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Review #1, by Luckys_lucky_girlsTime travel: Chapter three New Friends

6th August 2009:
u rlly have to watch ur spelling i mean... yea... um... and u have some of the facts wrong i just thought u should no. It is a really good story line though!

Author's Response: i won't be updating this story for a while i've got my exams and i need a really high enter score to get into medicine.
Lily Times

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Review #2, by Luckys_lucky_girlsForgotten Yesterday : Chapter One

28th July 2009:
Wow, bummer for a first chapter haven't seen that in a while! It seems like this story might have some good potential, i will keep up with it!


Author's Response: haha yeah ):
thank you! im glad you think so ^_^

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Review #3, by Luckys_lucky_girls10 Ways To Impress A Mudblood: X. Mudblood or Mine

20th June 2009:
Bravo! Brava! This story was excellent, I didn't want it to end it was so great! Sorry i haven't been reviewing but i have been reading your story ever since you started it. I have a question what do you do when you get writers block? The reason I ask is because I am in that situation right now.
I love your other stories by the way and I would like to tell you you are a fantastic writer, so keep writing. 100/ 10


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it. Hmm, what do I do when I get writer's block? Usually I take a break from the story and switch to another one, but sometimes that just makes me forget about the story (like how I didn't update this one for 5 months at one point o_0). You can try just sitting down at your computer and writing. Don't worry if it's lousy, just keep at it and you'll eventually get over writer's block. Or you can reread some of your favorite stories. I've been doing that lately too. Good luck! ^_^

And thanks again for the awesome review & rating! :)


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Review #4, by Luckys_lucky_girlsCharming Miss Lily: Chapter Nine

11th January 2009:
Great story it's in my favs and it's truely inspiring for anyone who reads it. I started reading this story during Christmas break and I will keep up with it because i love the story. So put up this chapter or I'll... I'll... I don't know yet so just keep writing. I will be checking up on you, so see you later than. 10/10


Author's Response: Haha bless you and thank you very much for adding me to your favourites. Well i've got some uni work to hand in tomorrow but after that i'll be putting up the next one I promise so you'll have no need to do anything to me :) . Inspiring eh. I think that might be the best thing anyone's said about this story so thank you very much. This is the bestthing about writing getting such nice reviews so thank you very much :)

James xxx

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Review #5, by Luckys_lucky_girlsCharming Miss Lily: Chapter Two

29th December 2008:
Just a suggestion when you do your author notes do them in bold cause sometimes i get mixed up on which is the story and which is the A/N as everyone puts it. Its a great story though keep on writing your doing better then me if i must say so I'm so caught up in other stuff that i dont get to much up. Anyway keep on writing.


Author's Response: Hey cheers for the review and glad you're enjoying the story. It makes my day when people say that and especially new reviewers so thank you.

Thanks for the advice, I think I have done once but I keep forgetting so i'll try make sure I remember in future chapters. Cheers again and I hope to see more reviews form youin the future

:D xx

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Review #6, by Luckys_lucky_girls10 Ways To Impress A Mudblood: VII. A Quidditch Match

28th November 2008:
Hey sorry i havn't reviewed in a while been really busy with High School. I love this story so keep writing it because it is great and because i am telling you to; and if i am telling you to then you better because if you don't than I'll... I'll... I'll... umm. i don't know but i no you won't like it. So do what I say and make the story now. I'll give you two days. I'll be back, you hear me I'll be back! lol


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Review #7, by Luckys_lucky_girlsThe Last Battle: La Dernière Bataille

27th November 2008:
This story is kind of depressing and I hate depressing stories because they make me depressed. In the end it is good but when all the people he loves dies it gets depressing. Well, it was suspensful and it is a nice piece of writing cootos to that. I think that other people will like it as well.


Author's Response: thanks so much!!! :) :) :)

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Review #8, by Luckys_lucky_girls10 Ways To Impress A Mudblood: III. Muggle Studies

5th June 2008:
I love this story it's so funny! Keep writeing and I'll keep in touch! -LLG

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like it :)

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Review #9, by Luckys_lucky_girlsAll Alone In The World: All Alone in the World

2nd June 2008:
What do you mean that this was not your best work? It was fantastic! Awsome! Perfect (exept for a few typeos)! Could you cratic me, please? You're brilliant! My writings are notheing compared to yours! -LLG

Author's Response: oh, thank you so much! This definitely made my day! Thank you! and I will definitely check out some of your work! Thanks again, dear!


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Review #10, by Luckys_lucky_girlsTime travel: Chapter two New School

11th May 2008:
I like this story but it is confusing at times. But it is great.

