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Review #1, by potterfrootloopThe Wrong Road: Recent Attraction

4th May 2009:
this stories seems quite cute for far! :) Great job!

Author's Response: Well thank you :)

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Review #2, by potterfrootloopThe Love Between Them: CHAPTER 2: THE BOX

24th May 2007:
Hey, pretty awsome chapter, keep it up!

Author's Response: hay thanks i will


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Review #3, by potterfrootloopInimical: The Breaking Point

19th May 2007:
aww.. i feel so bad for them, but it's obvious it isn't going to work out for them.

A great chapter, I'm postitive that it will be another great story, keep it up!

Author's Response: Yeah I felt bad for them too. They need to figure out if it's the right thing or not, and if it is, they need to learn how to take care of the relationship. If not.. well.. (o;

Next chapter soon! Thanks for coming 'round to read and review friend! You're such a faithful reader!

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Review #4, by potterfrootloopInto the Unknown: Just Friends?

24th March 2007:
Very awsome! It's excellently written and i can't wait to read more! I'll check back soon.

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Review #5, by potterfrootloopInto the Unknown: Confused confessions

24th March 2007:
Hey, please continue because i really liked this story so far, and if other people don't like it their weird. I think you're a great writer and I'm reallly hoping that you do continue! :D

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Review #6, by potterfrootloopSomething Only We Know: I Know Your Secret

22nd March 2007:
Fantastic chapter, you're a great writer, i love reading your work! Please update soon i can't wait any longer!!!

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Review #7, by potterfrootloopHappily Ever After?: Osiris Dragon

20th March 2007:
Good story, Malfoy's got himself quite the name :D I'm hoping you update soon, I loved "Another Bloody Dance" and I'm quite liking this one aswell. You're a great writer, keep it up!! :D

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Review #8, by potterfrootloopWithout You: Anywhere But Here

14th March 2007:
Aww.. poor Hermione! This story is so upseting :(!! But, really really good don't get me wrong, you're awsome! Kudos, hope to read more soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad it's upsetting, but still good. Hehe. Thanks for coming back. There'll be more soon, and I'd love to hear what you think!

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Review #9, by potterfrootloopWithout You: The Woes of Mrs. Weasley

10th March 2007:
Again, another fanominal chapter! I enjoyed the switch to seeing things from Mrs. Weasley's eyes, it added some variety to the story. Very done, hope to read more soon! (i'm proud of you for updating regularly, the other stories i'm reading aren't doing so great :D)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for continuing to come back! Yes this chapter was a bit of a switch, but it sort of just came out that way. (o: Don't worry though, because Chapter 7 will find you back with Harry and Hermione's points of view. (o: And yes, I am doing my best to update regularly. Ch. 7 is in the queue, as we speak. It's so good to see you coming back each time! Thanks heaps!

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Review #10, by potterfrootloopYou Can't Fight Fate: Professor... Moony

10th March 2007:
i was just about to stop checking in to see if you'd updated... then you did!! I'm so excited, good chapter hope to see more soon:D

Author's Response: oh phew... thank god u checked one more time! = ) xoxo

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Review #11, by potterfrootloopWithout You: Missing You

27th February 2007:
Fantastic, I can't stop envying your writing style you capture the characters so well! Their sadness is so real... i love it, i love it! keep it up!

Author's Response: Thanks for coming back again. I really appreciate the review. It's such a great compliment that you envy my writing style. Eep, I don't think I can do anything about it though, it just comes out! Glad the characters seemed captured well, I'm really going for that, here! And for loads of real sadness. Thanks for your faithful reading! (o:

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Review #12, by potterfrootloopWithout You: The Burrow

22nd February 2007:
That was horrible to go through, you made the characters come alive and it felt like I was going through exactly what Harry and Hermione were going through. You're an excellent writer, please update soon I'm in love with you story write now! (hopefully it will become a bit happier in the future)

Author's Response: Thank you for the wonderful review. You don't know how great it is to hear some words, like the idea of me making the characters come alive! What a great compliment! And making you feel as though you were going through what Harry and Hermione were going through... well, again, simply great for me to hear! Thanks for being so kind...!

In love with my story?? *blushes* Wow!

Well, it is quite horrible - I mean the emotion and stuff. I don't want to skip the emotion, I want to feel it. What would it really be like? Utterly terrible! Anyway, eventually it'll be happy, I think, but that might be quite a while - as you can imagine, so much death would prevent them from allowing themselves any happiness, really.

Well, thanks for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #13, by potterfrootloopAt the Moment: At the Moment

3rd February 2007:
I loved this story! I love the idea of harry/hermione, the story was really cute!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #14, by potterfrootloopYou Can't Fight Fate: The One To Save Us All, Is Sitting Here In This Hall

3rd February 2007:
hey, I really like your story and I've been checking up on it constantly but you haven't been updating recently. Will you be updating soon? It would make my week if you would, I think you're a fantastic writer!

Author's Response: the next chapter is half written.... and thnk u so very much for the review, i hope to hear from u again! = )

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Review #15, by potterfrootloopThe Journey Home: Epilogue

1st February 2007:
Sweet story, I LOVED it!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad!

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Review #16, by potterfrootloopWeird Days at HOGWARTS SCHOOL of WITCHCRAFT and WIZARDRY: Chapter I Of Candy And Alcohol

20th December 2006:
hey, i was just wondering what was going on. It seems like you didn't finish the story. But, it seems really good so far and i hope to see a second chapter soon. (if you're writing one)

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