #21, by StoryLover3095A Red and Black Sky: Scars

15th January 2008:
Good job, Harry! Finally realizing how selfish he was! I was glad you wrote that, to me it had seemed un-Harry like not to be happy about Ron and Hermione. No Marauder era? How sad! I still liked the chapter though with Luna and Ginny. So Luna got a scar on her knee...and Ginny got one on her...elbow? Or she was rubbing her elbow if I'm remembering correctly. Hmm, there was a glow that came from everyone's scar? I wonder if that will be brought up any other time, (it is once after with Harry saying something about it I think) and I wonder if we will find out why a glow came out of each persons scar. 10/10

Author's Response: When I wrote these maruder free chapters, I thought there would be two or three marauder only chapters towards the end to balance it out. Sadly, it hasn't worked out that way, but the trio bits are much shorter. :) It's funny that you think it would be un-Harry to be anything but happy for R/H, because when we first realised there was something between them, i couldn't help but think about how awkward it would be for Harry. That said, I was around 8 when I read PoA and 9 or 10 years old when I read GoF so I wasn't as emotionally aware. However, I think it is probably one of the reasons why JKR left it so long to bring them together, because non of the group - especiall the boys- were emotionally ready. I mean, do you remember how he worried about what would happen if they broke up in HBP or how lonely Harry felt when he thought they might have fallen asleep holding hands? It's not until he's seen them apart that he realised that they were stronger together. Anyway, in my fic it takes him even longer, but I'm glad he finally got there!

Yep that's where their scars are and Ron's is on his face and Hermione's on her arm. It's the protection he needed from each of them and I suppose the glow that came from the cuts represents the power and magic Harry drew from them to win. I'm very keen on the idea that Harry would never have been able to win if he was alone. I'm glad you liked it - apologies for such a rambling response! :P Thanks! :) x x

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Review #22, by StoryLover3095A Red and Black Sky: Gubby the House Elf

15th January 2008:
Harry lost his magic!! Oh no! I feel so bad! I mean, he didn't know about magic and then he just lost it! That must be his worst nightmare! lol I love Gubby the house elf! ; ) It's cute how Jess says Gubby's her friend and how Sirius knew Gubby already. I like how Jess knew a passage that Sirius didn't and then how he went on about how Jess could be a fifth marauder. How cute! 10/10

Author's Response: It must be awful, musn't it? To feel so helpless, I mean? Like Harry said, it feels like losing a limb. Glad you like Gubby - as you can probably guess, she was written for our Gubby and is probably how the nickname came about! :P Hehe I had been waiting to use that 'fifth marauder' line ever since I STARTED the story! I'm glad you liked it! Thanks! x x x

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Review #23, by StoryLover3095A Red and Black Sky: A Tight Spot

15th January 2008:
Oh no!! how could Hermione lose her voice and Ron, his sight! It's aweful! I felt so bad for them. I know that whenever I lose my voice I go mad because I love talking so much! lol And not being able to see is aweful too, I'm kind of clumsy as it is so that would be aweful! This is the chapter where it's the start of a wonderful relationship; Jess and Sirius! 10/10

Author's Response: I'm glad you sympathise! :) And I especially know you've lost your voice at the moment - so get beter! I got the last response wrong, by the way, the answer is in 'The Ancient Magic of Fairytales'. thank you so much for reviewing, I'm glad you are enjoying this! and a 10? Wow! :D :D :D

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Review #24, by StoryLover3095A Red and Black Sky: Glasses, a Transformation and an Intruder

15th January 2008:
Hullo! Well, I'm glad Remus was put in here! I was wondering where/how he was. And, of course, he was talking about seeing Tonks. The two of them are so cute together! ; ) When I first read this chapter I panicked so much, I was sooo worried about Harry, Ron, and Hermione. I wonder how whoever got to the cottage, found it! I guess we'll never find out...10/10

Author's Response: Heart Remus! He'll be back, fear not! As will Tonks! :D And they will be cute! :P You actually do find out what happened at the house if you read Home part 2 carefully! :) Professor Dumbledore caught them. I'm sorry if you worried! :D Thank you for reviewing! :D

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Review #25, by StoryLover3095A Red and Black Sky: A Friend's View

15th January 2008:
Fred ad George died! *cries* Mrs. Weasley died, too!?! *cries more* I can't believe you had them die! Three Wealseys! And Tonks is in a wheelchair! I feel so bad for her! Well, at least she's still alive! Jess is now my FAVOURITE OC! I love how she pranks and how she pranked Sirius. 10/10

Author's Response: :'( *crrrrryyyy* I really got the right people to create a life without laughter, didn't I? It is dismal. Your favourite OC???What an unbelievable honour. Thank you so very, very much! :D *huggleattackle* x x x

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