Author's Response: thanks for your review.
lily times

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Review #11, by Luckys_lucky_girlsSo You Think You Can Duel: Ron Duels It Out

10th May 2008:
IT WAS AWSOME!!! I just love this story you should keep going and not stop after four more chapters. I'll keep reading as long as you keep wrighting. 10/10!!!

Author's Response: Haha, thank you so much! But I think I'm going to stop at ten chapters. One can only write about nonsensical duels for so long. :) I'm glad you're enjoying the story though!

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Review #12, by Luckys_lucky_girlsSo You Think You Can Duel: The Dueling Intensifies

29th March 2008:
I love it! But you have to make sure that Harry gets her good or Mouthfoy witch ever you prefere. Get writing i'm waiting.

Till next chapter -LLG

Author's Response: Lol, thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by Luckys_lucky_girlsSo You Think You Can Duel: Want To Duel?

18th January 2008:
Loved it put up your next chapter soon. I'll be loging on every day until you put up your next chapter.


Author's Response: Thanks! I'll post the next chapter VERY soon.

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Review #14, by Luckys_lucky_girlsOh...Well...You Know...: Both

9th January 2008:
I love the ending even though it was short. I'm sorry I'm just used to long stories. I'll talk to you at school tommorow.

Author's Response: Look who's finally getting up to date. Do you know how old this is? Like ancient. LYLAS Ash!

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Review #15, by Luckys_lucky_girlsOh...Well...You Know...: Tonks' Point of View

9th January 2008:
Juils I love it A LOT! So far I think it's cute (even though i'm really not Tonks/Remus fan). Well see ya at school by.

Author's Response: Really? I LOVE Remus/Tonks. Thanks :)

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Review #16, by Luckys_lucky_girlsIf I Never Knew You: Hermione's Story

8th January 2008:
Great story!!! I'm sorry I haven't reviewed in a while but I'm back. So I think your story is going real well. By.

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Review #17, by Luckys_lucky_girlsAdventures as Newlyweds: Chapter Five - . . . . I Thee Wed

7th January 2008:
Keep going!!! You leave these hugh cliff hangers and then it takes you a while to get the next chapter up. One time I said I would DIE if you didn't put the chapter up and I loged on every day to see if you put it up. Your almost as bad as Harreit T Cauldron (my best friend that got me into this web sight) she waited 6 mounths before she put her next chapter. So put it up soon or ELSE I will die. Until then you have my
favroit story. 10/10(or the highest it will ever go).

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Review #18, by Luckys_lucky_girlsI promise: Happy Birthday Ginny!

28th December 2007:
Puncuation and CAPITALIZATION besides that everything is good.

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Review #19, by Luckys_lucky_girlsAll Alone In The Moonlight: All Alone in the Moonlight

21st December 2007:
You should write another chapter. I love it. It's awsome. And thanks for reviewing my story.

Author's Response: LOL! I'm glad you liked it. And I'm glad that YOU reviewed me! LOL! :) Thanx!

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Review #20, by Luckys_lucky_girlsAdventures as Newlyweds: Chapter Four – With This Ring. . . .

11th December 2007:
OMG' I've waited almost a mounth to get this chapter up and know your going to leave me at a realy big cliffhanger!!! AH,
I think I'm going to die! Please get the next chapter up soon or I really am going to die!!! 10/10

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Review #21, by Luckys_lucky_girlsWeasley Family Reunion: The One Where Everyone Finds Out a.k.a. Last Chapter

25th November 2007:
This was an awsome story and I hope you write a nother one soon. Well got to go. 10/10

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Review #22, by Luckys_lucky_girlsAdventures in Courtship: Chapter Nineteen – At Long Last

21st November 2007:
This was the review box I was looking for. So the last review sent by Luckys_lucky_Girls was for this box (review sent for chapter 17). The story that I ment for the next chapter to get up is the story that comes after this one; the squel. -LLG

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Review #23, by Luckys_lucky_girlsAdventures in Courtship: Chapter Seventeen - Pictures Say a Thousand Words

21st November 2007:
This is an AWNSOME story. I've already reviewed the story that comes right after this story. And I still ask you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get the next chapter up I'm going to die if it doesn't get up very soon!!! Rating: The highest it could ever go -LLG

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Review #24, by Luckys_lucky_girlsAdventures as Newlyweds: Chapter Three - Party Time

21st November 2007:
Hurry, hurry, hurry get the next chapter up. It is now the best story i've ever read. In addition you are the best author to. So I beg you PLEASE get that next chapter up or i'm going to die!!! I'll check up soon. Rating:10(or the higest it could ever go).-LLG

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Review #25, by Luckys_lucky_girlsThe Triumphant Tales of The Trouble-Tormenting, Troll-Terrifying, Termagant Tranfiguration Teacher: Hey you!

21st November 2007:
You have to make the next chapter this story is hillarious.-LLG

Author's Response: in the making!!!

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